Premium Wagyu Beef Set (Limited Edition Parts)

SKU: 601029373

Premium Wagyu Beef set (limited edition)
-Cheatueabriand 120g
-Oyster blade 120g
-Tri Tip 120g
-Top Sirloin Cap 120g
-Chuck flap Tail 120g
-Inside Skirt 120g
-Flank 120g
-Chuck Short Rib 120g

Limited to 60 sets

city'super buyers went to Yamagata and participated in the whole process, from the breeding environment to the slaughter requirements and the grading of the beef.
Younger cows receive softer feeds for easier digestion and absorption. Cows over 24 months are fed with Yamagata rice every day to absorb more nutrients.

Keep refrigerated

#Photo for reference only.

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