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Eat Green • Live Green

29 (Thur) Apr – 12 (Wed) May 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

In recent years, green living has quickly become a mainstream trend. Starting from today, choose to eat more vegan, plant-based or organic foods and use sustainable, eco-friendly products, and contribute towards protecting our planet and future.

Eat Green • Live Green: MSC-certified Seafood

By supporting sustainable and eco-friendly seafood fishing practices, the impact on the environment during food handling processes can be minimised. city'super has sourced a range of MSC-certified seafood to help you live green.

Why pick MSC-certified seafood?
MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organisation that recognises and rewards efforts to protect oceans and safeguard the current seafood supplies and that for the future.

The blue MSC label is given to seafood that is wild, traceable, sustainable, and from fisheries that have been certified to meet the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing.

Choosing MSC-certified seafood helps leave enough fish in the ocean, keeps the habitats thriving, and ensures people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.

MSC-certified Seafood Recommendations:

South West Octopus Australian Frozen Wild Caught Octopus (MSC)
Sustainably wild ocean caught off the shores of Busselton in Western Australia. Snap frozen to ensure freshness with superior taste and ready to cook. Carbon neutral-certified under the Australian Government Carbon Neutral Programme.

Karumba Australian Frozen Wild Banana Prawn (MSC)
Wild-caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Queensland, Australia. Carbon neutral-certified under the Australian Government Carbon Neutral Programme.

Live Green: OBP Eco Products

Living green starts with the small things in life, such as using products that are made from recycled materials. Reduce waste at the source, and make Earth a better place to live in!

American eco-friendly brand HIP has a range of sustainable and functional everyday products that are made from recycled OBP-Ocean Bound Plastic, wheat and bamboo fibre, marrying function with style, so you can easily incorporate environmentally products in your everyday life.

OBP Products Recommendation:
HIP OBP SqueakyCleanStraw Case with 2 Straws (Dusty Pink)
HIP OBP TritanBottle 570mL (Space)
HIP OBP Lunch Pod (Cloud)
HIP OBP Salad Bowl 1.1L (Jade)

Eat Green: Let’s Go Meatless!

With plant-based and “future” meat taking the world by storm, are you ready to join Team Eat Green to help reduce carbon footprint and lessen the impact on animals and the environment while staying healthy?

A bit about Plant-Based Meat:
Plant-based meat has a texture and flavour so similar to meat that a lot of people can’t tell the difference. In general, food scientists extract the protein from plant sources like soybeans and peas, which is then heated, pressed and cooled to recreate the real meat texture. Some plant-based meat products are even added with beetroot juice and coconut oil to imitate blood and simulate meat fat respectively.

Plant-Based Meat Recommendations:

Marukome Daizu Labo Dried Soy Meat (Fillet)

Unseasoned soy meat that can be soaked in water and then used in various cuisines and dishes.

Marukome Daizu Labo Ready To Use Soy Meat (Fillet)

No need to first soak in water. Simply remove from packaging and use with other ingredients in your cooking. Great for extra busy folks.

Impossible Beef Made From Plants

Added with soy leghemoglobin so the colour and flavour are more similar to real beef. Season accordingly to create Chinese, Japanese, Western-style cuisines and more.

Eat Green • Live Green: Sustainable Farming with Daylesford Organic

When it comes to organic food, Daylesford Organic from the UK is one of our most trusted brands. Daylesford Organic was established almost 40 years ago, where the Daylesfords turned their family’s farmland into a sustainable and organic farm dedicated to growing and producing organic foods. All their animals are raised free-range on organic pastures and fed a 100% organic and GM-free forage-based diet. The animals are raised with the highest animal welfare standards and matured naturally without the use of chemicals, hormones or artificial growth promoters. All Daylesford products have full organic certification from the Soil Association.

Follow along this recipe and learn how to make a Michelin star-worthy dish using Daylesford Organic UK Chilled Organic Lamb Rack Chop:

Daylesford Drinks Recommendations:

Daylesford Organic Apple Juice
Grown in biodynamic orchards in North-West France, the apples are ripened on trees for the fullest flavour. Sweet and refreshing, the apple juice is pure, unfiltered, and best served slightly chilled.

Daylesford Organic Tomato Juice
Naturally sweet and refreshing juice squeezed from Isle of Wight tomatoes, ripened on the vine for the fullest flavour and harvested by hand.

Daylesford Exclusive Privilege*:

At city'super, upon net spending of HK$500 or more on both Daylesford meat products and other selected Daylesford products^ in a one single transaction, receive a complimentary bottle of Daylesford Cosmos Organic Bitter Orange Hand Balm 75mL (limited to 100 bottles).

^Beverages, dairy products, snacks and dried goods

*Terms and conditions apply. See promotional materials in store for details.

Eat Green Cooking Tips : Organic Spring Desserts

If you embrace green eating, why not create some healthy and tasty desserts using 100% organic products or products with mostly organic ingredients? Today, we’ll share with you two failproof organic cooking ideas.

Organic Cooking Inspiration 1: Chocolate Lava Cake

Recommended ingredients:

Pascha Organic Zero Sugar Dark Chocolate Baking Chips with Stevia
Meets sustainable farming standards and vegan friendly. Free from nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten, wheat, emulsifier and soy.

King Arthur Organic Unbleached All Purpose Flour
Non-GMO and non-bleached organic flour. Created by American brand King Arthur, a certified B Corporation established over 200 years ago.

Organic Cooking Inspiration 2: Raspberry Jelly

Recommended ingredients:

Simply Delish Natural Jel Dessert (Raspberry Flavor)
Certified non-GMO to ensure all ingredients are naturally derived; has a pleasant, natural sweetness.

Eat Green: Organic Vegan Coconut Food Products

Apart from tasting and smelling great, coconuts have so many health benefits. They have high nutritional value and are an essential part of a green and healthy diet. Choosing to buy organic coconut products can also help encourage farmers to ditch chemicals and pesticides in their farming practices, which helps to minimise harm to the environment.

city'super has rounded up an array of organic coconut products from local brand One Organic, all of which are USDA and EU certified organic – perfect for those who enjoy vegan products, support environmental protection, and are health conscious!

One Organic Raw 100% Organic Extra Virgin Cold Press Coconut Oil

100% natural, the coconut oil has been cold pressed below 45°C and extracted through a triple centrifuge process. To ensure optimum freshness, the extraction and bottling plant maintain a strict eight-hour time limit from coconut cracking to bottling.

One Organic Organic Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is known for its low Glycemic Index (GI: 35) which prevents glucose spikes in the body. This coconut sugar is extracted from coconut tree sap, completely pure and unrefined. It has a mild pleasant sweetness and can be used to replace other sugars in cooking, baking and making desserts.

One Organic Organic Coconut Flower Syrup

An ideal sugar substitute, this 100% pure product has been extracted from coconut tree sap. Its low Glycemic Index (GI: 35) is great for the body and vegan friendly. Enjoy with water as a mildly sweet beverage or use in cooking and baking.

One Organic Organic Coconut Flower Cider Vinegar

Can serve as a natural health booster to aid digestion and improve overall health. Its detoxifying properties help to assist the balance of body pH levels, and is suitable as a salad dressing or dipping sauce.

Live Green: Eco-friendly Just Water

Plastics have been polluting to the marine ecosystem for many years, as sea creatures are often killed from swallowing plastic or being caught in plastic rings or bags. With reducing use of plastic and lowering carbon emission in mind, Just Water has launched its 100% Australian spring water product. The water has been naturally filtered through volcanic rock formations, and comes in in eco-friendly packaging made from mostly renewable materials. After recycling, the materials can be used to make tissue or building materials, which, unlike plastics, minimise impact on the environment.

About Just Water
When he was younger, Jaden Smith and his Hollywood star father Will Smith went surfing and were shocked to find plastic trash floating around them in the water. The father and son duo then invited environmental protection activist Drew FitzGerald to join them in creating the brand Just and its natural spring water series.

Just Water 100% Spring Water (Paper Based Bottle)’s Recyclable Bottle

  • 54%: Paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and made from sustainably managed forests where trees are responsibly harvested
  • 28%: Plant-based plastic
  • 15%: Protective plastic film
  • 3%: Aluminum
  • Cap: Bio-based PE made from fermented sugarcane juice

More eco-friendly water products: Flow 100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water
Made using recyclable packaging with 70% of it being renewable materials. The paper came from sustainably harvested trees, and the cap is made from sugarcane. 100% natural alkaline spring water that is rich in electrolytes and minerals.

Fusion Deli Green Cuisine: 3 Must-try Vegetarian Dishes

Fusion Deli at Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores have launched the latest Green options. Head on over and enjoy a healthy and delicious bite!

Spicy Unlimeat Sliced Beef
Korean plant-based beef Unlimeat is made from chickpeas, quinoa and lentils. This spicy dish is delightfully piquant and appetising.

Omnipork Luncheon Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
Omnipork Luncheon meat is lower in calories, total fat and sodium than the regular luncheon meat. Paired with spaghetti and tangy tomato sauce for a great lunch option for office workers.

Happy Chicken Nugget (The Alpha Chicken Nugget)
100% vegan chicken nuggets with rich plant protein. Zero cholesterol and no added hormones.

Eat Green, Live Green: Green Lifestyle Special Offer*

Let’s go green and enjoy exciting offers! During “Eat Green, Live Green” promotion, visit city'super stores (excludes E-Shop) and spend on selected promotional items in one single transaction to enjoy the below special offers*.

Surprise Offer 1*

Purchase any “Eat Green, Live Green” promotional items at city'super to redeem an organic cotton tote bag below at a special price of HK$50 (original price: HK$150).

city'super x Rewrap Seed2Shop Organic Cotton Tote With Print

  • Made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Handmade by Indian village ladies
  • Complies with Fairtrade standard

Surprise Offer 2*

Make a purchase of any “Eat Green, Live Green” promotional items at city'super or any purchase at AMAZING FOOD HALL, Fusion Deli, RF1 or Little Mermaid to redeem a wet wipes below at a special price of HK$6 (original price: HK$10).

city'super Antibacterial-Biodegradable Wet Wipes

  • Made from viscose, a natural fibre made from wood pulp
  • Biodegradable
  • Effectively kill 99.9% of germs
  • Alcohol and fragrance free
  • MIT, CMIT and paraben free
  • pH balanced

*Terms and conditions apply. See promotional materials in stores for more details.


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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