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Juicy Peachy Story

14 (Fri) Jul – 23 (Wed) Aug 2023
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
@ E-Shop

There is no better time to have peach than summer. Our Japan-based buyers have been busy visiting local farms and learning all about the characteristics of different Japanese peach varieties, in order to make sure that you get to sample the juiciest, tastiest Japanese peaches.

This season, we have prepared for you a diversity of peaches from various Japanese prefectures, including pink, white and golden peaches flown to Hong Kong directly from the farms, as well as foods and drinks made from fresh peaches. So make this summer a super peachy one!


E-Shop Exclusive Offer:

Pre-order Popular Japanese Peaches

Calling all lovers of Japanese peaches! This early summer, city’super has rounded up a selection of premium Japanese peaches, so you can enjoy the best and most delicious, sweetest flavours.

From now until 18 Aug 2023, visit E-shop to pre-order selected peach products and checkout with promo code “PEACH10” to enjoy 10% off*. Spread this great news and enjoy a wonderful summer filled with mouthwatering peach aroma!

Pre-order Top Picks:
  • Japan Okayama White Peach (Case)
  • Japan Yamanashi Naito Farm Peach (Case)
  • Japan Yamanashi Fuefuki Peach - Tokushu (Case)
  • Japanese Golden Peach (Case)
  • *Terms and Conditions apply. Limited quantities only, while stocks last.
    The Royalty of Peaches:

    Japanese Yamanashi Sakai Peach

    Yamanashi Prefecture is known as the “hometown of Japanese peaches” or the “peach city”. Thanks to its high mountains, ample sunlight, clean waters and a large temperature difference between day and night, the prefecture produces peaches of the highest quality. The city’super Japanese purchasing team is excited to bring you the seasonal fresh Japan Yamanashi Sakai Peach - Tokushu Grade, and invites you to savour this exceptional fruit with exquisite aroma and flavour!

    Japanese Peach Grading System 101
    Tokushu” (特秀) peaches are ranked the highest in the Japanese “Shu” (秀) peach grading system, and indicates that the fruit is about the size of an adult’s fist and is covered in fine fuzz. The skin has a pinkish hue while the pale white flesh is juicy, soft, tender and melts in your mouth. In terms of taste, it should be rich, sweet and leaves a lingering fragrance. Other ranks in this grading system are “Aoshu” (青秀), “Akashu” (赤秀), “Yuhin” (優品) and “Muji” (無印).

    Indulge in Japanese White Peaches:

    Selected Products Direct From Farm

    White peaches are known as the “original Japanese peach” and were discovered by horticulturalist Mr. Shigero Okubo in Okayama Prefecture in 1899. “Hakuhou” and “Kawanakajima White Peaches” are all iconic varieties that have been developed and improved upon since the initial discovery. White peaches are characterised by their large size, thick flesh and creamy white appearance. The flesh is soft, tender, aromatic, sweet and very juicy. If you love Japanese peaches, then you don’t want to miss the white peaches.

    Must-try Products:

    Japan Okayama Mitani Farm Organic White Peach
    Mitani Farm specialises in cultivating rare and organic Japanese white peaches and takes into account the local environment and ecosystem. Every year, the farm continues to grow mainly three varieties of white peaches: “Kanoiwa Hakuto”, “Hakuhou” and “Shimizu Hakuto”.

    Japan Kasahara Farm White Flesh Peach
    Kasahara Farm is a city'super partner farm for over 20 years and is located in Niigata Prefecture in northeastern Japan. The farm uses almost no pesticides or any chemical fertilisers, and adopts “Environmental Conservation Planting” to grow sweet and juicy peaches with a gentle aroma.

    A Sweet Mid-Summer Picnic:

    Japanese Peach-flavoured Snacks

    Embrace the summer sun and gather your friends and family for an outdoor picnic! Don’t forget to bring along a series of peach-themed snacks flown in directly from Japan to add a touch of fresh and fragrant sweetness! Head on over to city’super to bring home our most popular peach snacks!

    Summer Shopping List:
  • Asfoods Baumkuchen - White Peach Flavour
  • Tarami Pure Jelly – Peach
  • Hokushin Yamanashi White Peach Jelly
  • YBC White Peach Cream Sandwich Cracker
  • Horiuchifruit Freeze Dried Peach
  • Lion Peach Candy
  • Peach Flavoured Drinks

    For Your Summer Parties

    Planning parties for the summer? Shine the spotlight on the lovely Japanese peach! From peach liqueur, soda to juice, tasty drinks can be excellent mood boosters for you and your loved ones. Are you ready to party?

    Top Picks:

    Dewazakura Yamagata Peach Liqueur
    Using selective peaches from Yamagata and about 5.5 servings of peach pulp have been added into each bottle. Rich texture and refreshing sweetness of peach. Recommend to mix with sparkling water and serve.

    Kimura Drink Ripe Peach Cider
    Carefully selected ripe peaches are used to make this peach drink. Enjoy the rich aroma and gentle sweetness of peaches.

    Naito Farm Yamanashi Peach Nectar / Golden Peach Nectar
    Naito Farm is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is known for its peach production. Its exclusive variety “Jewelry Peach” is cultivated under strict monitoring. Each peach is like a precious gem with a beautiful glossiness and is sweet and very juicy. This juice is made from fully ripe “Jewelry Peach” and has a rich flavour as if you’re savouring fresh peaches. Free of added sugar, additives and preservatives, this drink can be mixed with white wine or beer to make cocktails.

    Hoshaku Chu-Hi - Okayama White Peach Flavor (Alc 6.0%)
    Produced in Okayama, Japan, Setouchi's White Peach Chu-Hi uses Okayama-grown white peach juice and is milky white with a faint pink colour. The fresh scent and the faint sweetness of white peaches make this drink highly popular among women.

    Summer Thirst Quencher:

    Refreshing and Sweet Peach Yogurt

    In search of refreshing sweet treats to help beat the summer heat? Japanese peach and yogurt are a fail-proof combination! Whether you enjoy ready-to-eat yogurt in a tub or use the fresh peaches to create your own DIY yogurt dessert, city’super has prepared an array of premium products directly flown in from Japan. Come visit our store and bring home your favourite ingredients.

    Hiruzen Jersey White Peach Yogurt
    Contains N-1 lactic acid bacteria that can reach the intestines and help maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria. White peach juice is also added to bring a unique and elegant flavour and a smooth and rich texture. Perfect for breakfast or as a snack.

    Japan Iwashita Farm Peach
    Nagano Prefecture has a large temperature difference between day and night, which results in peaches that are particularly sweet, fragrant and delicious. The farm also uses “diamond amino” as fertiliser to effectively promote the growth of microorganisms within the soil and increase nutrient absorption which further enhances the sweetness of the fruit.

    Must-try for Peach Fans:

    sweet house Cha Cha Summer Desserts

    sweet house Cha Cha is all about infusing Japanese artisanal inspirations into all types of desserts to delight your taste buds. This summer, the brand has launched a collection of desserts starring the Japanese white peach, and its refreshing sweetness is sure to make each of these desserts irresistible.

    Japanese White Peach Soft Cream Parfait
    White peach soft cream with white peach sauce and jelly topped with pieces of fresh Japanese white peach for a rich texture.

    Peach Soda with White Peach Soft Cream
    Soda with white peach syrup, topped with white peach soft cream and fresh Japanese white peach. A perfect summer dessert which can quench your thirst!

    *Available at sweets house Cha Cha counters at Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores

    Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.