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Summer Delish

28 (Thur) Jul – 10 (Wed) Aug 2022
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Summer is here: time to enjoy the season’s finest. Create an unforgettable summer by DIY tasty summer food with family, friends and kids, and sprinkle the magic called creativity on seasonal ingredients.

Japan Australian Oysters

Summer Delish: 5 Oysters to Try

We are well into summer, and now is the best time to enjoy the sunshine while savouring some refreshing summer delicacies. city’super has rounded up five types of premium oysters. Add to fun by trying them with whisky, finger lime, yuzu pepper, miso, sake and more.

Japan Mie Matoya Rock Oyster

Raised in the Shima Peninsula’s Matoya Bay, these oysters are cultivated as single natural seedlings. Fishermen familiar with Ise waters select suitable rock oysters and ship them every morning. The oysters’ balance of sweet, umami and brininess is just right, and the meat is plump and juicy.

Japan Miyazaki Hyuganada Rock Oyster

The waters between Oita to Miyazaki are often referred to as Nippo Kaigan, and the nutrients in the mineral-rich seawater and rainwater from the mountains there provide a very good environment for growing oysters. With a wealth of nutrients, the rock oysters are large, flavourful and smooth.

Japan Ishikawa Wajima Rock Oyster

Natural rock oysters have been fished in Wajima on the Noto Peninsula for more than 40 years. Ama, the sea divers who inherited the Japanese tradition, dive into the sea and carefully harvest the rock oysters one by one. These oysters are extremely rare summer delicacies with a delicate texture and a sweet, refreshing taste.

Australian Coffin Bay Oyster

Grown and harvested in a pristine environment in the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, these oysters have a succulent, fleshy texture and a balanced salty-sweet flavour.

Australian Tasmania Blackman Bay Oyster

Hailing from the white sandy beaches of Tasmania’s east coast, these oysters have been nourished by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean. The shell is clean and the flesh is smooth and white. The perfect balance of sweetness and brininess.

Fun Summer Cooler Floating Sushi

Fun Summer Cooler: Floating Sushi at Home

You may have tried conveyor belt sushi, but what about floating sushi?

To beat the humid summer heat, why not try something fun and new like putting sushi into a flowing soumen machine and creating your very own floating sushi? Enjoy it with a thirst-quenching boozy tea drink for an even more refreshing experience.

Bamboo Leaf Assorted Steamed Sushi
A traditional type of sushi from Ishikawa Prefecture featuring Japanese vinegar rice and the refreshing aroma of bamboo leaves. Perfect for summer.

Other sushi to try this summer:

  • Grilled Mackerel Oshi Sushi
  • Prawn and Lobster Miso Oshi Sushi
  • Grilled Conger Eel Oshi Sushi

  • Summer alcoholic beverage: Chiran Tea-Chu Shochu

    Made with green tea and shochu, this drink offers you the best of both worlds, with shochu’s rich, rounded flavours and green tea’s refreshing aroma.

    Boba Mania Instagrammable Summer Drinks

    Boba Mania: Make Instagrammable Summer Drinks with Friends

    Why not try something new this summer? Gather your fellow boba enthusiasts and create DIY boba drinks using Hong Kong-made tea beverages for a fun, sweet afternoon.

    Kam Yee Siu Handmade Yuan Yang Milk Tea

    The coffee to milk tea ratio is the classic 7:3 with some mild adjustments. Kam Yee Siu’s head teamaker won second place in the International Hand-brewed Yuanyang Competition in 2018. Kam Yee Siu’s Yuanyang is very popular, thanks to the perfect formula and ratio, the secret family recipe and the teamaker’s skills.

    Sifu Good Tea Keto Lemon Ceylon Black Tea

    The newly released keto-friendly Hong Kong-style lemon tea is made with the brand’s classic Sifu Good Tea Ceylon black tea, refreshing lemon and zero-calorie sugar substitute erythritol for a smooth texture. A healthy and thirst-quenching drink that will not raise your blood sugar levels or knock you out of ketosis.

    Mt Waves Craft HK Milk Tea - Aroi Thai Twist

    A mildly sweet Thai milk tea made with light vanilla, condensed milk and a rich tea base that is less sweet. Enjoy this “Aroi” flavour loved by Hongkongers.

    Baked Durian Desserts

    Baked Durian Desserts to Try this Summer

    Summer is the perfect time for eating durians. This summer, city’super brings you durian-themed baked desserts by Shangri-La, which have been made with premium flour and butter, and created by a team of professional baking experts with over 25 years of experience. Durian lovers, don’t miss out on these amazingly rich and fragrant desserts.

    Durian Kouign Amann

    Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, the pastry has a crunchy layer of caramel for an incredible flavour.

    Bamboo Charcoal Doughnut with Durian Custard

    A soft black bun with creamy durian custard. Each bite is filled with rich durian flavour.

    Durian Pastél de Nata

    This Portuguese tart is filled with durian purée. Each bite is rich and irresistible.

    *Available at ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores.

    No bake Dessert Kits

    Cooking Fun with 4 No-bake Dessert Kits

    Ice cream, jelly and cake are three of our favourite summer desserts. Use these high-quality dessert kits and use simple ingredients to make delightful sweet treats at home.

    Welna Home Sweets Coolen Tiramisu Mix

    Simply add milk to the tiramisu mix to make delicious tiramisu.

    Welna Home Sweets Coolen No-Bake Cheese Cake Mix

    Add the cheesecake mix, milk and salad oil, and stir for a simple cold cheesecake.

    M. Avansu Sweet Almond Jelly Mix

    Made with 100% almond powder. Simply add milk for a silky-smooth, sweet almond jelly.

    Kosyofood Nishio Matcha Ice Cream Mix

    Using rich yet refreshing Nishio matcha. Add milk or soy milk to make ice cream, or use yogurt for an even more refreshing flavour.

    Colourful DIY Summer Parfait

    Be Cool: Colourful DIY Summer Parfait

    Preparing summer activities for the kids? Why not get creative and use some of their favourite food ingredients to make a cute, Insta-worthy parfait together at home? Head on over to city’super to stock up on all the premium ingredients for a cooling summer of fun and delicious flavours.

    Shopping List:

    Sandro´s Bio Organic Ice Cream (Vanilla/Chocolate/Hazelnut/Walnut)
    The brand strictly selects the best biodynamic raw ingredients that have been certified according to the highest Demeter standards, combining fresh milk, cream, butter and sugar with skilled craftsmanship to bring you the most irresistible ice cream.

    Wakayamashoten Anmitsu Dessert Cup (Matcha/Brown Sugar)
    Anmitsu is a Japanese traditional dessert with agar jelly. It is made with Nikko spring water and red bean paste with Uji-matcha syrup or Okinawa black sugar for a delightful summer dessert.

    Yamashitakan Santa Xream Pudding (Custard/Matcha/Chocolate Caramel)
    Enjoy this pudding in three different ways: place it in the fridge for a thick creamy pudding, freeze it for ice cream, or eat it at room temperature for a jam-like dessert. The perfect parfait ingredient.

    Yagi Shuzo Aotan Apple Liqueur
    Made with apples from Shinshu, this has a sweet, smooth texture. Add a few drops for a parfait for adults.

    Kinrosyoku Pacoon Edible Spoon - Assorted Flavours
    This spoon-shaped hard biscuit made from vegetable powder can add a touch of fun and excitement to any dish, and is perfect for picnics or parties. Available in five flavours: okara, pumpkin, green tea, ikusa and beet.

    Cheese salad

    Get Creative: Summer Cheese Salad on a Stick

    This summer, get creative with the kids at home and skewer different ingredients with a stick to make tasty, colourful cheese salad sticks.

    Cheese Recommendations:

    Kolios Authentic Feta Cheese
    This authentic PDO feta cheese has been aged in brine and is made from sheep’s and goat’s milk from free-grazing animals. Exudes the natural aroma of Mediterranean grasses.

    Kolios Organic Feta Cheese
    Certified by Bio Hellas, this authentic bio organic feta is made from organic sheep’s and goat’s milk. Deliciously crumbly and creamy.

    Kolios Authentic Feta Cheese - Cubes in Brine
    White feta cheese is cut into cubes in a salty brine, which ensures the fresh, slightly salty taste. The packaging comes with a unique strainer that allows it to be lifted up and drained, leaving behind delicious creamy cubes.

    Kolios Authentic Barrel Aged Feta Cheese PDO
    Pasteurised sheep’s and goat’s milk and a traditional recipe are used to make this feta cheese, which has been aged in wooden barrels for a rich, unique taste.

    DIY Dessert Art

    Gourmet Fun: Draw with Desserts

    Food can be an excellent canvas. city’super presents its own brand of delectable handmade premium desserts from France, so you can enjoy some quality family time and bond over the joy of “playing” with food.


    city’super Lemon Tart
    A crumbly butter crust is filled with fresh lemon and smooth lemon cream.

    city’super Chocolate Tart
    With 70% cocoa. Strictly selected chocolate cream is paired with almond powder and decorated with chocolate sticks.

    city’super Coconut Tart
    Featuring smooth coconut cream and decorated with coconut powder.

    city’super Mango and Passion Fruit Tart
    Made with passion fruit and mango purée on pure-butter short-crust pastry. Decorated with passion fruit seeds.

    Apart from these four tarts, you can also choose from Apple Tart, Red Fruit Cheesecake Tart, Brownie with Pecan Nuts and other desserts. It’s time to get creative!

    ^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.