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Colourful Tastes of Spring

Spring is officially in full swing – does the balmy breeze make you crave romantic, dreamy Japanese food? With “Colourful Tastes of Spring”, we present a delicious array of Japanese treats that will bring springtime colours and flavours to your plate!

9 (Thur) – 29 (Wed) Apr 2020
@Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Colourful Snacks DIY Kit Japanese Treats Gourmet Journey at Times Square store

Colourful Japanese Snacks

The delightful season of spring is best spent in the company of vibrant, tasty snacks. These candy-coloured Japanese bites taste just like happiness – sure to spread joy and laughter!


Flavoured with fruits grown by Tobishima, this eye-catching meringues come in a variety of delicate colours and wonderful flavours, including Lemon Citron, Yuzu, Raspberry, Bilberry and Mikan. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it boasts a light and refreshing texture that makes it a “non-guilty” pleasure. They even came in a gift set so you can share the joy with your friends this spring!

Rice Cracker

These crunchy rice crackers, which resemble popcorn, are made using Japanese rice without wheat flour and have not been fried. They have a light texture, and are even suitable for those sensitive to gluten. The interesting flavours, such as Honey Lemon, Matcha Milk, Caramel and Spicy Salt flavour, are perfect for adventurous eaters.

Gluten Snack

Produced by a traditional snack shop founded in 1882, these crispy gluten snacks (fugashi) are topped with Aomori fruit jams to give them a mild sweetness. Apart from the crowd-pleasing original flavour, the Apple, Blueberry and Mango versions are also popular hits.

Fun & Tasty: Okonomiyaki DIY Kit

Made with plenty of ingredients and packed with rich flavours, okonomiyaki is a much-loved Japanese dish. Okonomiyaki is a fun and easy dish to make, why not try your hand at creating this at home with this Okonomiyaki Mix and Sauce, and your favourite ingredients? Those watching their calories and blood sugar level can consider the Japanese-style Cabbage Pancake Mix Set – top with lots of shredded cabbage for a crunchy and satisfying meal.

Apart from DIY at home, you can also visit Amazing Food Hall at Times Square store to enjoy made-to-order Okonomiyaki. Eat it while it’s hot!


Best Seller

OTAFUKU Kodawari Okonomiyaki Japanese Savory Pancake Mix

OTAFUKU Kodawari Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki Japanese Savory Pancake Mix Set

OTAFUKU 50 % Less Carbo Okonomiyaki Sauce

Spring Table: Recommended Japanese Foods

Great Back-up Plan: Instant Freeze-dried Side Dishes

Want to cook a home meal but with minimum effort? We’ve all been there. With the Iwata Foods Syunsainokuni Instant Side Dishes, all you need to do is add 100mL hot water and wait for 15 minutes. The dishes can be stored for a long time, so you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional Japanese meal whenever, wherever you like.

  • Syunsainokuni Dried Seasoned Komatsuna
  • Syunsainokuni Dried Seasoned Koya Tofu Beancurd
  • Syunsainokuni Dried Seasoned Daikon Radish Strips
  • Syunsainokuni Dried Seasoned Burdock

Lazy days: Premium Instant Freeze-dried Foods

Boasting an abundance of high-quality ingredients, the Asuzac Instant Freeze-dried Series is richly flavourful and nutritious, and the best thing is that you can enjoy it by just adding some hot water. Even on those lazy days, a springtime home feast is easily within reach.

  • Asuzac Slimy Vegetable Chicken Soup
  • Asuzac Bonito Stock Curry Soup for Udon
  • Asuzac Congee - Scallop & Seafood Stock
  • Asuzac Chawanmushi Ingredients - Red Zuwai Crab

Colourful Packaging: Beautiful Japanese Ramen

If you are a sucker for pretty packaging, you’ll definitely love this series of instant ramen! But don’t worry – we select products that look at good as they taste, so rest assured this ramen is more than meets the eye!

Norit Japan’s Hinaijidori Chicken Tan Tan Noodle and Ramen were made using one of the three most famous chicken breeds in Japan, the Hinaijidori Chicken, for the base broth for its tan tan noodle, shio ramen, miso ramen and soy sauce ramen. The noodles are thin, smooth and al dente, and are so easy to prepare you would wish you knew about this earlier!

A Springtime Re-energiser: Hokkaido Instant Potage

The humidity of spring may make us feel drained of energy, and a delicious, warm bowl of instant soup or stew after a long day of work can be a nice way to refresh and re-energise. We have prepared for you premium instant potages from Hokkaido, made with raw vegetable ingredients from nearby farms to ensure freshness. Check out the below flavours and bring home these colourful soups.

  • Hokkaido Premium - Instant Green Vegetable Potage
  • Hokkaido Premium - Instant Beets Potage
  • Hokkaido Premium - Instant Inka No Mezame Potato Potage

Sweet Taste of Spring: Kagoshima Organic Carrot

The weather has been a bit unpredictable lately… how about a glass of sweet, soothing carrot juice as refreshment? We’re excited to bring you these Japanese carrots, which are perfect for making carrot juice – as nutritious as they are delicious!

Carrots grown using organic farming methods are sweeter with a more refreshing taste, carefully sourced from “Kagoshima Organic Farmer’s Association” formed by 160 organic farmers in Kagoshima. The group provides many JAS certified seasonal fruits and vegetables and offers technical support for young people who are interested in organic farming to create a sustainable agricultural environment.

Only available at Times Square Store: A Gourmet Adventure

Embark on a gourmet adventure at our Times Square store and sample a spectacular line-up of seasonal foods. Amazing Food Hall has in store several new limited-edition springtime dishes, such as the “Beef Burger with Spring Cabbage & Beetroot Coleslaw”, and the “Sanuki Udon with Sakura Shrimp & New Onion Kakiage Tempura”. In addition, don’t miss the extremely rare and wonderfully sweet Hyogo Gakidaisho Oyster, the ONO Grilled & Braised Fish with authentic north-eastern Japanese seafood, and the uber-fresh and seasonal Amberjack Sashimi & Sushi. Start your food journey now and get ready to have your taste buds rocked!

Beef Burger with Spring Cabbage & Beetroot Coleslaw

Sanuki Udon with Sakura Shrimp & New Onion Kakiage Tempura

Amberjack Sashimi & Sushi

Hyogo Oyster


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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