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Heat Up‧Hot Pot Time

5 (Tue) Jan – 14 (Sun) Feb 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

This season, why not embrace the wintry weather with different types of hot pot? Whether it's Japanese, Taiwanese or Hong Kong hot pot, you will find all you need at city'super, including quality fresh ingredients and grocery items, soup bases, sauces and pairing beverages. Or you can just grab our recommended hot pot combos and go. Visit us and make it a warm winter by enjoying delectable hot pot with your family at home.

Your Favourite Hot Pot : Winter Edition

The weather is cooling, and this means the hot pot season is here! city'super is delighted to bring all hot pot fans 3 value-for-money home hot pot sets. Apart from essential hot pot ingredients, we also provide recommendations of optional food ingredients, drinks, alcoholic beverages, hot pot equipment and more. Hurry into city'super and bring home your favourite hot pot set for a delectably warm winter!


Winter Feast Hot Pot Set (For Two)

Consists of strictly selected ingredients from all over the world, including Australian Ocean-caught Tiger Prawns, Spanish Wild Octopus, French Chilled Monkfish Slices, Hokkaido Boiled Scallops, Spanish Acorn-fed Iberico Pork (Bellota), and Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef. Pairs excellently with Fresh To Go Drunken Daylesford Chicken Soup Base and Dassai Shinsei 45 Junmai Daiginjo.

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Kaninabe & Seafood Set (For Two)

Includes a premium selection of seafood ingredients, such as Japanese Live Horsehair Crab, Australian King Prawns and Japan Hiroshima Premium Live Oysters. We recommend pairing with Yakushian Soy Milk Soup for Hot Pot and Umajimura Yuzunomura Ponzu Citrus Vinegar.

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Taiwanese Mala Spicy Hot Pot Set (For Two)

Hand-selected to include Taihodien Spicy & Pork Bone Soup Base, Cheng Hsin Soy Paper, Ning Chi Crispy Chinese Doughnut, Ning Chi Taiwan's Hottest Chilli Sauce and more. Add Jung Nung Ma-Wei Green Bean Vermicelli and Hong Kong Whistle Dried Plum Mead for an enhanced experience.

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Hot Pot Beginner’s Guide: Homemade Japanese-style Bonito & Kelp Dashi Soup Stock

Soup base is the soul of hot pot. If you love Japanese cuisine and its flavours, Japanese-style soup base is an excellent choice when you do hot pot at home. Keep reading to find out how to create this popular homemade Dashi Soup Stock!

3 pcs Hidaka kelp / Kelp Knot
40g dried shredded bonito fish (thick)
2000mL water


  1. In a pot, soak the kelp in water for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat the water on low heat, and remove the kelp before boiling. After the water boils, add in dried bonito fish slices. Remove any foam on the surface and cook for 7 to 8 minutes on medium heat.
  3. Wait until the dried bonito slices sink to the bottom of the pot. Pour the contents of the pot into a bowl, straining out the bonito slices. Enjoy!

Must-have ingredients:

Naya Shoten Hokkaido Hidaka Kelp
Collected around the Hidaka coast; has a soft texture and is suitable for making dishes like kelp rolls and oden, or used to make kombu soup and tsukudani.

Tohira Kelp Knot
Made with the part of kelp near its roots; very nutritious and can be used for making broths and tsukudani.

city'super Dried Shredded Bonito Fish (Thick)
The production process is handled by experts, from selecting ingredients and removing bones to fermentation, using traditional techniques. Thick-cut allows for a richer soup base.

Sukiyaki 101: Kanto vs Kansai Style

Kanto-style Sukiyaki:
Also known as “gyunabe” or beef pot. The pre-mixed sweet warishita broth is poured and heated in the pot with ingredients like beef, vegetables, and tofu. This style is more refreshing and easier to prepare.

Kansai-style Sukiyaki:
Simply known as “sukiyaki”. There is no pre-mixed broth; instead, the pot is heated with butter and the beef slices are grilled until half-cooked, then sugar and other condiments are added to flavour the beef. Vegetables are added next. The flavour is richer, and this style allows you to adjust the flavour to your liking.

Recommended ingredients:

Kamebishi Rich Soy Sauce
The only soy sauce brand in Japan to use the traditional method of producing soy sauce using straw mat cultured koji, which makes the product umami-packed with complex flavours. A special natural salt has also been added to give an extra brininess, further bringing out the ingredients’ original flavours.

Imahan Sukiyaki Soup Base
A smooth, pure soy sauce made in a large wooden barrel. Added with premium ingredients like double sugar and Rishiri kombu to create this rich and aromatic sukiyaki soup base.

Miyakoseito Aged Brown Sugar Powder
Made using sugarcane from Tamara Island in Okinawa and is rich and fragrant.

Other recommendations:
Kumekichi Japanese Knotted Konjac Noodle, Japanese Fukanegi Leek, Japan Sonoda Farm Organic Shungiku, Japanese Chinese Cabbage, Japanese Mixed Mushrooms, Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Rib Eye for Sukiyaki, Hakataya Grilled Tofu, Maruichifarm Ecocco Cage Free Eggs

Want to learn how to make these two styles of sukiyaki? Watch the video now and Cook At Home!

Winter Hot Pot Essentials: Japanese Instant Soup Base

Baby it’s cold outside, and the best way to warm up is with a lovingly prepared Japanese-style hot pot! Hot pot soup bases from Japanese brands Kubarashouyu and Sanwacorpo are both ready-to-use, making your hot pot preparations even simpler! Are you for a Midnight Diner experience at home?

Kubarashouyu Flying Fish Soup Stock for Hot Pot
Made with flying fish paste and “usukuchi” (extra salty) soy sauce for a rich flavour that also brings out the umami of the ingredients.

Kubarashouyu Flying Fish Stock Hakata Porkbone Soup for Hot Pot
A thick, white pork bone broth merged with the flavours of grilled flying fish and flying fish paste. A very sophisticated taste that you are unlikely to tire of.

Kubarashouyu Sukiyaki Style Flying Fish Stock Shabu Shabu Soup
Two types of sugar and black mirin are added to double fermented soy sauce to make this extra sweet and tasty sukiyaki-style soup base. Enjoy with grilled flying fish and house-made flying fish paste to enhance the flavour of meats.

Sanwacorpo Nagoya Cochin Chicken Stock Hot Pot Soup (Salt Flavour) / Miso Hot Pot Soup
A hot pot soup based made with 100% Nagoya cochin chicken. Each mouthful is filled with the rich aroma of Nagoya cochin chicken. Add Sanwa Nagoya cochin chicken thigh meat in the hot pot for an even heartier dinner experience.

Shopping list for an irresistible Taiwanese Mala Hot Pot

Taiwanese hot pot has been a huge hit in recent years. Its unique soup bases and selection of ingredients are truly irresistible. As we’re not able to dine out as much now, why not bring home these hot pot treasures and enjoy an authentic taste of Taiwan at home?

Popular Mala Soup Base Brand: Taihodien
Mala hot pot soup base is known for being spicy yet mild on the body, so it is suitable not only in winter, but in summer as well. The soup base is made with natural ingredients, and its triple-stewed duck blood pudding tofu is particularly tender and flavourful.

Taihodien Spicy Soup Base
Made from a secret formula by hand. Premium ingredients are slow cooked to release their essence that blends with the clear, red oil layer. Perfect with any food ingredients.

Taihodien Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base
Simply open the packet and reheat. The duck blood pudding tofu has been stewed and the soup is extra rich.

Must-try chilli sauce brand: Ning Chi
In Taiwan, Ning Chi is a household name when it comes to mala hot pot, known for its unique Sichuan flavours, and a hot pot soup base that has been created with five spices and Chinese herbs by stewing for a long period of time to release its ma, la, umami and aroma.

Ning Chi Taiwan's Hottest Chilli Sauce
Can be used with various mala dishes, such as hot pot, duck blood, beef noodles, chilli oil fish, and spicy wonton in red oil. Can also be used for mixing with grilled meats or noodles.

Ning Chi Hunan Chilli Sauce
Taiwanese-style chilli sauce. A must-try for all lovers of spicy food.

Fresh Ingredients Recommendation:

USA Long Term Grain Fed Beef Chuck Flap - Shabu Shabu (Previously Frozen)
Long-term grain-fed beef has been thickly sliced. The meat has a good bite and rich flavour, and is fragrant and nicely marbled.

USA Chilled Hand Sliced Long Term Grain Fed Angus Beef Hanging Tender (Hot Pot)
Hanger steak is the meat inside the cow’s diaphragm. It is of a darker colour and is more tender, juicier and has a rich meat flavour.

Hot Pot-friendly Drinks:

Herbal Trend Sugar Cane & Mao Gen Drink
Made with plenty of sugarcane and white mao gen, as well as jujube. Natural and refreshingly sweet.

Herbal Trend Preserved Jujube & Pear Tea
Fresh Taiwanese apples and pears form the base of this drink, which has also been added with sweet jujube, almond and dwarf lilyturf. The drink is refreshing with a mild tartness from the fruits, and is soothing for the throat. We recommend enjoying this after a big meal to help keep you feeling refreshed and your throat nourished.

Cook At Home tips for Hot Pot: Taiwanese-style Sesame Oil Chicken Soup

The mouthwatering Taiwanese-style sesame oil chicken soup is a wonderfully soul-warming dish that is perfect for winter. This delectable and ingredient-packed soup is actually quite simple to make. Add you favourite hot pot ingredients and enjoy this decadent feast at home.

Recommended ingredients:

Chee Seng 100% Pure Black Sesame Oil
Imported from Singapore, this 100% cold-pressed black sesame oil is beautifully aromatic. Suitable for steaming, stir-frying, cold dishes, hot pot soup bases, as a marinade and more.

TTL Rice Wine 22°
Strictly selected Taiwanese rice is the key ingredient of this wine, which has been made using the Amylo technique. Distilled and rectified spirit are mixed to create this authentic Taiwanese rice wine.

Daylesford Organic UK Chilled Organic Whole Chicken
Livestock at Daylesford Organic have been raised at the highest animal welfare standards. Its products have been certified 100% organic by the Soil Association, and are free of unnecessary chemicals and antibiotics.

Nourishing Drink Pairing: Join Nature Red Quinoa Black Fungus Drink
Fresh black fungus collected in the morning are handwashed and then slow cooked to release its plant collagen. It is paired with cooked Taiwanese red quinoa, and is rich in dietary fibre and amino acids.

Hot Pot in Hong Kong Style: city'super x Fresh To Go Recommendations

Nothing beats Hong Kong-style hot pot! This year, city'super has partnered with local vegetable delivery brand Fresh To Go to design a range of pre-cut, pre-washed and perfectly portioned premium fresh ingredients from city'super, such as hot pot soup bases and meat balls, so you can enjoy a hearty hot pot experience at home with ease.

Fresh To Go Recommended Soup Base
Traditional Pork Bone Soup Base
Drunken Daylesford Chicken Soup Base
Szechwan Spicy French Chicken Pot
Natural Szechwan Spicy Soup Base

Fresh To Go Must-try Meat Balls
Handmade Daylesford Pork Balls
Handmade Assorted Daylesford Pork Balls

For Enhanced Tastiness: Assorted Seafood Hot Pot Set 2 (Premium), Australian King Prawn U6 (Previously Frozen), and Taiwanese Qing Xiang Satay


^Promotional products may be available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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