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Seasonal Recommendation: Flavourful French Mushrooms

Delectable mushroom cuisines are excellent especially in the cooler months of autumn and winter. If you love mushrooms, head on over to city’super for premium mushrooms from across the globe, and bring home your favourites to make mushroom soup, mushroom curry, sauteed mushrooms and other seasonal dishes at home!

Here are a few seasonal French mushroom recommendations:

Bruno Calegari French Pink Paris Mushroom with Whole Foot/
Bruno Calegari French White Paris Mushroom with Whole Foot

Origin: France
Texture: soft, smooth and buttery
Flavour: rich
Suggested cooking method: sauteed, baked without adding water

French Cepes Mushroom

Origin: France
Texture: meaty and juicy
Flavour: intense and rich
Suggested cooking method: sauteed, grilled or cooked into sauce

French Fresh Chanterelle Mushroom

Origin: France
Texture: full-bodied with a good bite
Flavour: apricot-like woodsy, delicate flavour with a hint of mild pepper
Suggested cooking method: sliced and sauteed in butter; cooked in chicken broth; baked

Autumn Cook At Home Tips: Exquisite Chestnut Cuisine

Autumn is the best season to enjoy chestnuts. Fans of chestnuts would be glad to know that city’super has sourced an array of premium chestnuts from Italy, France, Japan and more, so you can savour the best seasonal flavours. Check out the below cooking inspirations and try making these delicious dishes at home!

Roasted Italian Chestnuts

Italian chestnuts are big and sweet. Just a few simple steps and you can enjoy the wonderful taste of autumn.

Sweetened French Chestnut Puree

French chestnuts are rich in flavour. Make them into a puree and enjoy by spreading on toast. Homemade chestnut puree is all natural and healthier.

Roast Chicken Stuffed with French Chestnut

The aroma of chestnuts enhances the flavour of roast chicken to bring a pleasant surprise to any party.

Autumn Seasonal Delight: Chestnut and Mushroom Delicacies

As you feel the autumn breeze, it is also time to enjoy seasonal cuisines. When it comes to must-have produce during autumn, chestnuts and mushrooms are definitely on the list. We have rounded up an array of autumn-themed dishes that we think you’ll love!

Maruseushoji Japan Ibaraki Peeled Chestnuts
Using peeled Danzawa chestnuts and Ibaraki chestnuts from Ishioka city, Ibaraki prefecture. Has a natural sweetness while still retaining the astringent taste of chestnuts.

Aironi Porcini Mushrooms Risotto Mix 250g
Rich in mushroom flavour. Simply add in water or white wine and heat for a tasty risotto.

Charley Fruits Curry Shokudo - Grape & Mushroom Forest Curry 160g
Added with seasonal fruits for a lovely aroma. Stir-fried onions, red wine, buna shimeji mushrooms and grape juice are used to create this rich Japanese-style curry.

Autumn Only: New at Amazing Food Hall

This autumn, city'super Amazing Food Hall is bringing you a series of seasonal delights. After you try the dishes at Amazing Food Hall, you can visit our store to purchase our comprehensive range of premium ingredients and enjoy the one-stop shop Buy & Dine concept.

Here are two autumn dishes we love:

Pappardelle with Porcini Mushroom
Pappardelle is paired with delectable, nutritious porcini mushrooms and nuts. Each bite is filled with the flavour of European autumn.

Japanese Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef with Mushroom and Blue Cheese Burger
Strictly selected Japanese Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef is paired with delectable ingredients like rich blue cheese, crunchy bacon, tasty mushrooms and fried onion rings for a very hearty, satisfying meal.

Tasty Autumn: 5 Must-have Chestnut Desserts

Chestnut lovers are in for a treat this autumn! city'super’s special counters have put chestnuts on the centrestage and created many lovely desserts with this seasonal ingredient. Come and take your pick!

From Sweet Complex:

Chestnut Cream Cake
Made with sweet Swiss chestnut paste for a rich depth and texture, and paired with Japanese-style sponge cake and whole Japanese chestnuts. A truly irresistible creation.

Soybean Powder with Chestnut Rolled Cake
Made fresh daily by hand. Crafted with Japanese flour, eggs and soybean powder, as well as high-quality fresh cream and sweet chestnut puree. Tasty and fragrant.

From Sweets House Cha Cha:

Chestnut Softcream
Made with Japanese chestnut paste and Hokkaido milk, this softcream has been added with Swiss chestnut puree and Japanese whole chestnuts - highly satisfying!

From Sweets House Cha Cha:

Chestnut Cream Puff
This homemade custard cream puff is filled with Swiss chestnut paste and French whipping cream. So yummy you won’t be able to stop at just one!

From Little Mermaid:

Chestnut Danish
Flaky, golden pastry accompanied by chestnut puree and chunks, both made from top-grade chestnuts. Each bite is packed with sweetness and fragrance.

Savour One of the World’s Top Three Delicacies: White Truffle

Europeans have named truffle, caviar and foie gras as the “World’s Top Three Delicacies” thanks to their rarity and price tag. White truffle, in particular, is known as a culinary gem, and is in season from end of September to December, so right now is the perfect time to enjoy this rare delicacy.

Fresh white truffle has an intense aroma. Since its taste would change after being cooked, it must be eaten raw. First, gently wipe away the dirt on the surface of the truffle, then shave the truffle into thin slices and sprinkle on the dish to serve. Two very rare imported white truffles are now available at city'super. Gourmets should not miss this chance!

Tartuflanghe White Truffle
Originating from Alba of Piedmont in northern Italy, the Italian White Truffle has a light pale yellow skin and rich musky aroma. Shave into thin slices and sprinkle onto dishes to enjoy. city’super buyers have sourced this fresh, high-quality gem directly from premium Italian truffle brand Tartuflanghe. From unearthing, evaluating, cleaning to air delivery, the whole process is done within only 72 hours in order to retain the white truffle’s intense, musky aroma.

Tartuflanghe Dehydrated White Truffle 2.5g
Freeze-dried Alba white truffle lets you enjoy the distinctive aromas and earthy flavour of the highly prized gem any time of the year. Add directly onto dishes and enjoy, or place over hot food for 2 to 3 minutes to release the aroma.

Since fresh white truffles have a very short shelf life, if you want to enjoy the freshest white truffle, you can pre-order in store or city’super E-Shop. Our pre-order service can cater to your needs, including the size of the truffle as well as delivery time to ensure that once the order is placed, the white truffle will be delivered to store within 72 hours, retaining the truffle’s natural aroma.

When White Truffle Meet Excellent Wines

An excellent bottle of wine is called for when you’re savouring the rare culinary gem of white truffle. White truffle is in season right now, and city’super is delighted to bring you not just the highly-prized delicacy, but also great wine pairing that can enhance the whole tasting experience.

Accornero Giulin Barbera 2016
Located in Piedmont of Italy, boutique winery Accornero is known for making Barbera. This wine is made with 100% Barbera, and has a ruby colour and is fruity and harmonious on the nose. Well-structured and extremely pleasing to the palate with red fruit flavours.

Gabriele Scaglione Barolo 2013
This new winery is also from Piedmont of Italy, and its wines are known for being soft and delicate. It has a touch of violet, black cherry and black plum aromas, and is full-bodied with strong and complete structure. The tannin is ripe and the wine has complexity and long length. Only 40,000 bottles were produced in 2013.

Upgraded Happy Hour: Must-have Truffle Snacks and Beer

Want to experience a Happy Hour unlike any other? As it is autumn, why not enjoy truffle flavoured snacks and premium beers for a luxurious yet relaxing time?

Tartuflanghe Truffle Cashew Nuts 50g/ Tartuflanghe Truffle Hazelnuts 50g/ Tartuflanghe Truffle Corn 50g
The nuts and corn are coated with salted truffle juice and dried in the oven, emitting a lovely aroma and have a unique flavour. The perfect beer snack.

Boscovivo Black Truffle Amber Ale Beer (Alc 5.6%) 330mL
Brewed by Hong Kong Whistle Brewery, this beer is made with Italian summer black truffle, which has been skilfully incorporated into the richness of an amber ale, giving off an earthy and musky fragrance. This affordable luxury takes the art of craft beer onto a new level.

Boscovivo Salted Truffle Chocolate Porter (Alc 6.2%) [Bottle] 330mL
Also brewed by Hong Kong Whistle Brewery, this beer combines silky sweet cocoa with mineral rich mushroomy truffle salt to deliver a sensuous mouthfeel and a delightful dark chocolate experience.

Autumn Cook At Home Tips: White Truffle Puree 99% with Tagliolini Egg Pasta

To celebrate the taste of autumn, many fresh truffle products and truffle-themed food and drinks have landed at city’super. Do you have your shopping list ready? This time, we’ll be teaching everyone how to use truffle pasta, white truffle puree and truffle olive oil to make the mouth-watering White Truffle Puree 99% with Tagliolini Egg Pasta. Who needs to dine out when you can make this yourself at home?

Recommended Ingredients
Italian brand Tartuflanghe was established in 1980, and has since been known for its high-quality black and white truffle products.

Tartuflanghe Tagliolini Egg Pasta with Truffle 250g
The first truffle pasta ever produced in the world, the Tartufissima Pasta was created by Beppe, chef and founder of Tartuflanghe. The homemade pasta has an extraordinary texture given by the hand-made shape, a high percentage of truffle and a great quantity of eggs which enhances the truffle flavour.

Tartuflanghe White Truffle Puree 99% 30g
A very concentrated recipe, this white truffle puree has been added with top-quality olive oil without adding any other ingredients so you can enjoy the main ingredients’ natural flavours. Suitable for pasta, risotto, egg dishes, meat dishes and more.

Tartuflanghe Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle 100mL
100% Italian and guaranteed to be a high-quality product. Contains thin slices of white truffle and is ideal for enhancing the flavour and aroma of both cold or warm dishes.

Autumn Cook At Home Tips: Truffle Tagliatelle with Black Truffle Cream and Porcini Mushroom Sauce

The pleasant autumn breeze is bringing along the aroma of truffles. Are you ready to make some truffle cuisine at home? We’ll be sharing a simple recipe of Truffle Tagliatelle with Black Truffle Cream and Porcini Mushroom Sauce. Enjoy this with red wine for a Michelin-star-worthy home dining experience!

Recommended Ingredients
Italian brand Tartuflanghe was established in 1980, and has since been known for its high-quality black and white truffle products.

Tartuflanghe No.19 Tagliatelle Egg Pasta with Truffles 250g
Awarded as “Outstanding New Product” at New York’s Fancy Food Summer Show, this black truffle pasta is completely handmade which gives an extraordinary texture. The perfect marriage of the aromas of truffle and egg.

Tartuflanghe Winter Black Truffle Cream 90g
An excellent accompaniment to hot dishes. Ideal for pasta, risotto and baking and effortlessly enhances the flavour.

Tartuflanghe Porcini Mushroom Sauce 190g
A lovely sauce made with porcini mushrooms. Has a thick yet smooth texture.

Recommended Wines
Gabriele Scaglione Barbaresco 2014
This new winery is from Piedmont of Italy, and its wine styles are known for being soft and delicate. The wine has an aroma of rose petals, red berries and sweet spicy aromas, and has notes of red berries and cherries on the palate with cinnamon and mineral flavours. This wine is elegant with a lingering finish.

Accornero Cima Riserva Barbera 2012
Also located in Piedmont of Italy, boutique winery Accornero is known for making Barbera. This wine is made with 100% Barbera, and has a ruby colour with notes of fruit jam, coffee and liquorice. The tannin is ripe and the wine is well-structured and elegant.

5 Truffle Desserts and Baked Goods You Must Try

Hailed as one of the top three delicacies of the world, truffle is a surprisingly versatile ingredient that is suitable for different cuisines and dishes. This time, we’d like to recommend five truffle-themed desserts and baked goods that are sure to impress truffle lovers!

From Little Mermaid:

Truffle Beef Bread
Using Little Mermaid’s popular English Bread with deluxe black truffle paste and beef yakiniku, and topped with mozzarella cheese for extra umami.

Truffle with Vegetable Stuffed Bun
Perfect for vegetarians. The match made in heaven with Italian black truffle paste, white mushroom, dried tofu and cheese.

From Sweets House Cha Cha:

Oobanyaki with Truffle Zest Seasoning Custard
Its crust is made with imported Japanese flour, while the filling is crafted with Japanese custard, Boscovivo Italian black truffle slices and truffle powder for an irresistible aroma.

Truffle Cream Puff
Italian black truffle powder, French whipping cream and homemade custard in original puff dough. A great combination of textures and flavours.

From Sweets House Cha Cha:

Gold Foil with Truffle Zest Seasoning Softcream
Crated with rich Hokkaido milk and sprinkled with precious Italian white truffle and gold foil. Tasty and luxurious.

Autumn Cook At Home Tips: Roast Wild Duck with Bacon and Grapes

city'super takes the quality of its meat products very seriously. We strictly source our poultry from premium farms around the world, and between September and February, there are even different types of chilled game birds available to satisfy your carnivorous needs. Check out the below recipe of Roast Wild Duck with Bacon and Grapes and follow along to make this at home!

Stellar ingredient:
UK Chilled Mallard Wild Duck
The largest and most common of wild ducks, the mallard wild duck is leaner than farm ducks and suitable for roasting.

Autumn Cook At Home Tips: Roast Pheasant with Anchovy Mustard Sauce

If you love chicken, then you should definitely give pheasant a go. Pheasants are smaller in size compared to farm chickens, and its flesh has a good bite with richer flavour. This game bird is easy to prepare at home. Add a bottle of elegant red wine and you’ve got yourself a mini feast.

Stellar ingredient:
UK Chilled Pheasant
A long-tailed game bird that is highly regarded for its delicious, tender flesh with a rich wild chicken-like flavour. Suitable for roasting whole, while cuts are more suited to stews and casseroles.

Wine recommendation:
Jean Luc Colombo Cornas Les Méjeans 2016
Seductively rich nose with underlying hints of pepper. Elegant on the palate with an enjoyable finish. Suitable for enjoying with meat dishes.

Excellent Value for Money: Must-try Handcrafted French Desserts

Want to enjoy desserts anytime, anywhere? city’super has launched a series of handcrafted French desserts, all made with premium raw ingredients and the quality is comparable to that of high-end patisseries. Grab some home and share them with family and friends!

city’super Lemon Tart
Made with French lemon and lemon cream.

city’super Apple Tart
Topped with hand-cut caramelised apple.

city’super Chocolate Tart
A must-have for chocolate lovers.

city’super Coconut Tart
Mildly sweet with a creamy and velvety mouthfeel.

city’super Mango & Passion Fruit Tart
Refreshing and sweet – you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Calling All Fans of Hazelnut Spreads: 9 All-new Flavours

city'super’s professional buyers have searched the world for the best and newest food products. We’d like to share with you a premium brand of hazelnut spread from France, Le Comptoir De Mathilde, and its nine different unique flavours of hazelnut spreads. All of its products are made without palm oil and OMO, and contains a high content of hazelnuts. If you love to bake, check out this Hazelnut Spread Cookie Roll Up recipe that is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Head on over to city’super and choose from this wide range of flavours. Which one is your favourite?

  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Hazelnut & Milk Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Hazelnut, Milk & Wafer Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Hazelnut, Milk & Sparkling Sugar Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde White Hazelnut Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Dark Hazelnut Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Organic Nuts & Seeds Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Organic Coconut Spread 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Milk Hazelnut Spread with Sweetener 250g
  • Le Comptoir de Mathilde Caramel Spread with Guerande Fleur De Sel 270g


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