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Savouring TAIWAN: Tradition Meets Innovation

27 (Thu) May - 16 (Wed) Jun 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

A popular phenomenon in Taiwan, street fairs are a convergence of classic treats and modern creativity. Wandering through the stalls, you can explore a delicious diversity of traditional and innovative drinks and foods. For a Taiwanese gourmet journey, join us now at city'super and savour all the old and new flavours the island has to offer!

Tradition vs. Innovation: Taiwanese-style Noodles

When it comes to Taiwanese noodles, do you prefer the classic beef noodles, or duck’s blood noodles that have gained recent popularity? Whichever one you are craving, take a look at our favourite picks below. Get ready for a party on your palate!

From the “Tradition” selection: Duan Chun Zhen Braised Beef Soup with Tendon and Shank/ Classic Braised Beef Soup with Shank

The broth is made with beef bones, fermented chilli bean from Sichuan’s Pidu District, and 23 types of Chinese herbs. It has a mala flavour but is not overly spicy. There’s a good ratio between beef tendon and shank, and the meat has a good bite. Classic thin noodles are able to soak up the rich sauce. For the classic beef noodles, shank (only about five bowl’s worth per cow) is used, which has a lovely chewy texture and a good balance between tendon and meat.

From the “Innovation” selection: Mala Duck’s Blood Noodles

Love Pot Tender Beef Duck Blood Tofu Glass Noodle Spicy Hotpot

A special self-heating design enables you to enjoy hotpot anytime, anywhere! Made with premium Taiwanese ingredients, such as large pieces of beef with tendon, duck’s blood and tofu. Spicy but not overly rich.

Chiayishiri Mala Chili Soup Duck Blood Glass Noodles

A very popular product in Taiwan. The mala golden soup base is made with chicken bones and a secret blend of spices. Tender and juicy duck’s blood and glass noodles made using traditional methods without modified starch are added into the soup for a hearty.

Tradition vs. Innovation: The Battle of Popular Taiwanese Snacks

Taiwanese snacks, whether traditional classics or modern creations, are always full of surprises. city'super invites you to discover old and new Taiwanese snacks. Time to stock up on delicious treats!

From the “Tradition” Selection: Kuai Che Crisp Pork Chips

Kuai Che Sakura Shrimp Almond Crispy Pork Chips

Made with healthy pork back leg, combined with nutritious Californian almond slices and marinated with 120-day sun-dried black beans. The special crafting method gives the crisp pork chips a unique, paper-thin crispy texture.

Kuai Che Sichuan Pepper Almond Crispy Pork Jerky

The ultra-thin crisp pork chip is only 0.01cm thick. Each bite is very crispy and smooth with a rich fragrance. Handmade with strictly selected premium ingredients.

From the “Innovation” Selection: Magi Planet Popcorn

Magi Planet uses only premium ingredients to make the best quality popcorn. They have partnered with Top One Pot to create popcorn flavours based on popular Taiwanese-style hotpot soup bases. Talk about uniqueness!

Magi Planet Popcorn (Top One Pot Spicy Flavor)
Magi Planet Popcorn (Top One Pot Sauerkraut Flavor)

More Recommendations:
Kuai Che Popcorn (Original Almond Crispy Pork Chips Flavor)
Kuai Che Popcorn (Seaweed Almond Crispy Pork Chips Flavor)
Magi Planet Popcorn (Top One Pot Secret Double-Stewed Soup Flavor)

In Search of Authentic Taste: Taiwanese Street Snacks

There’s a certain charm to the low-key yet delicious traditional street snacks at Taiwanese night markets! The snacks are so tasty and delight all your senses. This summer, city'super brings you a great selection of cold snacks so you can share with family and friends!

A Zong Noodle (Small)

A well-known local Taiwanese snack. The main ingredient is Fujian vermicelli, which is light, refreshing and has a nice bite. Enjoy with seafood, pork and mushrooms. Can serve hot in winter and cold in summer. The noodles are very light and can help you cool down in the hot weather.

Hongsheng Braised Beef Tendon

Braised in a secret recipe sauce; soft but doesn’t come apart easily, and has a bouncy texture without being too hard. Add in the delectable sauce and enjoy!

Hongsheng Pork Liver with Sesame Oil

Fried ginger slices are mixed in with pork liver to retain the fluffy texture of the liver. Flavoured with a secret recipe sesame sauce to give a mild yet irresistible taste.

Hongsheng Conch Meat with Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Fresh conch meat is marinated in a special sauce; tasty with a nice crunch. A perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer in summer.

Hongsheng Squid with Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Mildly savoury and spicy with a burst of umami and a tender, chewy texture. Squid is rich in protein and low in fat, which is great for those watching their weight.

Tradition vs. Innovation: Different Styles of Taiwanese Tea

Tea comes in lots of different styles – not just hot brewing! In the sizzling hot summer, cold drinks are a must! This summer, Taiwanese tea fanatics should definitely try the very thirst-quenching mesona tea and cold brew tea.

From the “Tradition” selection: Yuan Lin Mesona Tea

Grass jelly, which is made with mesona, is a classic Taiwanese snack. Supporting local farming businesses, this mesona tea is made with pure Taiwanese mesona using a low-sugar formula. The tea is crafted with traditional methods and has a unique mesona aroma. High-pressure high-temperature packaging is used.

From the “Innovation” selection: Little Girl Love Tea Cold Brew Tea (Red Oolong / Oolong)

The brand is founded by the daughter of Taiwan’s tea champion Chen Xi Xing. The teas are cold brewed in a cleanroom to give it a delicate flavour and eliminate common issues with cold brew tea, such as not enough flavour.

Tradition vs. Innovation: the Myriad Flavours of Taiwanese-style Chicken

Chicken appears in a variety of styles and flavours in traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Apart from hearty mains, you can also make them into tasty snacks. Don’t miss out!

From the “Tradition” selection: Tupiens Foodie Sous Vided Chicken Dishes

The brand’s chicken breasts have been sous vided, which involves vacuum packing the chicken breast then slow-cooking at a constant low temperature to kill off germs while retaining a very tender texture. Simply remove from packaging and enjoy!

Tupiens Foodie Taiwan Style Chicken Breast with Fried Shallot

The sauce is made with crispy golden green onions, while the meat is nice and tender.

Tupiens Foodie Classic Chicken Breast

Classic flavour with low sodium and without additives. Perfect for enjoying every day!

Tupiens Foodie Atacama Desert Salt Chicken Breast

Made with Atacama sea salt, which is low sodium and natural.

Tupiens Foodie Drunken Chicken

A large portion of chicken leg that weighs around 230g after removing all bones. The marinade is made with pure Shaoxing wine, goji berries, astragalus root, Chinese angelica, red dates and other Chinese herbs. Tender with a mild wine aroma.

From the “Innovation” selection: Two Peck Salty Crispy Chicken & Mixed Veggies

The Taiwanese-style fried chicken is made with Two Peck chicken fillets, which have been voted one of the top ten chicken fillets in Taiwan, as well as other fresh ingredients and a special secret recipe. Enjoy with dehydrated vegetable slices. The snack is made with lots of ingredients but the taste doesn’t overwhelm so you can enjoy the original flavours of the ingredients.

Tradition vs. Innovation: the Endless Possibilities of Taiwanese Egg Rolls

Eggs rolls are a popular snack loved by Taiwanese people. The egg roll’s rich eggy aroma and crumbly texture go so well with a cup of tea or coffee, and is great for breakfast, afternoon tea, or even supper! If you love egg rolls, make sure to try both classic and modern styles!

From the “Tradition” Selection: Fu Yuen Peanut Butter Egg Roll / Black Sesame & Peanut Butter Egg Roll

The skin is made with fresh eggs using traditional methods to give an irresistible aroma. Paired with carefully and slowly stir-fried rich peanut butter for a most delightful flavour.

From the “Innovation” Selection: Blue Bird Travel Egg Roll

All about using real chocolate and the most iconic tea to create its egg rolls: Taiwan’s Tie Guan Yin, UK’s Twinings Earl Grey, and Japan’s Shizuoka Matcha.

Blue Bird Travel Tie Guan Yin Chocolate Egg Roll

With an intense roasted flavour, excellent depth and a lingering aroma.

Blue Bird Travel Matcha Chocolate Egg Roll

With authentic tea fragrance, a delicate flavour and great balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Blue Bird Travel Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Egg Roll

With a refreshing citrus aroma, excellent depth of flavour and a lovely sweetness.

Unwind with World-class Coffee: Simple Kaffa

Calling all coffee fanatics: the world’s best coffee shop brand Simple Kaffa is bringing lots of surprises to city'super!

The co-founder of Simple Kaffa is Berg Wu, former Taiwanese and World Barista Champion, and his shop in Taipei has made the list in 2019 and 2020 as one of the Top 50 Coffee Shops in the world. And now, Hong Kong coffee lovers can try the brand’s two auction lot coffee beans.

Esmeralda Special Auction Lot ESN3:

Simple Kaffa La Esmeralda Mario San Jose Geisha / Natural Light Roasted Auction Lot ESN3 Coffee Beans

Panama Esmeralda Mario San Jose Geisha has become a symbol of top quality. Hacienda La Esmeralda’s coffee beans are graded with Red, Green and Black Marks, and the best-quality coffees of the year will be auctioned off to buyers around the world. This coffee is the lot won by Simple Kaffa in La Esmeralda’s private auction. It is fruity yet complex with a clean, lingering finish.

Ethiopia COE Auction Lot:

Simple Kaffa Sidamo Rumudamo/ Washed COE #2 Auction Lot Light Roasted Coffee Beans

From Ethiopia where coffee originated, these beans benefited from the excellent terroir and are very precious. In 2020, the Cup of Excellence speciality coffee competition took place for the first time in Ethiopia. During product sampling, Simple Kaffa was prepared to win the bid to the second lot, which is also the first lot that’s been washed, at all cost. Now the top-notch coffee from Ethiopia is available for Hong Kong fans to try.

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Your Shopping List:

Taiwanese Summer Snow Mango (Case)

Produced in Pingtung and Taitung. The Summer Snow Mango is set to make its market debut some 10 years after it was first cultivated by local agricultural researchers, and it is currently the only mango in Taiwan to have an identity card. It has an elegant, richer aroma as it ripens. It is big and has a delicate texture. Said to have the aroma of the indigenous mango, the sweetness of the golden mango, and the texture of Irwin mango, the variety is so precious that it often regarded as the LV of the mango world.

Taiwanese Honey Snow Mango (Case)

Produced in Pingtung. The Honey Snow mango has a lovely, peach-like red blush. Its quality is comparable to Irwin mangoes. Can be kept for up to seven days at room temperature, which is longer than most other mangoes.

Taiwanese Lobster Mango (Case)

Produced in Pingtung. The local farmers use lobster shell powder, which is rich in chitin and calcium, as fertiliser to cultivate these mangoes, which contributed to their richness and sweetness.

Taiwanese Irwin Mango (Case)

Produced in Fangshan of Pingtung. The local environment is dry with ample sunlight and a Pacific Ocean breeze containing a touch of minerals, giving the mango a nice red blush. It has a delicate texture, and is sweet and juicy.

Taiwanese Peach Mango (Case)

Produced in Fangshan of Pingtung; also known as the Red Dragon mango. When ripe, the stem emits a mild and elegant peach-like scent. The mango is of a blush colour with a hint of yellow, and is round, plump. It has delicate flesh, little fibre, and a very smooth texture. Great for those who don’t like their fruits too sweet.

Apart from fresh mangoes, you can also find the Yuherpau Lychee, a range of traditional Taiwanese cold dishes and Simple Kaffa speciality coffee. Don’t miss out if you love Taiwanese food!

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