Sakura Spring

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Sakura Spring

8 (Wed) - 22 (Wed) Mar 2023
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Sakura season is upon us, and city’super has curated a variety of sakura-themed foods and products to add a lovely splash of pink to your life. Let them bring a sense of joy and positive energy to this spring.

Hello Sakura Season:

Special Cherry Blossom Amazake Milk Puddings Easy DIY

The beautiful cherry blossom season is upon us! Apart from admiring the amazing sakura in person, you can also DIY dreamy sakura-themed desserts at home for a romantic celebration of spring.

Star Product:
Yuukatei Amazake Rice Drink - Sakura

Amazake crafted with handmade rice malt and cherry blossom leaves with a natural sweetness and cherry blossom scent. Enjoy with milk or soy milk.

Sakura Amazake Milk Pudding Recipe:

Ingredients (serves 1) Quantity
Amazake 100cc
Low-fat milk​ 50cc
Water 50cc
Gelatin 15 grams
Sugar 30 grams
Cherry blossoms pickled in salt To taste


1. Add amazake and low-fat milk into a pot, and boil at low heat. Add half the gelatin and 15g of sugar. Mix thoroughly. Once combined, pour mixture into the glasses. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes.

2. In another pot, heat cherry blossoms and water. Strain to remove salt.

3. In the pot with the blossoms, add an additional 50cc of water, the remaining gelatin and sugar. Heat and mix thoroughly. Once combined, pour mixture over chilled pudding. Chill in fridge for 3-4 hours.

DIY Tip:
if you have a sweet tooth, add sugar or honey for extra sweetness.

In Full Bloom:

Healthy and Tasty Rice Dishes for the Sakura Season

Rice is a huge part of our everyday diet, and different types of rice have different health benefits. In spring, eating more rice and congee is good for the spleen and stomach as it helps to invigorate us and replenish our energy. If you find rice too bland, then adding some colourful and tasty Japanese seasoning mix and toppings, or trying this delicious sakura congee, can make eating rice a lot more fun.

Hikari Niigata Koshihikari Rice Congee with Sakura
Carefully selected Yae cherry blossoms from Niigata Prefecture are dried at low temperature to preserve the petals’ aroma. Pour the congee and cherry blossoms into a container and mix well, then heat in a microwave and serve.

Sanei Butterbur Rice Seasoning Mix/ Bamboo Shoot and Scallop Rice Seasoning Mix/ Rape Blossoms Rice Seasoning Mix
Make spring-inspired dishes using Japanese rice with these seasoning mixes. Simply add them to cooked white rice, mix and enjoy. Can also be used for making rice balls, sushi and other dishes.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Must-have:

Sakura Shrimp Rice Cracker

It’s time to gather your friends for cherry blossom viewing and a spring picnic! city’super is delighted to present this Instagrammable Japanese sakura shrimp rice cracker that looks as great as it tastes. Get ready for all the “likes” that you’ll be receiving.

Hamamatsuya Sakura Shrimp Cracker
Rice crackers made with sakura shrimp from Suruga Bay, Shizuoka. Katsuo kelp soy sauce is added for an irresistible aroma and crunch.

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