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The Brilliant Taste of Autumn

Freshly Flown-in Seasonal Fruits from Around the World

As autumn is fast approaching, it’s time for us to enjoy some fresh, seasonal fruits that are nourishing for the body. city’super has sourced the best, high-quality fruits from across the globe, and here are 6 premium apples and pears you should definitely try this autumn.

Japanese Nagano Suwakko Apple

A new apple variety from Suwa in Nagano prefecture, Japan. Known as the “World’s Number One” natural hybrid, the Suwakko Apple is bigger in size with blush-coloured skin. It has a rich honey-like sweetness and aroma.

French Golden Rosee Apple

Known as the “Queen of Apples”, this variety of apple has non-waxy skin with a firm texture and refreshing flavour. Its flesh has a complex taste and is lightly spicy, and maintains a bright acidity at harvest.

Italian Annurca Apple

A native variety to Southern Italy and an important food ingredient in Naples that has the Protected Geographical Indication status. Its flesh is white, firm and crunchy, and is rich with a great balance in sweetness and acidity.

Japanese Akizuki Pear

This fruit is round and flat with yellowish-brown skin. Its flesh is tender, juicy and very sweet with an elegant aroma.

French William Pear

A truly “pear-shaped” pear with a larger round base that tapers into a smaller, curved neck. When ripe, its skin turns from green to golden and its flesh is milky white; its texture is soft and smooth and it’s very sweet and juicy with a musky fragrance.

French Conference Pear

A medium-sized thin-shape pear with green and brown skin that turns into light yellow when ripe. Its flesh is white and very soft.

Healthy #CookAtHome Tips

Soothing Apple and Pear Drinks & Desserts

Nourishing fruits are great for the dryer seasons, so we have prepared some recipes on how to make refreshing drinks and desserts using seasonal apples and pears this autumn.

Fresh Apple Pear Juice

French Gala Apples and Italian Carmen Pears are sweet without being sickly. Their refreshing flavours are great for making juices.

Apple Pear Oatmeal Smoothie

Italian Organic Golden Apples and Italian Organic Abate Pears are full of nutrients. Add a handful of oatmeal to create a smoothie that is delicious and rich in fibre.

Apple and Pear Martini

Made using fresh, seasonal fruits flown in directly from France. French Goldrush Apples and French William Pears are excellent for a smooth martini that will let you enjoy a taste of France right here at home.

Apple and Pear Cinnamon Pastry

French Green Apples and French Conference Pears have a refreshing sweetness that adds excellent depth and texture to pastries and desserts.

5 Guilt-free Fruit Snacks You Should Try

If you lead a busy lifestyle, it’s nice to keep some snacks with you to keep you energised. As autumn is here, we have selected a range of apple- and pear-themed healthy snacks so you can enjoy a guilt-free snacking experience!

Good Health Apple Chips – Original

Made from fresh apple slices to retain its natural sweet and sour flavour. Low in sodium, this crunchy snack also has a lovely cinnamon aroma.

RingoWork Tsugaru Apple Juice

Made with strictly selected, premium apples from Tsugaru in Aomori prefecture.

Oyatsutimes Apple Flavoured Mochi from Nagano

Mochi is added with dried apples from Nagano prefecture. Has a soft, chewy texture and a refreshing sweetness.

Hearthy Foods Apple Flour

Produced with 100% raw Washington State apples and is gluten-free. Has a natural sweetness that is great for making desserts and baked goods.

Rien Pear Liqueur

Made 100% with Hita pear from Ooita prefecture, this liqueur has a fresh and elegant sweetness and tartness.

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