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Let’s Hot Pot Tonight

4 (Tue) Jan – 28 (Mon) Feb 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Suitable for just about any season and occasion, hotpot is amongst the most popular dishes in Hong Kong. Hotpot comes in a variety of styles and flavours, and in recent years, the simple, no-frills hotpot concept has become increasingly in vogue. Want to hop on the best hotpot trends? Stay tuned to our latest hotpot tips and recommendations, and make the most of your at-home hotpot.

Hot Pot, But Better! Marugoto Nabe™ Sustainable Hot Pot

Did you know that hot pot can be sustainable too? That’s right! The trending Marugoto Nabe™ hot pot concept sets a new standard for gourmet experiences by incorporating lots of vegetables, using the veggies and other ingredients to create a hot pot soup base where everything inside the pot can be eaten. Waste can be minimised by properly using every single part of the food ingredients. We are delighted to bring you the Whole Cabbage Hot Pot recipe which includes plenty of fresh Japanese veggies that contain a lot of vitamin C and fibre – perfect for environmentally-conscious individuals who care about their health.

Recommended Ingredients and Kitchenware:

  • Japanese Cabbage
  • Norit Japan Hinaijidori Chicken Broth Powder
  • Japan Hokkaido Pork Belly for Shabu Shabu [Previously Frozen]
  • IH Sukiyaki Pot with Wooden Lid 21cm
  • Rasonic Compact Induction Cooker – White / Black / Pink

Sustainable Gastronomy: Marugoto Nabe™ Soy Milk Hot Pot

The sustainable, zero-waste Marugoto Nabe™ hot pot concept has been garnering a following from healthy, environmentally conscious gourmets. Today, we would like to introduce a soy milk hot pot that can nourish you from the inside out. Made with only soy products from ingredients to soup base, everything can be eaten so food waste is minimised. The broth is tasty and nutritious which is excellent for the autumn and winter seasons.

Main Ingredients: Saikyou White Miso, Hakataya Soy Milk (No Added Sugar), Hakataya Deep Fried Tofu, Miyukiya Fujimoto Soy Milk Konjac Noodle

Tips: add egg, grated cheese, black pepper and udon into the hot pot for carbonara-like texture and flavour.

Have You Tried Keto Hot Pot?

The trending keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. While it may be difficult to dine out when you’re practicing the keto diet, why not enjoy keto hot pot at home so you can indulge in good food without compromising your diet?

Kaneryo Chururin Seaweed Noodle - Smooth Texture
0 calories, made with seaweed and packed with dietary fibre.

UK Chilled Organic Whole Chicken
Daylesford Organic is committed to rearing animals organically, slowly and to the highest standards of welfare. It is 100% organic as accredited by the Soil Association, and its products are free from unnecessary chemicals and antibiotics.

Japanese Long Enoki Mushroom
Thin, long, fresh and chewy, these mushrooms can be added into soups for extra fragrance and richness.

Kayanoya Original Kombu Kelp Stock Powder
The main ingredients of the kelp dashi are Makonbu, which offers the sweeter taste of kelp from southern Hokkaido, and Rishiri Kombu, harvested on the northern islands of Rishiri and Rebun and is characterised by its elegant aroma and umami. Dried shiitake mushrooms and a small amount of sea salt are also added to enhance the overall flavour.

Calling All Coriander Lovers! The Ultimate Coriander Hot Pot

As a coriander addict, have you been tirelessly looking for the next best coriander dish? This winter, why not invite your fellow coriander-loving friends and create the ultimate coriander hot pot at home? Grab the coriander and below ingredients and you’re ready to go.

Sam Gwan Coriander & Fish Soup Noodles
Produced by local brand Sam Gwan and 100% made in Hong Kong, these coriander noodles are free of MSG and food colouring. Add the noodles into fish soup to enjoy a mild, aromatic dish that is not overwhelming. Perfect for beginner-level coriander lovers.

Yi O Coriander Sauce
A vegan coriander sauce that is free of any spices – perfect for coriander-loving friends who are vegans. What’s special about this sauce is that it’s been made with two different types of coriander, including Chinese and Thai coriander grown in Yi O Farm, as well as fresh lemon leaves and ginger from Yi O for a refreshing and layered flavour.

Tamariba Coriander Soy Sauce 300%
Compared to the “Yummy the cilantro soy sauce” from same range by the brand, this soy sauce contains 300% more cilantro and is highly concentrated – perfect for the cilantro addict.

Next-Level Japanese Ramen Soup Bases for Hot Pot

As we enter into the winter season, hot pot will start making frequent appearances on the dining table. It’s time to indulge in the delightful flavours of Japan with wonderfully aromatic Japanese-style hot pot soup bases. city’super has rounded up a few of the most popular soup bases from beloved ramen brands – try them now with your friends and family.

Sugakiya Toyama Black Hot Pot Soup
Inspired by the “Toyama Black Ramen” from Toyama prefecture, this black pepper soy sauce soup base tastes even better when you add in sprouts and cabbage.

Daisho Ippudo Porkbone Hot Pot Soup
A hot pot soup base from the famous ramen brand Ippudo. Towards the end of your meal, add in ramen for a different hot pot experience.

Daisho Menya Musashi Hot Pot Soup
A hot pot soup base from the renowned ramen brand Menya Musahi. Finish your meal by adding in ramen for the perfect end to a unique hot pot experience.

Nissui Santouka Pork Bone Soup - Salt
A hot pot soup base from the renowned ramen brand Santouka. The pork bone broth is very rich and goes well with seafood and veggies.

Tips: use the Ginpo 7go Donabe-Kyomishima pot to make your Japanese hot pot experience even more authentic.

Enjoy at Home: Hearty Mala Hot Pot

Enjoying hot pot is one of Hong Kongers’ favourite activities in winter. Of course, mala soup base is among the most popular hot pot soup bases. Get all the ingredients and kitchenware you need and enjoy a spicy party at home anytime you want.

Lovepot Tender Beef Spicy Hotpot
This super convenient instant pot has a special self-heating design and is made with premium Taiwanese ingredients including large pieces of beef with tendon, duck’s blood and tofu. Guaranteed satisfaction.

SpicySpirit Duck Blood in Chilli Soup
Making the soup base involves pan-frying, boiling, stir-frying and deep-frying with three hours of tedious processes to give it a spicy flavour that is elevated and complex. The broth is piquant and mildly numbing, while the duck’s blood jelly is smooth yet has a nice bouncy texture.

Mozambique Black Tiger Prawn [Previously Frozen]
Produced, raised and packed at Qwehli’s own Mozambique farm, where the soil of the Zambezi and the rich flora of the Mozambique Channel give the tiger prawns an incomparable flavour. The shell has a magnificent tiger-striped blue colour, while the flesh is crunchy and firm with a good bite.

Cooking IH Induction Shabu-Shabu Half-And-Half Pot
A versatile pot that has a divider so you can work with different ingredients at the same time. Ceramic coating on both the pot’s interior and exterior makes it very easy to clean.

Perfect Pairing: Join Nature Smoked Plum Juice
Strictly selected natural herbs are brewed with traditional methods to create a rich, layered plum juice that is thirst-quenching with a lingering aftertaste. A perfect accompaniment to hot pot, stir-fried dishes and mala pots.

Tender & Succulent: Hong Kong-style Mala Chicken Hot Pot

As the temperature drops, the desire for soul-warming chicken pot intensifies. As chicken pot is a beloved Hong Kong dish, it is no wonder chicken pot restaurants are so popular. If you don’t want to wait in line for a table, how about making an ingredient-packed chicken pot at home? Let’s bring home our favourite ingredients and get started on the preparations.

Happy Mama Hong Kong Style Chicken Pot
Crafted with a special sauce made with local condiments and other healthy ingredients such as wood ear and red dates, this instant pot catered to the Hong Kong palate is suitable for adults and children alike.

Happy Mama Hot & Spicy Chicken Pot
Homemade chicken pot with a spicy kick. Made with locally crafted chilli powder for a balanced spiciness that can stimulate your taste buds without overwhelming the chicken’s natural flavour.

Carly Jackson Devilish Chicken Pot Sauce
A condiment made in Hong Kong. Use one packet for each chicken. The sauce, dried chilli and the super spicy chilli powder are all individually packaged, so you can adjust the spiciness according to your personal preference. Easy and simple. First, enjoy the chicken in the chicken pot, then add in water or chicken broth to create a soup base for a fragrant, delicious and irresistible dish.

Perfect Pairing: La Sirene Praline Coco Vanilla Stout (Alc. 5.8%)
Made using freshly toasted cacao, fresh vanilla pods and hazelnuts layered onto a rich dark stout. Dessert in a can.


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