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Izakaya x Bistro: Where Honest Japanese Fare Meets European Casual Dining

6 (Tue) Dec 2022
@ city’super Times Square store

city’super brings you the brand new restaurant iza’bis, which is open now. The all-new iza’bis marries the essence of Japanese (izakaya) and European (bistro) cuisines, presenting them with a worldwide selection of high-quality raw ingredients to showcase the flavours of both.

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About iza'bis

Showcasing a worldwide selection of high-quality raw ingredients such as seasonal oysters, other seafood and sashimi, and premium beef. iza’bis offers over 150 Japanese izakaya-style and European bistro-style gourmet delights and more than 1,500 fine wines, sakes and spirits for guests to enjoy. In the dedicated 80-seat dining area, customers can savour fine food and wine with friends, then shop to their hearts’ content and purchase the ingredients from city’super - all in a single location.

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iza’bis Highlights: 8 Dishes To Try

iza’bis Seasonal Oysters: Umami-packed Luxury

iza’bis has strictly selected premium French and Irish oysters to delight your taste buds.

Among our exciting selection of nine types of oysters from Europe, worthy of special mention are French city’super Special Oyster Nr.0 , French Tsarskaya Oyster Nr.1 and Irish Muirgen Oyster produced by the renowned French brand Les Parcs Saint Kerber. Apart from selecting oyster brands with particular care, the culinary team at iza’bis by city’super has also created four condiments to serve alongside the oysters. They are the European-style Shallot Sherry Vinaigrette and Cocktail Sauce, and the Japanese-style Mozuku and Salmon Roe, which together typify iza’bis by city’super by combining European and Japanese cuisines.

Premium Fisherman's Seafood Platter: Fresh, Original Flavours

The sumptuous two-tier Premium Fisherman’s Seafood Tower brings together seven seasonal types of seafood, cocktail prawns, Vannamei prawns, snow crab claws, Canadian cooked lobster, Hokkaido scallops, Canadian whelks and Taraba crab legs, which are sourced from all over the world by city’super’s experienced merchandising team. Served with a homemade cocktail sauce made by our culinary team, this dish is perfect for sharing among family and friends.

Yamagata A5 Grade Otome Ushi Wagyu Beef Cutlet:
Fragrant and Chewy on the Outside, Succulent on the Inside

Ribeye and sirloin from Otome Ushi wagyu beef are strictly selected for this dish. Otome Ushi wagyu beef is first coated in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, then deep-fried for the first time, after which it is allowed to reste for two minutes so that the moisture can be released. Afterwards, the beef is deep-fried for a second time to crunchy perfection. The temperature the second time it is deep-fried must be higher than the first to ensure that the beef cutlet will be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and bring out the best in the high-quality wagyu beef.

The dish is served with finely shredded green cabbage and shiso leaves, the freshness of which refresh the palate and balance out the oiliness of the dish. It is also served with katsu sauce and sesame, the latter of which is ground by the customer using a mortar and pestle, releasing its fragrance.

60 Days Dry Aged USA Long Term Grain-Fed Angus Beef Steak:
Tender with an Unmatched Richness of Flavour

Equipped with its own dry-ageing fridges, iza’bis by city’super dry-ages steak in house, providing USA Long Term Grain Fed Angus Beef and Australian M9+ Wagyu Beef that have been dry-aged for 60 days. Aged beef boasts a tenderer texture and a stronger, more intense flavour. As the icing on the cake, side dishes including French fries, mashed potato with black truffle, deep-fried artichokes, creamed spinach, creamy mushrooms and a grilled seasonal vegetable bowl are available for diners to choose.

Steamed Assorted Seafood Wooden Box: A Soul-restoring Gourmet Treat

The quality of the seafood ingredients is the centrepiece in this dish, which is made using the traditional Japanese wooden box steaming method. Hiroshima oysters, scallops, prawns, squid, Canadian black cod and seasonal vegetables are presented neatly in a wooden box made in Japan. Sake is then added to bring out the delightful sweet flavours of the seafood. The entire wooden box with the seafood inside is then steamed over kombu soup, preserving all the original flavours and the essence of the high-quality seafood.

Sea Urchin & Minced Tuna Hakataya Handmade Tofu: A Refined, Appetising Starter

Lying beneath the fine, delicate appearance of this dish are natural flavours brought out by our artisans with their craftmanship. The soft tofu used in this dish is handmade daily by the Japanese tofu artisan Mr. Sasaki Takao, while the soup comes from the signature broth (dashi) from the century-old Japanese brand Kayanoya. The Canadian sea urchin and minced tuna belly on top serve as the ultimate accompaniment.

Hakataya Okara with Coppa de Testa: Rich Texture with Depth of Flavour

Our chefs have united ingredients from Japan and Europe to create this appetiser that blends the ingredients’ flavours superbly. Fresh okara (simmered soy pulp) made daily by Hakataya is mixed with aioli and pork cheek cured in Italy. The pork cheek’s saltiness and the okara’s natural flavour complement each other perfectly, resulting in a delicate snack that is sure to whet your appetite.

Homemade Bread Pudding with Vanilla Seed Cream Sauce: Sweet & Memorable

Bread from Little Mermaid is diced, placed in a baking tray and drizzled with milk, cream, eggs, cinnamon, brandy and raisins. After being topped with cubes of butter, the bread is baked in an oven at 140°C for 50 minutes. Fresh vanilla seeds, cream and sugar are cooked together to make a smooth, creamy sauce. Lastly, the bread pudding is garnished with mint leaves and icing sugar.

iza'bis Highlights: Savour Favourite Wines

city’super Château la Croix Mazeran 2019

A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this red wine from St. Emilion is juicy, with an expressive, complex nose of wild blackberries, and floral and woody vanilla notes. On the palate, it is full with coated tannins, and a good aromatic return, with menthol and woody aromas. It received a score of 92 points from Wine Enthusiast.

Undersea ageing wine
Le Blanc des Cabanes, Chateau de Lugey

What makes this wine stand out is that it has been matured for six months under the sea of Bassin d’Arcachon on the French Atlantic coast. A static temperature and the absence of sunlight and oxygen work together to create the ideal natural wine cellar environment. During the ageing process, the bottles become adorned with a navy dress of small clams, baby oysters and seaweed. A blend of Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc, the wine has straw yellow colour, a smooth texture and strong exotic-fruit aromas, with mineral and fruity flavours.

iza'bis Highlights: Our Four Exclusive European & Japanese Brands

Les Parcs Saint Kerber: French Artisanal Oysters

Located opposite the famous Mont-Saint-Michel in France, the bay of Cancale is one of the world’s best oyster producing areas. For three generations, the Saint Kerber family has demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship, combining traditional and innovative methods to produce oysters that are loved by gourmets around the world.

The Queen of Black Wagyu ‧ Yamagata A5 Grade Otome Ushi Wagyu Beef

Yamaguchi Livestock is the largest cattle farm in Yamagata Prefecture, managed by two brothers; the younger brother, Mr. Satoshi Yamaguchi, is a vet. He is dedicated to raising Yamagata cattle with tender, juicy meat that is irresistible to lovers of fine beef.

Since 2013, city’super has partnered directly with Yamaguchi Livestock. Every month, city’super exclusively purchases whole rare and precious Otome Ushi cattle, or “maiden cows”, from Yamagata. Those aged 30 months or older are considered the best. Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef is flavourful and succulent; its fat has a low melting point and releases an irresistible aroma as it sizzles and cooks, and it indulges the palate with a rich, meaty flavour.

60 Days Dry Aged Beef

After years of research and development, city’super has found the optimal combination of temperature, humidity and pH. Our 60 days dry aged beef has the perfect balance when it comes to tenderness, richness of flavour and aroma.

Long-Term Grain-Fed Angus Beef
city’super partner farms breed only pure Angus cattle, which are raised in a comfortable environment and fed on a natural diet of barley, golden wheat straw alfalfa hay and Idaho potatoes. The beef is rich in flavour and beautifully marbled.

Hakataya: True Craftsmanship ‧ Freshly Handmade Artisanal Soybean Products

Hakataya, city'super’s own-brand tofu house, specialises in handcrafted artisanal soybean products of exceptional quality, made using strictly selected Canadian soybeans. Since the launch of city’super in 1996, our Japanese Tofu Master Mr. Sasaki Takao has been using his wealth of experience and the traditional methods honed through his training in Fukuoka, Japan to handcraft the silkiest, richest soybean products, all of which are freshly made every day.

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  5. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with super e-gold year-round discounts, member reward eCoupons or other promotional offers or coupons.
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