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Consumption Vouchers Bonus Rewards

7 (Thur) Apr – 6 (Fri) May 2022

The new round of government Consumption Vouchers has been released on 7 Apr, and it’s time to cheer yourself up. city’super has prepared a variety of surprises, so you can enjoy the pleasure of shopping.

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AlipayHK Special Privileges

Unlock unrivalled privileges by using the government Consumption Vouchers with AlipayHK*:
  • Enjoy HK$60 discount upon any single net purchase of HK$800 or above at city'super.
  • Enjoy HK$30 discount upon any single net purchase of HK$400 or above at LOG-ON.
  • Enjoy 10% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$68 or above at cookedDeli by city'super.
  • Enjoy 15% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$120 or above at RF1.
  • Enjoy 15% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$120 or above at FusionDeli by city'super.
  • Enjoy 10% discount upon any single net purchase of HK$80 or above at Little Mermaid.

  • *Terms and conditions apply. Please visit AlipayHK mobile app for more detail.

    Consumption Voucher Shopping Guide: city’super Ultra-premium Gourmet Food & Wine

    Make the most of them by spending themit wisely on high-quality gourmet food and wine! city’super has rounded up exquisite treats for your taste buds that promise to impress – perfect as gifts or something for yourself.

    Fine & Elegant: Aegerter Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2018

    Pale yellow with silver reflections, this wine has a nose of melon, pear and citrus fruit with powerful, complex aroma of acacia flowers. It is fresh and tangy on the palate with a natural richness and a hint of cardamom on the finish.

    Tasting Tip:

    Enjoy with poached eggs and black Burgundy truffles, or pan-fried foie gras and dried fruit.

    Succulent & Fragrant: Japan Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef - Yakiniku

    Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture has an extreme temperature difference between summer and winter, and day and night; this climate contributes naturally to the slow growth of the cattle, and gives the meat a really fine, delicate texture and great fat distribution. What’s more, an abundance of snow water filtrates into the ground, creating many excellent water sources that facilitate the growth of healthy, high-quality wagyu cattle.

    city’super’s Yamagata Wagyu is characterised by its sweet fatty oils and melt-in-your-mouth texture. It has beautiful marbling, and tender, delicate flesh that is delightfully juicy. The rarest and most premium variety of Yamagata Wagyu is Otome Ushi cattle, or “maiden cows”, which are between 30 to 32 months old. The marbling is particularly delicate, and the flesh is exceptionally tender, earning them the nickname of “The Queen of Black Wagyu”.

    Tasting Tip:

    Japanese wagyu has a unique fragrance and sweetness that are perfect for sukiyaki. For your first bite, only use the dipping sauce but don’t dip into the egg so you can enjoy the Yamagata Wagyu’s natural flavour. For your second bite, dip into egg to bring out the meat’s sweetness.

    Luxurious & Heavenly: city'super Ossetra Caviar

    Caviar, foie gras and truffles are three of the most sought-after delicacies that were once only enjoyed by royalty as symbols of wealth and status. Traditionally, caviar came from wild sturgeons in the waters of Caspian Sea and Black Sea. However, wild sturgeons have become very rare due to overfishing, so nowadays caviar is often harvested using sustainable methods.

    The Ossetra caviar comes from 12 to 15-year-old sturgeons harvested in Zhejiang province in China. The roe are of medium size (approx. 2.8mm – 3.2mm), and have a nutty, roasted flavour, silky-smooth texture and medium firmness. Bite open the roe to release mildly fruity, nutty flavours and enjoy a delicate, slightly sticky texture with a lingering umami free from bitterness.

    Tasting Tip:

    Pair with French sour cream and vodka to elevate the caviar’s umami.

    Treat Yourself to a Scrumptious Seafood Sake Feast

    A selection of premium seafood and sake have been curated so you can enjoy a delightful feast at home with your family.

    Japan Hokkaido Lake Saroma Seiryu Oyster

    The oyster has a refreshing taste with plump, milky white flesh. Lake Saroma is a brackish lake where icy phytoplankton-rich Sea of Okhotsk water mixes with fresh river water to provide the best environment for oysters.

    French Live Blue Lobster

    Found in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea near France, these blue lobsters contain excellent white meat prized worldwide as a luxury food item.

    Canadian Sea Urchin

    Harvested from the clean, cold Pacific waters off British Columbia’s coast, these are the largest sea urchins in the world. Although the species is known as red sea urchin, its beautiful colour ranges from pink to dark purple. With a sweet and rich flavour, this product is often used in sashimi plates, sushi, and other high-end Japanese cuisines.

    Born Wing of Japan Junmai Daiginjo

    A full-bodied sake, this iconic junmai daiginjo is served as the exclusive sake on the Japanese Prime Minister’s private jet. Gentle on the palate with a rich body.

    Consumption Voucher Shopping Inspiration: Premium Ingredients

    Calling all gourmets! Don’t miss out on this high-quality ingredients below.

    Tartuflanghe Winter Black Truffle Puree 98%

    A very concentrated, authentic truffle puree that is ideal for enriching dishes such as pasta, risotto, eggs and meat. Prepared with truffle and olive oil without the addition of any other ingredients.

    Tartuflanghe Porcini & Truffle Tagliatelle

    A wonderful combination of two prized mushrooms: porcini and truffle. The ideal percentage of eggs in this pasta enhances the flavours of porcini and truffle.

    Maison De La Truffe Chips Flavoured with Honey, Mustard and White Truffle

    The chips are produced with the freeze-drying method which perfectly preserves the taste and flavour of fresh ingredients.

    Dom Petroff Black Winter Truffles 1st Choice

    The product uses genuine black truffle tuber melanosporum, known as the “Black Diamond” with a strong fragrance and very delicate and subtle flavour. Can be used to enhance the flavour of dishes, such as meats and terrines, and is also perfect for simple recipes such as omelette, mashed potato and fresh pasta.

    Georges Bruck Block of Goose Foie Gras

    The brand uses traditional recipes and is rigorous in their selection and control of raw materials, crafting foie gras that is of excellent quality. Can be served with sliced baguette.

    Bellota Bellota Expert Ham Gift Box

    Contains four styles of exceptional grand cru Iberico ham from different regions, including Guijuelo, Jabugo and Los Pedroches.

    Sweet and Healthy: Summer Fruits and Veggies Party

    The weather is getting hotter as we enter into summer. Apart from seasonal fruits that are delivered directly from their places of origin, city’super is also delighted to bring you a DIY smart indoor garden so you can plant your own herbs and enjoy fresh fruits anytime at home.

    Veritable Smart Indoor Garden (with 4 lingots) - Arctic White / Copper Edition

    The Smart Garden automatically adjusts the LED's intensity depending on the ambient light to distribute the perfect amount of light to your plants. Comes with 4 Véritable® Lingots®: Sweet Basil, Curly Parsley, Chives and Thyme. The set comes with organic seeds, organic soil, as well as the nutrients essential to each plant.

    Taiwanese Figs (Case)

    These blue ribbon figs are sweet and juicy, and are grown with natural, non-toxic methods. Leftover fruits and fruit skins are fermented to be used as enzymes that provide natural nutrients to the soil. The fruit farmers also give trees milk and milk powder to enhance the figs’ flavour.

    Taiwanese White Wax Apple

    A rare, new variety that only exports in small batches, the fruit has a soft and delicate texture, refreshing sweetness with a hint of acidity, and a beautiful aroma.

    Japanese Miyazaki Mango

    The mango has a very intense sweetness, and its flesh is rich, soft, juicy with a little bit of fibre.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    Midsummer Sweetness: Handcrafted Chocolate

    Lovely and tasty handcrafted chocolates are great as gifts or a treat for yourself. Check out these top picks.

    Top Pick #1: Bace Minimal Bean To Bar

    The brand’s classic Bean To Bar only contains cocoa beans and sugar, with a natural crunch and an exquisite scent that inspires.

  • Bace Minimal Bean To Bar - High Cacao : With a rich taste of cacao.
  • Bace Minimal Bean To Bar – Savory : With a nice and refreshing mint-like flavour.
  • Bace Minimal Bean To Bar – Arhuaco : Exudes a mild aroma of biscuits.
  • Top Pick #2: Dick Taylor

    The brand sources the finest fairly-traded cacao and performs all the production in-house in their small factory in California to turn the raw ingredients into delicious chocolate. The brand leaves out vanilla, additional cocoa butter or other emulsifiers in order to capture and highlight the subtle flavour nuances in the cacao.

  • Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel 73% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • A blend of Brazilian and Madagascan cacao sweetened with Brazilian cane sugar. A sprinkling of hand-harvested Guatemalan sea salt from Bitterman Salt Co. is added for a subtle and delicate finish.

  • Dick Taylor Single Origin Chocolate Bar - 72% Madagascar, Sambirano
  • Made with strictly selected cocoa beans from Akesson Plantation, a cacao farm in northern Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley. Crafted without any fillers like added cocoa butter, soy lecithin or vanilla, the chocolate is only added with organic cane sugar to enhance the natural flavour.

    Terms and conditions of Consumption Vouchers Bonus Rewards

    1. Promotional period: 7 (Thur) Apr – 6 (Fri) May 2022
    2. city'super / LOG-ON Shopping Vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last. In the event of Shopping Vouchers going out of stock, an announcement will be made on the city'super/ LOG-ON website without prior notice.
    3. This offer is applicable to super e members only. Customers are required to register as a super e member, and present a valid membership card to record their accumulated spending to receive this offer.
    4. Qualified super e members can receive a HK$100 eCoupon upon purchasing HK$1,000 city'super / LOG-ON Shopping Vouchers in a single transaction using AlipayHK, Octopus, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK for payment at city'super or LOG-ON physical stores in Hong Kong. Super e members can receive two HK$100 eCoupons with a single net purchase of HK$2,000 city'super / LOG-ON Shopping Vouchers, and so on. Combined receipts will not be accepted. Each member can receive up to five HK$100 eCoupons maximum during the promotional period.
    5. The eCoupon will be added to the membership automatically on or before 11 (Wed) May 2022. You may log in to the city'super HK app for eCoupon details and duration of validity.
    6. The eCoupon is applicable from 11 (Wed) May – 10 (Fri) Jun 2022 at city'super and LOG-ON physical stores in Hong Kong. super e members can use one HK$100 eCoupon with a single net purchase of HK$200, two HK$100 eCoupons with a single net purchase of HK$400, and so on. A maximum of five eCoupons can be used in each transaction. Terms and conditions apply to the usage of eCoupons.
    7. The promotion is not applicable to city'super and LOG-ON E-Shop.
    8. Purchases made under this offer are not eligible for super e loyalty points or accumulated spending.
    9. Cancelled transactions or refunds will result in the automatic deduction of loyalty points and eCoupons from the purchase, including any extra loyalty points and accumulated spending earned from specific promotions.
    10. City Super Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of eCoupon use without prior notice, and of final decision on all matters of dispute."