USA Prime Beef Short Rib Boneless Set - Thick Sliced Hot Pot [Previously Frozen]  (1pack)
YAMAGATA Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Inside Skirt  (200g)
SRF USA Long Term Grain Fed Beef Chuck Flap - Shabu Shabu [Previously Frozen]  (200g)
USA Angus Beef Rib Eye - Sukiyaki [Previously Frozen]  (200g)
Norwegian Chilled Aurora Salmon Fish Slice  (200g)
Irish Organic Salmon Slice  (200g)
GLACIER 51 Australian Patagonian Toothfish Fish Slice [Previously Frozen]  (200g)
GLACIER 51 Australian Patagonian Toothfish Kirimi [Previously Frozen]  (200g)
DIAZ MIGUEL Queso Manchego Cheese - 3 Months  (100g)
LES FRERES MARCHAND Comte AOP Grande Garde Cheese - 20-24 Months  (100g)
ILCHESTER Applewood Smoke Flavoured Cheddar Cheese  (100g)
PARMAREGGIO Parmigiano-Reggiano Hard Cheese (22-24 Months)  (100g)
DE CECCO #11 Spaghettini  (500g)
PASTIFICIO DEL COLLE Handmade Colourful Pasta - Lingua Di Suocera  (250g)
PASTIFICIO GAETARELLI Tortellini Sfogliafine with Raw Ham  (250g)
COMPARINI Casarecce with Arrabiata Sauce  (405g)

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