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Melon 101

14 (Fri) May - 5 (Mon) Jul 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Melon season is here! city'super’s gourmet fair “Melon 101” is bringing you premium melons and snacks from across Japan. Melon fanatics, don’t miss out!

E-Shop Exclusive: Japanese Melons By the Case Pre-order Offer

Japanese melons are in season. Are you ready to take home the freshest, tastiest fruits flown in directly from Japan?

Specially selected melons directly from Japan are now available at city'super E-Shop. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this E-Shop exclusive offer when you purchase Japanese melons by the case to share with family and friends:

Case Pre-order Offer: from 14 May to 25 Jun 2021, order Japanese melons by the case to enjoy 10% off*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Melon 101: city'super Exclusive Japanese Melons

city'super’s Japanese melons are of high quality and come in different flavours, thanks to our experienced buyers located in Japan. They strictly select rare melons of different shapes and flavours, bringing these premium fruits to Hong Kong directly from melon farms to ensure superb freshness and quality.

Exclusive Japanese Melon Recommendations:

city'super Japan Shizuoka Melon

A melon of supreme quality that is grown with a lot of care. Seeds are strictly selected and grown in a greenhouse. There is only one melon on each vine to ensure the best quality, and melons that do not meet the standards are removed.

city'super Japan Kochi Emerald Melon)

A rare variety from Kochi, Yasu Village that is only cultivated by 10 farmers. The melons are grown in a greenhouse where water and soil are strictly monitored, rendering each melon a precious gem.

Melon 101: The “One Tree One Fruit” Cultivation Technique

Japanese melons are so tasty, we simply can’t get enough of them! Do you know why they are so sweet? An exclusive technique used for growing Japanese melons, the “one tree one fruit” method means that there is only one piece of fruit on each tree, so each fruit can absorb all the nutrients, and becomes super sweet, highly aromatic, and rich in vitamins A and C.

If you want to try the amazing sweet melons grown using the “one tree one fruit” technique, head on over to city'super and bring them home today:

Japan Shizuoka Amane Melon

city'super Japan Shizuoka Melon

city'super Japan Kochi Emerald Melon

Japanese Gift Ideas: Top-notch Melon Gift Boxes

Japanese people often express gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped them with a thoughtful gift. High-quality, seasonal fruits are excellent gift options, and premium Japanese melon is a great choice.

Premium Melon Gift Set Recommendations:

Japan Shizuoka Crown Melon*
Crown Melon is a premium brand of Shizuoka muskmelons. The melons are graded by their sweetness, ripeness and appearance. “Mountain” grade is just below the supreme “Fuji” grade, and accounts for around 30% of total melon production. It is a very popular high-end gift at Japanese department stores.

* The black premium gift box needs to be purchased separately.

Japan Shizuoka Amane Melon
Created and cultivated by Japanese melon expert Mr. Masaya Kageyama, the Amane melon ripens on the tree before being harvested, and no plant growth regulator or hormonal agent is used. Very sweet, tasty, fragrant and come in lovely packaging, this melon is a gift chosen by an angel.

Great Taste Now: Japanese Half Cut Melon

Want to enjoy great taste wherever, whenever? city'super’s half-cut melon selection features melons directly flown in from Japan and carefully chosen by our melon experts to ensure the perfect ripeness. The melons are cut into a size that is easy to eat, so you can enjoy delicious Japanese melons right away!

Half Cut Melon Selection:

Japanese Arus Melon Slice (Half)

Japan Shizuoka Melon Slice (Half)

Japanese Red Meat Melon Slice (Half)

city'super Kochi Emerald Melon Slice (Half)

3 Must-try Popular Japanese Snacks for Melon Lovers

Summer is approaching and it’s time to stock up on refreshing melon-flavoured snacks! Here are three very popular Japanese snacks you can find at city'super. Melon lovers, hurry up and bring them home!

Sugi Seika White Chocolate Freeze Dried Melon
Freeze-dried red meat melon is covered in white chocolate. The aroma of the melon perfectly complements the sweetness of white chocolate.

Mero Shizuoka Crown Musk Melon Jelly Gift Box
The jelly is made from 100% Shizuoka Crown Musk Melon juice, and it has the unique juiciness, aroma and texture of Crown Melons.

Nojima Seika Hokkaido Melon Flavored Ramune Soda
This refreshing ramune soda has a unique Hokkaido red meat melon flavour. The bottle has an adorable red meat melon pattern.

Sweet Summer: Japanese Melon Dessert to Try

It’s the best time to enjoy Japanese melons that are in season. Grab your friends and try the newly launched Japanese melon-themed desserts at sweets house Cha Cha and Little Mermaid!

New Melon Products at sweets house Cha Cha (Available until 30 June):

Shizuoka Crown Melon Cream Puff
Original flavour cream puff is filled with Shizuoka Crown Melon custard for a fruity, delightful dessert.

Shizuoka Crown Melon Custard Oobanyaki
An oobanyaki crafted with Japanese flour and Shizuoka Crown Melon custard. Utterly delicious!

Japanese Melon Milk Pudding
Made from 100% pure milk added with red meat melon puree and concentrated melon juice for an incredibly smooth texture.

New Melon Products at sweets house Cha Cha (Available until 30 June):

Japanese Rouge Melon Softcream
Rich and creamy Hokkaido milk Softcream is added with Japanese Rouge Melon puree and sauce for a mix of textures.

Japanese Rouge Melon Softcream with Fresh Yellow King Melon
Paired with half a fresh Yellow King Melon – extra sweet and refreshing.

New Melon Product at Little Mermaid (Available until 30 June):

Japanese Melon Danish
Made fresh daily using Japanese puff pastry and fresh melon flesh. The combination of sweet melon and crispy pastry is simply perfect.

Melon 101: The 4 Shapes of Melons

When we think of Japanese melons, we often conjure up images of a green, netted fruit in our heads. But did you know Japanese melons come in a variety of colours and shapes? Let’s discover four very different Japanese melons and what’s so special about them!

Japanese Quincy Melon
The Quincy Melon is a small, red-fleshed, netted melon with fine and soft flesh that is juicy and sweet.

Japanese Yellow King Melon
Bearing an oblong shape, this yellow-skinned, white-fleshed melon has a sweetness level of 14 to 15 degrees. It is sweet and mellow with tasty, soft flesh.

Japanese Papaya Melon
Its skin has yellow-green stripes and the melon is oval-shaped, which resembles an unripe papaya. Its white flesh is very juicy and sweet.

Japanese Home Run Melon
A white-fleshed melon from Kumamoto prefecture without the netted pattern. When ripe, the melon becomes honey-coloured with a sweetness level of around 15 degrees.


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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