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Lunar New Year 2021

5 (Tue) Jan – 22 (Mon) Feb 2021 @ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores
21 (Thur) Jan – 17 (Wed) Feb 2021 @ Lab Concept Store
21 (Thur) Jan – 22 (Mon) Feb 2021 @ Times Square atrium

Lunar New Year is just around the corner and city'super is where you can find festive puddings and hampers as well as exquisite, high-quality gourmet gifts all under one roof. Prepare to share your blessings this Lunar New Year with your family, friends and loved ones.

city'super Own-brand Chinese New Year Puddings

city'super is where you can find the best Chinese New Year gourmet items all under one roof! This year, we have strictly selected various popular Japanese and other ingredients to craft our very own Chinese New Year puddings with exciting flavours! Here are four of our favourite ones that you can share with your family and friends:

city'super Hokkaido Scallop Radish Cake (Japanese Radish)
Sweet fresh Japanese daikon is paired with premium Hokkaido scallop, sakura shrimp from Suruga Bag, mushrooms from Oita prefecture and Chinese sausage with the perfect amount of fat – an excellent mix of textures and flavours.

city'super Red Date New Year Cake with Okinawa Brown Sugar
Whole red dates are grounded into paste and combined with Okinawa brown sugar to bring a unique aroma, while purple glutinous rice further enhances the mouthfeel.

city'super Omni Pork with Dried Cepes Radish Cake (Japanese Radish)
This vegan radish cake has been crafted with OmniPork – a vegan, plant-based pork – as well as the richly flavoured dried porcini mushrooms (cepes). We recommend pan-frying for even better results.

city'super Japanese Red Bean with Coconut Milk Cake
Plump and rich Hokkaido red beans and creamy coconut milk are used to make this delectable sweet pudding.

Spring Festival Blessing: A Gift of Rice

A symbol of prosperity and abundance, rice is an excellent gift for Lunar New Year. We have specially selected three premium rice gift sets to kick start a year of good luck!

city'super New Harvest Thai Hom Mali & Healthy Mix Rice Gift Set
Comes in a Chinese New Year-themed gift box. Contains Thai Hom Mali rice, which has a strong taste with soft, smooth texture and is packed with nutrients; as well as a rice blend of red rice, Thai jasmine rice and riceberry. Red rice is rich in antioxidants and is great for the skin; Thai jasmine rice is aromatic and refreshing; and riceberry is chewy with a lovely aroma.

Apart from our own-brand product, you can also choose from famous Japanese brand company Gihey’s range of premium Japanese rice:

Gihey Blended Rice Gift Set
A gift set containing eight different types of white rice that are great for cooking. The design of the box is a collaboration with traditional woodblock printing artisan Takezasado from Kyoto combining two grains of rice to form the figure eight, while also symbolising scenes of Kyoto’s four seasons. A meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Cheers to Good Health: Auspicious Plum Blossom Snack Box with Tea

Having plum blossoms in the house during Chinese New Year is said to bring about success and great relationships in the coming year. Hong Kong brand Hocha Elite is all about promoting a healthy diet, and the brand has launched a series of Chinese New Year gift boxes that look great and are filled with auspicious blessings. Talk about the perfect Spring Festival gifts!

Hocha Elite Five Blessings Snacks Pocket

The top layer is the lucky plum blossom wishing tree, which the bottom compartment can be used to store snacks. Comes with a selection of healthy Chinese snacks, including Mulberry Hawthorn Strips, Dried Hawthorn Strips, Crispy Golden Egg Pastry, Handmade Ginger Candy, Brown Sugar Fried Dough Twists and Crispy Corn Pastry. A paper carrying bag with Chinese New Year greeting is also available.

Hocha Elite Great Fortunes Tea Gift Set

Includes 12 different healthy floral tea blends that are great for nourishing the body in winter and spring: Osmanthus Pear Tea, Longan Red Date Tea, Apple Beauty Tea, Signature Vitality Tea, Coix Seed Beans Tea, Dampness Dispelling Tea, Sleep Optimising Tea, Heat Clearing Tea, Red Sugar Ginger Tea, Dendrobium Chrysanthemum Tea, Dendrobium Jasmine Rose Tea, and Black Goji Roselle Tea.

Chinese New Year Sweet Mikan Gifts

Eating sweet mikans during Chinese New Year has the meaning of wealth and prosperity, which makes mikan a very popular fruit during this period. city'super has rounded up our favourite mikan products including mikan juice, fresh mikans and mikan gift boxes to celebrate Chinese New Year. They come beautifully packaged and make excellent gifts for others and for yourself.

Must-try products: Souwakajuen Mikan Juice

Exclusive to city'super, these mikan juices have different Chinese New Year greetings printed on the bottles. Souwakajuen strictly selects sweet and round mikans to make their 100% mikan juices. Ajiichi mikan juice is made only with mikans with a sugar level of 12 degrees or more. Each bottle is made with around 30 mikans. 100% natural without added preservatives.

Souwakajuen 100% Arita Mikan Juice (Year of Ox)
Souwakajuen 100% Arita Mikan Juice (Good Health)
Souwakajuen 100% Arita Mikan Juice (Rich & Lucky)

Top picks:

Japan Kumamoto Takashima Farm Mikan Gift Box

A city'super direct farm, Takashima Farm’s mikans are very sweet and juicy with a great balance in sweetness and acidity. The skin is thinner and can be easily peeled with hands.

Japan Wakayama Shimotsu Mikan
The result of 300 years of wisdom of the mikan farmers. After harvesting, the mikans are stored in a mud-walled cellar in the forest. Over the winter months, sweetness of the mikans increases while acidity decreases inside softened skin. This naturally intensified sweetness is so well-loved by mikan connoisseurs.

Year of the Ox: Wagyu Beef Noodles for this Lunar New Year

With the arrival of the Year of the Ox, delicious beef dishes are a must on the dining table this Chinese New Year. Miss the flavours of Japan? city'super is delighted to bring you wagyu beef ramen noodle gift sets* from different regions of Japan. Bring them home and try them out!

Kubota Mengyo Noto Wagyu Beef Rich Soy Sauce Soup Ramen Gift Set
Noto wagyu cattle are raised in the beautiful natural environment of Ishikawa prefecture. The essence of beef and minced beef pieces are added to a rich soy sauce soup broth for an intense, exquisite taste.

Kubota Mengyo Oumi Wagyu Beef Miso Soup Ramen Gift Set
Known as one of the top three wagyu varieties in Japan, Oumi wagyu from Shiga prefecture is minced and added to a miso soup base. Along with thin noodles, it is heaven in each mouthful.

Kubota Mengyo Yonezawa Wagyu Beef Rich Soy Sauce Soup Ramen Gift Set
Yonezawa wagyu beef has been minced and added to a rich soy sauce-based broth, which is paired with al dente, thing ramen noodles for a unique north-eastern Japanese flavour.

Kubota Mengyo Kobe Wagyu Beef Rich Soy Sauce Soup Ramen Gift Set
Arguably the most famous wagyu variety, Kobe wagyu beef pieces are cooked in a soy sauce broth to create a rich soup base. Paired with thin noodles for an irresistible taste.

*Image is for reference only. The gift set does not include toppings.

CNY Shopping Guide: Year of the Ox Must-have Snack Gift Sets

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get your Chinese New Year shopping done. Want something of high quality that also makes a great gift? Here is a selection of popular snacks that we can’t get enough of. Add them to your shopping list now!

From SunnyHills:

Uses natural ingredients without artificial additives for lovingly creating its moreish baked goods.

SunnyHills Pineapple and Apple Cake Set
The filling of the apple cake is made from red jade apples from Aomori prefecture in Japan, while the crust is crafted using Japanese flour, French cream and fresh eggs. The pineapple cake is filled with delicious pineapple sauce, and is crafted with fresh eggs, natural cream and a special flour.

SunnyHills Pineapple Fortune Cake Set
The dense crust encases a smooth and delicate custard which elevates the tangy sweetness and sour of the classic pineapple sauce. The layers are arranged like flower petals that are gorgeously blooming. Comes with a special Year of the Ox tote bag and fai chun.

From J.D Gift:

Uses premium natural ingredients and traditional techniques to spread its messages of care and blessing through delicious food.

J.D Gift Pork Floss & Peanut Sandwich Biscuit
Made with Changhua County Shui Gen pork floss and Hsinchu Fuyuan peanuts. Smooth and creamy with bits of peanut pieces, the peanut sauce combines with rich pork floss and sweet crunchy biscuit for a unique sweet treat.

From Ding’s Kitchen:

Made famous by a TV show, Ding’s Kitchen brings its fun culinary concepts into everyday food items.

Ding’s Kitchen Handcrafted Eggroll & Nuts Combo
With something for everyone in the family, this combo includes handcrafted aged mandarin peel and honeycomb egg rolls, Sichuan peppercorn honeycomb egg rolls and honeycomb egg rolls in original flavour.

Apples with Chinese New Year Blessings

Apples are symbolic of peace and stability, which makes them lovely gifts for Chinese New Year. This year, city'super has prepared apple juice and apples with Chinese New Year blessings from RingoWork from Japan’s Aomori prefecture, which is world renowned for its delicious apples!

RingoWork Chinese New Year Special Edition Apple Juice:

Exclusively sold at city'super, these special edition bottles are printed with Chinese New Year blessings. RingoWork uses only ripe Tsugaru and Toki Aomori apples to make its premium apple juice, which is refreshingly sweet and natural with a fruity aroma.

RingoWork Year of Ox Apple Juice
RingoWork Kung Hei Fat Choy Apple Juice
RingoWork Best Wishes Apple Juice
RingoWork Good Health Apple Juice

RingoWork Chinese New Year Character Apples:
Hailing from Aomori prefecture, RingoWork apples are of the Fuji variety which is juicy and sweet with a slight tartness. The auspicious characters on the apples are done by the farmers using natural daylight to create a colour difference on the skin of the fruit. Artistic and meaningful, these apples make excellent gifts or decorations for your own home.

RingoWork Japan Aomori Character Apple (Year of the Ox)
RingoWork Japan Aomori Fuji Apple (Fook)
RingoWork Japan Aomori Character Apple (Wishful)
RingoWork Japan Aomori Character Apple (Kung Hei)
RingoWork Japan Aomori Character Apple (Fat Choi)
RingoWork Japan Aomori Character Fuji Apple (Peace)
RingoWork Japan Aomori Character Fuji Apple (Health)

Something Sweet for the New Year: The Most Beloved Castella Cake Gift Box

As Lunar New Year approaches, it is also time to look for nice gifts for when you visit family and friends. Japanese food products are always delectable and beautifully packaged. While we are not able to travel this Chinese New Year, why not grab one of these lovely Japanese gift boxes to cure your “homesickness”?

Castella Cake Tips:
The Japanese Castella Cake (kasutera in Japanese) was a traditional Portuguese cake from the Iberian Peninsula that was brought into Japan in the 16th century. It was tasty and thus became a very popular speciality dessert in Nagasaki. nuevo by BUNMEIDO is a new Castella Cake speciality store under the Bunmeido brand, combining cake-making with modern sweets concept to create these mini Castella Cakes with a rich egg aroma.

Bunmeido Maple Castella Cake Gift Box (9pcs/ 6pcs)
Made with Canadian maple syrup to give it a mild sweetness and aroma and fluffy texture. Irresistible!

Bunmeido Lemon Castella Cake Gift Box (9pcs/ 6pcs)
Made using Sicilian lemons lending a zesty, refreshing taste.

Lunar New Year Hampers

city'super brings you 16 Lunar New Year Hampers packed with delicious, traditional, premium ingredients, gourmet delicacies, seasonal fruit, fruit juices and fine wines: the best way to express your wishes to your loved ones and business partners for a Happy Lunar New Year.


  • C2101 Ultimate Gourmet Hamper
  • C2103 Wishes of Prosperity
  • C2106 Wishes of Abundance
  • C2112 city'super Superior Deli and Cheese Hamper
  • C2113 Deluxe Japanese Fruit Hamper

Happy Lunar New Year Selection


^Promotional products may be available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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