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Heat Up‧Hot Pot Time

13 (Mon) Jan 2020 – 4 (Wed) Mar 2020
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

No matter whether hot and spicy, light and healthy or Japanese-style, city’super brings you all the fresh ingredients, soup bases, sauces and noodles you need for every type of hot pot. Come and buy premium ingredients so you can enjoy hot pot with your family at home.

Your Favourite Nabemono: 2 Must-try Japanese Hot Pots

“Sukiyaki” may be the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Japanese hot pot, but of course, sukiyaki is not the only Japanese-style hot pot worth your time! Here are two of our recommendations that are sure to keep you nice and cosy this winter!

An assorted of seafood is cooked in a katsuo-based broth for the ultimate umami and a delicious, hearty hot pot experience!

  • Kubarashoyu Agodashi Yosenabe Soup
    A soup base of grilled flying fish enhanced with chicken, seafood and homemade katsuo sauce.

Mizutaki Nabe:
Premium chicken takes centrestage in this style of hot pot; vegetables, kombu and other ingredients are added to a rich chicken stock for an exquisite, nutrient-packed meal!

  • Miyajima Hakata Chicken Stock Soup
    Made by slow cooking a broth of Genkai Sea sea salt and Hakata chicken to form a delectable white soup stock.

Want to give them a go? Head on over to city’super for all the ingredients you need:

  • Canadian Black Cod Kirimi (Previously Frozen)
    Sweet, rich buttery flavour with a high oil content.
  • Cooked Snow Crab Leg (Previously Frozen)
    A plump part of the snow crab that is fresh and sweet. Already cooked and de-shelled, so can be served after defrosting.
  • Setouchi Zentsuji Sanuki Udon
    Cook for 2-3 minutes for a nice chewy texture. Perfect accompaniment to any style of hot pot.
  • GinPo No. 7 Donabe Hanamishima (18cm) / 1.2L Donabe
    Beautifully decorated with Japanese-style designs and suitable for both open flame and IH stoves.

The Battle of Spicy Hot Pots: Sichuan Style vs. Taiwanese Style

Are you a lover of spicy food? Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to enjoy spicy hot pot this winter! The two most popular styles of mala hot pot are from Sichuan and Taiwan. Which one is your favourite?

Sichuan-style Mala Hot Pot:
Sichuan-style mala hot pot is all about the numbing sensation, the spice, the umami and the aroma. Best served with lamb and beef.

  • Natural Szechwan Spicy Soup Base
    Made with a variety of spices, such as dried chilli peppers, white cardamom, peppercorns and star anise to create complex layers of spicy aroma and flavours with a numbing sensation. Rest assured, the ingredients are all natural!

Taiwanese-style Mala Hot Pot:
In addition to the spiciness of Sichuan-style mala hot pot, the broth of Taiwanese-style mala hot pot is richer with strong fragrance. Make your own Taiwanese-style mala hot pot at home using duck blood jelly and other popular ingredients.

  • Spicy Spirit Duck Blood in Chilli Soup
    The most popular product from Spicy Spirit, this duck blood jelly has a nice bouncy texture.

Are you salivating? Hurry up and bring home all the ingredients you need at city’super!

  • Spanish Iberico Lamb Shoulder (For Hot Pot)
    A superior quality lamb from a breed that has been native to the Spanish region of Aragon for over a thousand years and fed on a natural diet.
  • Assorted Seafood Hot Pot Set (Premium)
    The set includes geoduck slices, red sea cucumber and white sea cucumber from Canada.
  • USA Chilled Hand-sliced Long-term Grain-fed Angus Beef Hanger Steak (For Hot Pot)
    The hanger steak is the meat inside the cow’s diaphragm. It is deep red in colour and is tender and juicy with a rich flavour. The beef is skilfully hand-sliced by our butcher specialists to ensure a nice and chewy texture.

The Perfect Spicy Dipping Sauce and Chillies for Hot Pot

There is so much to love about hot pot, and the condiments are certainly one of them. Here are seven of our recommended spicy sauces and condiments for you to try, which can bring out and enhance the flavour of the ingredients:

  • Thai Red Chilli
    There are different types of red chillies from Thailand, but usually the smaller they are, the spicier they are. If you wish to reduce the spiciness, you can remove the seeds.
  • Japan Manganji Green Pepper
    Large in size with very few seeds, these peppers are meaty with a mild spiciness, a touch of sweetness and a unique aroma.
  • Gourmet Garden Australian Lightly Dried Chilli
    Australian grown chillies are roughly chopped and lightly dried – this retains the chillies’ spicy aroma while lengthening their shelf life. Can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle and is suitable for various cuisines.
  • Ning Gee Hunan Chilli Sauce
    Made with strictly selected spices and Chinese herbs and cooked for a long period of time to create one of the best chilli sauces for hotpot.
  • Shinzan Special Mushroom Sauce
    A must-have for lovers of spicy food! Made by slow-frying Puli shiitake mushrooms and fresh hot peppers to give a piquant kick.
  • Delicious Taste Special Made Chilli Sauce
    No preservatives and suitable for different cooking styles such as stir-frying and tossing.
  • Italian Fresh Garlic
    The cloves are firm and compact with high water content and a delicate taste.

Valentine's Day Checklist! Healthy Hot Pot

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Apart from flowers and gifts, a romantic dinner is a must. Why not do something different this year and enjoy a healthy hot pot at home with your significant other? Simply prepare different vegetables and fruits, organic meat and seafood, as well as a healthy soup base. See below for two of city'super’s recommended healthy and skin-rejuvenating styles of soup bases and accompanying ingredients.

Hakataya Soymilk Pot:
Add your favourite organic ingredients into the milky white soymilk soup base, and enjoy a sip of soymilk soup that warms you up and is great for the skin. Definitely an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day!

  • 4 Flavours of Soymilk Pot: Hakataya Soymilk with Pork Bone & Chicken Hot Pot Soup Base / Black Sesame Soymilk with Pork Bone & Chicken Hot Pot Soup Base / Soymilk with Bonito Hot Pot Soup Base / Black Sesame Soymilk with Bonito Hot Pot Soup Base
    Hakataya hot pot soup bases are made with Hakataya soymilk as the base ingredient. Made fresh daily in its own factory.
  • Soymilk (No Sugar) + Yamakyu Natural Soup Stock - Kelp, Mushroom & Fish
    Add Yamakyu soup stock with kelp, mushroom and fish into the Hakataya soymilk for a rich and MSG-free soymilk hot pot soup base. Recommended ingredients: Australian Patagonian Toothfish Kirimi, Australian Organic Beef Short Rib Boneless - Shabu Shabu, Danish Organic Pork Belly - Shabu Shabu, Momen Tofu and Chikuwa Grilled Fish Cake

Healthy Soul-restoring Pot:
Papaya, apple, kiwi and red dates… who would’ve thought these ingredients make a beautiful healthy soup base? Simply add your preferred ingredients and you’ve got an easy yet delectable hot pot!
Ingredients: papaya, apple, kiwi (to taste), and 5 pieces of Taiwanese dried red dates
Instructions: cook all ingredients in approximately 1,320mL of water (6 bowls) until only about 4 bowls’ worth is left. Remove ingredients and use the soup base for hot pot.

Ingredients to match:

  • Daylesford Organic UK Chicken
    Raised on organic pastures and fed on a 100% organic, non-GMO diet.
  • Japanese Breed Pumpkin (Mexico/New Zealand)
    Mildly sweet with a smooth, delicate texture.
  • Japanese Tomatoes
    Sweet, has thin skin, and contains more water than your average tomatoes

Umami Heaven: Steamed Seafood Pot

Are you a hot pot lover who wants to try something different? Steamed seafood pots are definitely a winter favourite that is suitable for all kinds of gatherings. Come to city’super for all you steamed seafood pot needs, including fine seafood, fresh veggies, and more!

Your Steamed Seafood Pot Checklist:

  • Bruno Oval Hot Plate
    An upgraded 1430W induction plate makes heating much faster. The hot plate also comes with a flat grill plate, takoyaki tray (24pc), and a ceramic deep pot. Other accessories such as two-tier steam rack, oval half plates and ridged grill plate are also available for purchase separately.
  • Japanese Hokkaido Frozen Boiled Red King Crab Leg (Whole piece)
    There are three types of king crab: red, blue and gold, and red king crab meat is considered the best.
  • Japanese Live Shortneck Clam
    Smaller in size and suitable for steaming and making soup.
  • Hokkaido Raw Half Shell Scallop (Previously Frozen)
    Hokkaido scallops are the most well-known Japanese seafood with plump, white flesh and a rich taste.
  • Japan Okinawa Blacktip Grouper Slice
    The blacktip grouper is a premium breed of grouper that is suitable for steaming Chinese-style, frying, braising and grilling.
  • Australia Lobster Tail (Previously Frozen)
    With firm and plump flesh, this lobster tail is oozing with sweet umami and is great for grilling, steaming and more.
  • Kanetoshi Tosa Koboku Yuzu Ponzu Citrus Vinegar
    A star product of Kanetoshi for over 30 years, this vinegar is very versatile and can be used with salads, tofu, soba, sashimi, and even as a dipping sauce for grilled meats.

Hot Pot Buddies: Booze and Other Drinks

A true hot pot experience is not complete without the right beverages to go with the delicious food. city’super is happy to recommend a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the old and young to go with different styles of hot pot. Cheers!

For Japanese-style Hot Pot:

  • Shichida Gohyakumangoku 50 Junmai Ginjo Nama
    Brewed by Gohyakumangoku, this nama sake is refreshing with crisp on the palate and full of rice umami.
  • Yame Fukuoka Yame Green Tea
    Made with tea leaves harvested in the Yame area in Fukuoka prefecture, this tea is brewed at low temperature over a long period of time, and has the signature light sweetness and moderate astringency of Yame teas.
  • Echigo Koshihikari Rice Beer (5% alc.)
    Made with Niigata koshihikari rice, this is a refreshing, dry beer with a nice crisp and smooth finish.
  • Hakkaisan Shochu Highball (12% alc.)
    Made using quality Hakkaisan shochu together with lemon, yuzu juice and soda. Very easy to drink with an elegant aroma, a hint of bright citrus, a light sweetness and a crisp and refreshing finish.

For Spicy Mala Hot Pot:

  • Moonzen King Yama Sichuan Porter (8% alc.)
    With wafts of smoked caramel malts and Sichuan peppercorns. A unique brew reminiscent of popular Sichuanese flavours.
  • Alta Alella Mirgin Laieta Rosé 2015
    Made of 100% organic cultivated Mataro grapes. The fruitiness is well-balanced by its minerality and yeasty notes; the finish is long with fine and silky bubbles.
  • AGV Multigrain Activate Tea (Bitter Gourd)
    Bitter gourds are said to reduce heat and counteract oiliness. Okinawa island bitter gourds and a variety of tea extracts are used in this special tea.

For Healthy Hot Pot:

  • Hakataya Soy Milk (Without Sugar)
    Made fresh daily in Hong Kong using soy beans from Canada.
  • Herbal Trend Pear & Sea Coconut Tea
    Made using strictly selected sea coconuts, fresh Taiwanese pears, wolfberries and red dates. Hydrating and refreshing.
  • Herbal Trend Jujube, Almond & Pear Tea
    Made with Taiwanese fresh apples and pears, and added with the natural sweetness of candied dates and the unique flavours of almonds and oatmeal. Perfect after a greasy meal to refresh and relieve tiredness.

For Steamed Seafood Hot Pot:

  • Charles Mignon Comte De Marne Grand Cru NV
    Rich and intense on the nose with notes of white flower, honey lemon, citrus and hazelnut. Elegant with a long and delicate finish with fine bubbles.
  • Kubota Hekiju Junmai Daiginjo
    Made with traditional “yamahai” brewing method, which tends to give a heavier body, yet remains clear and crisp

Valentine’s Day Special: Romantic Japanese Shabu Shabu

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Have you planned a surprise for your other half yet? Don’t worry, city’super is here to help with a series of specially curated dinner options to make this the warmest and cosiest Valentine’s Day celebration for you!

  • Japan Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Set (Hakataya Soup Base)
    Premium A5 wagyu beef from Yamagata, Japan pairs ingeniously with Hakataya soymilk soup base in this shabu shabu set. Now open for booking!

    Venue: superlife culture club @ city’super Times Square store
    Promotion period: 7-14th Feb, 2020
    Serving period: after 6pm
    *Phone booking at least one day in advance required
    Bookings/Enquiries: 5365 9208

  • Japan Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Set Meal
    Apart from shabu shabu, Butcher Factory at Times Square store is where you can enjoy the delicious sukiyaki set meal, featuring premium A5 wagyu beef and a hot, steaming bowl of “no-wash rice” (musenmai), which is white rice that has been further processed to remove the skin bran, so no washing is required prior to cooking.
  • Yamagata Tengen Pork Hakataya Soyamilk Udon Soup Pot
    Hakataya soymilk soup base is used, which gives a lovely soymilk aroma and has a smooth, delicate texture; the combination of Yamagata Tengen pork and Ishimaru Seimen’s sanuki udon is a match made in heaven with a fantastic mouthfeel. Try it for yourself!