ALLKLEAR Detox Future Salad (7packs)

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3 Major Benefits

Intestinal detoxification

After entering the intestines through the digestive system, ALLKLEAR high fiber powder will form a gel-like film, that cleanse the old feces accumulated in the gaps of the intestine, it also stimulates intestinal peristalsis and remove accumulated toxins in the intestine, a painless way to clear overnight stool, improve abdominal distension effectively and enhance intestinal health.


High fiber slimming

The over 10 purely natural ingredients of ALLKLEAR high fiber powder is rich in vitamins and lots of fiber that nourish the skin to give a healthy and radiant complexion, whilst relieving acne problems.  It enhances the body’s natural metabolic function so as the total dietary calories are gradually reduced and more fats are burnt thus bringing about slimming effects of the body for a healthy and perfect figure result.


Maintain Heart Health

When refined carbohydrate foods such as white rice and white bread are digested and absorbed by the body, large amount of glucose will instantly produce in the blood.  The soluble dietary fibers, nutrients and energy of ALLKLEAR will be released smoothly that may help maintain the blood sugar balance, stabilize cholesterol and restore blood pressure to a normal level, thus maintain good heart condition.



One time daily(Twice a day if necessary), 1 pack each time, consume before meal or bed is recommended, drinks plenty of water on day of taking.


Add one pack of ALLKLEAR into a cup of 250ml of cool or room temperature water (avoid hot water).Stir well until all the substance has dissolved and drink immediately.


Add one pack of ALLKLEAR into a bottle of 250ml of cool or room temperature water (avoid hot water).Tighten the bottle cap, shake gently until all the substance has dissolved and drink immediately.


Suitable for people:

Constipation, Body Figuring, Cardiovascular Concerns


Servings per package

7 packs per box, 12g per pack


Major Ingredients

Wheat Fiber, Moringa Leaf, Spinach Fiber, Green tea, Oligosaccharide, Spirulina, Guava, Guar Gum, Green Apple, Wheatgrass, Lemon, Aloe Vera


Place of Origin: Hong Kong


Product Certification

Allklear is manufactured by a GMP certified factory and received the certification of “STC Tested Mark”, Certified Vegan, Certificate of Halal which was internationally recognized. Allklear was also shortlisted in Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards 2020 which definitely your smart choice for health.



Store in cool dry place

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