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Savour Hokkaido's Summer

27 (Thur) Jul – 16 (Wed) Aug 2023
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
@ E-Shop

Hokkaido is renowned for its beautiful natural landscapes, and its high-quality agricultural and dairy products are equally impressive. Hokkaido is Japan's top producer of agricultural and dairy products. The Savour Hokkaido's Summer promotion features a variety of Hokkaido's locally grown seasonal foods and refreshing summer treats, including Furano Red Meat Melon with the highest sugar content in the country, Shiromitsu Super Sweet Corn that can be enjoyed as sashimi, limited edition half-baked cheesecake from the famous Mireica, refreshing local umeshu, and beer inspired by the picturesque glaciers of Shiretoko. Come and enjoy the summer flavours of Hokkaido.

The Authentic Taste of Hokkaido:

Tsuyabeni Melon Red Meat Melon Direct from Maruyama Farm

Grown in the pristine natural environment of Japan’s Hokkaido, these melons are known for their unique texture, juicy flesh and refreshing aroma.

Among them, Maruyama Farm is located in the Furano Basin, ideal for growing melons, with temperatures reaching 30°C or higher during the day in summer and -30°C or lower in winter; the large temperature difference between day and night results in a higher sugar content in the melons. Maruyama Farm carefully cultivates the melons in the natural environment, resulting in a delicious, gem-like Tsuyabeni Melon - Red Meat Melon. The melon has the highest sugar level in the country. Its skin comes in a beautiful net pattern and the flesh is thick, firm, juicy and very sweet. Give them a try!

Apart from scrumptious Tsuyabeni Melon - Red Meat Melons, city’super has also prepared a selection of melon-flavoured snacks such as jellies, cat tongue cookies, sandwich cookies and candies. Melon lovers: don’t miss out!

Savouring Hokkaido Dairy:

3 Must-try Brands

Hokkaido has a well-developed dairy farming industry, with its milk production accounting for over half of Japan’s total output. Dairy farms can be found across Hokkaido, bringing rich, creamy fresh milk to dairy lovers all over the world. For those of you who love desserts made with rich Hokkaido milk, these three popular brands that can let you experience its exquisite flavour: Mireica, sweets house Cha Cha and Little Mermaid.

Mireica Toro Rich Chocolate Lava Cake
Carefully selected tempered chocolate with a cocoa content of 60% or more is mixed with fermented butter and cream from Hokkaido. Enjoy the sweet, rich, fragrant flavours.

Mireica Gateau Fromage d’Edam Cheese Cake
A limited-edition product of half-baked cheese cake made with plenty of Hokkaido milk, Edam cheese and special custard.

sweets house Cha Cha Matcha Anmitsu Softcream Parfait - Kyoto Uji Matcha
Made with specially selected premium Hokkaido milk paired with high-quality Tokachi red bean paste, shiratama and Uji matcha jelly. The rich flavours and textures are sure to delight your taste buds.

Little Mermaid Bakery Fresh Japanese-style Bread
Little Mermaid’s bread, made with Hokkaido milk, is soft and fluffy with a rich, milky flavour. Besides the popular Hokkaido Milk Bread 1/4, the Maple Syrup & Shredded Coconut Bun, Hokkaido Milk Bun and Hokkaido Custard Bun are also worth a try.

Premium Hokkaido Speciality:

Taki Farm Shiromitsutorokibi Corn

Summers in Hokkaido are hot during the day but the temperature plummets at night. Due to this large temperature difference between day and night, crops can accumulate a large amount of sugar, which is perfect for the growth of delicious fruit and veggies. The Shiromitsutorokibi Corn, delivered directly from Japan’s Taki Farm, is one such example. Each pearl-like kernel is crystal clear and refreshingly sweet. Simply wash and enjoy it as sashimi.

Japanese Taki Farm Shiromitsutorokibi Corn
Shiromitsutorokibi is a variety of corn first developed in the 19th century that has since become an iconic crop. However, the production of Shiromitsutorokibi Corn has decreased in recent years. In response, a group of young farmers in Hokkaido have decided to revive the crop in the hope that more people can enjoy it. Taki Farm aims to grow a super-sweet corn. They avoid the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, striving to use the best practices in sustainable agriculture.

city’super also brings you Hokkaido White Corn, which is delicious whether eaten raw, roasted or steamed.

Beloved Hokkaido Sweets:

ROYCE’ Chocolates Made in the Natural Environment of Hokkaido

Hailing from Sapporo in Hokkaido, ROYCE’ is a popular chocolate brand known for using the freshest, most premium raw ingredients. The adorable illustrations on the ROYCE’ Hokkaido collection are inspired by the four seasons, the natural scenery of the forest and the local flora and fauna of Hokkaido. This collection is crafted in ROYCE’ Cacao & Chocolate Town, a mysterious chocolate factory that is open for public visits. Don’t forget to go check it out next time you’re in Hokkaido.

ROYCE’ Hokkaido collection
  • ROYCE’ Chocolate Variety Can "Hokkaido"
  • ROYCE’ Chocolate Variety Pack "Hokkaido no Tabi"
  • ROYCE’ Chocolate no Shiki "Hokkaido" Snack Gift Box
  • ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate - Hokkaido no Mori
  • Sake-inspired Dessert and Umeshu from Hokkaido to Try

    Craving the flavours of Hokkaido? You can never go wrong with premium sake and plum wine. city’super is happy to share two recommendations – a cake made with sake lees pairing an umeshu – and invites you to experience the authentic tastes of Hokkaido.

    Syokusan Soft Rice Flour Baumkuchen - Sake Lees
    Combines fresh sake lees with rice flour dough to create a natural sweet flavour. The brand’s gluten-free Baumkuchen cakes are all made with Hokkaido rice flour and Hokkaido beet sugar, resulting in a particularly moist, soft, chewy texture with a rich, sweet flavour. Other flavours include Original and Sprouted Sakura Purple Rice.

    Chitosetsuru Sake Based Umeshu
    This plum wine uses sake as the base, further bringing out the aroma of plums. Chitosetsuru is one of the main sake breweries in Sapporo and has been consistently awarded gold medals at the national new sake competition for 14 years. The cold, dry climate helps control the entire fermentation process, resulting in a sake with a high level of clarity.

    A Hokkaido Local Dish:

    Enjoy Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ with Beer

    Genghis Khan (or Jingisukan) is an iconic local Mongolian BBQ dish from Hokkaido made by grilling mutton and vegetables in a domed pan. The meat juices flow to the edges of the pan, seeping into the vegetables. city’super is delighted to recommend the specially selected the sweet Hokkaido Whey Pork for this special dish, which can be paired with Okhotsk Blue Draft Drift Ice Beer, also from Hokkaido. Are you ready for this delectable Hokkaido feast?

    Hokkaido Whey Pork
    The pigs’ feed is supplemented with 135 litres of nutritious whey for 80 days after birth. The pigs are raised in a natural, stress-free environment where they are strictly monitored. The pork has a mild aroma and a sweet flavour, and is low in fat and high in protein.

    Abashiri Beer Okhotsk Blue Draft Drift Ice Beer (Alc 5%)
    This refreshing beer evokes memories of the beautiful scenery of Shiretoko in Hokkaido with just one sip.

    Special privileges:
    Until 16 Aug, 2023 (except 1 - 5 Aug), customers who enjoy a designated Hokkaido dish at iza’bis by city’super or MIKURA by city’super can enjoy a 20%^ discount when purchasing Hokkaido Whey Pork at city’super physical stores. Don’t miss out!

    ^Terms and conditions apply. For details, please contact our staff.

    Must-try Omnivores’ and Vegetarians’ Sapporo Ramen

    When it comes to Sapporo, don’t miss the local ramen. Sapporo ramen are yellow, with a chewy, al dente texture. Want to enjoy authentic Sapporo ramen in the comfort of your home? No problem – head on over to city’super to buy the below ingredients and savour the flavour of Hokkaido with ease. Or pair the ramen with a meat-free soup and some colourful veggies for an easy-to-make vegetarian dish.

    Your Shopping List:
  • Nishiyama Seimen Fresh Ramen Noodles
  • Nishiyama Seimen Noren Ramen Noodle Soup – Miso/ Soy Sauce
  • Nishiyama Seimen Animal Free Ramen Soup – Miso/ Soy Sauce
  • Nishiyama Seimen Sliced Grilled Pork for Ramen Noodle
  • Discovering Hokkaido:

    Savouring Four Dishes Made with Hokkaido Ingredients

    Besides the physical stores and E-Shop, the Savour Hokkaido’s Summer promotion has also begun at iza'bis by city’super, MIKURA by city’super and AMAZING FOOD HALL. Indulge in four delectable dishes featuring Hokkaido’s finest ingredients and allow your taste buds to experience the region’s unparalleled flavours.

    You could also enjoy 2 special offers during the period, don’t miss out!

    1. Customers who purchase any product from the Savour Hokkaido’s Summer promotion and order the designated Hokkaido dish at iza’bis by city’super can enjoy a buy 3 get 1 free offer^ on semi-buffet lunch at designated promotion period with the receipt.

    2. Customers who purchase any product from the Savour Hokkaido’s Summer promotion and order the designated Hokkaido dish at MIKURA by city’super can enjoy a bottle of selected sake (180mL) for free^ at designated promotion period with the receipt.

    Hokkaido dish from iza'bis by city’super:

    Hokkaido Pork Belly Kanto-style Sukiyaki
    Indulge in an authentic Kanto-style sukiyaki dish that features succulent Hokkaido pork belly. The bonito soup base, combined with sukiyaki sauce, elevates the umami of the pork to an unparallelled level.

    Hokkaido dish from MIKURA by city’super:

    Hokkaido Pork Loin Shabu Shabu (Yuzu Soup)
    The soup features sweet, refreshing yuzu juice, creating a fresh, sour taste that perfectly complements the Hokkaido black pork and fresh vegetables.

    Hokkaido dish from AMAZING FOOD HALL:

    Japanese Hokkaido Katsu Donburi
    Carefully selected Hokkaido whey pork is paired with Japanese Ren-oh eggs for a traditional Japanese donburi flavour that is both comforting and satisfying.

    Japanese Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Minced Beef Curry with Hokkaido Pork Cutlet Rice

    Hokkaido whey pork is paired with Japanese curry mixed with minced A5 grade Yamagata Wagyu beef for a rich, unforgettable taste that will leave a lasting impression.

    ^Terms and conditions apply.

    ^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.