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Summer Peach Delights

8 (Thur) Jul – 24 (Tue) Aug 2021
@ Harbour City, Times Square, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

Summer days are incomplete without sweet, supple and fragrant peaches. city'super has prepared for you premium seasonal peaches from some of Japan’s best peach-producing regions, directly flown to Hong Kong. Sample a wide range of peach varieties from pink and white to golden, and enjoy their beauty and uniqueness in an elegant setting. Let this fruity feast make your summer an extra juicy one.

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The best season for Japanese peaches is around the corner. city'super’s specialists are dedicated to bringing to you a variety of the freshest, finest peaches flown in directly from different regions, prefectures and farms in Japan.

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How to Choose Japanese Peaches

It’s the best season for Japanese peaches. Let’s go and choose the sweetest and juiciest peaches!

Japan Yamanashi Naito Peach
With only a limited amount of cultivation, one peach tree keeps only a small number of peaches for harvest. They are harvested only when ripe, so each fruit’s sweetness level is 12 brix on average. The peaches gain their bright red colour from the sunshine.

Japan Nagano Iwashita Peach
Located in Nakano city in Nagano prefecture where the average annual rainfall is low and has a wide temperature difference between day and night. This temperature difference gave the peaches a sweeter and richer taste. To improve fruit sweetness, they use “Diamond Amino” as fertiliser. It includes amino acids that encourage the promotion of microorganisms in soil and increase absorption of fertiliser.

Japan Yamanashi Black Stamp Ohtohryou Peach
Otoryou is one of the highest grading index for peaches grown in Misaka prefecture with a sweetness level of 13.5 or more. The Black Otoryou is the rarest variety, with an extra 0.5 brix in sweetness. In season only from July to early August.

Japan Yamanashi Ichinomiya Premium Peach (Black Box)
Of all Yamanshi peaches, Premium is the highest grade of Ichinomiya variety, and Black Box are premium peaches for gifting. The fruits are bigger than normal peaches with a rosy appearance. Extremely fragrant with a sweetness level of 14 brix or more.

Tips on how to choose peaches

  1. Full and round appearance with even colour
  2. No bruises or dents
  3. Peaches with more tiny furs on the surface are usually sweeter

3 Steps of Cutting Peaches

Love the flavour of peaches but find it annoying to cut peaches? Pick a high-quality peach, learn these three easy steps and you can enjoy its delicious flavour with ease!

Summer Must-try: Japan Yamanashi Ichinomiya Premium Golden Peach
“Ichinomiya” is a brand from Yamanashi prefecture, and Premium is the highest grade of Ichinomiya peaches with a sweetness level of over 12 brix. The texture is firm, the flesh is yellow, and the proportion of sweetness and sourness is balanced. Has a longer shelf life compared to other peaches.

Peach Cutting Tips

1. Using the back of a knife, gently scrap away the tiny furs on the peach

2. Cut the peach in half in the middle

3. Gently hold the two halves with two hands, twist to take the two halves apart. Remove the pit. Peel the skin by hand, slice and enjoy!

White Peach 101: How to Store Peaches and Keep Them Fresh

Sweet, juicy Japanese white peaches are the best refresher in the hot sizzling summer. Visit city'super for your favourite fruits, and don’t forget to read the tasting tips we’ve prepared for you!

Selected Japanese White Peaches

Japan Okayama Shimizu Hakuto White Peach - Royal
Has milky white skin with a hint of blush. Sweet, very juicy, soft and known as the “Queen of Peaches”. It is only in season for a very short amount of time – from end of July to mid-August.

Japan Okayama Hakurei White Peach
Its flesh is smooth, soft, very sweet, juicy and intensely fragrant. Only in season for a very short amount of time – from early to mid-August.

Japan Okayama Yumehakuto White Peach
A unique variety to Okayama prefecture. High in sugar content and large in size. Has light yellow skin and very sweet flesh.

Japan Okayama Natsuotome Peach - Royal
A new variety from Okayama prefecture. Soft flesh, aromatic, richly sweet and refreshing.

Peach storing tip:
If not consuming immediately, suggest to keep in the fridge and enjoy within three days. Remove from fridge several hours before eating for a better taste.

DIY Three-tier Peach-flavoured Afternoon Tea

As we enter into peach season, it’s time to create a three-tier afternoon tea set and peach-flavoured cocktail for a sweet, relaxing afternoon. Let’s start the preparation!

Top Tier: Fresh Peaches

  • Japan Yamanashi Premium Peach

Middle Tier: Peach Jelly

  • Hokushin Yamanashi White Peach Jelly
  • Almaterra Agave Syrup & Fruits Jelly – Peach

Bottom Tier: English Scones + Peach Jam + Fresh Bread/Sandwiches + Fresh Peach Filling

  • English scones
  • Fresh bread/sandwich
  • Izufermente Yagamata Yellow Peach Jam
  • Izufermente Yamagata Akatsuki White Peach Jam
  • Japan Yamanashi Premium Peach

DIY Peach Cocktail

  • Naito Farm Yamanashi Peach Nectar (250mL/500mL)
    Rich and crafted with fully ripe peaches. Can mix with white wine or beer for cocktails. Free of sugar, additives and preservatives.
  • Santa Margherita 52 Prosecco Extra Dry 2019
    An internationally renowned brand founded in 1935 that produces wines of outstanding quality. Firm structure of acidity, with white peach, floral, almond and citrus notes, and a hint of fresh ginger on the finish.

Must-have for Peach Lovers: 4 Types of Japanese Peach Desserts to Try

Summer desserts with fresh Japanese peaches can surely put anyone in a good mood! Here are four delectable surprises that we will be savouring this summer:

sweets house Cha Cha Japanese White Peach Deluxe Soft Cream
Made with Japanese 3.6 Hokkaido milk with fresh Japanese white peach from Yamanashi prefecture – a wonderfully refreshing combination.

sweets house Cha Cha Japanese White Peach Custard Cream Puff
Original flavour puff is filled with French fresh whipping cream and homemade custard, topped with fresh Japanese white peach from Yamanashi prefecture. Juicy with sweet, lovely peach aroma in every bite.

sweets house Cha Cha Japanese white peach milk pudding
Crafted with 100% pure milk, Japanese white peach puree and extra rich white peach juice. Super smooth and fragrant.

AMAZING FOOD HALL Japanese White Peach Soda
Made with premium Japanese white peach. Great for dehydrating in summer.

*Available at city'super – AMAZING FOOD HALL @ Times Square store, and sweets house Cha Cha counters.

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