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Healthy Home

19 (Thu) Mar – 8 (Wed) Apr 2020
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

With the theme of Healthy . Green . Lifestyle, city'super has selected a series of beautiful and practical household items, including baby care products, pet care products, cleaning products and intelligent appliances, to give your lifestyle a new boost.

Healthy Home, Healthy lifestyle

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases has declined in recent days, but this is no time to be complacent—let’s keep up the good work to protect ourselves and loved ones. city’super is with you in the fight against the outbreak. Here are 8 useful tips we want to share with you, so you can keep your personal and household hygiene game strong!

1. Household Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Put on gloves, mask and eye protection, and make sure the home is well ventilated before proceeding with the cleaning
  • Cleaning – remove the visible dirt on surfaces using micro fibre cloth, clean water and/or detergent
  • Disinfection – eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms with effective disinfectants

2. Clean Air at Home

  • Choose lab tested and certified household air purifiers, which can reduce the harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria and allergens in the air
  • Use dehumidifiers and other dehumidifying products to help reduce and prevent germs and moulds

3. Handy Appliances

  • A smart clothing care system, with a combination of steaming, drying, and odour and germ removal functions, can help you keep your garments clean and fresh with ease
  • UV light sticks and UV boxes are able to destroy the biological structure of viruses and bacteria while posing no harm to the human body

4. Food Safety and Hygiene

  • Carry hand sanitisers with you when you go out and clean your hands before eating
  • Carefully clean your utensils with rubbing alcohol wipes
  • Use fragrance-free vegetable detergents to effectively remove residual pesticides, artificial wax coating and dirt from the surface of your veggies and fruits, then rinse with clean tap water

5. Thorough Disinfection after Going Out

  • Spray the upper and bottom of the shoe with diluted bleach, then store it outside the door or in a covered shoe rack
  • Clean your belongs, such as your wallet, cell phone, keys and handbag, with disinfecting wipes
  • Disinfect your groceries and shopping bag. Wash your foods before storing them in the fridge or pantry

6. Garment Care

  • Laundry storage: Place your clothes in a covered laundry basket to be washed later
  • Laundry detergent: Choose natural, natural enzyme-containing or biodegradable detergents and softeners, in order to lower the environmental and health impact of chlorine, phosphates and other harsh chemicals

7. Baby and Toddler Care

  • Baby skincare: Use organic, natural skincare products with mild formulas for babies
  • Disinfection: When disinfecting toys, feeding products, furniture and other objects that come in contact with the baby, choose cleaning products that are baby safe

8. Pet Care

  • For pet hair and skin: Use alcohol-free pet shampoo and cleaning products, such as deodorising and antibacterial ionised water, silver ion spray and antibacterial wet wipes for pets

Healthy Home-living: How to pick sanitisers

Facing the threat of the widespread Covid-19 outbreak, we are paying more attention than ever on personal and household hygiene. To protect the health of our families and pets, we need a variety of products that can help us remove harmful bacteria and viruses from our skin and environment. But with so many sanitisers and disinfectants available on the market, how do we decide which ones are right for us? Below are a few important criteria when picking sanitizing products, and a selection of recommended products that fit the bill.

  • Boasts advanced technologies and has been proven to be effective through lab tests
  • Does not lead to drug resistance or mutation in bacteria and viruses
  • Features natural formula, safe to use and gentle to the skin

PRIME LIVING Skinshield 24 Residual Antibacterial Skin Protector

  • Contains patented silicone compound
  • Nano Stabbing technology creates an instant water resistant protection on the skin
  • 24 hours anti-microbial protection with one application
  • 99.9% antibacterial even after repeated hand washing

PRIME LIVING Handguard Natural Organic Hand Sanitizing Cleaner

  • Rich in bioflavonoid PMFs, which reduce the development of resistant bacteria
  • Effective antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral activities
  • Contains Vitamin K and Vitamin C, which contribute to wound healing and anti-oxidation

PRIME LIVING Ecoguard 360 Natural Sanitizing Cleaner

  • A fast sanitizing agent made with a highly-effective formula of Vitamin P, plant extracts, citric acid and organic sugars
  • Can be sprayed on any water safe surface

PRIME LIVING Primeshield Residual Antimicrobial Surface Protector

  • Suitable to water-safe surfaces
  • 6 months of antibacterial protection
  • Physical sterilization mechanism: A microscopic bed of tiny spikes destroys microbes upon contact
  • Does not cause drug resistance or mutation in bacteria and viruses

Breathe Easy: Air Purifiers For Your Home

Air quality plays an important role in maintaining good health. To avoid airborne diseases, you may be thinking about investing in a good air purifier, but how does one choose when there are so many options out there? city'super is happy to bring you 3 most popular air purifiers:

AeraMax DB5/DB55 Baby Air Purifier

  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • AeraSmart feature automatically detects and purifies the air
  • Can safely remove 99.97% of airborne particles including pollen, ragweed and other allergens
  • Quiet air purifier operation and night mode with dimmed lights for peaceful sleep
  • Effective Area: (Model DB5) 100-200 sqft / (Model DB55) 200-400 sqft

AeraMax PT65 Pet Air Purifier

  • Certified by the California Air Resources Board
  • Double-thick carbon filter removes odours faster and more effectively
  • Can safely remove 99.97% of airborne particles including pet dander, allergens, mold spores and dust particles
  • Removes 97.8% formaldehyde
  • Effective area: 200-350sqft

EOS Wearable Air Purifier from Korea

  • Effectival Dual Protection: generate negative ions to neutralize contaminants + purifiers air with HEPA filter system
  • Ergonomics wearable design offers superior comfort and convenience
  • Operate 13 hours or above per full charge

A Shower Unlike Any Other: Arromic Shower Head

You’ve been paying more attention to personal hygiene, and as soon as you get home, you jump into the shower to do a deep clean and avoid bringing germs home. To elevate your shower experience, city'super is bringing you Arromic Salon Style Scalp Care Shower Head and the Vitamin C Ball!

Arromic is all about creating high performance, professional showerheads, created with ergonomics in mind to bring you’re the best shower experience

Arromic Salon Style Scalp Care Shower - Black / White

  • Double-layered, delicate nozzles with filtering function
  • Higher water pressure than normal showerheads, and can save up to 50% of water
  • Can enjoy the salon experience at home

Arromic Vitamin C Ball For Salon Style Shower

  • Vitamin C is added inside the showerhead to remove chlorine to protect your hair and skin.

Smart-home Appliance: Easily Disinfect Your Clothes

Viruses can be worrying, but life must go on. Every time you return home, your clothes may be contaminated while you’re out, but washing your coats every day is also troublesome… Don’t worry, with the LG Styler clothing care system, you can easily keep your clothes refreshed and sanitised.

LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System (Made in Korea)

  • TrueSteam™ technology eliminates 99.9% of allergens and bacteria
  • Certified by Intertek, Allergy UK, VDE in Germany, and more
  • The moving hangers help to remove contaminants on your cloths
  • Removes odours and wrinkles in your clothes; can gently dry your clothes to prevent damage and shrinkage
  • With SmartThinQ™, you can monitor the care cycle of your clothes wherever you are

Eat Safe: Eco Dishware from Finland

We are all taking extra precautions when we eat out these days. Apart from proper cleaning and disinfecting, the quality and safety standards of dishware and cutlery are also really important. city'super has brought you Kupilka Eco Dishware from Finland. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, it can be carried easily on the go, and is perfect for camping!

  • 100% made in Finland
  • Made with an eco-friendly material called Kareline – the manufacturing of this material and Kupilka products has zero carbon footprint
  • Has the texture of real wood; does not adsorb odour and taste from food
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Pamper Your Little One: Baby Care Products We Love

Cleaning and hygiene have been a major focus in our lives lately. If you have a baby at home, apart from keeping your house and the little one clean, it is also important to take good care of their delicate skin. city'super has carefully selected two safe, high-quality baby care brands so you can be assured that your baby is getting only the best.

Mamohada means “to protect” (mamoru) “the skin” (hada), and its mission is to strengthen the immunity of the skin, so only skin-friendly ingredients are used to make its products, and zero additives are added.

  • Mamohada Sensitive Baby Moisture Cream For Face & Body
    Baby’s skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, so it tends to be dry. This cream is suitable for the face and body, and can help to keep the baby’s skin soft and moisturised.
  • Mamohada Baby Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin
    This low-irritant formula can help provide enough UV protection for the baby. It is light as air yet has high moisture content, and can be removed with soap.

Bambo Nature is a line from Denmark Abena dedicated to creating eco-friendly baby care products. Their products do not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals, and are fragrance-free.

  • Bambo Nature - Hair and Body Wash
    Hair and body wash for sensitive skin and scalps
  • Bambo Nature - Splish Splash Bath Oil
    Cleans and moisturises at the same time; eco-labelled by Asthma & Allergy Association Denmark.
  • Bambo Nature - Diaper & Training Pants
    Organic, certified skin-safe and perfect for sensitive skin. Made with eco-friendly materials and are free of harmful chemicals and allergens.

Keep Your Fur Children Healthy: Sanitisers For Pets

You're trying your best to keep the house and your pets clean, but what if your fur child isn’t a fan of baths? city'super is happy to introduce these premium pet cleaning products from Malaysia, and you can be assured of its quality.

  • Bioion Pets Pounce Pets Sanitiser 60/500mL
  • Pets Pounce Wet Wipe Tissues

Uses Japanese ion biotechnology
Kills 99.99% of bacteria, and can effectively disinfect and remove pet odour
Can disinfect and protect; prevents viral infections
Does not contain alcohol and can be sprayed directly onto pet
Effective in improving skin problems (e.g. fungal infections, eczema, ringworms and oral ulcers)
Made in Malaysia


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.