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Sakura Fair 2020

5 (Thu) Mar – 15 (Wed) Apr 2020
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

city'super is excited to bring you the uber romantic Sakura Fair, featuring an array of cherry blossom-themed food and products to add a touch of spring to your daily life.

Sakura Fair Lucky Draw!

Cherry blossom season is here and plenty of surprises await! Take part in the city'super Sakura Fair Lucky Draw to win some exciting prizes!

From 17 (Tue) – 31 (Tue) Mar 2020, with same-day accumulated net purchases of HK$250 or more (a maximum of two eligible receipts from different stores) at designated city'super, LOG-ON and cookedDeli stores, customers can participate once in the lucky draw at city'super stores. Prizes include Sakura Hamper, Stojo Sakura Pink Pocket Cup, sweets house Cha Cha Mini Waffle Cone Softcream, free canape voucher, and HK$50 discount coupon.

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more details.

Real Cherry Blossoms For Your Home This Spring

Spring is almost upon us, and direct from Japan is the Yamagata Keiou Sakura, perfect for decorating your home – imagine being greeted by this beautiful sight every morning!

Place of origin:
From Yamagata prefecture, the “Snow Kingdom” of Japan, and symbolises purity and the beauty of mind.

Care tips:
1. Cut 1cm off the stem and cut a cross at the bottom
2. Store in vase with water and change water regularly
3. Add in cut flowers preservatives to extend the blossoming period
Once the petals have scattered, you can still admire the sakura leaves and appreciate the changing of the seasons.

Spring Limited Edition: Pink and Pretty Hokkaido Chocolate

Different seasons bring about chocolates of different flavours… but equally sweet and delicious!

To welcome in spring, ROYCE’, beloved chocolate brand from Hokkaido, has added sweet spring ingredients like cherry blossom, berries, almond and cheese into its premium chocolates for the limited-edition, beautifully packaged sakura collection. Come on over to city'super and take home these exciting creations!

  • ROYCE' Sakuraberry Chocolate - Cherry & Almond
    Enjoy each bite with lovely flavours and textures: a hint of sakura and strawberry aroma, tartness of cherries, crunchiness of almonds, and sweetness of white chocolate.
  • ROYCE' Sakura Berry & Sakura White Chocolate
    An assortment of berry and white chocolates, both with sakura flavour
  • ROYCE' Prafeuille Chocolat - Sakura Cube
    Sakura paste with salt pickled cherry blossoms are sandwiched between crispy 3mm-thin chocolate pieces.
  • ROYCE' Nama Chocolate - Sakura Fromage
    Sakura and cheese are mixed in with nama white chocolate – a truly irresistible combination.

Spring Picnic Must-have: Sakura Beer and Snacks

We may not be able to fly to Japan to admire the cherry blossom this spring, but why not enjoy spending some time outdoors or go on a picnic with these popular cherry blossom-themed products?

  • Niigata Beer Sakura Haruiro
    Niigata Beer Co. is the first Japanese craft beer producer to incorporate secondary fermentation inside the bottle as part of the brewing process. This beer is only available in spring, and is lightly sweet with natural fruity flavour followed by a pleasant tartness and a rich aftertaste of hop.
  • Itoseika Sakura Daifuku Rice Cake
    This bite-size Sakura Daifuku Rice Cake is filled with red bean paste added with cherry blossom leaves. It is refreshing and not overly sweet.
  • Marukyo Seika Dorayaki with Sakura Filling
    The pancakes are covered in a sakura pattern, and filled with sakura red bean paste for the ultimate spring snack.
  • Miyagawa Sakura Candy
    Sakura petals are first salt-pickled and then dried by Japanese artisans to create these light pink sakura candies. No artificial colouring.

For the Girly Girl at Heart: Sakura Water Bottle

Does the charming, romantic cherry blossom pattern make your heart skip a beat whenever you see it? Why not keep that warm and fuzzy feeling with you on the go?

  • 24 Bottle with Sakura Pattern
    Simple, stylish and great for the environment, this bottle can keep warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, perfect for different beverages.
  • Corkcicle Bottle with Sakura Pattern
    Triple-insulated, these pastel bottles are printed with delightful sakura patterns. The silicone bottom helps the bottle stay put on the desk.

Pink Cuisine: Japanese Sakura Noodles

As a lover of great food, do you take seasonality as seriously as you do with how food is presented on the plate? As the season of blooming flowers approaches, why not add flowers to your dishes and create a romantic, colourful sakura feast?

  • ALK Inaniwa Sakura Leaf Udon Noodle
    This inaniwa udon has a fine, smooth texture and a light sakura aroma.
  • Miwa Yamamoto Sakura Soumen Noodle
    Miwa Yamamoto has over 300 years of experience in noodle-making. Its spring limited-edition pink noodles have a gentle floral aroma and are pleasing to both the eyes and taste buds.
  • Hondashoten Sakura Soba Noodle
    Ground sakura leaves are added to Japanese buckwheat flour and wheat flour to create these sakura soba noodles perfect for spring.

A Spring Special: Japanese Sakura Strawberries

Sakura pink and strawberries… we can’t help but think of spring! city'super is delighted to bring you the very precious Sakura Strawberries. Only five farmers from Saga prefecture cultivate this variety of strawberries, and city'super has sourced them directly from its special partner Ide Farm.

With a comparatively short harvest period, these strawberries have an elegant aroma, perfect sweetness, and firmer flesh. Bring them home to share with your friends and family this season!

Spring Sakura Recipe: Stir-fry Bell Peppers with Tiger Prawns and Sakura Salt

Want to try some new ingredients for your home cooking this spring? Just in time for our Sakura Fair, city'super has invited the lovely chef Tarzan to demonstrate how to make this simple yet delicious seasonal dish: stir-fry bell peppers with tiger prawns and sakura salt.

The ingredients can be found at all city'super stores:

  1. Frozen Organic Uncooked Tiger Prawns 26/30
    Farm organically in Vietnam. Peeled, deveined and individually frozen for easy cooking.
  2. YUUKATEI Sakura Cherry Blossom Table Salt
    With an elegant Japanese cherry blossom aroma. Can be used with pan-fried/fried meats and seafood.


^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.

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