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Lunar New Year 2022

4 (Tue) Jan – 14 (Mon) Feb 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

6 (Thur) Jan – 7 (Mon) Feb 2022
@ Times Square atrium

13 (Thur) – 31 (Mon) Jan 2022
@ Lab Concept store

Lunar New Year is less than a month away – are you sorted for pastries and presents? This year, city'super brings you a series of exquisite gift boxes, Lunar New Year pastries and juice to serve when guests visit, and premium Lunar New Year hampers. Double the festive joy and blessings by giving them.

Lunar New Year Must-haves: city'super’s Homemade Chinese Pastries

Traditional Chinese pastries are a staple for Lunar New Year celebrations, and city'super has prepared a quartet of delicious, luxury pastries, so you can start the Year of the Tiger in style.

city'super Hokkaido Scallop Radish Cake (Japanese Radish)

Fresh Japanese radish with high-quality Hokkaido scallop, sakura shrimp from Suruga Bay, mushrooms from Oita Prefecture and Chinese sausage with a perfect balance of fat.

city'super Red Date New Year Cake with Okinawa Brown Sugar

Whole red dates are ground into paste and combined with Okinawa brown sugar for a unique aroma, and special purple glutinous rice to enhance the flavour.

city'super Japan Hokkaido Red Bean with Coconut Milk Cake

Made with high-quality Hokkaido red beans and coconut milk. A must-have item for the festival.

city'super Bird's Nest & Osmanthus Water Chestnut Cake

Crispy water chestnuts and a pleasant osmanthus aroma, paired with 3.78g dried bird’s nest, making it particularly precious.

A Gift of Good Health for Seniors

When it comes to gifts for senior members of the family, luxurious yet practical health food and noodle gift boxes should be at the top of your list. city'super has prepared four desirable gifts that are sure to delight the older members of your family.

Fun-s Chicken Essence (6pcs / 8pcs)
The zero-fat, zero-cholesterol formula is smooth, comes without any unpleasant smell and can quickly replenish the body’s energy. Heat the whole bag in hot water, then simply tear open the packaging to enjoy. Great for everyone in the family.

BnnBee Drop Me – Avocado Honey / Puchiang Honey
Contains 100% pure honey that has gone through a complex production process and very strict quality control. The patented Drop Me squeezy bottle makes it very convenient to use.

BnnBee Tag Me Twice Honey Gift Box
The simple yet elegant bottle is filled with rich logan honey and lychee honey. Covered with a wooden lid with laser engraving, this set makes a thoughtful gift.

Wong Chi Kei x Sanrio YeaYea Noodles Gift Set
Only 250 limited-edition Sanrio sets are available. Wong Chi Kei has been upholding Guangzhou’s traditional art of noodle-making by not only elevating the quality of the noodles, but also taking on the challenge of keeping each noodle within 0.7mm while retaining their smooth, chewy texture. Perfect for noodle lovers.

For New Year House Visits: SunnyHills Limited-edition Gift Box

Lunar New Year is almost upon us again, and it’s time to get your gifts ready. This year, city'super has brought Taiwan’s famous souvenir brand SunnyHill’s Lunar New Year Limited-edition Gift Box to Hong Kong so you can savour the authentic taste of Taiwan. Each of these gift boxes also come with a carrier bag and a fai chun so you can share these festive blessings with your friends and family.

SunnyHills Pineapple Fortune Cake Set
The crust is covered with smooth and delicate custard, which is paired with the classic sweet and sour pineapple sauce. The cake is decorated with petals and looks like a gorgeously blooming pineapple flower.

SunnyHills Pineapple Fortune Cake & Pineapple Cake Gift Set
The pineapple cake is filled with pineapple sauce and made with SunnyEggs, natural cream and selected flour for an extra rich fragrance and flavour.

SunnyHills Pineapple Fortune Cake & Apple Gift Set
The apple cake filling is made from Kougyoku apples from Iwaki Mountain in Aomori prefecture in Japan. The crust is made from Japanese flour, French butter and SunnyEggs with no artificial ingredients.

Celebrate Lunar New Year the Sweet & Fruity Way

Who can resist colourful, fragrant fresh fruit? Bringing along some delicious fruit to your Lunar New Year gatherings can make the occasion even more fun. Head on over to city'super now and take home top-quality fresh fruit.

Fruit n More Combo Set

Pick and choose your favourite combo from a selection of colourful, seasonal premium fruit. Perfect for sharing at parties and family gatherings.

Japanese Dekopon Orange

Mandarins and oranges are must-haves during Lunar New Year. Hailing from Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, the Dekopon Orange is a hybrid of Kiyomi and Ponkan mikans, and is larger than normal mikans with a lovely sweetness.

Japanese Banpeiyu Pomelo

Banpeiyu Pomelo is the world’s largest citrus fruit, with a very round shape and juicy flesh. The golden skin has an elegant aroma that will brighten up your home and mood during the New Year.

Japan Aomori Character Apple – Kung Hei / Fat Choi / Year of the Tiger

city'super and RingoWork from Aomori have partnered up to produce these New Year Character Apples. They are extra precious as each fruit must be cared for with special attention to create flawless patterns on them.

Lunar New Year Delicacy For Discerning Gourmets

Add a touch of luxury to this Lunar New Year with an exquisite rice dish made with abalone or lobster. We have sourced the precious Matsumura Suisan takikomi gohan kits, Japanese rice cooking kits containing the ingredients you need, in two flavours: abalone and Ise lobster. These kits contain either one whole abalone or half an Ise lobster. Simply add in an umami-packed broth and follow a few simple steps to create sumptuous dishes for special occasions.


  1. Pour 3 Japanese cups (approx. 450g) of white rice into the rice cooker, then add in the soup base and ingredients. Stir to combine.
  2. Place the seafood with sauce into the rice cooker and let sit for 30 minutes, then turn on the rice cooker to start cooking the rice.
  3. Once cooked, stir well and enjoy.

    Year of the Tiger Themed Items

    2022 is the Year of the Tiger. To bring in good luck, prosperity and positivity energy for the New Year, why not fill your home with tiger-themed food and drinks to welcome your friends and family and share your blessings?

    RingoWork Year of the Tiger Apple Juice
    Made with two types of apples: Tsugaru and Toki. Tsugaru is famous and popular nation-wide for its intense sweetness, and Toki is a rare variety with a pleasant aroma and mild tartness.

    Souwakajuen 100% Arita Mikan Juice – Year of the Tiger
    Souwakajuen strictly selects sweet and round mikans to make their 100% mikan juice. It takes around 30 mikans with a sweetness level of 12 or more degrees to make one bottle of juice. 100% natural with no additives – just like savouring fresh mikans.

    Goencha Greeting Tea - Gyokuro / Wakocha Black Tea Bag
    Inside this tea bag that resembles a lucky charm is Japanese Gyokuro tea from Uji in Kyoto. Share this warm blessing with your friends.

    Japanese-style Artisanal Gifts For the New Year

    Home decoration is an art. As we enter into the New Year, why not dress up your home with beautiful crafts and objects that are sure to add some good vibes to your everyday life?

    Yakushi Kiln’s Ceramic Fortune Cat
    Yakushi Kiln is a brand of ceramic workshops in Seto City, Aichi prefecture dating back to the Meiji period. The ceramic pieces are delicate with powerful aesthetics. It is said that if the Fortune Cat’s right hand is raised, it beckons money, while the left hand invites people; if both hands are raised, it is inviting both. Very popular among the Japanese, Yakushi’s Fortune Cat invites health and longevity, no matter which hand is raised.

    Mitani Two-tier / Three-tier Box with Lid
    Yamanaka Shikki refers to the lacquerware produced in the Yamashita Hot Springs area of Kaga City, Ishikawa prefecture. The lacquerware is gorgeous and sophisticated. Lovely pink petals are lined with beautiful patterns of cherry blossoms in gold and silver foil – perfect for entertaining guests and any celebrations. Use this during Lunar New Year as a candy box for an extra touch of elegance.

    The Art of Entertaining: High-quality Kitchenware

    If you’re planning to host parties at home around the Lunar New Year period, impress your guests with not only amazing food, but also a careful curation of top-notch kitchenware and tableware, such as those from renowned French kitchenware brand Le Creuset.

    Until 17 January 2022, spend HK$500 or more on Holiday-edition Mesh ceramic products at city'super Harbour City store to enjoy 20% off *; spend HK$800 or more to enjoy 30% off*, and spend HK$1,000 or more to enjoy 35% off *. Hurry up and bring home these aesthetically pleasing and practical products.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    Lunar New Year Hampers

    city'super brings you 15 Lunar New Year Hampers packed with delicious, traditional, premium ingredients, gourmet delicacies, seasonal fruit, fruit juices and fine wines: the best way to express your wishes to your loved ones and business partners for a Happy Lunar New Year.


    • C2201 Ultimate Gourmet Hamper
    • C2204 Wishes of Fortune
    • C2205 Japanese Blessings
    • C2209 ROYCE' Speciality
    • C2211 city'super Superior Deli and Cheese Hamper
    • C2212 Deluxe Japanese Fruit Hamper


    ^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.