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Jean-Paul Hévin Monthly Sweet Offers

Jean-Paul Hévin, known as the world renowned chocolatier, opened his first shop in Paris in 1988. The adventure starts in the tropics in the quest to find the rarest and most refine cocoa. It then continues in our regions to find the best creams, hazelnuts, honeys with the most taste and other remarkable ingredients.


Thank you for all chocoholics' support! Jean-Paul Hévin is going to present different monthly sweet offers for city'super super e-gold and super e members.

January Special

city’super super e-gold and super e members can purchase Jean Paul Hevin Chocolate Gift Box 6pcs at special price in January, 2021.

This little square box is the ideal way to discover Jean-Paul Hevin's universe. Choose your favourite chocolate flavours!

Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Gift Box 6pcs

Special price: HKD $140 (Retail price: HKD $210)

*Limited to 100pcs per store, while stocks last

Sweet Complimentary

city’super super e-gold and super e members can receive a Jean-Paul Hévin HKD$100 coupon upon purchase of Jean-Paul Hévin January highlighted item (Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Gift Box 6pcs) in January, 2021.

*Terms & Conditions apply
*Limited to 100pcs per store, while stocks last

Jean-Paul Hévin Macaron Gift Box

Several times awarded by the press, the macaronsJean-Paul Hévin owe the power of their taste and the lightness of their texture to their low level of sugar. With this Macaron Gift Box, customers can select 10 different flavours of Jean-Paul Hévin macarons to discover the flagship of trendy desserts.

*The macarons are available in 11 flavours.

Macaron Flavours

11 Jean-Paul Hévin Macaron Flavours:

Macaron - Creme Brulee

  • Caramelized vanilla creamy biscuit with milk chocolate and smooth caramel

Macaron -Passion'In

  • Dark chocolate biscuit with dark and milk chocolate ganache, passion juice

Macaron - Pistach'In

  • Pistachio and dark chocolate biscuit with dark chocolate and pistachio marzipan ganache

Macaron - Mangu'I

  • Milk chocolate and mandarin biscuit with mango and orange ganache

Macaron - Yvan

  • Peru Grand Cru dark chocolate ganache with notes of flowers and fresh nuts

Macaron - Frambois'In

  • Milk chocolate biscuit with dark chocolate and raspberry ganache

Macaron - Normandy

  • Caramel and coffee biscuit, dark chocolate and salted butter caramel milk ganache

Macaron - Praline

  • Milk chocolate biscuit almonds sprinkled, bitter chocolate praline and ganache

Macaron - Vanill'In

  • White biscuit with grains of vanilla, vanilla tasted ganache

Macaron - Violette

  • Violet chocolate biscuit, violet flavored milk chocolate cassis ganache

Macaron - Coffee

  • White coffee biscuit, sprinkled with cinnamon, creamy coffee ganache

Chocolate Bonbon Flavours

9 Jean-Paul Hévin Chocolate Bonbon Flavours:

Chocolate Bonbon - Trois Orange (Dark Ganache)

  • Orange Ganache and half bitter chocolate

Chocolate Bonbon - Caraibe (Dark Chocolate)

  • Fine coco bitter ganache. Carribean vintage

Chocolate Bonbon - Amande Praline (Almond Dark Chocolate)

  • Almond praline coated with dark chocolate

Chocolate Bonbon - Amareno Gianduja (Almond Gianduja Dark Chocolate)

  • Almond gianduja and dark chocolate

Chocolate Bonbon - Saphir (Hazelnut & Almond Cream Milk Chocolate)

  • Hazelnut and almonds cream

Chocolate Bonbon - Carbonado (Almond & Hazelnut Dark Praline)

  • Almond, hazelnut and nougatine old style praline

Chocolate Bonbon - Rocher (Almond & Hazelnut Milk Praline)

  • Almond, hazelnut and nougatine praline, milk chocolate cover

Chocolate Bonbon - Salome (Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Ganache)

  • Frothy vanilla ganache

Chocolate Bonbon - Bahia (Dark Ganache with Orange Peels)

  • Frothy ganache and orange peels coated with dark chocolate 68% of cocoa minimum
Terms and Conditions:
  1. The offers are applicable to selected super e-gold and super e members only.
  2. Selected Super e-gold and super e members can enjoy the offers at Jean-Paul Hévin counters at Harbour City or ifc mall stores from 1st to 31st January 2021.
  3. Selected Super e-gold and super e members must present this eDM and a valid membership card to enjoy the offers. No retrospective arrangement will be made.
  4. The offers cannot be used in conjunction with super e Year-Round discounts, member reward eCoupon and other promotion offer/ coupon.
  5. Monthly highlight products and HKD$100 coupon are available while stocks last. Each super e-gold and super e members can only redeem one HKD$100 coupon per month.
  6. City Super Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without prior notice, and of final decision on all matters of dispute.
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