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Tofu Seres

HAKATAYA have different tofu for different purposes: black sesame tofu as dessert, fresh soy pulp as cooking ingredients.

Soy Milk Seres

You can take it as a drink or cooking ingredient, make it tofu by adding nigari, make it yuba by heating it.

Momen Tofu

More complicated in the making process, once hardened, break it , squeeze the moisture by pressure, then re-harden it to give it firm texture and rich taste.

Best Way to Serve: Soup

Other Suggestions: Stew, Fry, Grill, Bake, Cold Tofu, Tofu Burger

Soft Tofu

Made with soymilk, gives it a smooth & soft texture and rich soy flavor.

Best Way to Serve: as cold tofu

Other Suggestions: Stew, Fry, Soup, Salad