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Korean Gastronomic Delight

23 (Thu) Jun – 13 (Wed) Jul 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

city'super has prepared for Korean food lovers a variety of top-grade fresh ingredients, alcoholic beverages, kitchenware, ready-to-eat meals and cold appetisers directly flown from Korea, so you can enjoy authentic, artisanal Korean delicacies from the comfort of your own home.

Premium Korean Cooking at Home: Must-have Cookware and Ingredients

Want to enjoy Korean cuisine at home? With an array of fresh ingredients, cooking up a scrumptious Korean feast has never been so easy!

Recommended Cooking Ingredients:
  • Badaone Korean Frozen Wild Caught Yellow Croaker
  • This dried yellow croaker fish is famous in the Jeolla-Do region in South Korea. Simply add water, minced garlic, spicy sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white radish, onions and other ingredients for a -tasty rice dish.

    Dr.Hows Jadam Hinoki Steamer

    Made with Japanese cypress, it has a unique refreshing aroma, and can retain the premium seafood’s original flavour while steaming. Can be used on induction stoves, hot plates and gas stoves.

    Recommended Cooking Ingredients:
  • Korean Live Octopus
  • From Mokpo, Jeollanam-do in South Korea. The traditional Korean serving method is to put the rinsed octopus into boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes, then serve with a Korean spicy dipping sauce.
    Tip: Sprinkle salt onto the octopus and rub to remove any dirt or slime. Rinse with clean water before cooking.

  • Korean Live Abalone
  • From Wando, southern part of Jeollanam-do in South Korean, this abalone is meaty, packed with umami and very tender.
    Tip: Clean the abalone with a brush; separate the meat from the shell and discard the intestines. Use fine salt to rub the meat and rinse with clean water, then strike the two sides of the abalone using the flat side of your knife to tenderise it. Rinse again.

  • Korean Golden Flounder Fish Slice [Previously Frozen]
  • Very unique and grown in clean seawater in Eastern Jeju Island. The fish has been fed with a food mixture containing ginseng, and is very flavourful with a chewy, tender texture.

    Beverage Pairing:
  • Damun Premium Makgeolli/ Premium Makgeolli - Black Rice (Alc. 6.5%)
  • Crafting makgeolli using traditional methods recognised by the Korean government, Damun has received a gold mark distinction to certify its use of high-quality domestic ingredients, manufacturing process and products. Only a very select few makgeolli have received this recognition. This beverage has a rich, creamy and full-bodied taste.

    Savour Premium Korean Hanwoo Beef at Home

    A rich flavour and tender texture are characteristic of premium Korean Hanwoo beef. Compared to Japanese wagyu, Korean beef has a more even distribution of fats, and is particularly suitable for those who like their beef with a stronger flavour.

    city’super is the exclusive retail outlet approved by the Hoengseong government to import premium Hanwoo beef to Hong Kong, and has received certification for every one of its branches. The certification is to ensure that all cattle are given the highest quality feed and raised in a pristine environment. For all these reasons, Hoengseong Hanwoo beef has a more intense flavour and more delicate marbling than other Korean beef.

  • Korea Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Striploin (채끝살)
  • Korea Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Rib Eye (꽃등심살)
  • Korea Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Short Rib Bone In (꽃갈비)
  • Korea Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Short Rib Boneless (꽃갈비살)
  • Korea Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Chuck Eye Roll (목심살)
  • Korea Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Top Sirloin Cap (설깃머리살)

  • Korean Beef Party Essential:
    Dr.Hows Pallete Grill Pan – Deep Beige

    If you’re using high quality ingredients, it is also worth investing in good kitchenware. Popular Korean cookware brand Dr.Hows’ grill pan has an octagonal shape to maximise the use of space. It has a unique design to optimise oil drainage. Place a small container or dish near the drainage hole to catch the oil, and enjoy an easy feast of grilled meats at home.

    All About the Details: Korean Side Dish and Soju

    Being busy is no excuse to eat poor quality food. If you find yourself too busy to cook elaborate meals, simple and delicious Korean main or side dishes (banchan) are perfect for you. Pair these side dishes with veggies, rice or noodles to effortlessly create a tasty meal!

  • Banchan Danji Korean Oyster in Spicy Sauce
  • Spicy marinated oysters with a mild brininess and sweetness. Rich without overwhelming.

  • Banchan Danji Korean Octopus in Spicy Sauce
  • Chewy, mildly spicy and very tasty.

  • Banchan Danji Korean Scallop Mantle in Spicy Sauce
  • With a rich texture, aromatic spicy flavour and a nice bite.

    Kelly’s by Chef Una Premium Sweet and Spicy Baby Octopus

    A delicious spicy dish to go with rice. Can cook this together with veggies, rice cakes or noodles.

    Soju Pairing:

    Don’t forget to pair the side dishes with the smooth, mellow and sweet Kooksoondang Rea 25 Premium Soju, or the Kooksoondang Baekseju which has been added with ginseng, dried tangerine peel, liquorice root and other herbal ingredients during the making process.

    KookSoonDang is the largest traditional brewery in South Korea. The brewery is located in Gangwon-do, an area known to have a very clean environment with fresh air and pure natural water.

    100% Indulgence: Top-notch Korean-style Instant Meal Kits

    Korean meal kits have risen in popularity recently, offering an easy alternative for busy urbanites to save time and simply reheat the meal kit for premium, delicious Korean fare, which are authentic and nutritious, these healthy meal kits are great for enjoying at home or the office.

    Banchan Danji Hanwoo Beef Bone Broth with Beef Tendon / Hanwoo Beef Bone Broth with Sliced Beef

    With no preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring, this broth has been made with quality Korean beef and beef bone. Boil for 5 minutes and enjoy. Add rice, noodles or cold dumplings for a hearty main meal.

    Badasoop Gamtae Noodles Meal Kit

    The team has spent years perfecting the recipe for gamtae noodles, determining the maximum amount of gamtae they can blend into the dough without these beautifully green noodles losing elasticity. To prepare, cook in hot water for 4 to 5 minutes, then rinse under cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. Before serving, add Korean soy sauce and lightly roasted shiso oil, and sprinkle with chopped seaweed.

    Want to make your own traditional ginseng chicken soup? You can opt for Kelly's Cape Bop Cordyceps Ginseng Chicken Soup Pack, which is packed with herbal ingredients. After cleaning the soup ingredients, add water, 400g chicken and sticky rice, and cook for 40 minutes for fragrant, exquisite Korean-style ginseng chicken soup.

    Fragrant & Umami: Korean-style Soy Sauce Marinated Seafood with Seaweed

    The famous Korean dish of gejang (soy sauce marinated crab) is truly irresistible, and is known fondly as “rice thief” in Korea. Now, head on over to city’super and bring home mouth-watering soy sauce marinated seafood from Gebang Sikdang, a Michelin-recommended restaurant for three years in a row located in the Gangnam area of South Korea!

    About Gebang Sikdang

    A Michelin-recommended restaurant from 2018 to 2022, the restaurant uses Korean grown premium mature flower crabs to make the best-quality soy sauce crab dishes.


    Developed by restaurant Gebang Sikdang, three kinds of seafood have been marinated in soy sauce for a sweet and umami-packed flavour. Great for enjoying with rice, or use the leftover sauce to marinate soft-boiled eggs or make fried rice. Enjoy these dishes the authentic Korean way.

  • Gebang Sikdang Korean Frozen Soy Sauce Marinated Crab:
  • made with blue crabs from Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do

  • Gebang Sikdang Korean Frozen Soy Sauce Marinated Shrimp:
  • made with white-leg shrimp from Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do

  • Gebang Sikdang Korean Frozen Soy Sauce Marinated Abalone:
  • made with abalone from Wando in South Jeollanam-do

    Also try:
    Badasoop Premium Roasted Seaweed Snack

    Crispy seaweed is important when savouring soy sauce marinated seafood dishes. Badasoop is the only gamtae and seaweed maker in Korea to be officially recognised as a “master maker”. Strictly selecting premium domestically produced Korean seaweed and roasting it using high-quality sesame oil, Badasoop seaweed is extra crispy and tasty. Wrap crab roe, white rice and soy sauce in the seaweed, and indulge your senses as you sink your teeth into the umami-packed wrap and hear the clear crunch of the seaweed.

    Breakfast Fit for a King: Premium Korean Bread

    Tired of having bread for breakfast? This range of exceptional Korean bread may change your mind!

    Tardemah specialises in unique baked goods, such as its signature cheese bread that is very popular in Korea. It has been interviewed by various Korean TV stations including SBS, MBC and KBS. The brand strictly selects premium organic Korean flour and ingredients, and freshly bakes its bread every day in Hong Kong. Native Korean staff can be found in stores to help you choose the perfect bread for a 100% Korean baked goods experience.

  • Tardemah Cheese, Tomato & Basil Pesto Bread
  • Tardemah Coconut Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Brioche
  • Tardemah Fig and Chestnut in Whole Wheat Bread
  • Tardemah Red Bean Walnut Cookies
  • Michelin Chef Secret Recipe: Korean Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs

    After enjoying the tasty Korean soy sauce marinated crab, how do you make the most of the leftover sauce by making special Korean-style dishes? Chef Una from Michelin-recognised Korean restaurant is here to teach you how to create delicious zero-waste Korean Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs!

    About Chef Una

    Korean Chef Una is an award-winning Korean cooking instructor and consultant in Hong Kong. She is at the helm of Kelly's Cape Bop, a restaurant recognised by the Michelin guide which not only offers light and healthy Korean street snacks with no additives, but also royal private dinner service. The restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin guide for six consecutive years.

    Korean Soy Sauce Marinated Eggs is enjoyable and delicious. Enjoy with rice for a satisfying meal. Watch the video now and learn Chef Una’s secret recipe!

    Michelin Chef Secret Recipe: Stewed Korean Yellow Croaker with Vegetables

    The delicate, tender and nutritious Korean Frozen Wild Yellow Croaker is loved by Koreans, and can be marinated and stewed or simply pan-fried. If you love the sweetness and spiciness of Korean sauces, follow the below steps to get the early access to the secret recipe - Stewed Korean Yellow Croaker with Vegetables, which is designed by Michelin Korean Chef Una!

    About Chef Una

    Korean Chef Una is an award-winning Korean cooking instructor and consultant in Hong Kong. She is at the helm of Kelly's Cape Bop, a restaurant recognised by the Michelin guide which not only offers light and healthy Korean street snacks with no additives, but also royal private dinner service. The restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin guide for six consecutive years.

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