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Moonlight Grape Feast

11 (Thur) Aug – 11 (Sun) Sept 2022
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

The Japanese grapes season is just around the corner! Do you have your wish list ready? city'super has prepared a range of utterly delicious, precious grapes for you, head on over to city’super and bring home these uber rare Japanese Grapes, and be among the first lucky people to enjoy these!

Time-limited Pre-order Offer: Rare Grapes Direct from Japan

Calling all grape fans! From now until 31 August 2022, you can pre-order two very popular Japanese grapes exclusively from the city’super E-Shop. What’s more, super e-gold members can enjoy 10% off*! Are you ready to savour these sweet and juicy fruits?

Japanese Ruby Roman Grape
The grape is a premium variety of grapes from the Ishikawa Prefecture. The local team has spent 14 years in developing and cultivating this variety. Each grape is at least 31mm in diameter and weighs at least 30g, and the sweetness level must also reach 18 brix. These grapes must also be purchased through market bidding, making them the most expensive grapes in the Japanese market.

Juicy and sweet with a pleasant tartness, the Ruby Roman Grape has wine red skin and its size is double that of normal Kyoho grapes. The total annual production is very low, so this grape is very precious – just like rubies!

Japan Oita Izumi Farm Yuho Grape
Hailing from Izumi Farm in Oita Prefecture of northern Kyushu, which is a city’super partner farm. The farm grows its grapes in sandy soil with good drainage, which is perfect for producing high-quality, high-Brix grapes.

The farm produces over 14 grape varieties, including Shine Muscat which is much loved by Hong Kongers, and the Cat Eye Grape, all of which are very popular both locally and overseas. The green and seedless Yuho Grape is a hybrid of the Shine Muscat and Tenzan grapes. The fruit is the size of an egg, very sweet with a musky aroma, and highly enjoyable.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Direct From Farm: Super Premium Japanese Shine Muscat in Season

Japanese grapes are fresh, sweet and super juicy… and we’re salivating just thinking about them! The summer, city’super continues to work with its partner farms in Japan to bring you high-quality grapes that are in season and directly flown into Hong Kong from Japan. Don’t miss out on this scrumptious experience!

Japan Oita Izumi Farm Shine Muscat

Izumi Farm is located in Bungotakada City in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. The grapes are grown in sandy soil with great drainage, which is perfect for producing high-quality grapes with a high sugar level. The shine muscats cultivated by Izumi Farm are large and oval shaped; the skin has a bright yellowish green hue and the fruit is crunchy with a musky aroma. Not only do they have a sugar level of at least 17 brix, the green grapes are also seedless and can be enjoyed with the skin on.

Japan Yamanashi Maruyama Farm Shine Muscat

The climate of Yamanashi Prefecture has all the right conditions to producing delicious grapes, hence it is one of the biggest grape producers in Japan. Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Maruyama Farm uses refined grape-growing techniques by deliberately keeping the number of grape bunches per vine to a minimum, which results in large, dense and sweet fruits. Grapes picked in the morning are shipped on the same day to ensure utmost freshness.

A Luxurious Mid-Autumn Gift: Seasonal Grapes Gift Boxes

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching. Have you picked out all the gifts for your family and friends yet? A beautiful gift basket filled with premium fresh fruits never disappoint. city’super has strictly selected various grapes that are in season and directly flown in from Japan, and has thoughtfully prepared different styles of luxury gift boxes for you to choose from. Head on over to city’super to bring home these Mid-Autumn gift boxes and celebrate this special time of reunion with tasteful gifts.

Red vs. Purple vs. Black Grapes: Taste and Nutrition

You can easily find grapes of different colours on the market, but what’s the difference in taste and nutritional value when it comes to red, purple and black grapes? Let’s take a look at them one by one and explore more about these popular grapes you can find at city’super!

Red grapes

Red grapes are the most common variety found on the market, and contains antioxidants such as anthocyanin, resveratrol and quercetin which help to slow down ageing and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Our pick: Japan Shimane Grape Shinku
Shinku is a rare seedless red grape produced in Japan, and is known for having a high sweetness level and red skin that can be eaten. The grape is juicy and crunchy, and has a unique musky and honey sweetness.

Purple grapes

Just like red grapes, purple grapes are also rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols, which help to remove free radicals from the body and improve immune system. It’s worth mentioning that purple grapes contain nutrient that can help protect the eyes and enhance night vision.

Our pick: Japan Nagano Farm Nagano Purple Grape
The grape’s skin can be eaten, and the flesh is crunchy, very sweet and juicy. Sometimes referred to as “black shine muscat grapes”.

Black grapes

Black grapes are less common compared to red and purple grapes. They contain nutrients that can help maintain good metabolism, boost immunity and reduce the damage done to the body due to staying up late.

Our pick: Japanese Bio Pione Grape
A black grape with a musky flavour. The skin is thicker but the fruit is juicy and refreshingly sweet. It is also large and seedless.

Summer Fruit Party: Grape-themed Sweet Treats

The sizzling summer is the best time to savour sweet and refreshing ice cold grapes. Visit city’super now to shop our collection of grape-themed sweet treats that you can share with family and friends!

Jupom Kazuno Jelly - Kyoho Grape

Made with premium kyoho grapes and is bursting with intense grape aroma and flavour! A great snack or dessert.

Tomizawa Agar Jelly Mix - Red Grape / Muscat Flavour

Simply dissolve this red grape/muscat flavoured jelly mix in hot water, pour mixture into a mould and refrigerate. An excellent grape-flavoured dessert that looks and tastes great.

Toast Yokote Grape Lager Beer

Made with grapes cultivated in the Osawa district of Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, as well as wheat, rice and hops. With an alcohol level of 3.5%, the beer has a rich and smooth texture, moderate sweetness and a beautiful natural grape aroma.

Yokote Vinery Premium Grape Juice

Made from famous Steuben grapes from Yokote City, which lends a moderate sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

sweets house Cha Cha Soft Cream with Fresh Kyoho*

Hokkaido milk softcream with Japanese kyoho jelly and fresh kyoho grapes.

sweets house Cha Cha Kyoho Custard Cream Puff*

Fresh Japanese kyoho grapes are paired with crispy puff filled with French fresh cream and house-made custard for a rich texture.

sweets house Cha Cha Kyoho Soda^

A refreshing beverage made with fresh Japanese kyoho grapes, kyoho jelly, kyoho syrup and soda water. Thirst-quenching and perfect for summer.

*Available at Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores’ sweets house Cha Cha counters ^Available at Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores’ sweets house Cha Cha counters

^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.