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Lunar New Year 2023

30 (Fri) Dec 2022 – 31 (Tue) Jan 2023
@ Times Square atrium

4 (Wed) – 31 (Tue) Jan 2023
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

12 (Thur) – 26 (Thur) Jan 2023
@ Lab Concept store

Year of the Rabbit is fast approaching! city’super has prepared a special selection of exquisite gourmet gifts, festive pastries and fruit for you. It’s time to start preparing for your scrumptious feasts, to share more delectable moments with your family and friends.

city'super Lunar New Year Puddings Selection

Lunar New Year is the time of the year when we can enjoy our favourite traditional puddings and city’super brings you a series of exquisite Lunar New Year puddings made using premium ingredients this year. Try them out!

city'super Radish Cake with Dried Scallop
Specially selecting fresh Japanese radish, high-quality Hokkaido dried scallops, Sakura shrimp from Suruga Bay, mushrooms from Oita Prefecture, and Chinese sausage with the perfect fat-to-meat ratio as the main ingredients for this CNY rice cake.

city'super New Year Cake with Red Date
Whole red dates are ground into paste and combined with Okinawa black sugar for a unique aroma. Purple glutinous rice has been added to enhance the overall texture.

city'super Japanese Red Bean with Coconut Milk Cake
Made with high-quality, rich Hokkaido red beans and refreshingly sweet coconut milk. The perfect match!

city'super Bird's Nest & Osmanthus Water Chestnut Cake
Crispy water chestnuts is paired with the pleasant osmanthus aroma for this scrumptious CNY pudding, which has been added with 1 mace (about 3.78g) of dried bird’s nest. Its nourishing and beautifying properties are especially great in between Chinese New Year celebrations.

Lunar New Year Gift Guide: 6 Selected Japanese Snacks

Looking for nice and decent gifts for all your upcoming Lunar New Year gatherings? Popular Japanese snacks are a great option. They make an excellent afternoon tea snack and come in thoughtfully designed packaging. We particularly recommend handcrafted Japanese shrimp crackers from the 150-year-old Keishindo – these are sure to put a smile on the recipients’ faces!

Keishindo Assorted Shrimp Cracker (18pc)
Includes three packs each of Grilled Sweet Shrimp Crackers, Almond Shrimp Crackers and Grilled Botan Shrimp Crackers, and nine packs of Grilled Red Shrimp Crackers.

Keishindo Grilled Sweet Shrimp Cracker
The melt-in-your-mouth sweetness is an excellent match to the rich lingering flavours unique to shrimp.

Keishindo Almond Shrimp Cracker
House-ground almond powder are used to make these crunchy shrimp crackers.

Keishindo Grilled Red Shrimp Cracker
Premium red shrimps from around the world are used to make these crackers with an intensely rich flavour.

KitKat® Kyoto Uji Tea Gift Box
Contains two different flavours of wafer chocolates: matcha and hojicha. Sweet and crunchy, these chocolates are perfect for friends who love Japanese tea culture.

Yataro Fuji-Sanroku Yukidoke Baumkuchen
Crafted with 100% Asagiri raw milk for a very rich flavour. The snow-like texture is moist and soft. The colour of this cake is also lighter than normal Baumkuchen.

Lunar New Year Gift Inspirations: Ippudo Ramen Set

Apart from traditional snacks, ramen also makes a great Lunar New Year gift. Japanese people love savouring ramen in the New Year as ramen symbolises longevity and good health. Experience this fun and meaningful Japanese New Year custom for yourself this year!

Watanabeseimen Ippudo Tonkotsu Ramen Set
Renowned ramen shop Ippudo’s ramen set comes with two packs each of Shiromaru and Akamaru flavours. Shiromaru is thick and smooth, while Akamaru is rich and fragrant.

Watanabeseimen Ippudo Plant-Based Ramen Set
Also comes with two packs each of Shiromaru and Akamaru flavours. Free of animal products, this ramen presents Ippudo ramen’s signature richness and smoothness with sesame sauce and vegetable essence.

Failproof Lunar New Year Gifts: Dried Goods Gift Box Selection

Precious and delectable dried goods are an essential part of Lunar New Year gifting. This year, city’super is delighted to recommend dried goods gift boxes from Omoriya from Taiwan. Offering great gift options and exceptional ingredients for preparing sumptuous feasts at home, Omoriya strictly selects premium products and ingredients from around the world, and is dedicated to sharing exquisite tastes with unmatched quality with its customers. Spread festive cheer and heartfelt blessings with exquisite feasts this Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year Top Picks:
  • Omoriya 6-in-1 Premium Gift Set 360g
  • Omoriya Scallop & Mushroom Gift Box 170g
  • Omoriya 6-in-1 Deluxe Gift Set 1430g
  • Omoriya Dried Mushroom Gift Box 260g
  • Omoriya Scallop Gift Box 110g - Golden Box
  • Omoriya Sakura Shrimp 100g
  • Fail-safe Home-cooked Dishes for Lunar New Year Feasts

    Let’s cook up a feast for family and friends this Lunar New Year! Even if you don’t cook often, these fail-proof condiments, sauces and products will elevate your creations to the next level!

    Tasty Inspo #1:
    Stir-fried Conch Slices with Dried Scallop; Stir-fried Chicken with Shallots

    Star Items:

    Chua Lam Sauce Combo (city’super exclusive launch)
    Condiments produced under the supervision of renowned food critique Chua Lam. Made in Hong Kong and free of preservatives. Perfect as a gift for others or something for yourself. The gift box contains Shallot Sauce, Preserved Radish Dried Scallop Sauce, Chinese Olive Salted Fish Sauce, Salted Fish Sauce and Chiu Chow Extra Spicy Chili Sauce. Great for making stir-fried dishes, serving with noodles, and making all kinds of cuisines.

    USA Frozen Golden Conch Meat (IQF) - XXL
    Sweet and packed with umami, this premium seafood from the US is perfect for making dishes and soups.


    Tasty Inspo #2:
    Duck Blood Glass Noodles, Beef Noodles

    Star Items:

    Chiayishiri Mala Chili Soup Duck Blood Glass Noodles
    A very popular product in Taiwan. The mala golden soup base is made with chicken bones and a secret blend of spices. Tender and juicy duck’s blood and glass noodles made using traditional methods without modified starch are added into the soup for a hearty.

    Chiayishiri Beef Noodle Set
    Each box comes with two classic flavours: braised beef noodles and beef noodles in clear broth. Only tender and juicy Australian beef shank is used. The special butter and the sweet soup base pair perfectly with Chinese-style thin noodles crafted by following arduous processes.

    Tasty Inspo #3:
    Warming Hot Pot

    Star Item:

    Chiayishiri Classic Hot Pot Soup Base Set (Spicy Soup Base with Duck Blood / Pork Bone Soup Base)
    The red soup is thick with mala flavours and spicy aroma. The white soup is mild with a mellow aftertaste. You can enjoy both with this wonderful set!

    Selected Fresh Fruits & Juices for the Year of the Rabbit

    Whether you’re in need of a gift for visiting family and friends, or you’re inviting people over to your home, sweet and refreshing fresh fruits and juices are a must during Lunar New Year! As the Year of the Rabbit draws near, city’super has prepared plenty of auspicious goodies for you. Hurry up and bring them home!

    RingoWork Year Of Rabbit Apple Juice (500mL)
    'super exclusive, the juice bottle is printed with New Year greetings. Crafted with sweet and large Aomori Tsugaru and Mutsu ripe apples, this 100% apple juice is refreshingly sweet with a mild yet stimulating tartness.

    Souwakajuen Mikan Juice - Year of the Rabbit (720mL)
    'super exclusive, the juice bottle is printed with New Year greetings. Natural, healthy and 100% free of preservatives, each bottle is made with around 30 Ajiichi mikans with a sweetness level of 12 brix or more.

    Fruit n More Combo Set
    Select beautiful and colourful premium seasonal fruits for you or your loved ones with this customisable New Year gift set. Perfect for family reunions and gatherings with friends.

    Japan Aomori Character Apple – Kung Hei / Fat Choi / Year of the Rabbit
    'super and Aomori’s RingoWork have partnered up to cultivate these exquisite apples with auspicious characters. Each one of them requires meticulous attention in order for the pattern to show up flawlessly. A very special and precious gift.

    Lunar New Year Hampers

    city'super brings you 18 Lunar New Year Hampers packed with delicious, traditional, premium ingredients, gourmet delicacies, seasonal fruit, fruit juices and fine wines: the best way to express your wishes to your loved ones and business partners for a Happy Lunar New Year.

  • C2304 The New Year Blessings - Korean Collection
  • C2305 The New Year Blessings - Japanese Collection
  • C2307 The New Year Blessings - Hong Kong Collection
  • C2311 ROYCE’ Specialty
  • C2315 Japanese Fruit Hamper
  • C2318 Premium Deli Hamper
  • ^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.