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Beyond the Vines

3 (Fri) – 22 (Wed) Feb 2023
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

It’s time for strawberry season, and who doesn’t want first dibs on the freshest, sweetest strawberries? city’super’s buyers stationed in Japan sourced and delivered these strawberries directly from premium farms that have been inspected to ensure each strawberry sold is the freshest and of the best quality in safer produce. Now, instead of needing to travel, you can enjoy the sweetest, rarest strawberries right here.

E-Shop Exclusive: Feb Deal Alert!

Strawberry Case Pre-order Offer

city’super is delighted to bring you a selection of the season’s freshest strawberries from our partner farms in Japan.

From now until 22 Feb 2023, you can enjoy 10% off exclusive discount offer* by pre-ordering Japanese Amaou Strawberry or Japan Fukuoka Ise Farm Amaou Strawberry Gift Box exclusively from the E-Shop.

*Terms and conditions apply.

city'super Top Picks:

Japanese Amaou Strawberry
city’super Kyushu buying team orders directly from high-quality farms designated by the Japan Agricultural Association. After harvesting, the strawberries are flown fresh directly from the farms to Hong Kong without going through the market. The strawberries then reach the customers following inspection by a professional quality control team.
city’super does it one step faster so customers can enjoy fresher, better fruits!

Japan Fukuoka Ise Farm Amaou Strawberry Gift Box - No Chemical Pesticide

Ise Farm cultivates insects and microbes, which are natural predators to harmful insects or pathogens, to replace agricultural chemicals. As a result, the farm can grow healthy, tasty strawberries without the use of chemicals.

Sweet Strawberries Direct from Japanese Farms We Trust

Want to enjoy the freshest Japanese strawberries anytime you want? The city'super Japanese buying team is bringing the freshest seasonal strawberries direct from Japan’s most premium strawberry farms, so you can savour the sweetest taste and experience the spirit of craftsmanship at its finest.

Japanese Yamashita Farm Ameowu Strawberry / Amaou Strawberry
city'super exclusive. Located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Yamagata Farm limits the use of pesticides as much as possible. The Farm has introduced the latest system to take full control of soil temperature, and natural groundwater rich in minerals is used for cultivation.

Japan Saga Ide Farm Tenshinomi Strawberry / Ohkimi Strawberry / Mix Strawberry Set
Located in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, Ide Farm doesn’t use any pesticides or chemical fertilisers, and has successfully cultivated three types of rare strawberries: Tenshinomi, Ohkimi and Snow Rabbit. Ohkimi has a bright red appearance and is large and sweet; Tenshinomi is an exclusively grown variety of the most premium grade of white strawberries that are large and sweet with a tropical fruit flavour; Snow Rabbit has a unique white colour with a very mild sourness, rich sweetness and a peach-like scent.

Japan Fukuoka Ise Farm Amaou Strawberry - No Chemical Pesticide
The farm cultivates insects and microbes, which are natural predators to harmful insects or pathogens, to replace agricultural chemicals. As it requires special care and attention, these strawberries are only produced in very small batches and hence very rare.

Calling All Strawberry Fanatics: Ready-to-taste Drinks and Snacks

Sweet, juicy and fragrant… strawberries are simply irresistible! If you or your friends adore strawberries or anything strawberry-flavoured, then these three strawberry-themed drinks and snacks would surely bring you a sweet surprise!

Coppa Cocktails Strawberry Daiquiri (Alc 10%) 700mL
Strawberry Daiquiri is a very fruity cocktail made with premium rum, lime juice and fresh strawberries. Enjoy with ice cubes.

Itoken Strawberry Crunch Chocolate
Delicious crunchy chocolate with hints of sweet and sour strawberry flavour.

Horiuchifruit Freeze Dried Strawberry
These crispy, freeze-dried strawberries from Nara Prefecture have a beautiful and intense aroma. Pair with sparking wine or yogurt, or use them to make desserts.

A Sweet, Lasting Impression: Delectable and Perfect Match with Strawberry

If you love the taste of strawberries but aren’t able to finish them as quickly as you’d like, then strawberry jams are for you! You can keep strawberry jams for longer, and enjoy this wonderful fruit in its most concentrated form. Want to try something different? Add balsamic glaze to your appetiser of Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta made using fresh strawberries, goat cheese and balsamic glaze!

Beerenbauern Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
A blend of strawberries and rhubarb for timeless, delicious enjoyment. Freshly harvested and brought into the jar. Perfect with bread, rolls, croissants, desserts and more.

Sicilian Factory Strawberry Jam
Made with strictly selected Sicilian seasonal strawberries slow cooked to retain the fruit’s original flavour, nutrients and aroma. A high percentage of fresh fruit is used.

Gocce Balsamic M. Glaze with Truffle
The sweet acidity of this balsamic vinegar with a hint of truffle works magic in a variety of strawberry dishes, from salads to appetisers. Also pairs well with fresh, raw strawberries.

Seasonal Limited Edition: 4 Fantastic Strawberry Desserts You Must Try

Japanese strawberries are in season, and Japanese dessert bar sweets house Cha Cha is delighted to introduce four strawberry-themed desserts made with premium fresh fruits from Japan. Gather your friends to savour these creative, delicious and Instagrammable creations!

  • Japanese Awayuki Strawberry Deluxe Soft Cream*
  • Custard Cream Puff with Strawberry^
  • Strawberry Milk Pudding*
  • Strawberry Custard Chocolate Oobanyaki*

  • *only available at the sweets house Cha Cha counter at Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores ^only available at the sweets house Cha Cha counter at Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores