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2021 Creative Mooncake Selection: Modern & Classics

Apart from spending time with family, Mid-Autumn Festival is the time to enjoy mooncakes. This year, quite a few brands have launched a selection of modern, creative mooncakes with added healthy elements. If you enjoy traditional flavours, there are also many classics to choose from. Which one is your favourite?

Ketoré Keto Mooncakes

Crafted by keto cookie brand Ketoré , these mooncakes are suitable for diabetics, those on a keto diet, kids who easily get tooth decay, and elders who prefer mooncakes that are less sweet.

After Taste Red Bean with Matcha and Dried Citrus Peel

Using the finest red bean paste and aged mandarin peel, and combined with Japanese Uji matcha flavoured crust for added fragrance. Exclusively available at city'super.

Sunnyhills Pineapple Custard Mooncake

The fragrance of the smooth, finely textured custard is accentuated by the natural tartness of Taiwanese pineapple. Symbolising prosperity and abundance, the clear layers and pineapple patterns demonstrate the pastry chef’s expert artisanal techniques.

Shang Palace Imperial - 50 year mandarin peel and red bean paste mooncake with tea gift set

The mooncakes are inspired by the traditional dessert of boiled sweetened red bean soup. The zesty and rich flavour of the precious aged 50 years mandarin peel complements the smoothness and sweetness of the red beans. The gift set also comes with pu’er tea aged with mandarin peel for the perfect pairing.

city'super Traditional Mooncake White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks

Silky smooth white lotus seed paste and umami-filled salted yolks—that’s a match made in mooncake heaven.

Traditional Delight: 3 Must-have Speciality Mooncakes

Traditional festivals can be filled with creative touches too! Speciality mooncakes are all the craze in recent years, adding a creative modern touch to classic flavours. Here are three very popular mooncakes that we think you should try.

Chui Lau Heung Mini Black Thorn Durian Snowy Charcoal Mooncake

The snow skin is made with bamboo charcoal powder, encasing rich and sweet fillings of D24 durian. The micronutrients in the mooncake can even help your body detox.

Siu Ning Bo Suzhou Style Mooncake Deluxe Box (8pcs) - Sesame and Seaweed flavours

Flaky pastry is paired with moss and special fillings with spiced salt to elevate traditional flavours. 100% handmade in Hong Kong. Suitable for vegetarians.

The Cakery Gluten-Free, Vegan, Coloring-Free Mooncakes

Contains four flavours: Black Sesame Lava Mooncake, Mango Bean Paste Lava Mooncake, Jasmine Raspberry Mooncake and Taro Bean Paste Mooncake. All the mooncakes are made with premium superfood ingredients so they are healthy and tasty. Vegan, gluten-free and with no artificial colouring. The beautifully designed mooncake box doubles up as a traditional lantern. Share these special moments with your family as you admire the moon together!

Moon Festival Must-have: 100% Natural Japanese Apple Juice

Make your celebrations with family extra special with exquisite natural flavours that please your taste buds. RingoWork has strictly selected fresh fruits grown in nutrient-rich soil in a natural environment using expert cultivation techniques to bring you top-notch apple juice. The flavour is natural, rich and very fruity. Here are three special edition RingoWork apple juice you don’t want to miss.

RingoWork Apple Juice (Mid Autumn / Moon)

A Mid-Autumn Festival limited edition, the packaging has special festive greetings on it – perfect as gifts for family and friends.

RingoWork Aomori Apple Juice

A new product made with 100% fresh Aomori apples. Share it with your loved ones this Moon Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival Hamper

The Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching, and nothing expresses your heart-felt appreciation for your family, friends and colleagues like a beautiful hamper filled with delicious goodies. This autumn, city'super has prepared 19 different MAF hampers, featuring a variety of seasonal fruits and delicacies from over the world. It will make your gift-shopping even easier.

Hamper recommendations:

M2101 city'super Western Deluxe

Offered an ideal way to ensure an indulgent festive celebration. Caviar and ibérico bellota ham are among the premium ingredients that will bring joy to the Western food lovers.

M2103 Japanese Fruit Deluxe

Filled with Japanese Okayama shine muscat grapes, kyoho grapes, melons, peaches and apples, providing a perfect choice to celebrate the festival with the important people in your life.

M2107 city'super Asian Deluxe

Impeccable dried seafood, traditional Chinese tonic, South African abalone and steamed chicken essence are all available in our signature basket and best enjoyed with the exclusive wine and juice.

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Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Idea for Elders

Looking for a suitable gift for your elders? city'super is delighted to recommend these two sumptuous gift sets containing top-notch ingredients and healthy products that are sure to be a hit!

Fun-s Chicken Essence

This essence is made from whole Red Feather Native Chicken at its prime, and not a single drop of water has been added. The chicken has been raised naturally without the use of growth hormones. The packaging has been professionally disinfected and can be kept at room temperature.

Omoriya Dried Scallop & Mushroom Gift Box

Scallop from Hokkaido and shiitake mushrooms from the Taiwanese town of Puli can be paired with all sorts of ingredients for soups, stews and stir-fried dishes. For soups, simply clean and use. For stews or stir-fries, after you clean the scallops, soak them in rice wine to soften and enhance the flavour.

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Idea: Fruit Gift Boxes

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching! Whether or not you can gather with friends and family this year, festive fruits are a must! city'super has handpicked three wonderful fruit gift boxes so you can enjoy great quality and the best flavour.

Fruit n More Combo Set

Explore the infinite colours of premium seasonal fruits from around the globe! This gift set comes in lovely packaging and is great as gifts for smaller families. The set contains a choice of two Japanese peaches from Yamagata prefecture’s Nogawa Farm or a bunch of Japanese shine muscat grapes from Oita prefecture’s Izumi Farm as well as your choice of 4 small portions of fruits among the “Fruit n More” options.

Melon & Flowers Gift Box 1 / Melon & Flowers Gift Box 2

Specially selected Japanese premium Shizuoka melon and seasonal Mid-Autumn Festival flowers come in a beautiful clear gift box for a wonderful present. Another set comes in a high-end gift box that is especially elegant. The gift set includes one Shizuoka melon and selected flowers.

Moon Festival Gift Sets: Hong Kong & Taiwan

Want to spend this Mid-Autumn Festival in a unique way? These gift boxes with local Hong Kong and Taiwanese flavours are sure to add a pleasant surprise to your family gatherings.

Wedear Goldfish Shaped Tea Bags

Transforming tea bags into art pieces, Wedear hopes to pass along messages of healing and happiness so you can appreciate the simple pleasures in life with these products that look as great as they taste.

O-Nong Little Taro Cake - Lava Egg Custard / Taro Cake - Mochi

O-Nong is a creative pastry chef and known as the “father of Da Jia baked taro pastry”. He has been making pastries for half a century, and insists on using local ingredients and handcrafting his pastries. O-Nong products are made with high-quality taro and vegetable oil. Purely handcrafted and baked fresh daily.

Pin MAF Assorted Flavor Cookies Gift Box

Pin Cookies specialises in cookies with unique Hong Kong-inspired flavours. From product concept and ingredients selection to production and packaging, everything is done in Hong Kong. This Mid-Autumn Festival gift box has a delicate lace-cut pattern with lights, so it looks just like a lantern. The box contains cookies of various flavours, and is perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

Family Reunion Special: Soul-nourishing Dishes For Home Feasts

Mid-Autumn Festival is almost here! Are you celebrating at home this year and struggling with cooking inspirations? Here are two specially selected food ingredients that are healthy, packed full of flavours, and sure to become the highlight of the night.

The Grand Hotel Mutton Hot Pot

From the famous Grand Hotel ‘s Yuan Yuan Restaurant in Taipei, which offers delicate and authentic Zhejiang cuisine, Northern light bites and noodles. The mutton hot pot includes ingredients such as lamb, aromatic ginger, Chuanxiong Rhizome, angelica, mandarin peel, licorice, Codonopsis, red dates, and goji berries. Rip open the packet, pour the contents into a pot and heat for 15 minutes.

Australian Frozen Green Lip Abalone - L

Australia is famous for its wild abalone, and in particular, the green lip abalone, which is rarer and has bright green frill. The abalone has been wild-caught in southern Australia where the water is clean and rich with nutrients. The abalone is sweet and fresh, and has a fine texture. Suitable for steaming or soups.

Using top-notch ingredients, let’s make the tasty and nourishing Abalone Fish Maw Chicken Soup.


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