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Sake Fair

11 (Thu) – 24(Wed) Mar 2021
@ Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores
11 (Thu) – 24(Wed) Mar 2021
@ Times Square atrium

The much anticipated Sake Fair is making its return, as city'super invites local sake lovers on an intoxicating journey through the sake-producing regions of Japan, exploring the unique brews and foods of each place. Join us on this adventure to unlock the mysteries of sake.

The Hero Sake: Dassai Beyond Magnum

Sake lovers would be no stranger to Dassai. Asahi Brewery, which created the Dassai brand, produces only junmai daiginjo sakes, and its mission is to bring customers delicious and joyful sake. Sounds like your kind of sake? Make sure to try this massive yet refined magnum bottle. For those who want to further elevate the experience, enjoy this sake with seafood!

Dassai Beyond Magnum
This highly-acclaimed product took over 10 years to develop, and represents the highest Dassai standards. Velvety on the palate with elegant floral notes, excellent depth and a lingering finish. The volume is a whopping 2300mL. We are now accepting pre-orders*. Don’t miss out!

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More Deliciousness: Boiled Taraba Crab Leg (Previously Frozen)/ Japanese Frozen Boiled King Crab Leg

Under strict regulations, these crabs are wild caught in the Sea of Okhotsk in Hokkaido. Taraba crabs are large with strong and solid bodies, and it takes 10 years to grow a crab with 1kg of crab legs. Serve cold or charcoal-grilled.

*Terms & conditions apply. While stocks last.

A Sake Journey Around Saga: A Burst of Umami

Saga is mainly a rural prefecture, and is famous for its mineral-rich hot springs and pristine mountain springs. Enjoying sake while relaxing in the hot springs is the ultimate experience in Japan. Since the Edo period, Saga has been known for its sake production and gotten the name “Home of Sake”. Today, come with us on a delightful sake journey and get to know the renowned brews in Saga.

Founded in 1875, Tenzan Shuzo began in Saga and established the brand Shichida, which focuses on junmai type undiluted sakes. The Shichida series express a rich flavour and intense umami. Suitable for pairing with grilled meat, tempura and Chinese cuisine.

Shichida Mashiro Junmai Daiginjo
The highest quality sake of "Shichida" brand which has an exquisite fruity aroma and delicate rice flavour. The elegant white bottle makes this an excellent gift.

Shichida Junmai Daiginjo
Firm and powerful, this sake is refreshing on the palate with a lingering aftertaste.

Specialty Item from Saga: Japan Saga Karatsu Oyster
Saga Karatsu oyster originated from Karatsu Bay which is located at the sea of Genkai, which is one of the best fishing areas in the world. Its size is relatively small due to the extreme tide range and the raging wave. However, the taste is very sweet and rich. As the salinity of the bay is higher than other oceans, the oyster also has a hint of brininess.

A Sake Journey Around Akita: Top-notch Sake Rice

Located in the north-eastern part of Japan, Akita is well-known for its rice, beautiful sake and beautiful women. Benefiting from the excellent climate and terroir of the Akita region, sake brewery Tenju Shuzo – founded in 1874 – creates fragrant and delicate sakes using natural subsoil water from Mount Chokai and slow, low-temperature fermentation. This year, the brewery has created two sakes using Akita prefecture’s new sake rice variety, each has its own unique character.

Tenju Chokaisan Hyakuden Junmai Daiginjo
Made using the new sake rice "Hyakuden" from Akita prefecture. "Hyakuden" has all the best characteristics of "Yamada Nishiki”, and is known for its refreshing taste and rounded aftertaste. A great sake to pair with food.

Tenju Chokaisan Ichihozumi Junmai Daiginjo
The new sake rice "Ichihozumi" is a crossbreed between "Koshitanrei" and "Akita Sakekomachi". The sake has a bright flavour, fruity aroma and a mild aftertaste.

Specialty Item from Akita: Yokote Akita Komachi Rice
Another famous product that Akita prefecture is known for, this rice has a lovey aroma and is of excellent quality. Has a unique stickiness and refreshing sweetness.

A Sake Journey Around Kyoto: Beautiful Smooth Sake

Kyoto is one of the ancient cities in Japan with not only beautiful sceneries, but the Fushimi area is also well-known for its sake production. Located in Kyoto, Saito Sake Brewery uses Fushimi soft water and high-quality sake rice to craft smooth and delicate sakes, and has been awarded the golden prize for 14 consecutive years in the National Sake Competition. The brewery contributes a great deal in restoring the plantation of Iwai, a local rice variety originated from Kyoto. This rice is used in their sakes and the style is representative of Kyoto.

If you love Japanese food and sake culture, don’t miss these:

Eikun 125-Year-Anniversary Junmai Daiginjo Genshu
A commemorative sake to celebrate the 125th year of Saito Shuzo. This Junmai Daiginjo is made with Kyoto sake rice "Iwai" with a polishing ratio of 40%. Gorgeous, fruity aroma with well-balanced body.

Eikun 24H Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu
A nama genshu which has been fermented at a low temperature and then bottled within 24 hours after process. Crafted without any pasterurisation so you can enjoy the freshest fragrance and flavour.

Specialty Item from Kyoto: Isoebi Shrimp Fried Cracker
Miss having snacks from Kyoto? We bring you Isoebi Shrimp Fried Crackers! With concentrated flavours of fresh isoyaki shrimp in the cracker, each bite is crispy and packed with rich aroma.

Journey Into the Colourful World of Japanese Fruit Liqueurs

Japan produces plenty of delicious fruits, and liqueurs made from these fruits are very versatile, and even those who don’t usually drink alcohol would find fruit liqueurs very easy to drink. It is no wonder that Japanese fruit liqueurs are such a popular choice for dates, parties, and as pre- and post-dinner drinks.

Here are a few city'super recommended Japanese fruit liqueurs. Let’s journey into the colourful world of these tasty, fruity drinks!

Kuroushi Totoro Umeshu
The water used for brewing is the famous water in Wakayama prefecture, which is paired with ripe Kishu-produced Nankou plums to give a clean, crisp taste with a noticeable plum aroma and a mild, rounded texture. Excellent with shaved ice for added texture.

Born Yuzu Liqueur
Made using premium yuzu grown around Niyodo River in Kochi prefecture. The amount of yuzu used is more than your average yuzu liqueur to give it a richer and more refreshing flavour. Mix with soda water or add ice for a fun and tasty drink.

Fukucho Unshu Mikan Liqueur
Hiroshima is known for its soft water, which gives fruit liqueurs produced in the area a very unique character. Whole Japanese sweet mikans are blended with junmai sake without added sugar to retain its natural sweetness and fruitiness. Add sparkling sake for an even more refreshing experience.

Okunomatsu Momotoro Peach Liqueur
Crafted with fresh white peaches grown near Fukushima prefecture, this liqueur has a rich and sweet taste. Pair with milk ice cream to accentuate the sweetness of the peaches and flavour of sake.

The freshness sake? 4 Must-try Namazake

The brewing of sake usually includes two pasteurisation processes, known as hiire, which literally translates to “heat treatment”. Unpasteurised sake is known as namazake. city'super carries a range of namazake shipped directly from Japan to Hong Kong which has been properly refrigerated the whole time to ensure customers can enjoy the best quality and the freshest namazake.

Kubota Suiju Daiginjo Namazake
Produced by Asahi Shuzo, the largest sake brewery in Niigata prefecture. This is a Kubota seasonal namazake that has an intense and refreshing fruitiness with a dry and delicate palate.

Sugata Omachi JM Ginjo Muroka Namagen
Sugata is a brand from boutique brewery Linuma Meijo in Tochigi Prefecture. This raw junmai ginjo sake has been produced in very small batches, and has a solid base with a rich fruity flavour.

Izumibashi Shizuku Label Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu
Izumibashi Shuzo grows excellent sake rice, which has been used to create this junmai ginjo. It is a winter-exclusive product that has been fermented by traditional Kimoto yeast. It packs a powerful flavour and is crisp on the palate.

Shichida Junmai Muroka Nama
Tenzan Shuzo’s Shichida series express a rich flavour and intense umami, rendering it the perfect sake to pair with food. This bottle is a limited-edition sake that is only sold once a year, and has a pleasant rice aroma, a mild carbonic acid flavour, and an excellent balance of acidity and umami.

The Sky High Sake List

Inflight announcement: “Attention, passengers! Here are three signature sakes that you can find on some of the most premium flights in the world. Please enjoy, and we wish you a pleasant journey!”

Japanese Air Force One Special: Born Wing Of Japan Junmai Daiginjo
Served as the exclusive sake in the Japanese Prime Minister’s private jet, this sake also appears in the first-class cabins of Japan Airlines flights. A full-bodied sake that is gentle on the palate with floral aroma.

For First-class Cabins: Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo
Part of the 2019 sake line-up for ANA first-class cabins. This elegant sake expresses a sophisticated aroma with just the right flavour. Its smooth texture goes well with a wide range of cuisines.

Premium Cabins Recommendation: Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo
Was served on ANA flights in 2018. Produced from Yamada Nishiki rice with 23% polishing ratio, this sake has an elegant white flower aroma, and is delicate with a silky lingering finish.

Why Drink Alone When You Can “Kampai” with Friends?

It’s time to try some unique sakes! Here are two delicious and unusual sakes that are great for your next party or celebration. Take your pick!

Sparkling Sake: Eikun Sparkling Nigori
Stored and fermented at a low temperature while the second fermentation is carried out in the bottle. The fine bubbles bring a refreshing taste, while retaining the fruity aroma, silky texture and dry palate with a sharp finish that are typical of Eikun series.

“Frozen” Sake: Nanbubijin Super Frozen Junmai Daiginjo Namagen
The first sake in the world to use quick frozen technology; it has an intense fruity aroma and a smooth, rounded body. By lowering the temperature to below the freezing point instantly, the structure of the sake is preserved and remains unchanged so one can enjoy the freshest, original flavour of the sake.

Sake Fair Complimentary Gifts

In addition, you can receive a complimentary gift* by spending a designated amount on selected products in a single transaction at city'super stores (except E-Shop). While stocks last.

Make a net purchase of HK$2,000 or above and receive a city'super $50 shopping voucher for free (limited to 400 pieces)

Make a net purchase of HK$5,800 or above and receive a Toyo Sasaki Sakura Fuji Sake Accessory Set for free (limited to 95 sets)

Make a net purchase of HK$18,000 or above and receive a Nousaku Tateyama Tin Sake Cup Set for free (limited to 12 sets)

*Each customer can only receive at most two complimentary gifts per day. Terms and conditions apply. See promotional materials in stores for more details.

Celebrate Sake Fair: Limited-edition Sake Privilege Pack is Here!

Not able to fly in the past year and miss traveling around Japan? Treat your palate to the beautiful taste of Japan with city'super’s special selection of sake!

Following the success of last year’s Sake Privilege Pack, we are delighted to bring you the limited-edition Sake Privilege Pack again this year (200 sets only), with each set priced at HK2,200 (value of HK2,700). From now onward, visit the WineCellar at your nearest city'super store to make a purchase or shop online at our E-Shop.

Sake Privilege Pack* Details:

  • Sake Fair Voucher HK$500 x 3pcs
  • Sake Fair Voucher HK$200 x 5pcs
  • Sake and Oyster Set Coupon x 1pc
  • Hakkaisan Gourd Bottle Sake Set Coupon x 1pc
  • Free Fresh Cut Gourmet Set Coupon x 1pc
  • AMAZING FOOD HALL discount Coupon x 1pc

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*Terms & conditions apply. While stocks last.

Say “Cheese” and “Kampai”: Limited-edition Sake & Cheese Gourmet Set Pre-order

Indulge in exquisite pairings of sake and cheese. From today, 20 limited-edition Sake & Cheese Gourmet Sets will be available at city'super E-Shop (discounted price of HK$880 each set, worth HK$1145), and comes with an invitation to attend a Zoom Online Workshop on sake and cheese pairing. Sake fans, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to explore more about the magical pairing of these two delicacies with Sake Samurai Mr. Micky Chan and a cheese expert from city'super.

Sake & Cheese Gourmet Set* includes:

  • Kariho Ginsenju Junmai Daiginjo (720mL) 1 bottle
  • Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo (720mL) 1 bottle
  • Tenju Chokaisan Kimoto Junmai (720mL) 1 bottle
  • Les Frères Marchand Fromage Tomme aux Fleurs Cheese 150g
  • Les Frères Marchand AOP Walnut Raw Milk Brie 150g
  • Shepherbs Purse Harrogate Blue Cheese 150g
  • city'super Slate Plate for Cheese Platter 1 pc
  • Invitation to Sake and Cheese Pairing Zoom Online Workshop

Sake and Cheese Pairing Zoom Online Workshop*:

  • Date & Time: 20 (Sat) March 2021, 4:45pm – 6pm
  • Venue: Online via Zoom (Cantonese)
  • Speakers: Sake Samurai Mr. Micky Chan and city'super cheese expert

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*Terms & conditions apply. While stocks last.


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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