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by Anson Tsui

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18 (Mon) Nov 2019
@ Times Square store

The brand-new Kura food zone has opened at city’super Times Square store, where you can find ingredients and delicacies from across Japan sourced by Japanese buyers and food experts, including exclusive Japanese sake (saka-gura), premium Japanese rice (kome-gura), Japanese condiments (aji-kura), freshly made soybean products, kimchi and, coming soon, homemade Japanese pickles (Hakataya) and dashi (Kayanoya).

What’s more, renowned dashi store Kayanoya is opening its first overseas store there. A special bar counter will also allow you to enjoy sake and snacks. Customers can even sit down to enjoy sake they’ve bought at saka-gura using a beautiful selection of sakeware for free, and taste ready-to-eat products, which can be heated, for a complete Japanese shokudo-like experience.

Furthermore, the newly renovated superlife culture club, Street Deli, Health and Wellness area and Foodie Bites (open in late Nov) have been unveiled, bringing you individual shabu shabu, tapas platters, health and wellness products and seasonal European street food.



Kubota Seppou Junmai Daiginjo Set (New & Exclusive at city’super “KURA”)
Kubota Seppou Junmai Daiginjo 500mL (Black)
Seppou is made by using yamahai method, resulting in a firm structure, mellow mouthfeel followed by a lingering aftertaste.

Kubota Soujou Seppou Junmai Daiginjo 500mL (White)
Featuring refreshing aroma like muscat and cucumber, its sweetness and sourness is well balanced, with a hint of rice fragrance. Drinking at 10~15℃ will be able to enjoy its freshness, and at room temperature the floral aroma will be more evident.

Shichida Omachi Junmai Ginjo 720mL
Brown sugar like flavour with refreshing acidity. Elegant taste yet lingering finish. Only available for sale starting October in Japan each year, a not-to-be-missed item.

Kuroshi Shitate Yuzu Liqueur 720mL
Blended with Kuroushi Junmai-shu, shochu and fresh local yuzu juice. Crisp and fruity with lively acidity. Balanced and mild on the palate.



Japan Farm Yamazato Seiryu Koshihikari Rice 2kg
The farm is in the mountains near Komatsu city, Ishikawa prefecture, noted for its rich soil and clean spring water. This kind of Grade A rice accounts for 1/3 of rice production in Japan. Once steamed, the rice is sweet and sticky.

Shonoyume Kumamoto Morinokumasan Rice 2kg
Famous for its mascot bear Kumamon, this rice from Kumamoto Prefecture is just the right texture, features a light fragrance and the perfect stickiness.



Isesyoyu Ise Soy Sauce 500mL
Made from wheat and soybean from Mie Prefecture, the Ise Soy Sauce features a sweet taste and rich aroma. The soy sauce is appetizing and does not overpower the original flavour of the ingredient, it is best used as soy sauce for sushi and sashimi.

Kimurasuisan Ayu Fish in Oil 95g
Ayu fish in Biwako Lake is used as the main ingredient, then pickled in salt and cotton seed oil, without adding artificial additives. Best pair with alcoholic drinks. Can be served directly or slightly pan-fried.

Sasanuma Mito Tengu Natto 55.8g
Founded in 1889, Tengu Natoo is first generation Mito Natto. Made with early harvest small soybeans to create this smooth natto. Packaged in small containers, they are convenient and hygienic. This Natto has received recognition in the 19th and 20th National Natto Competition.



Using soy beans sourced from Canada, Hakataya boasts 20 years of experience in making the best artisan soy bean products. Hakataya’s tofu and soymilk products are freshly made daily in Hong Kong to ensure freshness. The different kinds of tofu are good for hot or cold dishes.

Hakataya Soft Tofu
Hakataya is famous for its tofu and soybean products. Made with Canadian soy beans with a rich soy aroma.

Also featuring:
Minemura Echigo Miso - No Added Additive
Echigo miso uses rice koji in the cooking process, without adding alcohol or heating, such that the enzymes are more active, thus making the miso tastes richer and more flavourful.


Kayanoya’s First Overseas Outpost

Founded in the 26the year of the Meiji era, Kayanoya originated as a soy sauce brewery and now a well-known dashi brand. Over the years, the brand is committed to only using natural ingredients without adding additives to produce its dashi, preserving the traditional dashi flavour.

New Seasonal Winter Product (Launched at the same time as Japan) :
Kayanoya Dashi & Soup - Flying Fish Hot Pot Soup Pack
This seasonal seafood soup base is made with fishes like tobiuo (flying fish), sardines, bonito, etc. and added in kombu to give a sweet and delicate flavor.

Kayanoya Signature Dashi :
Kayanoya Dashi Soup Stock 5/12/30 packs
This signature product consists of bonito flakes, konbu, round herring, and grilled flying fish, powdered and packed to create a true Japanese dashi. It is well suited for a variety of dishes, including miso soup, noodles, hot pot, and stews. The powder on its own can be used as a seasoning as well, for fried rice and noodles, spaghetti etc.

Other Recommended Products :
Kayanoya White Sesame Dressing
The creamy and rich sesame dressing is filled with sesame seeds, with soybean from Fukuoka and rice vinegar added in. It can be used as salad dressing, soba sauce, and hot pot dip. No added MSG or artificial ingredients.

Kayanoya Yuzu Kosho - Yuzu Citrus & Chili Paste Dressing
The spicy yuzu kosho dressing has brown rice vinegar added in it. It is best paired with sashimi, salad, noodles or hotpot. No added MSG or artificial ingredients.

Kayanoya Dried Udon Noodle
This thin and Udon noodle is made in Goto island, Nagasaki prefecture, one of the most famous places for Udon in Japan. Boil for 7 to 8 minutes, then rinse in ice water. The udon texture is smooth and chewy. Can be served cold or hot. No added MSG or artificial ingredients.

Kayanoya Irizake Roasted Sake Seasoning
This is an all-purpose seasoning that dates back to the Edo Era, consisting of Umezu (plum Vinegar) and bonito/konbu dashi. It can be used as an alternative to soy sauce or vinegar. No added MSG or artificial ingredients.


Kura Counter Bar 

Kosmos Farm Corned Beef - No Additives
This corned beef is made by one of the most ancient cattle species - Swiss brown cattle, and with only sun-dried salt from Okinawa. Without adding any chemical seasoning and colourings, the original flavour is retained. Perfect for pairing with bread, salad and spaghetti.

Rainbow Smoked Oyster In Oil
Hiroshima oysters are smoked with fragrant wood, then soaked in cotton seed oil. In addition to the oyster flavour, one can also taste the smoked aroma.

Ajinokakunoya Brew Scallop Mayonnaise With Sea Urchin
The Mutsu Bay scallops are blended and mixed with mayonnaise and uni. The texture is creamy with a rich flavor. Best for spreading on biscuits or toast, works well as snacks to accompany alcohol as well.

Obama Soy Sauce Seasoned Mackerel
Only the best Mackerel will be chosen to be canned. A unique seasoning is used to ensure the meat stays fresh and the original taste enhanced.

Suto Canning Cooked Hokkaido Yellow Striped Flounder [Can]
Made with Hokkaido flounder, with kombu and mineral-rich sudakito added in to elevate the flavor profile.

Kanehachi Oil Sabadines Smoked Mackerel Pickled In Olive Oil - Black Pepper
Kanehachi was established in 1982 in Numazu, Shizuoka, near Suruga Bay, renowned for abundant seafood produce. The mackerel is smoked using traditional method which gives an exotic flavour to the mackerel. Best served with beer.


Street Deli

Street food represents a significant part of the local culture. Street Deli will be changing its theme from time to time, and this winter will be debuting with European heartwarming snacks.

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Cup
Not industrially grown, the authentic taste of mushroom is preserved thanks to the humidity of the cave and the quality of the limestone and compost. Water is not required when cooking, giving it a firm and springy texture.

Fresh Cut Organic Italian Potato Fries
Organic potatoes newly harvested from Sicily. It has a light buttery colour on the inside, and when cooked, flakes easily because of its medium starch content.

Fresh Cut Italian Sweet Potato Fries
These sweet and delicate potatoes are from Lazio where the soil is particularly rich.

Melted Les Freres Marchand Raclette Cheese
Raclette comes from the French word “racler”, which means “to scrape”. After the surface of the cheese is heated, its texture becomes very creamy and gooey. Then the melted cheese can be scraped with a knife onto the food.


Foodie Bites (Open in late Nov)

French chef has crafted a selection of canapes and tapas using the cheese from all over the world at Delicatessen & Cheese. Customers will be able to taste these creations, together with a range of paninis and sandwiches at the new Foodie Bites.

Grilled Porchetta Sandwich
Made with grilled Italian pork, Italian basil, Italian Mascarpone cheese, Organic Italian Olive Oil and Italian Parmareggio cheese.

Gourmet Cheese Platter
Consists of Italian Culatello Di Zibello ham D.O.P. (18 – 24m), French Truffle Brie cheese, French Comte cheese, whole green olives, crackers with Parmigiano Reggiano Spread.

Foie Gras Canapes
Made with milk bread, foie gras, and red onion sauce.

Sardin Guidas Canapes
Made with baquette, Spanish sardines, thyme, red & yellow pepper, and garlic.

Smoked Salmon Canapes
Made with baguette, ricotta, red onion, smoked salmon, olive oil and shallot.

Melon Parma Ham Canapes
Made with rock melon and Italian parma ham.

Watermelon Feta Canapes
Made with watermelon, feta cheese and balsamic pearls.


Brand New superlife culture club

In addition to our sought-after cooking classes, customers can now enjoy an individual Shabu Shabu dinner experience on designated dates upon reservation.

Japan Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu
This kind of Japanese black cattle is cultured for a long time in Yamagata. When the cattle reach 24 months, they are fed with Yamagata rice every day. Their fat has a low melting point, making it easily melted and exuded the aroma. The meat is tender and the flavour is rich.

Japan Yamagata Tengen Pork Shabu Shabu
The premium Yamagata pork is healthy and tasty. Its breeding process is strict to ensure the best quality. The Yamagata pork is fed with NON-GMO corn, barley, brown rice and other cereals. Each piece of Yamagata pork is considered a masterpiece of the local famers.

Seasonal Vegetables Shabu Shabu
Chefs would handpick from inside the store seasonal vegetables from around the world, to offer a healthy and tasty vegetables platter for customers.


Health and Wellness 

Vitajuwel Crystal Water Bottles
German brand Vitajuwel crystal bottles contain gemstone vials which helps to activate water molecules by its crystal power. It is especially well-liked by wellness and yoga lovers.

Injoy Health Supplements
Hong Kong based Injoy Health is actively engaging in the development of high quality and internationally recognized products. Its range of healthy drinks and supplements are well-balanced in terms of taste and health attributes. The most popular products are the diet products.

Kiki Health Supplements
UK supplement brand Kiki Health is renowned for its organic and natural quality. Its signature product is the edible Activated Charcoal Powder, which can reduce intestinal gas accumulation, absorb fat and is a natural teeth whitener. 

^Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last. Photos are for reference only.