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Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

31 (Thur) Aug – 29 (Fri) Sep 2023
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
@ E-Shop

7 (Thur) Sep – 29 (Fri) Sep 2023
@ Times Square Atrium

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and if you’re looking to express warm regards to your family and friends with delicious delicacies and thoughtful gifts, city’super has curated a wide selection of gourmet items, elegant gift sets and mooncakes. In addition to traditional gift items like dried seafood, chicken essence and tea leaves, it also features local delights such as Chua Lam’s Colorful World’s sauce, After Taste egg rolls and PIN cookies, as well as popular Taiwanese treats from SunnyHills, HiWalk and Taihodien.

Symbols of reunion, mooncakes are a must-have at Mid-Autumn Festival. Brands like Kee Wah, Wah Lai Yuen, Wing Wah, Pat Chun and DaShiJie are available at city’super. Whether you prefer traditional or innovative, you are sure to find the perfect gift that represents your heartfelt wishes.

Visit our physical stores or E-Shop to discover more and send the warmest blessings to your loved ones.

city’super Mid-Autumn Gift Boxes:

Our Top 3 Picks

This year, city’super is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in an artisanal spirit by launching a collection of brand new mooncake gift boxes with exquisite packing. What’s more, we have launched a limited-edition Mid-Autumn gift box to welcome the new AIRSIDE store, opening at the Kai Tak Development Area. Head on over to your nearest city’super physical store or E-Shop.

city'super, Mini Lava Custard Mooncake, RingoWork Aomori Apple Juice Gift Box

city’super Mini Lava Custard Mooncake and RingoWork Aomori Apple Juice Gift Box
Taking classic Mid-Autumn flavours to the next level, these mooncakes perfectly combine rich, smooth custard with the savoury flavour of salted egg yolk. The silk-smooth lava custard has just the right sweetness, with a mouth-watering fragrance. RingoWork 100% apple juice is made by pressing whole ripe apples from Itayanagi Town, Aomori Prefecture with a sugar level of at least 12 degrees. The result is a delightful apple juice with a lovely, natural sweetness.

city'super, Pastry Mooncake Gift Box

city’super Pastry Mooncake Gift Box
Created to welcome the new city’super store in Airside, the beautiful basket depicts a beautiful image of the full moon, symbolising abundance and unity for all families. The gift box comes with three flavours of pastry mooncakes: the Pastry Mooncake with Pandan and Peanut is made with juice from fresh pandan leaves and exudes a lovely natural flavour; Pastry Mooncake with Walnut, Lotus Paste and Sesame combines three premium ingredients to create the best taste; and the Pastry Mooncake with Rich Red Date Paste and Walnut offers a traditional red date paste flavour with a rich, smooth, chewy texture.

city'super, Traditional Mooncake

city’super Traditional Mooncake
Crafted with artisanal expertise and premium ingredients, these mooncakes feature a fine, silky-smooth white lotus seed paste with rich, flavourful salted egg yolks for an irresistible taste. To add a touch of sweetness and warmth this festive season, city’super mooncakes are getting brand-new beautiful wooden gift boxes adorned with bright, festive patterns. After enjoying the delicious mooncakes, you can continue to make good use of the exquisite gift box.

For Your Mid-Autumn Feast:

2 Sumptuous Homemade Dishes

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner. Why not take this opportunity and treat your family to a table full of exquisite gourmet delicacies? Shop for premium ingredients at city’super and effortlessly create two sumptuous dishes.

Dish #1: Clay Pot Rice with Golden Conch
Star Ingredient: USA Frozen Wild Caught Golden Conch Meat (IQF) - XL

This premium, nutritious shellfish from the US has tender flesh and a sweet taste, perfect for making dishes or soups with nourishing properties.

Dish #2: Your Choice of Sea Cucumber Dish
Star Ingredient: Australian Frozen Wild Caught Sea Cucumber

Already soaked and softened, the sea cucumbers are ready to be used for cooking, such as stir-fried with oyster sauce and spring onions to make Braised Sea Cucumber, or used in dishes like Buddha Jumps Over the Wall or Braised Sea Cucumber and Chicken​.

Taiwanese-style Mid-Autumn Treats:

Best-Selling SunnyHills Products

When it comes to popular Taiwanese pastries, SunnyHills always tops the list. Mid-Autumn Festival is a great time to share your warm blessings with your loved ones, and SunnyHills Taiwanese-style gourmet treats make the perfect gifts.

SunnyHills, Pineapple Cake

Your Shopping List

  • SunnyHills Pineapple Cake
  • SunnyHills Pineapple and Apple Cake Set
  • SunnyHills Pineapple Custard and Apple Mooncake Gift Set
  • SunnyHills Pineapple Cake and Pineapple Custard and Apple Mooncake Gift Set
  • SunnyHills, Apple Cake

    SunnyHills Pineapple Cake
    Crafted with Taiwanese pineapples, these cakes are carefully baked so you can enjoy the purest and most authentic flavours.

    SunnyHills Apple Cake
    Slow-cooked Japanese Aomori red apples with a refreshing sweet and tart flavour are paired with a fluffy pastry crafted with Japanese flour, French butter and eggs. Free of artificial additives, the apple cakes are covered in a gossamer layer of lemon icing with just the right level of sweetness, so you can enjoy apple desserts in a whole new way.

    SunnyHills, Mooncake

    SunnyHills Apple Mooncake
    Made with fragrant Aomori red apples and soft, delicate sweet potato to create a harmonious, satisfyingly smooth texture. The blooming apple pattern symbolises blessings of peace and prosperity. Enjoy authentic, delicious flavours during this celebration of the full moon.

    SunnyHills Pineapple Custard Mooncake
    Featuring rich, golden pineapple jam and smooth, delicate custard, these Taiwanese pineapple mooncakes are sweet and tart with a hint of savoury flavour. The distinct layers of the pineapple flower pattern are a demonstration of craftsmanship that elevates both the taste and presentation, and symbolise abundance and heartfelt blessings of prosperity.

    Mid-Autumn Cooking Ideas:

    Reheat-and-serve Premium Gourmet Gift Boxes

    Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy warm and loving reunions with an abundance of festive gourmet delicacies. If you’re looking for gifts that will impress even the most discerning gourmets, or if you plan to indulge your loved ones with a home-cooked feast, then these two premium gourmet gift boxes will surely bring you plenty of inspiration.

    Eating Creations Buddha Jumps Over the Wall with Abalone Gift Set
    This room-temperature gift box is meticulously prepared using specially selected ingredients that are free from preservatives and added MSG. The broth is made using vegetables, seafood and chicken bones, and is paired with nine ingredients, including Taiwanese-style pork ribs, conpoy, pork tendons, pork tripe and taro. Each serving comes with five abalones, making it an excellent gift. Simply reheat and enjoy.

    Shangri-La Taipei Tomato Beef Noodle Soup
    Simply reheat and it’s ready to serve! Beef brisket, fresh veggies and tomatoes are simmered to create a flavourful broth, which is complemented with carefully chosen spices, spring onions, ginger slices, minced garlic and more to enhance the taste of the beef and vegetables. The hand-kneaded noodles are delicious and delightfully chewy, soaking up the rich broth infused with tomato essence, and a perfect accompaniment to the tender, succulent thick-cut beef brisket. An exceptional dish with an array of different textures.

    Mid-Autumn Gifting Inspirations:

    Healthy Choice for Seniors

    Looking for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for the seniors in your family and for health-conscious friends? Natural honey and pollen products from Taiwan’s Happy Bee Farm may just be what you’re looking for! Shop now at city’super and share your heartfelt blessings with your loved ones through the perfect gifts.

    About the Brand
    Happy Bee Farm was established in 1976 in Taitung, Taiwan. The brand values pure quality in its products, and strives to treat the land and its inhabitants with kindness through sustainable practices.

    Best-selling Items
    Happy Bee Farm Ravel Around the World Lychee Honey
    This honey has a golden yellow and orange colour, with a soothing aroma and smooth, gentle taste. The aftertaste is fresh and elegant. The honey crystallises easily, but these crystals melt instantly in the mouth with a delicate, refreshing texture.
    Mix honey with water in a 1:15 ratio, or enjoy with fresh milk, floral teas, fruit teas, mild-flavoured juices (such as guava, plum and dragon fruit), cold-brewed tea and pancakes.

    Happy Bee Farm Longan Honey
    In a sparkling shade of amber, the honey has a rich fragrance with hints of caramel and a thick texture. It exudes a smoky scent of dried longan and cinnamon.
    Enjoy with fresh milk, coffee (honey latte) or juices with a more intense flavour (such as honey lemon).

    Happy Bee Farm Pollen Essence
    Roxburgh sumac is a plant native to Taiwan, and its fruits have a salty taste. Around the Chisang water source protection zone is a wild Roxburgh Sumac field spanning over 10 hectares. Roxburgh sumac pollen has a sweet, crisp taste and is a pure, natural nutritional product known for boosting immunity, improving digestion, alleviating constipation and improving sleep quality.

    Innovative Mid-Autumn Gift Sets:

    Our Top 7 Picks

    This Mid-Autumn Festival, discover an array of new, modern mooncake gift boxes to surprise your family and friends. city’super has specially selected seven best-selling gift boxes for you.

    Les Lunes à Deux Chocolate Mooncake Gift Set

    Les Lunes à Deux Chocolate Mooncake Gift Set
    This Mid-Autumn Festival exclusive gift box contains three flavours of chocolate sweet treats. The Lava Chocolate Mooncake is carefully crafted with top-grade Belgian chocolate with crushed cashews to lend different textures. The Chocolate Palmier, crafted with creamy French butter and chocolate sauce, has a satisfying crunch and rich buttery aroma. Chocolate Rolled Crêpes have a fluffy texture, buttery aroma and rich chocolate flavour.

    Les Lunes à Deux Palmier Petite Gift Set

    Les Lunes à Deux Palmier Petite Gift Set
    Includes two flavours: original butter and black truffle. Made with premium French butter and coated with sweet caramel, the handmade puff pastry creates the perfect flaky crunch and an irresistible taste. The Black Truffle Palmier is filled with Italian black truffle sauce that takes the classic Palmier to the next level.

    Patisserie La Lune Lava Custard Mooncake

    Patisserie La Lune Lava Custard Mooncake Trappist and Mill MILK Limited Edition
    The mooncakes are made with locally produced milk from Trappist Dairy, and the packaging is designed by illustrator Moving Drawing to enliven the spirit of “seven million ways of life”.

    PIN Egg Custard Mooncake

    PIN Egg Custard Mooncake
    Premium egg yolks and top-quality custard are used to carefully craft this mooncake. Made in Hong Kong and free of preservatives.

    PIN Earl Grey Custard Mooncake
    Crafted with specially selected Twinings tea leaves to give the mooncakes an irresistible scent of Earl Grey tea, which is great for cutting through any oiliness.

    PIN Yuzu Custard Mooncake
    Made using locally produced yuzu and lemon sauce by Mrs. So, this mooncake has a refreshing aroma of yuzu in addition to smooth, creamy custard.

    Les Lunes à Deux Palmier Petite Gift Set

    Dashijie Ocean Treasures Mooncake and Fig Brown Sugar Bentong Old Ginger Tea Set
    Dashijie uses top-notch Indonesian dried white shrimps, Hokkaido dried scallops, salted egg yolk and homemade white lotus seed paste to create these sweet and savoury mooncakes. The gift box also comes with a limited-edition fig and Bentong ginger tea that can be enjoyed together with the mooncakes.

    Other Recommended Gift Sets:

  • Patisserie La Lune Lava Custard Mooncake - Pokémon Special Edition Mooncake Box Set
  • Dking Black Thorn x Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake Gift Box
  • Mid-Autumn Sweet Delights:

    MeetFresh Taro Glutinous Balls

    Apart from classic and creative mooncakes, sweet, chewy glutinous rice balls are also a great festive treat for Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, try the taro glutinous balls from Taiwan’s MeetFresh, and add a hint of sweetness to your family reunion.

    MeetFresh Taro Rice Balls (Taro Filling)
    These taro glutinous balls have a taro paste filling with a lovely taro aroma and chewy texture.

    MeetFresh Taro Rice Balls (Sesame Filling)
    Sweet sesame filling is encased in glutinous taro skin, with just the right amount of sweetness.

    Looking for more Mid-Autumn gourmet items? Discover more in-store at city’super!

    2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers

    During the festive season, send your business partners and loved ones a tasteful, unique gift to convey your heartfelt wishes. This year, city'super has carefully crafted 17 exquisite gourmet gift baskets, including global cuisine, seasonal fruits, and fine wines and juices, are a failproof festive must-have.

    M2301 Asian Deluxe
    Includes a bottle of Chateau Robin 2019, Hang Hing Indian Wild Fish Maw (AA), Omoriya Premium Selection Gift Set and a curated selection of Asian gourmet delights for making sumptuous feasts.

    M2305 Hong Kong Craft Hamper
    Highlights Treasure Lake Velvet Antler Mushroom, Morel, Conch Meat & Pork Soup, Chualam Sauce Combo, Dashijie Supreme Pure Chicken Essence and other gourmet items that showcase meticulous local craftsmanship.

    M2306 Executive Party
    Contains exquisite gourmet items to delight your taste buds, including a Jing S.Y. Taiwan Teabag Gift Tin, a Harvest Garden Shiitake Blaze Mush-room Gift Box, a Sam Gwan Sheung Tsu Handmade Noodle Gift Box and other must-have treats for your next party.

    M2310 Executive Fruit Basket
    Features Japanese Shine Muscat Grape, Japanese Arus Melon, Japan Aomori Miki Life Apple, Australian Avocado, Japanese Akizuki Pear and other seasonal fresh fruits to sweeten up everyone’s day.

    Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.