How to prepare a Christmas Turkey at home

Part 1: Spatchcocking & Brining
Nervous about making your first turkey dinner? Fear not, as city'super is here to help. Check out this video and learn how to spatchcock, a method of cutting the turkey that’s perfect for the compact-sized ovens in Hong Kong, then learn the process of brining to create the juiciest, most tender turkey with super crispy skin!

What you’ll need:

A pair of poultry shears
A paring knife
French Chilled Organic Black Turkey
Urban Gourmet Gobbler Complete Turkey Brine And Rub Kit
A large pot

Part 2: Stuffing & Carving
Now that you’ve mastered spatchcocking and brining a turkey, it’s time to get roasting! Meanwhile, you can prepare the stuffing and other side dishes. When the bird comes out, we’ll show you how to carve a spatchcocked turkey and wow your guest with immaculate presentation!

Easy stuffing recipe

Shropshire Stuffing Mix 1 Pack
Boiling Water 130mL
Butter 25g
Sausage Meat 250g
Pork Mince 250g

1. Combine the stuffing mix with water, butter, sausage meat and pork mince and mix well.

2. Stir well and bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 200°C until golden brown and the juices run clear.

For marinating:

- Olive Oil
- Urban Gourmet Gobbler Complete Turkey Brine And Rub Kit

To serve:

- Ocean Spray Whole Cranberry Sauce
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