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Spring Vegetables

23 (Thur) Feb – 15 (Wed) Mar 2023
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Spring is upon us, and seasonal greens immediately comes to mind! Japanese cuisine is all about seasonality, and city'super has specially sourced different kinds of Spring vegetables from Japan and prepared some simple recipes, so that you can bring home your favourites to taste the natural flavours of the seasonal veggies.

Tart, Sweet & Umami:

Tomatoes from 3 Major Japanese Direct Farms

Tasty, tart, sweet and nutritious, the tomato is a beloved item from the Fruits and Vegetables category. city’super partners with the most premium Japanese farms to bring you the freshest, most delicious seasonal tomatoes – all delivered directly from the farms to Hong Kong. Head on over to the nearest city’super store now and shop seasonal tomatoes from three of our selected farms!

Japan Kawano Farm
Located in Tsuno Town in Kyushu’s Miyazaki Prefecture, and is known as "the hometown of mountains, waterfalls and fruit produce". Weeding is done manually in the farm, and only natural fertilisers are used. Fallen leaves and soil koji in the farm are fermented into all-natural fertilisers to cultivate sweet, juicy and plump tomatoes with a beautiful sheen.

Top Picks:
Japan Kawano Farm Red Cherry Tomato / Yellow Cherry Tomato / Orange Cherry Tomato / Mixed Colour Cherry Tomato

Japan Hiroshima Farm
Located in Oita Prefecture, Hiroshima Farm uses only all-natural, matured compost and fertilisers. It has adopted a planting method that reduces the use of pesticides to grow premium tomatoes that are juicier and richer in taste.

Top Picks:
Japan Hiroshima Farm Fruit Tomato

Japan Asai Farm
The farm conducts cultivation tests and evaluation on unique tomato varieties collected from around the world. The farm is working on joint research with Mie University and is dedicated to developing technology that shortens the growing period.

Top Picks:
Japan Asai Farm Mini Tomato On Vine / Cherry Tomato

Spring Seasonal Fruits and Veggies:

DIY Japanese Salad

Who says salads have to be boring? All you have to do is to match seasonal, fresh vegetables from Japan with delicious Japanese-style salad dressing, and you can enjoy local Japanese flavours anytime, anywhere! Visit city’super today and bring home these healthy and delicious recommended ingredients and products!

Fresh Idea #1: Japanese Onion and Stick Broccolini Salad with Avocado
Ingredient Recommendations:

Japan New Onion with Leaf
Tender and juicy with a refreshing sweetness, the New Onion is not spicy at all, which makes it great for consuming raw or after a short cooking time.

Japan Mini Tomato On Vine
These grape-like clusters of mini tomatoes are characterised by their sweetness and low acidity. They also have a longer shelf life than normal tomatoes.

Japanese Stick Broccolini
Thin and long, the broccolini is more refreshing and sweeter than broccoli. The stem has a nice crunchy texture.

Pietro Original Sesame Dressing
Made with specially selected coarse sesame paste, coarse sesame seeds and aromatic pure sesame oil. Use it for salads or as a sesame sauce, seasoning or hot pot soup base.

Fresh Idea #2: Japanese Cabbage Salad with Shrimp and Tofu
Ingredient Recommendations:

Japanese New Cabbage
A variety that is sown in autumn and harvested in spring. It is softer than ordinary cabbage and has a higher water content. Suitable for eating raw in salads, making soups, or steaming.

Japanese String Bean
With very little fibre, this string bean has a rich flavour and is perfect for pan-frying, stir-frying, or adding to salads after boiling.

Pietro Japanese Style Soy Sauce Dressing
Made with Japanese onions, Kyushu soy sauce and other specially selected ingredients, this dressing is sweet and smooth – perfect for adding to salads or as seasoning for different dishes.

Spring Vegetable Feast:

Organic Japanese Rapeseed Blossom Four Ways

Celebrate the arrival of spring with tasty, organic vegetables! Check out these special recipes and our ingredients list so you can prepare a refreshing spring feast for you and your loved ones!

Star Ingredients & Products:

Japanese Organic Rapeseed Blossom
Rapeseed blossom is one of the most iconic spring wild vegetables. Simply clean, blanch, and lightly season or add dressing to indulge in a taste of spring.

Sanei Rape Blossoms Rice Seasoning Mix
This seasoning mix made with spring vegetables grown in Japan can be added and mixed directly into white rice.

Pietro Roasted Sesame Dressing
Sesame dressing with wonderfully rich aroma and umami, complete with grainy feel.

Tasty Inspiration

Japanese Rapeseed Blossom with Sesame Dressing

Mackerel and Rapeseed Blossom Miso Soup

Main A:
Stir-fried Rapeseed Blossom and Squid in Shrimp Paste

Main B:
Japanese Rice with Rapeseed Blossoms Rice Seasoning Mix

The Season is Here:

Super Simple Japanese Asparagus DIY Spring feast

End of Feb to April is the best time to enjoy asparagus from Japan! Its crunchy texture makes it an excellent accompaniment to dishes of many cuisines. This asparagus season, bring home quality Japanese green asparagus and white asparagus to present some decadent Asparagus-themed dishes.

Japan Green Asparagus
Grows in sunlight as it sprouts, which produces a lot of chlorophyll and gives it green color. It has an exceptional sweetness and a crunchy texture.

Japan White Asparagus
White asparagus is grown white without being exposed to sunlight by heaping up soil and the cultivation difficulty and cost are relatively high. This variety of asparagus is known for a creamy texture and a unique aroma.

Dish recommendation #1: Stir Fried Asparagus with Beef and Garlic

Marinate the beef with potato starch, sesame oil, soy sauce and water for 15 minutes and set aside. Peel the green asparagus and cut it into chunks, julienne the carrot and mince the garlic. Heat pan with oil, put all the ingredients inside and stir-fry them on medium heat, and serve.

Dish recommendation #2: Asparagus Salad with Japanese Dressing

Mix Japanese dressing, minced onion and salt to form Japanese dressing. Blanch the green asparagus and set it in the cold water for 5 minutes, then topped it with the Japanese dressing and serve.

Dish recommendation #3: Stir Fried Black Fungus and White Asparagus with Nameko Mushroom

Heat pan with oil, stir-fry the white asparagus chucks, snow peas, black fungus, nameko mushroom with salt and pepper on medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Cook until the ingredients are done, and they are ready to serve.

Dish recommendation #4: Japanese Asparagus Onigiri

Add the salt in the rice and mold it into a triangular shape. Place the shiitake mushroom slices, asparagus strips and red onion on the top of the Onigiri, gently press down to shape, and serve.

Seasonal Limited Variety:

Japan New Onion with Leaf

Japanese New Onion with Leaf is in season only between March and May each year. Its skin is thinner than normal onions with a more tender texture and higher water content. It has a refreshing sweetness and is less spicy than normal onions. Due to its almost non-existent spiciness, it is suitable for eating raw or only cooking for a very short period of time. If you want to try this new variety, take a look at this recipe of Stuffed Japanese New Onion with Pork and created this authentic Japanese dish at home!