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Look vs Taste: Autumn-only Pumpkin Selection

To celebrate great harvest, the sweet, versatile pumpkin is sure to make an appearance. Whether you are looking for pumpkins to be used for cooking, or pumpkins purely for decorative or display purposes, we have got you covered here at city’super!

Edible pumpkins:

Italian Organic Delica Pumpkin

Roundish in appearance with dark green skin and orange flesh, this pumpkin has a smooth, delicate texture and is very sweet after cooking. Great for baking, steaming, and making soups and desserts.

USA Organic Butternut Squash

With an elongated shape and yellowish-orange skin, this pumpkin has a light and refreshing flavour and is suitable for dicing for baking, soups, mash or dips.

USA Organic Acorn Squash

This acorn-shaped pumpkin has yellow or green skin and light-yellow flesh. It has a mild taste with a hint of nutty sweetness. Commonly used for baking, stuffed with cheese, rice, meat or vegetables, or drizzled with maple syrup for sweet recipes.

Apart from the above edible pumpkins, city’super also offers decorative display pumpkins including USA Pumpkin, USA Pumpkin - Miniature Baby and USA Pumpkin - Pamper'd. These varieties have a smooth surface and are big and firm, which make them very suitable for carving, decorating the home or as party props.

Healthy #CookAtHome Tips: Autumn Pumpkin Feast

Autumn is the season for pumpkins, and city’super has rounded up many varieties of premium pumpkins so you can use them to create your favourite dishes! Need some cooking inspirations? Here are four fail-proof pumpkin recipes you’ll love!

Italian Pumpkin Pie

Recommend using the Italian Violina Pumpkin, which is very aromatic and sweet, and excellent for making desserts.

Italian Pumpkin Soup

Recommend using the Italian Delica Pumpkin with a rich texture, which is great for making soups.

Roasted Organic Pumpkin Salad

Recommend using USA Organic Butternut Squash with a crunchy texture that is perfect for salads.

Pumpkin Cheese Risotto

Recommend using USA Organic Spaghetti Squash, which has a more tender texture that is good for mashing for risotto.

Autumn Must-have: Pumpkin-themed Food Products

Autumn is here, which means you’ll be seeing pumpkins and pumpkin-themed food products a lot! At city’super, apart from fresh pumpkins and pumpkins for decorative purposes, we have gathered an array of new and healthy pumpkin food products and snacks, so you can enjoy a taste of autumn anytime, anywhere.

Yokonoshokuhin Dried Pumpkin

Made using Japanese pumpkins and seasoned with Japanese rice oil and Naruto salt. Healthy and tasty.

Nogi Rice Biscuit - Pumpkin

With rice flour as a main ingredient, these biscuits are crunchy and tasty with a mild rice aroma. They do not contain dairy products or eggs.

Fukishokken Organic Brown Rice Potage - Pumpkin

Produced with organic brown rice and pumpkin, this rice potage has a delicate, smooth texture with the natural sweetness of pumpkin. This product is made only with organic ingredients produced in Japan and without any chemical additives, so both adults and kids can enjoy it!

city’super Pumpkin Seeds

Nutritious and a great snack. Can also be used for baked desserts and salads.

Autumn Only: Seasonal Sweet Potatoes

The autumn and winter seasons call for soul-warming foods, and sweet potatoes are an excellent choice! Sweet potatoes are nutritious, low in fat and sodium, low GI, and gluten-free, which makes them a much-loved food for health-conscious folks. Japanese sweet potatoes are known to be very sweet and rich, and probably one of our favourite styles of sweet potatoes. We have sourced a few different premium varieties from Japan – check them out below!

Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato

Comes from Farmer Sommeliers Productive Cooperation, one of city’super’s direct farms, this sweet potato has bright reddish-purple skin, a sweet texture, guaranteed quality and is very sweet. Grown with as little pesticides and chemical fertilisers as possible, this sweet potato looks as good as it tastes.

Japan Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato

A traditional Kaga vegetable, this sweet potato is a special variety from Gorojima in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture and Kurisaki region. It has a powdery texture, is rich in sweetness and perfect for roasting, steaming or mixing with rice.

Japan Kagoshima Organic Purple Sweet Potato

With white skin and purple flesh, this sweet potato is a unique variety found in Tanegashima in Kagoshima, Japan. Rich in antioxidant anthocyanin, dietary fibre and vitamin C, this sweet potato is often used for roasted sweet potatoes and desserts.

Japan Kagoshima Organic Annou Sweet Potato

A special variety from Kagoshima, this sweet potato is popular for its round, cute appearance. Its texture is smooth and creamy, and its flesh is moist and sweet. Great for making roasted sweet potatoes.

AMAZING FOOD HALL Autumn Fun: Enjoy Seasonal Delicacies On the Spot

Want to experience the one and only “Dine & Buy” one-stop shop concept? Head on over to city’super’s AMAZING FOOD HALL today! AMAZING FOOD HALL has launched a series of autumn-only limited-edition items made with specially selected pumpkin, autumn pear and more. Try these dishes then grab the ingredients you need from the groceries section so you can recreate these delicious tastes at home!

Australian Endeavour Prawns Spaghetti with Pumpkin Cream Sauce

Creamy pasta is topped with white-fleshed Australian Endeavour Prawns and seasonal pumpkin.

Japanese ChaShu in Pumpkin Milk Miso Soup Ramen

Made with Japanese Nishiyama ramen, pumpkin and a thick, creamy miso soup base made with milk. A very unique dish that will have you wanting more.

Autumn Italian Carmen Pear with Camembert Cheese Beet Root Salad

A delicious, autumn-inspired combination of fresh ingredients, including strictly selected Italian Carmen Pear, creamy camembert cheese, beetroot, spinach and raisins.

*Available at AMAZING FOOD HALL @ Times Square store from now until 30 November.

Fusion Deli Exclusive: Autumn Seasonal Light Bites

As we enjoy the autumn breeze, it is also time for heart-warming delicious bites! Also part of city’super’s unique “Dine & Buy” one-stop shop food and beverage concept, Fusion Deli has created three light bites using seasonal ingredients. You can also find these ingredients from the groceries section and make these autumn cuisines at home:

Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato with Jalapeno

Made with Japan Kagoshima Organic Purple Sweet Potato.

Roasted Honey Cinnamon Pumpkin

Made with Italian Delica Pumpkin.

Japanese Sweet Potato Tempura with Green Tea Salt

Made with Japan Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato.

*Available at Fusion Deli @ city’super stores from now until 15 November.

Delectably Autumn: 3 Limited-time Seasonal Delights

As we enter into autumn, seasonal sweet potato, pumpkin and corn products have already hit the shelves in our stores. Our healthy salad bar RF1 SOZAI, Japanese stone oven bakery Little Mermaid and Japanese dessert counter sweets house Cha Cha have all launched a series of limited-time seasonal items made using these fresh autumn ingredients. Try them out and enjoy city’super’s “Dine & Buy” concept!

Sweet Chestnut, Pumpkin and Japanese Sweet Potato Salad with Maple Sauce (Available until 31 December)

Made with seasonal sweet corn, Japanese pumpkin and Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato (available in store). The sweet potato has little fibre with just the right amount of sweetness and texture. Drizzled with refreshing maple syrup for a touch of sweetness.

Pumpkin Sweet Bread (Available until 30 November)

Rich in nutrients, this bun is made with pumpkin puree and is the perfect breakfast and afternoon tea item for both adults and kids.

Steamed Sweet Potato (Available until 1 December)

The golden Japan Kagoshima Organic Annou Sweet Potato is soft and delicate with a honey-like sweetness.

*Available at all RF1, Little Mermaid and sweets house Cha Cha counters at city’super.

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