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Flavours of Okinawa

14 (Thur) – 27 (Wed) Jul 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

With a subtropical climate, Okinawa enjoys vast blue seas and an abundance of natural resources. As a result, the prefecture is known for its wide variety of fresh vegetables, juicy fruits and high-quality seafood and meat, some of which are unique to the archipelago. Check out the Okinawa Fair at city’super and get the most authentic Okinawa gourmet experience with all of its natural glory and wonderful flavours.

A Journey of the Senses: Savour Okinawa’s Four Specialities

The four most talked-about specialities from Okinawa are bitter melon, mozuku, shikuwasa and Motobu beef. Have you tried them all? Before you can physically travel to Okinawa, grab your family and friends and embark on a journey of the senses with these must-try Okianwan products!


Bitter Melon
It is a famous ingredient in Okinawan cuisine and is in season now. It is not too bitter, has a crunchy texture and is rich in vitamin C and momordicin, and can help improve appetite during summer.

Japan Okinawa Miyagi Farm Bitter Melon

Produced by Miyagi Farm, a city'super partner farm located in the southern part of the Okinawa main island. This bitter melon has been developed by the farm internally, and contains a fermented fertiliser rich in useful microorganisms. Combined with the local humid climate and abundant sunlight, the bitter melon is naturally delicious.


Shikuwasa is a type of citrus fruit that only grows in Okinawa. Unlike oranges and lemons, shikuwasa is only around 3-4cm large with powerful antioxidants and promotes blood circulation.

Washita Shikuwasa Citrus Jam
Refreshing, aromatic and mildly tart, this jam is made with Okinawa-produced shikuwasa. Enjoy with bread or cheese, or use this to flavour red tea or hot water.

Ryukyu Front Yanbaru Shikuwasa Juice - August Harvest
Made only with shikuwasa harvested in August, this juice is packed full of nutrients. Enjoy by diluting with water or soda water.


Motobu Beef
Known as the “premium dream wagyu” and “the beef of Ryukyu”, Motobu cattle have been raised on brewer’s yeast for a unique and very tender texture. A recipient of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in 2013.

Motobu Bokujo Okinawa Beef Curry

Premium Motobu beef from Okinawa are cooked until very tender. The meat has a mild sweetness that goes very well with the rich curry. Simply reheat to enjoy, or add cheese or an onsen egg as toppings.


Found in tropical to temperate shallow seas, the algae have a slender, noodle-like shape, and they have a similar elasticity to wakame. The slime contains beneficial ingredients such as fucoidan and alginic acid.

Special highlight: Itosun Uminchu Mozuku Soup with Ginger/ Spices

Oh Sweet Summer! Must-try Cakes & Confection from Okinawa

Apart from sea and sun, Okinawa is also famous for its sweet treats! This summer, enjoy sweet and refreshing cakes and confection from Okinawa, and embrace the wonderful season.


Ailati Maglio Chocolate - Shikuwasa and Salt
This chocolate box has been produced with premium white cacao from the Southern Italian chocolate brand Maglio and Okinawa Iejima brown sugar. Includes two flavours: Shikuwasa and Salt.

Ailati Maglio Chocolate - Purple Sweet Potato and Okinawa Chili Pepper
This chocolate box has been produced with premium white cacao from the Southern Italian chocolate brand Maglio and Okinawa Iejima brown sugar. Includes two flavours: Purple Sweet Potato and Okinawa Chilli Pepper.


Okinawa Nouen Shikuwasa Castella
This Castella has been added with shikuwasa juice and has a soft texture and refreshing taste. Only 3cm in diameter, shikuwasa is a small fruit from Okinawa. It has a strong sour taste with a citrus aroma.

Okinawa Nouen Brown Sugar Castella
Tarama Island is the most famous place to produce brown sugar in Okinawa. Brown sugar from Tarama Island and local wheat have been selected to make this irresistible Brown Sugar Castella.

Rakuennokajitsu-Rakuk-啫哩禮盒 -香檬-芒果-火龍果

Rakuennokajitsu Rakuka Jelly Set – Shikuwasa, Mango and Dragon Fruit
The jelly box includes three different Okinawan fruit flavours: Mango, Dragon Fruit and Shikuwasa. Contains no artificial flavouring or colouring so you can enjoy the original taste of the tropical fruit.


Niche and Exotic Veggies from Okinawa

Tasty and nutritious, traditional and unique produce from Okinawa has been blessed with ample sunlight and the meticulous care of farmers. To give everyone a taste of Okinawa and its extraordinary vitality, city'super has strictly selected an array of rare vegetables from the beautiful Japanese island. Come and try them!

Japan Okinawa Suizenjina
Also known as begonia, this vegetable has a lot of health benefits, such as boosting immunity. Stir-frying suizenjina with hot oil can help the absorption of β-Carotene.

Japan Okinawa Winged Bean
With a unique shape, and a texture that is similar to string beans yet crunchier. Apart from stir-frying, it can also be boiled and then mixed with different sauces to create cold appetisers. A great summer dish.


Classic Flavour of Okinawa: DIY Okinawa Noodles

When it comes to famous dishes in Okinawa, unique noodles and soup bases from different islands of Okinawa are definitely on the list of items to pique your wanderlust. city'super has sourced a selection of local ramen and toppings, so you can easily enjoy a tasty Japanese meal and a refreshing bowl of Okinawan noodles at home!

Cold appetiser top pick: Veggies from Miyagi Farm
Miyagi Farm was founded on a vision to “build a beautiful village”, meaning that everyone works together to create beautiful agriculture and life. The farm supports sustainable development through an agricultural model that coexists with microbes, working with local residents, enterprises and small farms to build a wonderful future.

Must-try ingredients:
• Japan Okinawa Round Okra
• Japan Okinawa Miyagi Farm Mizuna
• Japan Okinawa Miyagi Farm Aruru Mini Tomato

Recommended topping: Asahi Okinawa Rafute Boiled Pork Belly with Skin in Soy Sauce

This traditional Okinawan dish is made by cooking the pork cartilage in Okinawan soy sauce, sugar and awamori. Can be enjoyed by itself, used as a topping for rice or ramen, or paired with alcohol. Asahi Okinawa Boiled Pork Feet in Soy Sauce and Asahi Okinawa Boiled Pork Cartilage in Soy Sauce are also available.

Ramens we love:
Okinawa Miyako Soba Noodle with Noodle Soup Base
Miyakojima’s Miyako ramen is characterised by thin and straight noodles with a refreshing taste. The traditional way of serving is to place all the toppings under the noodles to better retain the flavour.

Okinawa Koregusu Liquid Spice
Okinawan cayenne pepper is soaked in awamori to create the unique seasoning: Koregusu. It is spicy with a nice awamori aroma, and is very different from your usual chilli sauce.


Okinawa’s Iconic Spirit with Food Pairing

Ryukyu awamori is a famous spirit produced in Okinawa that is made with Thai rice and a unique black koji mould unique to Okinawa. The alcohol content is usually above 25%. Research has shown that ryukyu awamori was first produced in 1470, and is one of Japan’s oldest distilled spirits. A tasting of Ryukyu awamori is not complete without some local appetisers. Today, let’s learn about two of these simple dishes so you can recreate them at home!

#1 With seafood:
Japan Okinawa Fennel and Japan Okinawa Whole Wild Blacktip Grouper can be lightly seasoned for a simple and authentic Okinawan taste.

Japan Okinawa Fennel
The locals believe that the unique aroma of this plant is beneficial for the stomach. The white part of the root can be added to soups, or julienned and stir-fried; the leaves are suitable for making the Okinawan dish of fresh fish in salt.

Japan Okinawa Whole Wild Blacktip Grouper
With a ruddy surface that is covered in dots, this fish is commonly regarded as a high-grading fish among other groupers. With a more tender texture and sweeter taste compared to standard groupers, it is suitable for steaming, braising and grilling.

#2 With tofu:
Use Okinawan tofu to draw out the smoothness of the awamori.

Shoku Kakehashi Smoked Okinawa Tofu Beancurd
Okinawan tofu is aged with koji mould and then smoked. The tofu has a rich soy flavour, mild sweetness and smoky aroma. Suitable for pairing with awamori or red wine, or can be cut into cubes as a salad topping.

Rokkakudo Tofuyou Okinawan Style Fermented Beancurd - Light Red
Momen tofu is mixed in red koji and awamori and then aged. During the Ryukyu Dynasty, it was a secret recipe of the royal palace, and only appeared during important occasions among nobles. It has a cheese-like texture and sea urchin-like flavour, and was known as the “oriental cheese”.

The star: Zuisen Seiryu Awamori Aged Awamori
Awamori blended with aged sake. It has the unique richness and sweetness of aged sake, and can be enjoyed by mixing with hot or cold water.

DIY Okinawan Cuisine: Whole Wild Malabar Grouper Tofu Soup

Tofu and seafood are two star ingredients in Okinawan food culture. If you want to try out this one-of-a-kind island flavour, head on over to city'super for some unique ingredients from Okinawa and make the Whole Wild Malabar Grouper Tofu Soup at home!

Japan Okinawa Whole Wild Malabar Grouper
Malabar Grouper is a popular fish among the groupers, and is moderately fatty with a chewy texture. It is suitable for steaming, soups and braising.

Hiroshiya Okinawa Shima Tofu (Vac) 250g
Before the tofu is shaped, it is covered with a cotton cloth and pressed to remove excess water. Flavourful with a soft texture. Each bite contains a lot of soy protein. Free of preservatives. Great for soups, making lasagne or Korean tofu stew.

Japan Okinawa Shikwasa Citrus
Refreshing with a unique aroma. Suitable for pairing with soda water or mixing with Okinawa awamori.

Shimazakeya Okinawan Style Soup Stock Pack
Made with carefully selected bonito from Miyakojima and other locally produced ingredients. It has been added with powdered cane sugar so the dietary fibre can be easily absorbed.

Harusame Awamori Mild
Made with aged koji and has a gorgeous aroma, rounded texture and soft sweetness.


Okinawan Speciality: Sea Grapes

A popular and classic ingredient from Okinawa, sea grapes have a bubbly texture; are rich in nutrients, and sometimes known as the “longevity grass”. As they resemble caviar, one of the three major delicacies in the world, sea grapes are also known as the “green caviar” overseas.

Apart from pairing with sake, Japan Okinawa Sea Grapes can also matched with seafood from Okinawa and seasoning for a light and refreshing summer salad:

U-More Shikuwasa Citrus Vinegar
Oozing with a refreshing shikuwasa aroma but without the sourness of citrus. Perfect with grilled meat or sashimi.

Japan Okinawa Wild Chilled Ornate Octopus
This wild-caught octopus has a mild sweetness. To prepare, sprinkle salt over the octopus, then rub to remove the dirt and slime, and rinse off with water.

Japan Okinawa Kuruma Prawn Sashimi [Previously Frozen]
With a bouncy texture and refreshing sweetness. Suitable for sashimi or can be used for skewers, stir-fries or tempura.


Traditional Natural Flavour: Premium Okinawa Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a speciality in Okinawa, produced by collecting fresh cane honey, which is cooked, cooled and crystalised over a long period of time to make this 100% natural health food. What’s surprising is that brown sugar produced on eight of the islands within Okinawa Prefecture all have their own flavour, aroma, texture and colour. This is because the flavour of brown sugar changes depending on the island’s soil, climate, cultivation and production methods, so the brown sugar produced on each island will turn out different every year!

Want to sample the flavour of brown sugar from each of the islands? Kurozatou Kyodo Hachi Shima Brown Sugar contains eight flavours of special brown sugar, one from each island, so you can try them all!


Iheya Island
If the crops are not really affected by typhoons, the salty flavour will be more subtle, but still retain the local unique flavour.


Ie Island
The texture is softer with more brown sugar powder. Ie Island is thin and long, hence its brown sugar is affected by sea breeze. The first taste is sweet, but has a lingering saltiness.


Aguni Island
Not as bitter and is more refreshing compared to other flavours. The colour is whiter, and the sugar is smoother with a medium texture.


Tarama Island
Has a unique flavour with a hint of bitterness. It has a very intense sweetness, and is suitable for making desserts such as Okinawa fried dough balls.


Iriomote Island
Slightly bitter upon first taste, then becomes sweeter and ends on a mildly salty note.


Kohama Island
Soft and easy to bite. Not too sweet but with a strong taste. Suitable for those who don’t like sweets.


Yonaguni Island
Full of rich minerals. The texture is firm but not dry, and it has a strong saltiness. Suitable for consuming during exercise.


Hateruma Island
Crunchy with a unique sweetness that is more pronounced than its bitter and salty flavours. The most popular of the eight flavours.


Only in Okinawa: Naturally Sweet Products

Apart from the very popular brown sugar, Okinawa has many other tasty speciality products that are natural and healthy. Here are three items we can’t get enough of:

Nakasone Sugar Cane Molasses
Sugar cane from partner farms are pressed and cooked in a large pot until it turns into molasses. No water has been added, so the syrup is thick with a refreshing sweetness typical of sugar cane. Can be used in desserts or drinks, or replace white sugar in cooking.

Nakasone Brown Sugar Syrup
Brown sugar is rich in minerals, so it is sweeter than normal cane sugar. Use this in desserts or drinks. A classic way to enjoy brown sugar syrup is by drizzling it over vanilla ice cream, and then dust with kinako.

Nakasone Brown Sugar and Black Sesame Paste
No white sugar added. Sugar cane from partner farms are pressed and then cooked in a large pot until it turns into molasses. Sesame is then added to create a mineral-packed health food.


Okinawa Pineapple Feast: DIY Summer Cuisine

The sweet, rich and exquisite Okinawan pineapple is no doubt an excellent summer thirst quencher! For all pineapple fans, city'super has prepared an array of mouthwatering dishes so you can enjoy a summer-themed feast at home!

Great with salads: Art Tamatsuji Okinawa Pineapple Dressing
Pineapples from Higashi-son in Okinawa, olive oil and herbs are used to make this unique dressing. Pair this with salads, or use this with pasta dishes or as a dipping sauce for meat.

Curry main dish: Nago Pineapple Pineapple Curry
An original creation by the Okinawa Nago Pineapple Park, this pineapple curry has been added with Okinawan pineapple juice for a surprising flavour. Enjoy with rice as a tasty main dish.

Creative desserts: Ceres Okinawa Ishigaki Island Pineapple Jelly + Ceres Okinawa Ishigaki Island Pineapple Jam
Place the mini pineapple jelly from Ishigaki Island into the freezer to give it a sorbet-like texture. This can be paired with the additive-free Ishigaki Island pineapple jam with yogurt. Each bite coats your mouth with the wonderful natural flavour of pineapple.

Japan Okinawa Snack Pineapple
Carefully selected pineapples from the Okinawa partner farm "Tobusan". From soil consolidation, ploughing, planting to harvesting, the farmers spent two to three years in cultivating plump and sweet pineapples. One by one, the pineapples are hand-harvested, cleaned and checked by quality to ensure the taste of Okinawa sunshine and waves in each bite.

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