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Oyster Hut

20 (Fri) May – 30 (Thu) Jun 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Freshness is the essence of enjoying oysters. At Oyster Hut, you can find various oysters freshly delivered from farms in Japan, France and Australia. You can either contact our oyster specialists to open the oysters for you, or take them home and savour their flavour by pairing with different wines and other delicacies.

Hokkaido Freshness: Lake Saroma Seiryu Oysters

Lake Saroma, which faces the Sea of Okhotsk, has ice-cold ocean water mixed with freshwater from the lake. This has made Lake Saroma home to a rich plethora of plankton and one of the three largest fish farms in Japan, which has the perfect environment for growing oysters. With only very limited production, Lake Saroma Seiryu Oysters rarely make it out of Hokkaido, so this is a very rare opportunity to enjoy them in Hong Kong. To ensure tip-top quality, the oyster farmers check each oyster before shipping. The oysters have also been cleaned using the deep sea water purifying technique, so you can consume them with peace of mind.

Japan Hokkaido Lake Saroma Seiryu Oysters
  • Tasting Notes: The milky white flesh is plump with a rich flavour.
  • Recommended Pairing: Kubota Senju Ginjo Nama Genshu
  • With a unique aroma and crispness on the palate. Matches well with strongly flavoured dishes.

    Special Offer: During “Oyster Hut” promotion, buy 8 selected oysters or more and receive a bottle of white wine: Petit Voyage Sauvignon Blanc NV 187mL.*
    *Terms and conditions apply, limited quantities only, while stocks last.

    About Deep Sea Water Purifying Technique

    An oyster filters about 20L of sea water per hour to consume the plankton in it for nutrients, so high-quality sea water is really important to oysters. To ensure excellent quality, raw oysters are purified with water from 384m deep in the ocean before they are delivered to Hong Kong.

    Deep sea water is less affected by pollution from the air and surface of the water, so it contains fewer chemical substances and bacteria. In addition, sunlight cannot shine through to deep sea water, so photosynthesis doesn’t take place. This means that compared to surface water, deep sea water contains more inorganic nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and silicic acid which help plankton grow. The rich minerals in the water also help to purify oysters.

    Fine Craftsmanship: Japan Shimane Haruka Oysters

    Awarded the first “Oishimane” seafood certification by Shimane Prefecture, Shimane Haruka Oysters are grown in the unpolluted waters of Nakanoshima’s Ama Cho, about 60km north of the Shimane peninsula, where there are rich nutrients brought by cold and warm currents. To improve their quality, the farmers allow the Haruka Oysters to grow for two and a half years, in spite of the increased risk of natural disasters like typhoons. Before shipping, UV-disinfected sea water and the deep sea water purifying technique are used on the oysters. Weekly tests are also conducted to ensure the best quality.

    Japan Shimane Haruka Oysters
  • Tasting Notes: Refreshing and sweet.
  • Recommended Pairing: Yotsuyama Kyushu Yuzu Citrus Chilli Paste

    A speciality of Kyushu, Japan. Kyushu yuzu skin has been cut into fine cubes for a nice texture and a rich yuzu aroma. Green peppers have been added for a refreshing, piquant flavour.

  • Limited Production: Japan Mie Higashikishu Rock Oysters (Starting in June)

    Japan’s Mie Higashikishu area is home to hot springs, stunning scenery and gourmet delights. The Kihoku Nagura Bay has a high annual rainfall, and the rich mineral water from the Kii Mountain Range runs into the ocean, producing the very popular Mie Higashikishu Rock Oysters in limited quantities.

    In order to achieve even better quality oysters, each one has been cleaned using the deep sea water purifying technique. city’super has specially selected oysters to be delivered directly from farm to Hong Kong, reducing delivery time to ensure the freshest products. A clear place of origin also ensures food safety.

    Japan Mie Higashikishu Rock Oysters
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet and intensely umami with a refreshing aftertaste. The muscle is also packed full of umami.
  • Recommended Pairing: Zaku Shinshu Junmai Daiginjo
  • A premium sake made with underground water from Suzuka Mountains and sake rice from Ise. With a gorgeous aroma, and softness and crispness on the palate.

    Mad For Oysters: 3 Must-try Premium Oysters

    As an oyster connoisseur, trying the best oysters from around the world is a must. city’super has thoughtfully sourced some of the world’s best premium oysters, so you can enjoy amazing seafood any time.

    French city’super Special Oyster Nr.0

  • Merroir: Of the Fine de Claire variety, this oyster was grown in the famous French bay of Mont Saint Michel, where frequent tides and rich sediments provide the perfect environment for farming oysters. The oysters have been grown for three years and then carefully hand-selected by oyster farmers to be transferred to a designated area for city’super for a further three to six months.
  • Tasting Notes: The elongated shell is extra hard due to a longer growing time. The oyster’s flesh is white, soft, sweet and nicely crisp. Typical of Mont Saint Michel bay, the flavour is rich and briny with a hazelnut aftertaste.
  • Recommended Pairing: city’super Ossetra Caviar
  • Its flavour is delicate and slightly buttery with fruity and nutty flavours, including hazelnut and walnut. Also has persistent seawater notes.

    French Isigny Speciale Oyster Nr.1
  • Merroir: Grown in the bays of Isigny-sur-Mer and Grandcamp-Maisy, where the connected rivers have water of excellent quality that is rich in nutrients.
  • Tasting Notes: The oyster is plump, crisp and smooth with a balanced brininess. The aftertaste is sweet with a mildly tart nuttiness. Very popular with oyster lovers.
  • Recommended Pairing:
  • Château de Lugey Blanc des Cabanes 2020

    Aged for 6 months in the sea of Bassin d' Arcachon, in the Atlantic Ocean, this wine is straw yellow in colour with a beautiful iridescence. It has aromas of exotic fruits, fruity flavours, strong minerality and a soft texture.

    JB Hery Or De Craie Blanc De Blanc

    This wine has an exceptional ripeness with highly concentrated flavours. Improved by a long ageing process in chalk caves, this wine is without dosage to preserve its authentic flavours.

    Australian Tasmania Blackman Bay Oysters
  • Merroir: Hailing from the white sandy beaches of Tasmania’s east coast, these oysters have been nourished with the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Tasting Notes: The shell is clean and the flesh is smooth and white, with a cucumber-like sweet aftertaste. The perfect balance of sweetness and brininess.
  • Recommended Pairing: Australian Finger Lime
  • A trendy wine snack and side dish, the finger lime has a texture that is similar to caviar. Juicy and refreshing, with citrusy flavours - a perfect match with oysters.

    Umami for Your Everyday Dishes: Japan Hiroshima Frozen Giant Oysters

    city’super Japan Hiroshima Frozen Giant Oysters are harvested when they are in season each year, with very plump and meaty flesh. After the oysters are cleaned, they are soaked in sea water so the meat will not absorb too much moisture and shrink significantly after heating. The latest 3D freezing technology is used to quickly freeze the oysters at -45℃ to retain their bouncy texture and umami. However they are cooked, the oysters are sweet and plump with a delicate mouthfeel, and an excellent ingredient to keep at home.

    Creative Recipes:

    1. Oyster Donburi
  • Fundokin White Soup Stock
  • Made with kombu, dried bonito, white soy sauce and more, the soup stock has a rich flavour that enhances the main ingredients, making it suitable for different types of cuisine.

  • Japan Farm Yamazato Seiryu Koshihikari Rice
  • The streams from the legendary Mount Hakusan provide crops with a low temperature growing environment in summer. Along with a high temperature difference between day and night, it makes the rice extra sweet.

    2. Pan-seared Oysters in Port Wine
  • Taylor's Special Ruby Port
  • Deep ruby-red in colour with a garnet rim, this port has a classic intense black fruit nose, and is firm and full-bodied on the palate, with powerful fruity flavours and a long finish.

    The Taste from Oyster Hut: Grilled Oysters in a Can

    Premium Hiroshima oysters are one of the most popular oyster varieties at city’super. We have partnered with Japan’s biggest oyster producer to source the best-quality Japan Hiroshima Premium Live Oysters, which are sweet, plump and currently only produced by five Hiroshima oyster farmers. These oysters are perfect with sake and salmon roe in soy sauce, and taste great grilled or fried.

  • Japan Hokkaido Salmon Roe in Soy Sauce [Previously Frozen]
  • Made with strictly selected Pacific Ocean salmon roe. Each roe is roughly the same size with a beautiful translucence. When bitten into, the roe’s thin shell bursts open to release rich, aromatic pops of fish oil.

    You could also consider the sweet, plump Japan Hiroshima Frozen Oysters with Shell, which are recommended by Japan’s Kusatsu Port Hiroshima Fish Market. Caught fresh daily from Seto Island Sea and flash frozen to retain their freshness, these oysters are suitable for steaming, grilling and robatayaki. Want to make them more fun? Recreate flavours of the oyster hut at home by making kankan-yaki oysters.

  • Aotoshuzo Ryoli no Kaname Cooking Sake (Alc. 17%)
  • Made with rice produced in Shimane Prefecture, this cooking sake can bring out the umami of ingredients while removing any fishiness - perfect for seafood and meat dishes.

    Want to discover more oyster dishes? Visit Times Square store’s AMAZING FOOD HALL by 30 Jun, 2022, to try the Grilled Hiroshima Oysters, Hiroshima Oyster Omelette and more.

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