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29 (Mon) Apr – 30 (Sun) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Asparagus is rich in nutrients, and has become one of the most popular vegetables.
In asparagus season, in addition to common green asparagus, city’super brings you a rainbow of fresh asparagus, from white to purple to pink, as well as a collection of asparagus delicacies.

Feast the Rainbow: The Palette of Asparagus

When it comes to healthy home cooking, asparagus is a must-have ingredient. city'super is excited to bring you top-quality asparagus in 4 different colours for extra fun on the dinner table!

White Asparagus
Growing method: grown underground and not exposed to sunlight
Flavour: mild with a hint of bitterness

Pink Asparagus
Growing method: grown underground in a similar way to the white asparagus, but turns pink when exposed to sunlight 
Flavour: nutty and sweet

Purple Asparagus
Growing method: a special asparagus variety grown under sunlight in a similar way to the green asparagus  
Flavour: mildly nutty, sweet and succulent; 20% higher in sugar content

Green Asparagus
Growing method: grown under sunlight
Flavour: refreshing and grassy
New Healthy Selection: All About Asparagus

Dining out can be healthy too! Fusion Deli at city’super is introducing 3 ready-to-eat dishes made with fresh asparagus. Bon appétit!

Asparagus Bacon Roll
Seasonal asparagus wrapped in juicy roasted bacon – crunchy, rich in flavour, and simply irresistible!

White Asparagus with Cheesy Breadcrumbs
An unexpectedly tasty combination of white asparagus, cheese and breadcrumbs.

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Rich and creamy, this hearty yet refreshing soup is made with fresh asparagus.

*Available at Fusion Deli counter at city’super
Spring and Summer Must-have: Green Asparagus & Scallop Salad

Is the ever-changing weather affecting your appetite? How about a refreshing salad as a healthy pick-up-me? RF1 at city’super has exactly what you need!

Green Asparagus & Scallop Salad 
Succulent seared scallops sit atop a bed of fresh mixed greens and drizzled with mustard vinaigrette.

* Available at RF1 counter at city’super
This Breakfast Item is a Breath of Fresh Air 

Start your morning the right way with a delicious, healthy breakfast!

Little Mermaid has just launched this all—new Asparagus & Salami Roll that is sure to put a smile on your face and kick start your day!

Asparagus & Salami Roll
A hearty roll filled with salami slices and fresh green asparagus – tasty but without the greasiness! 

*Available at Little Mermaid counter at city'super
Could This Be the Healthiest Sushi Roll?

Asparagus and quinoa are both superfoods we love, but apart from putting them in a salad, what is an innovative way of combining these two ingredients? 

Introducing the Asparagus Quinoa Maki, made with fresh green asparagus and nutritious quinoa in a healthy Japanese style. Looks like our lunch is sorted!

* Available at the Sushi & Sashimi counter at city'super

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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