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11 (Thur) Mar – 24 (Wed) Mar 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Though we might not be able to travel and view cherry blossoms this year, city’super brings you the Sakura Fair, which features an array of cherry blossom-themed food and products, so you can appreciate the beauty of sakura at home.

Direct from Japan
Sakura Viewing at Home

Is the pandemic ruining your sakura-viewing plans this year? city’super has brought you the prettiest Japanese cherry blossoms directly from Japan, so you can enjoy the beauty of sakura in the comfort of your own home.

Japan Yamagata Keiou Sakura

Originating from the “Snow Kingdom” – Yamagata prefecture of Japan. Even after all the flower petals have scattered, one can still admire the sakura leaves.

Honeywood Lab Japan Yamagata Keiou Sakura

Japanese preserved flowers prepared with great attention to detail that can be kept for over half a year. Pretty in pink!

Kameyama Sakura Diffuser

Fill your home with the sweet scent of sakura with this diffuser, which lasts 4 to 8 weeks. This diffuser also makes a beautiful decorative piece for your home.

For Sakura Viewing
Japanese Strawberry with Champagne

Sakura viewing is not complete without something sweet and bubbly! If you’re missing the lovely Japanese cherry blossoms, make yourself a glass of Japanese strawberry champagne cocktail to get the spring holiday mood going.

Product in this Story

Japanese Sakura Strawberry
A precious strawberry variety which is only cultivated by five farmers from the Saga prefecture in all of Japan. The fruit’s sakura pink colour is very rare, with an elegant aroma, low acidity, high sweetness and firm flesh. It has a very short harvest period of only about a month and half.

Santa Margherita 52 Prosecco Extra Dry 2019
Firm structure of acidity, with white peach, floral, almond and citrus notes. Hint of fresh ginger on the finish.

DIY Sakura Bento

You may not be able to fly to Japan to view cherry blossoms this year, but you can create exquisite dishes with flowers, and DIY a cherry blossom-themed bento with a romantic touch.

Visit city’super and bring home the below premium ingredients to easily create the very pretty Japanese-style sakura rice ball bento:

Yuukatei Quick Cook Sakura Cherry Blossom Rice Mix

HK$ 42.00

Buy now
Fukui Ichihomare Rice

HK$ 158.00

Buy now
Kozenhonten Nori Art Cut Dried Seaweed (Sakura Pattern)

HK$ 28.00

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Yuukatei Sakura Cherry Blossom Table Salt

HK$ 56.00

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Tomizawa Sakura Cherry Blossoms Pickled in Salt

HK$ 37.00

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Morisho Pickled Plum

HK$ 59.00

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Romantic Sakura Mochi
Kanto vs Kansai Style

Cherry blossoms are so pretty but they don’t stay in bloom for too long, so Japanese people use salt pickled sakura leaves to wrap red bean wagashi to prolong the viewing period of sakura. If you love cherry blossoms, why not try making sakura mochi at home?

Sakura mochi also comes in Kanto and Kansai style. Which one do you prefer?

Kanto Style Chomeiji Sakura Mochi

Its skin is made with flour and a touch of glutinous flour and then pan-fried. The thin skin is wrapped around red bean paste, and then wrapped again with pickled sakura leaf into a delicate roll.

Ingredient list
Yamashin Sakura Cherry Blossoms & White Bean Paste
Wataei Pure Glutinous Rice Powder
Yamachu Hanako All Purpose Flour
Pioneer Salted Japanese Sakura Leaves
Yuukatei Sakura Cherry Blossom Sugar
Tomizawa Food Coloring Powder (Pink)

Kansai Style Domyoji Sakura Mochi

Domyoji powder is heated and then filled with red bean paste. A salt pickled sakura leaf is then used to wrap the morsel in an oval shape. The texture is stickier and chewier.

Ingredient list
Yamashin Handmade Sakura-Mochi Set (includes Domyoji powder, red bean paste and sakura leaf)
Pioneer Domyojiko Glutinous Rice Powder (Pink)
Yamashin Sakura Cherry Blossoms & White Bean Paste
Pioneer Salted Japanese Sakura Leaves

Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea

A spring afternoon calls for a romantic sakura-themed afternoon tea to help your body and mind relax. Here are cherry blossom-themed tea and snacks you can find at city’super. Don’t miss out!

Nihonryokucha Center Sweet Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tea

With a rich cherry blossom aroma, the tea is sweet with a touch of saltiness. The tiny pink flowers give the tea a complex flavour and “bloom” in your cup.

Yuukatei Sakura Green Tea Bags

A mild sakura flavour is paired with Japanese Shizuoka green tea – suitable for enjoying with desserts.

Tsuguya Sakura Shigure Manju Snack

Sakura leaves are kneaded into the soft manju; rich flavour with a soft texture.

Tsuguya Sakura & Uguisu Manju Snack

Inspired by sakura flowers and leaves, sakura leaves and warbler powder are kneaded into the manju and then filled with red bean paste – sweet bit not sickly.

ROYCE' Nama Chocolate (Sakura Fromage)

Sakura and cheese are perfectly incorporated into white chocolate. Smooth, sweet and irresistible.

Night Mood: Sakura Beer and Snacks

How about rewarding yourself with cherry blossom-themed beer and snacks after a long day of hard work? Trust us, these Japanese-inspired treats are very therapeutic! Head on over to city’super and bring home this unbeatable combo.

Enshuya Sakura Okoshi Cracker
Crispy sakura-flavoured crackers are paired with fairy cakes that look like sakura mochi – it’s spring time!

Enshuya Sakura Soy Milk Cracker
Crispy soy milk crackers are coated with cherry blossom molasses and then imprinted with cherry blossom pattern. Beautiful and they make an excellent gift.

Niigata Beer Sakura Haruiro Beer (Alc. 4.5%)
Spring limited beer made with sakura extract. Lightly sweet with a fruity flavour. Delicious!

HK$ 35.00

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Sakura Season Only: sweets house Cha Cha New Desserts

Want to enjoy an authentic taste of sakura? sweets house Cha Cha is bringing you 4 limited-edition sakura desserts. Hurry up and try them out with your besties!

Sakura Milk Pudding
Made using strictly selected French whipping cream, full cream milk and Japanese agar powder. Very creamy and smooth.

Japanese Sakura Dessert Cup
Main ingredients include Japanese sakura paste, Kyoto Uji matcha jelly, Hokkaido Takachi red bean paste and Japanese glutinous rice balls. Decadent and very tasty.

Sakura Custard Oobanyaki
The Oobanyaki is made with Japanese wheat flour, and filled with Japanese custard and sakura white bean paste. Happiness in every bite.

Sakura Blossom Softcream
Made with Japanese sakura paste, sakura meringue, Hokkaido Takachi red bean paste, Japanese glutinous rice balls, fresh strawberries and Hokkaido milk softcream. A truly delightful combination.

*Available at sweets house Cha Cha @ city’super Times Square store, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores.

^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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