Christmas 2020

5 (Thu) Nov 2020 – 4 (Mon) Jan 2021
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

6 (Fri) Nov 2020 – 4 (Mon) Jan 2021
@ Times Square atrium

Christmas is about to arrive. Take a stroll with city'super around a merry market, where you can look for all kinds of festive delicacies, party sets, hampers and gifts, find the warmest blessings for your loved ones and spend an unforgettable, glittering season together.

Adorable Christmas Surprise

December is just around the corner, and this means Christmas is almost here! Feel the Christmas cheers and get ready for the festive season with an advent calendar packed full of daily surprises. Here is a selection of some lovely advent calendars, and we think you’ll absolutely adore them too!

Head on over to your nearest city'super store and bring home these super cute festive items:

  • Eureka Wooden Box Advent Calendar - Santa Claus
  • Wismettac Snoopy 7 Days Christmas Countdown Calendar with Chocolate & Candy
  • Lindt Teddy Bear House Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • Nestle Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Santa Advent Calendar

Amazing Advent Calendars for Gourmet Items

Advent calendars bring about plenty of pleasant surprises, and they can be more than just chocolates! Here are a few advent calendars filled to the brim with delicious snacks, teas and craft beers that are sure to delight your palate as you count down to the most wonderful time of the year!

Joe & Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar

Opens up like a giant Christmas storybook, this all-new advent calendar contains 19 unique flavours of Joe & Seph’s award-winning, addictively crunchy gourmet popcorn.

English Tea Shop Organic Advent Tea Calendar (Book Style Christmas Night)

This elegant advent calendar from English Tea Shop has a selection of 13 different Christmas-inspired teas.

Mariage Frères Tea Advent Calendar

Dressed in white, red and golden, this luxurious advent calendar houses 25 unique teas for you to discover and enjoy every day.

Kalea Beer Calendar

Making its debut in 2020, this creative advent calendar showcases the art of beer making and processes in a brewery. This beer advent calendar is also equipped with various beer styles for a comprehensive tasting experience.

Christmas Family Time: DIY Gingerbread Reindeer & Sleigh

Santa Claus is coming to town, but where is his trusty assistant Rudolph? Hurry up and gather the kids for a creative, fun-filled time, and put together this gingerbread reindeer and sleigh so Santa can bring gifts to everyone in town this Yuletide season!

This Christmas, city'super brings you Bee Gingerbread Reindeer & Sleigh Kit so you can build this fun reindeer and sleigh edible decoration with yummy gingerbread. Perfect for all kids and kids at heart – let’s get started with this DIY!

Traditional Delight: Panettone

Each country has its own traditional Christmas dishes, cakes and pastries, and the panettone from Italy is probably one of the most well-known Christmas treats across the globe.

Orange peel soaked in a sweet liqueur, lemon zest and dried raisins are all important ingredients of the panettone, which oozes with aroma of egg and butter. It was said that in the old days, most people could not afford expensive ingredients like fruits and butter, so Christmas was the only time they were willing to splurge on baking a cake, and the panettone has become a symbol of lavishness and a traditional Christmas treat.

If you want to share a loaf of sweetness with your beloved friends and family, choose from the below selection of panettone from city'super:

city'super x Antoniazzi Panettone (Wild Strawberries/ Apricot)

Made with high-quality butter, eggs and semi-candied wild strawberries or apricots for a unique, festive taste.

Virginia Panettone With Candied Chestnuts (Gold Bon Bon Wrapping)

The set comes with a mini panettone with a case of delicious sweets. Different from your usual panettone, this one is filled with marron glacé and marron glacé cream.

Virginia Panettone (Christmas Ball)

A lovely ornament for decorating your Christmas tree with a delectable panettone inside.

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