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La Fête des Vins

30 (Thur) Apr – 20 (Wed) May 2020
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

La Fête des Vins is making its triumphant return this May, bringing you a spectacular array of premium Rhône wines, as well as French cheeses and delicacies. So come join us at city'super this spring and let us dazzle your palate with authentic French flavours.

Cornas: Carefully Hand-harvested Wines From Northern Rhône

In the wine world, how grapes are harvested can affect the quality of the wine, and vineyard terrain is one of the factors that has an impact on harvesting methods.

Located in Northern Rhône, Cornas became an official French wine AOC in 1938. It is one of the smallest appellations in the Rhône Valley and produces only red wine made with 100% Syrah grapes.

Due to its many mountains and slopes, it is not possible to machine harvest, hence its grapes are only hand-harvested. The hand-picking process is very strict, and only grapes that are ripe enough will be picked to ensure the quality of the wine. The region is not affected by strong wines, which helps to mature grapes. The granite soil also contributes to its rich, powerful and dark characteristics.

Here are two wines by Jean-Luc Colombo, which helped to bring the Cornas region into the public eye:

Jean-Luc Colombo Cornas Les Méjeans 2016
Seductively rich nose with underlying hints of pepper. Elegant on the palate and has an enjoyable finish.

Jean-Luc Colombo Cornas Terres Brûlées 2016
The tannins, powerful but elegant, are softened by a well-managed maturation of two years in oak. It has an intense ruby colour with aromas of raspberry, liquorice, coffee and a long and spicy finish.

Food Pairing Tip:
The rich fruitiness of Syrah and the unique spiciness of Cornas pair very nicely with the tender and mild-flavoured Iberico lamb rack chop, and enhances the meat’s complexity.

Excellent Value For Money: Highlights from Legendary Wineries

Rayas is one of the top wineries from Southern Rhone. While it is located in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape region, which is famous for blending different types of grapes, Rayas is known for making small-batch, high-valued wines from only Grenache grapes. If you want to experience wines from this estate at an entry-level price, des Tours wines from the same family is a great choice. If you’re just starting out on your wine appreciation journey, why not add the below wines to your tasting list?

Domaine des Tours Vin de Pays du Vaucluse Rouge 2015
80% Grenache and 20% Syrah. The nose is with fine aromas of crushed strawberries, fresh red fruits, spices and fresh thyme. Nice mouthfeel with silky, soft and melted tannins.

Chateau des Tours Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2015
65% Grenache, 15% Cinsault and 20% Syrah. Aromas of red berries, sweet, ocean-inspired, dusty minerality, exotic florals, and confectionary spice. Rounded texture with ripe strawberries, contrasted with crisp minerality and sweet spice.

Recommended pairing with the above two wines is the rich, tender Dry-aged USA Long-term Grain-fed Angus Beef Rib Eye.

Les Tours Vin de Pays du Vaucluse Blanc 2015
100% Grenache blanc, vat fermented and aged in barrel for 8 to 9 months. Nose of floral and stone fruit. On the palate, rich and unctuous, with white peach, exotic fruits and honey, some almonds and bit of citrus pith at finish. We recommend pairing with the rich, creamy and gooey Raclette.

3 Must-try French Sweet Wines

Need some recommendations for sweet wines? Here are three must-try sweet wines from France that are rich yet easy to drink, which makes them perfect for enjoying on their own and also for pairing with dishes. Take your pick and bring them home from city'super today!

Cave de Ribeauvillé Riesling Vendanges Tardives 2015
Made from 100% Riesling, and the grapes are deliberately left to overripe before hand-picking late into the season so the wine will have a considerable amount of residual sugar. Sometimes they are affected by noble rot, but noble rot is not a mandatory requirement. This wine has a complex nose of candied citrus. The palate is soft, balanced by ripe acidity that gives it a nice long finish. Excellent with blue cheese.

Château Climens 2005
Named “Queen of Bordeaux Sweet Wine”, it is made with 100% Semillon and is a rare botrytis wine. The noble rot on the grapes give the resulting wine a rich, complex, honeyed character. The Château Climens 2005 has layers of clear honey, marmalade, nectarine and minerals. The palate is medium-bodied with fresh, vibrant honeyed fruits. Pairs wonderfully with premium French foie gras which accentuates the foie gras’ rich flavour and aroma while keeping the palate nice and refreshed.

Jean-Luc Colombo Les Saintes 2012
Made with 100% Muscat grapes and produced in Muscat de Rivesaltes. This particular wine has a nose of apricot, citrus fruit, fresh grape and hints of mint and acacia flowers. Freshness is well balanced with honey sweetness and has a long finish. Goes very well with chocolate.

You Had Me At Chardonnay

Wines produced with Chardonnay grapes can have lots of different styles and characters, and Chardonnay, known as the “Queen of Grapes”, is great for making dry wines, bubblies and sweet wines. White wines made with Chardonnay grapes from Burgundy in France may also have different styles depending on the winery. Here are three bottles we recommend:

Aegerter Chablis Premier Cru Vieilles Vignes 2017 / 2018
Made with 100% Chardonnary grapes grown in Kimmeridgian soil and under a cool continental climate, which lends a unique minerality in flavour. The wine is fresh, lively with a mineral nose, and has notes of green apple, lemon, mint and acacia. Age makes it a bit more golden and spicier. It is a Chablis with a long finish; it is dry, and perfectly elegant.

Reine Pedauque Puligny Montrachet 2017
Made with 100% Chardonnay grapes from Puligny-Montrachet, where the climate is affected by the Atlantic Ocean. It is warm and temperate, and the limestone soils also add to the unique characteristics of the wines produced in the region.

Aromas of minerals, floral and milk blend elegantly with notes of honey and hazelnuts. The acidity is remarkable and the finish is punchy and lively. A very nice expression of the famous terroir of Puligny.

Domaine Millot Meursault Alexie 2017
Meursault has marl-rich soil, which is typical of Burgundy soil and particularly suitable for growing Chardonnay. The wine has a rich aroma and a full body, and is a Burgundy white wine with great value for money.

There are notes of floral, lemon and green fruit, with flavours of ripe citrus and a touch of toast on the palate, and a long and firm finish.

Wine Appreciation 101: Choose the Right Glass

Using exceptional wine glasses can help accentuate a wine’s quality, style and body, so it is important to choose a wine glass that is made with high standards whether in materials, shape or craftsmanship. Apart from enriching the aroma of the wine, it can also make the wine more focused and smoother in the mouth, so you can experience a wine to its fullest potential.

Zieher wine glasses are handmade in Germany by top artisans at traditional glass workshops. Its Vision series is perfectly designed and each glass is named after the type of wines they are best suited for. Find out more about each style of wine glass:

Zieher Wine glass - Vision – Fresh
For extremely fresh white wines, Prosecco or any variety of sparkling wine, and light rose wines.

Zieher Wine glass - Vision – Straight
For pure grape varieties and fruity, aromatic red and white wines.

Zieher Wine glass - Vision – Intense
For opulent, great growth, powerful white and red wines, rustic, acidic white and red wines; young and middle-aged Bordeaux wines.

Zieher Wine glass - Vision – Balanced
For white and red Burgundy, great Piedmontese wines, highly complex but sensitive white and red wines, extremely opulent rose wines and old vintage champagne.

Zieher Wine glass - Vision - Rich
For fortified, sweet and dessert wines and any type of spirit


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