Italian Food Market 2022

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Italian Food Market 2022

1 (Tue) Nov – 24 (Thur) Nov 2022
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

A sense of ritual is a vital component of the exquisite Italian lifestyle, and authentic ingredients are essential preparing an Italian feast. city'super specially introduces wines and truffles from Piemonte in the northwest, olives and pasta from Puglia in the south and a variety of other authentic Italian ingredients, so you can easily make Italian dishes at home, taking your significant others on a unique Italian journey.

An Italian Beauty: Truffle from Piemonte

Sitting at the foot of the Alps, Piemonte is known for its wines and truffles, and being Italy’s foodie paradise. It is also a main region in producing the Italian white truffle. If you love this rare, aromatic gem, don’t miss out on our special selection of truffle and truffle products from Piemonte!

Alfieri Truffle Riccioli Pasta
Simple and authentic, the pasta is made using traditional methods from Piemonte, Italy, and eggs of the highest quality.

Tartuflanghe No.19 Tagliatelle Egg Pasta with Truffles
Completely handmade using a high percentage of truffle and eggs for a refined flavour and balanced texture.

Aironi Truffle Risotto Mix
Precious truffle is added to premium risotto. Easy to cook and you can enjoy delicious truffle risotto in just 15 minutes.

Tartuflanghe No.19 Tagliatelle Egg Pasta with Truffles
Completely handmade using a high percentage of truffle and eggs for a refined flavour and balanced texture.

Tartuflanghe Truffle Potato Chips
Cooked in low heat using traditional methods to give the potato chips a truffle flavour and crunchiness. Made with the best raw ingredients for an unbeatable taste.

White Truffle*
The end of September until December is the best time to enjoy white truffles. The white truffle has a rich musky scent, and can be shaved directly over dishes, or paired with eggs or cheese.

*White truffle is available at the Delicatessen & Cheese division in our stores, please ask the store staff for more details.

Italian Food & Wine Pairing Ideas

Located in northwestern Italy, Piemonte is a heaven for wine lovers, producing some of the most well-known and highest-quality wines in the world. Here are two wines from Piemonte we think you’ll love. Join us on a luxury wine journey!

What is so special about Piemonte as a wine producing region?
The ice-cold Alps and warm Mediterranean are the two factors that affect the climate in Piemonte. The diurnal temperature variation fills the whole region with morning fog that slowly dissipates during the day. This means the land higher up on the hills gets more sun, which is great for growing high-quality grapes.

Piemonte Wine Highlights:
Accornero Bricco del Bosco Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese 18/20

Made from the native Grignolino grape from Piemonte’s Monferrato region. Light to medium body with notes of cherry, plum and clove. Lightly tannic and easy to drink.

Gabriele Scaglione Barbaresco DOCG 16
Made with handpicked Nebbiolo grapes, the wine is soft and elegant. Plenty of rose petal, red berry and sweet spice aromas. Full of red berry and cherry notes on the palate with cinnamon and mineral flavours. Sophisticated with a lingering aftertaste.

Italian Food Pairing:

Alfieri Pasta Egg Pappardelle Zigrinate
Made with high-quality eggs from Italian farms, this egg pasta is flat and wide, which perfectly matches with thick meat and tomato sauces to catch all the juices and chunky bits of sauce.

Alpe Magna Speck Meat Sauce
The speck ragout is a single-meat sauce of seasoned speck, with the rustic salami giving a satisfying flavour typical of mountain cuisine with smoky notes. Perfect with fresh egg pasta and can be enjoyed as an appetiser or with bread.

Quality Assured: Olive Oil from Puglia

Can you guess which region in Italy produces the most extra virgin olive oil? The answer is… Puglia! Puglia accounts for around 40% of total olive oil production in Italy, and you can be assured that olive oils from this region are of the highest quality. city’super has sourced a selection of olive oils produced in Puglia so you can enjoy the authentic taste of Italy.

Sorelle Barnaba "Millennium" Thousand-Year-Old Olive Trees Secular Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made with Cima di Mola olives from centuries-old olive trees, extra virgin olive oil of superior quality is obtained directly from olives. The olive oil is known for its well-balanced, refined flavour with hints of vegetal notes and dried fruit aftertaste. Goes well with fish dishes, salads and can be used to prepare sauces.

Frantoio D'orazio Simone Monovarietale Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This olive oil has lingering notes of herbs and fruit with a surprisingly spicy aftertaste. Excellent with fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Fratepietro Super Giant Black Olives in Brine (Size GGG) / Giant Black Olives in Brine (Size G)
Crafted using traditional methods, the olives, immediately after harvesting, are preserved in brine. The result is tasty and crunchy olives at the first bite. They are great appetisers, and can be paired with meat, cheese and aperitifs.

Colourful Pasta to Please Your Eyes and Palate

The famous pasta brand —— Pastificio Del Colle is based in sunny Puglia, and has been making pasta for over 100 years. In recent years, Pastificio Del Colle has come to be known for its beautifully coloured pasta, which is made with traditional artisan methods using premium durum wheat semolina and strictly-selected natural food colouring. The pasta has been shaped with bronze dies, and is allowed to dry slowly and naturally.

These specially selected colourful pasta products have made their way to city’super. Bring them home today:
  • Pastificio Del Colle Handmade Colourful Pasta – Spiral
  • Pastificio Del Colle Handmade Colourful Pasta - Tagliolini Picasso
  • Pastificio Del Colle Colorful Handmade Pasta - Zodiac Sign
  • Pastificio Del Colle Colorful Pasta - Heart Shaped
  • Pastificio Del Colle Colorful Pasta - Snail Shaped
  • Pastificio Del Colle Handmade Colourful Pasta - Riccia Naif
  • Pastificio Del Colle Handmade Colourful Pasta - Fantasy Farfalline
  • Pastificio Del Colle Colorful Pasta – Stardust
  • Pastificio Del Colle Colorful Pasta – Alphabet
  • DIY Italian Feast: 4-Course Journey for Your Taste Buds

    Want to bring something new and fun to the dining table and surprise your family and friends? Be sure to use premium ingredients which are imported directly from Italy in city’super, and get ready to cook up a feast!

    Appetiser: Vibrant Italian Salad

    Star Ingredients:
    Italian Organic Delica Pumpkin, Italian Vesuvio Piennolo Red Cherry Tomato, Italy Organic Fennel, Italian Radicchio Castelfranco, Italy Sorrento Lemon with Leaf (Limone Di Sorrento IGP), Italian Fresh Garlic and Italian Montoro Onion

    Dish #1: Italian Pasta

    Star Ingredients: Di Martino PGI Dolce & Gabbana Linguine
    Made with IGP premium 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, the pasta is made with bronze dies and dried at low heat at 65°C. The unique lines and texture of the shell pasta are proof that the wheat flavour has been preserved in the best way possible. Pair it with a pasta sauce, or use in appetisers, soups and baked dishes.

    Dish #2: Pizza
    Star Ingredient: city’super Margherita 9" Pizza

    To satisfy even the most discerning gourmets, city’super is bringing you this premium Italian Margherita handmade pizza loved by people from all over the world, which has been crafted with simple, premium 100% Italian authentic ingredients for an irresistible taste!

    Dish #3: Florentina Steak

    Star Ingredient: Italian Chilled Chianina Beef Fiorentina Steak (Porterhouse)
    The Chianina is one of the oldest breeds in the world. It is a traditional Italian cattle low in fat with firm and chewy meat.

    Dish #4: Italian-style Grilled Seabass

    Star Ingredient: Italian Chilled Farmed Seabass Fish
    This seabass of superior quality has lean and tasty flesh with a sweet and refined flavour. Its unmistakable and delicate taste lends itself easily to the preparation of various delicious dishes.

    To Drink: Birra Flea Adelaide APA (Alc. 4.9%)
    Pure malt ale with a fresh taste, with a hint of citrus and fresh hay given by American hops, and a rich and satisfying mouthfeel.

    Black Gold: Premium Italian Balsamic Vinegar

    Italian balsamic vinegar has been nicknamed “black gold”, and for good reasons too. Each drop is precious, and you can experience its exceptional flavour by simply pairing it with bread, desserts or cheese. Here are three of our recommended Italian balsamic vinegars. Give them a try and get ready to fall in love!

    Gocce Italiane Balsamic Glaze – Raspberry Flavor
    The use of traditional techniques handed down from generations combined with the four natural elements—sun, air, water, soil—is the primordial secret to achieving the perfect, handcrafted Italian balsamic vinegar. Enjoy this in salads, desserts or cocktails. It also works exceptionally well with vanilla ice cream.

    Leonardi Golden Reserve Patriaca Balsamic Vinegar (30 Years) / Golden Reserve Balsamic Vinegar (150 Years)
    Strictly selected high-quality ripe grapes must acetified and aged in different wooden barrels for 30 or 150 years. With a complex bouquet, rich aromas, high density and the harmonious balance between sweetness and acidity, this balsamic vinegar can be served on a spoon post-dinner, or paired with aged cheese, seafood and meat dishes.

    ^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.