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Truffles Fair

The finest seasonal truffles have arrived at city'super

This Christmas, city'super presents deluxe ingredient truffles to our esteemed customers. From fresh truffles to a variety of truffle dishes, we provide a series of truffle experiences to you. Come and enjoy this deluxe foodie journey.

Truffle Trivia

Truffles are used in cooking, most importantly in savoury dishes.

It has been known since ancient times and is a fruit of the earth, consisting of a fleshy mass. It is actually a hypogeum fungus which grows underground, closely linked to certain kinds of plants, from which it absorbs nutrition by means of an extensive and ramified root system.

Truffle Varieties

The colour of truffles varies from white to grey tending towards brown, depending on the plant on which it lives and grows. The most precious kinds include white truffles from Alba, black winter truffles, black summer truffles and Bianchetto truffles.

Deluxe Truffles

Truffles are a wild product which is hard to farm. Truffles are hunted by well trained pigs and dogs, who smell truffles buried deep beneath the forest floor but don’t disturb the root structures that surround the trees. A single truffle hunter with a dog can only find small truffles, which is why truffles are so expensive.

Truffle Harvest

Each Truffle Variety have their own harvest.

White Truffle

Black Summer Truffle

Black Winter Truffle

Sept - Jan

May - Dec

Nov Feb

Black Truffles vs White Truffles

Although black and white truffles are both very picky about growth conditions, white truffles are obviously more demanding on the environment. Apart from the fact that they can’t be artificially cultivated, they are currently only found in Alba in northern Italy. Moreover, white truffles only grow between September and December each year. In addition, they are more difficult to find than black truffles, and only stay fresh after excavation for about three days, making them more expensive.

Tartuflanghe Fresh White and Black Truffle

What Do We Offer?

Italian Brand highlight – Tartuflanghe

Italian Truffle Product

  • “Tartuflanghe” is derived from the Italian word for “truffle”, tartufo, and the name of area where this precious tuber comes from, the Langhe.
  • It was founded in 1975 by Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro, who had built up their expertise in the area by marketing fresh truffles from the Piedmont region since 1968.
  • Since 1980, Tartur has offered a wide variety of Italian specialities and truffle products by selecting the highest-quality raw materials.
  • The quality is guaranteed by high professional standards during production, respect of tradition and handcrafted methods, along with technology and innovation.
  • Awarded “Most innovative product” at SIAL 2014.

Come to visit Tartuflanghe

Truffle recipe
Roasted UK Daylesford Organic Chilled Chicken with Truffle Salt



  • UK chilled organic whole chicken 1600g
  • SAVINI TARTUFI Summer Truffle-Flavoured Salt 16g
  • ELLE ESSE Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil 30ml


  1. Rub Truffle salt to surface of chicken
  2. Place it to plastic bag and take off air, keep it in chiller one night
  3. Take off chicken from bag, set to rotisserie oven
  4. Cooked it in rotisserie oven 45 min. (Cooked core temp>75C, 1 min.)
  5. Take off chicken from oven, brush truffle oil to surface of cooked chicken

Culture club



Location (City’super Culture Club)

14 Nov 2019 (Thur)


18 : 30 – 21:30

superlife culture club @ city’super Harbour City store

生活藝會 @ city’super海港城店

21 Nov 2019 (Thur)


18 : 30 – 21:30

superlife culture club @ city’super Harbour City store

生活藝會 @ city’super海港城店

25 Nov 2019 (Mon)


18 : 30 – 21:30

superlife culture club @ city’super Time Square store

生活藝會 @ city’super時代廣場店

28 Nov 2019 (Thur)


18 : 30 – 21:30

superlife culture club @ city’super Harbour City store

生活藝會 @ city’super海港城店

6 Dec 2019 (Fri)


18 : 30 – 21:30

superlife culture club @ city’super Harbour City store

生活藝會 @ city’super海港城店

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