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From Good To Grape

16 (Thur) Mar – 5 (Wed) Apr 2023
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Spring is the perfect season for crispy Aussie grapes with thin skin! If you love grapes, you’d be thrilled to know that city’super has specially rounded up an array of seasonal quality grapes directly flown into Hong Kong from Australia for you, all of which are great as gifts or treats for yourself!

Aussie Grapes Are in Season!

What's Your Fave Colour?

Australia grapes are in season! The city‘super professional sourcing team is delighted to bring you strictly selected premium fruits directly from Australian farms. Whether you love green, red or black grapes, we’ve got them all here for you.

Australian Autumn Crisp Seedless Green Grape
These large, firm grapes come in a big bunch with thin skin, they are very crispy and sweet with a subtle hint of muscat.

Australian Sweet Nectar Seedless Grape
The berries are small in size and have a round to slightly oval shape. The attractive orange-red skin has a medium thickness and a honey flavour.

Australia Sweet Sapphire Grape
The grapes are seedless and have thin skin that are not tannic. This variety has dark purple, almost black skin, and the flesh is translucent and seedless. Sweet Sapphires live up to its name with a dessert-sweet flavour from a sugar content that exceeds all other varieties.

Grape Expectations:

6 Popular Wines and Snacks to Try made with Australian grapes

In desperate need of unwinding? Relax on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of fine wine in hand as you savour some fruity, all-natural snacks. If you love the sweetness of Australian grapes, then these six best-selling products will certainly surprise you!

Ferngrove Frankland Chardonnay 2020
Classic varietal characters distinctive of the Frankland River region. This Ferngrove Chardonnay is subtle, harmonious and interesting, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to food.

Ferngrove Orchid Dragon Shiraz 2018/2020
Elegant with bright fruit characteristics. It has a vibrant ruby appearance with purple rim. On the nose are classic cool-climate spiciness, violet notes and hints of leather. It has fine tannins with juicy, dark fruit core of plums and hints of rhubarb.

First Drop Vivo Arneis 2021
Pale yellow and greenish in colour, this wine has aromas of pear, passion fruit and a hint of lime. On the palate is a rich pear flavour and notes of lemon zest and minerals with a long finish. Pairs well with fresh seafood such as scallops, crab and squid.

First Drop 2% Shiraz 2019
Who is that 2%? Moscatel! Just to add a splash of funk! Dense, earthy dark berry fruits, with hints of tobacco and cocoa are further enhanced by subtle use of oak. Matured in a combination of new and old French oak hogsheads and American oak barriques for 20 to 24 months, resulting in a sexy, textured palate.

city'super Raisins – Lexia
Lexia grapes are large in size and have a sweet, muscat taste that gives your baking a big, dynamic flavour – they're brilliant on cheese platters too.

city'super Australian Sultanas
The Australian sultana has a natural light base colour that is not found in any other origin. Sultanas are produced with the Thompson Seedless variety.

Ready to Party?

DIY Grape and Cheese Platter

Aussie grapes are sweet, refreshing and so easy to eat, so they are an indispensable part of any party food platters! Head on over to city’super with the below shopping list and get ready for your next party.

Grape Recommendations: Australia Sweet Sapphire Grape, Australian Sweet Nectar Seedless Grape, Australian Autumn Crisp Seedless Green Grape
Cheese Recommendations:

Les Freres Marchand Brie de Meaux AOP Cheese
Loved for its creamy texture and mild, buttery flavour. Pairs well with fruits.

Saint Agur Blue Cheese
Made from pasteurised cow’s milk from the mountainous French region of Auvergne, this blue-veined cheese has a smooth, creamy texture with a salty and tangy taste. Deliciously soft and easily spreadable, this cheese is rich, sharp and buttery with a subtle spicy kick.

Fromage Gruyère S.A. Swiss Aged Gruyere Cheese AOP 1655
Gruyère is a popular cheese with a distinctive flavour depending on its age, it is creamy and nutty.

Biscuit and Honey Recommendations:

Carrs Table Water Crackers
Made with natural flavours, this deliciously thin and crispy cracker is perfect with cheese, deli meats, fruits, nuts and more.

Vitavigor Parmesan Breadstick
Parmigiano Reggiano, the “king” of cheeses, together with extra virgin olive oil, are the perfect combination for a delicacy with a unique and irresistible flavour.

Casa Vecchio Mulino Mini Sesame Flat Bread
Selecting only the highest quality ingredients and using slow and natural leavening – the production process is done by hand. This is followed by gentle baking until the flatbread turns crispy and golden. This flatbread is perfect as part of a cheese platter, or for serving with soft cheeses or fresh tomatoes.

Maison du miel Rosemary Blossom Flower Honey
Rosemary honey is a monofloral variety made from the flower nectar and pollen of rosemary flowers. The taste is herbaceous but finishes with a soft sweetness and slightly balsamic.

DIY Tasty Inspirations:

Aussie Grape-flavoured Dessert You'll Love

Are you a lover of grapes who can’t get enough of fresh grapes or delectable desserts made with grapes? With the Shimomura Grape Peeler, you can easily peel grapes of different sizes. A great kitchen tool you’ll absolutely adore!

Now that grapes are in season, let’s use the grapes without skin to make the yummy Mini Grape Bites at home!

Mini Grape Bites

Ingredients Quantity
Tart pastry cups 6
Black grapes (peeled and cut half) 12
Egg 1
Water 2 tbsp
Cream cheese (room temperature) 8 ounces
Sugar 2 tbsp
Grape juice 3 tsp
Lemon zest 2 tsp
Vanilla extract 1 tsp
Powdered sugar For decorating


1. Combine egg and water in a small bowl and beat with a fork. Brush egg wash on the top of the tart pastry cups.

2. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown and puffed. Using end of wooden spoon handle to press the centre of the tart pastry cups down to the bottom. Let cool for 10 minutes before filling.

3. Combine cream cheese, sugar, grape juice, lemon zest and vanilla in a stand mixer. Mix until creamy.

4. Transfer mixture in a pastry bag and pipe cream cheese mixture into each tart pastry cup.

5. Top with sliced grape. Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.