All New Eco-friendly Measures to Reduce Plastic Waste : Say No to Plastic!

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All New Eco-friendly Measures to Reduce Plastic Waste :
Say No to Plastic!

Over 90% of super e members now bring their own shopping bags*. Want to join them? Starting this month, City Super Group is introducing a new series of eco-friendly measures. In support of this year’s World Environment Day theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution”, on June 5 we proudly present a brand-new series of measures across the Group’s various brands, including city’super, LOG-ON, Little Mermaid and more, in a continuing effort to promote environmental conservation. They will be rolled out with the principle of “Saying No to Plastic” in mind, joining forces with the growing movement advocating a plastic-free lifestyle.

*As of Oct 2022, 98% of super e members had not purchased a plastic bag during transactions in the past 12 months.

Starting June 5, 2023

Extra-thick Recycled Eco-friendly Paper Shopping Bags to Replace Plastic Shopping Bags

In our ongoing effort towards becoming plastic-free, we will introduce a series of paper shopping bags, made of recycled paper and printed with soy ink (a process that does not produce atmospheric pollutants), in place of traditional plastic shopping bags. A portion of the proceeds generated from this measure will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong for conservation and education purposes.

city’super and LOG-ON paper shopping bags are available in various sizes, and these extra-thick paper bags can carry up to 8kg and be used repeatedly. Based on guidelines from the Environmental Protection Department and the type of goods in question, several brands in the Group will also introduce corresponding measures. For instance, the Little Mermaid bakery will provide free paper bags instead of plastic ones for unpackaged bread products, and use paper bags instead of additional plastic bags when needed.

Meanwhile, we also continues to provide a range of eco-friendly shopping bags for purchase.

Refundable Ice-Gel Packs to Replace Bags of Ice

To further reduce the use of disposable plastic bags, we will provide reusable ice-gel packs for rent, instead of providing bags of ice for frozen food. Made in Japan, these quality cold packs are safe for use and are available for a deposit of HK$5, which will be refunded upon return*. Meanwhile, we will also continue to provide ice cubes for customers to put into their own containers.

*We do not accept the return of damaged city’super ice-gel packs; please return undamaged packs to city’super’s cashier or customer service counter.

Eco-friendly Honeycomb Paper Wrap to Replace Bubble Wrap

To protect fragile items such as glass products, we will use eco-friendly, plastic-free, recyclable honeycomb paper wrap, replacing plastic bubble wrap.

Starting end-June, 2023

New Multifunctional Self-service Eco-friendly Station

We will launch brand new multifunctional self-service eco-friendly stations in stores, serving as a one-stop recycling and reuse hub for customers. Polystyrene will be collected for recycling, while reusable shopping bags and paper boxes, along with packaging tools, will be available to customers as more environmentally friendly packaging options.

Starting Q4 2023

Plastic-free Paper to Reduce the Use of Plastic Cling Wrap

In order to reduce the use of plastic cling wrap, the Group will launch plastic-free food-wrapping paper for bulk meat and cheese products.

Waste Reduction at Source

City Super Group has implemented a series of plastic and waste reduction policies for many years and has achieved impressive results in both aspects:

Encourages customers to bring their own containers for food purchases by offering cash rebates

Provides sustainable, food-safe utensils made of biodegradable materials, including:

  • raw sugar cane fibre tasting cups,
  • birch wood cutlery
  • paper drinking straws
  • tissue made from the pulp of one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, bamboo

  • Customers can also use paper bags from the store when buying loose fruit and vegetables, in place of disposable plastic bags

    Through a long-term collaboration with the social enterprise RE-WRAP, customers can select reusable furoshiki cloth made from organic Indian cotton instead of traditional gift wrapping, to reduce plastic use in as many ways as possible.

    The launch of New ESG Website with Focus on Sustainable Development

    “Say No to Plastic”, the new series of measures by City Super Group, is the first phase of the company’s commitment to advocating environmental protection and waste reduction at source: it’s part of a larger plan to promote sustainable development. As a trusted and caring brand, the Group continues to strive for these causes, with a new ESG website soon to be launched that will provide up-to-date information on its latest policies and community events in three major areas: the Environment, Social Responsibilities and Corporate Governance, with a particular focus on consumer health. The initiative is part of the Group’s contribution to a better society and brighter future.