Smart Artic White Indoor Garden (with 4 lingots)

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Grow your aromatic herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables all year round without any effort.

Don't have a green thumb? The Véritable® Garden takes care of everything !

The Smart Garden automatically adjusts the LED's intensity depending on the ambient light, to distribute the perfect amount of light to your plants

Coming with 4 Véritable® Lingots® offered : Sweet Basil, Curly Parsley, Chives and Thyme


For all Lingots:


Véritable® Lingot® 


Enjoy the Véritable® Lingot® technology (patent-pending) : 100% natural and ready to use refills.


Easy to use and efficient, the Lingot® composition is specific for each plant and contains :


Organic seeds

Organic soil

Nutrients essential to each plant

Each parameter is optimised : spacing between seeds, depth, choice of species, substrate composition...

Its composition is specific for each plant in order to get generous ans tasty harvests.


The Lingots® are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They contains no pesticides or GMO's.


The Lingots® can be stored 1 year before use, in a cool and dry place. After this time, the germination rate can decrease

Store in cool dry place

*Photo for reference only.

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