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Consumption Vouchers Bonus Rewards

1 (Sat) Oct – 31 (Mon) Oct 2022

The new round of government Consumption Vouchers are going to be released on 1 Oct, and it’s time to cheer yourself up. city’super has prepared a variety of surprises, so you can enjoy the pleasure of shopping.

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AlipayHK Special Privileges

Unlock unrivalled privileges by using the government Consumption Vouchers with AlipayHK*:
  • Enjoy HK$60 discount upon any single net purchase of HK$800 or above at city'super.
  • Enjoy HK$30 discount upon any single net purchase of HK$400 or above at LOG-ON.
  • Enjoy 10% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$120 or above at RF1.
  • Enjoy 10% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$120 or above at FusionDeli by city'super (sushi & sashimi items excluded).
  • Enjoy 10% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$85 or above at Little Mermaid.
  • Enjoy 10% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$600 or above at MIKURA by city'super.

  • *Terms and conditions apply. Please visit AlipayHK mobile app for more detail.

    Consumption Voucher Shopping Guide

    Japan Yamagata Premium Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Set

    Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture has an extreme temperature difference between summer and winter, and day and night; this climate contributes naturally to the slow growth of the cattle, and gives the meat a really fine, delicate texture and great fat distribution. What’s more, an abundance of snow water filtrates into the ground, creating many excellent water sources that facilitate the growth of healthy, high-quality wagyu cattle.

    city’super’s Yamagata Wagyu is characterised by its sweet fatty oils and melt-in-your-mouth texture. It has beautiful marbling, and tender, delicate flesh that is delightfully juicy. The rarest and most premium variety of Yamagata Wagyu is Otome Ushi cattle, or “maiden cows”, which are between 30 to 32 months old. The marbling is particularly delicate, and the flesh is exceptionally tender, earning them the nickname of “The Queen of Black Wagyu”.

    Extram Puro Extremadura Hand Cut Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham

    The hind legs of the 100% Ibérico acorn-fed pig are an intense red colour with a streak of pearly fat. It's usually aged for 24 to 48 months. Its flavour has a herby, fruity bouquet, and it can be eaten by itself or paired with wine.

    Canadian Sea Urchin

    Harvested from the clean, cold Pacific waters off British Columbia’s coast, these are the largest sea urchins in the world. Although the species is known as red sea urchin, its beautiful colour ranges from pink to dark purple. With a sweet, rich flavour, it's often used in sashimi plates, sushi and other high-end Japanese dishes.

    Terms and conditions of Consumption Vouchers Bonus Rewards

    1. Promotional period: 1 (Sat) Oct – 31 (Mon) Oct 2022
    2. city'super / LOG-ON Shopping Vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last. In the event of Shopping Vouchers going out of stock, an announcement will be made on the city'super/ LOG-ON website without prior notice.
    3. This offer is applicable to super e members only. Customers are required to register as a super e member, and present a valid membership card to record their accumulated spending to receive this offer.
    4. Qualified super e members can receive a HK$100 eCoupon upon purchasing HK$1,000 city'super / LOG-ON Shopping Vouchers in a single transaction using AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK for payment at city'super or LOG-ON physical stores in Hong Kong. Super e members can receive two HK$100 eCoupons with a single net purchase of HK$2,000 city'super / LOG-ON Shopping Vouchers, and so on. Combined receipts will not be accepted. Each member can receive up to five HK$100 eCoupons maximum during the promotional period.
    5. The eCoupon will be added to the membership automatically on 3 (Thur) Nov 2022. You may log in to the city'super HK app for eCoupon details and duration of validity.
    6. The eCoupon is applicable from 4 (Fri) Nov – 3 (Sat) Dec 2022 at city'super and LOG-ON physical stores in Hong Kong. super e members can use one HK$100 eCoupon with a single net purchase of HK$200, two HK$100 eCoupons with a single net purchase of HK$400, and so on. A maximum of five eCoupons can be used in each transaction. Terms and conditions apply to the use of eCoupons.
    7. The promotion is not applicable to city'super and LOG-ON E-Shop.
    8. Purchases made under this offer are not eligible for super e loyalty points or accumulated spending.
    9. Cancelled transactions or refunds will result in the automatic deduction of loyalty points and eCoupons from the purchase, including any extra loyalty points and accumulated spending earned from specific promotions.
    10. City Super Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of eCoupon use without prior notice, and of final decision on all matters of dispute."