ROYCE' ChocoLand – Summer Carnival
5 (Fri) - 15(Mon) Jul, 2019
Cilli & Seafood Market
20 (Thur) Jun – 17 (Wed) Jul 2019


Tastes of Taiwanese Culture
6 (Thur) – 26 (Wed) Jun 2019
Dragon Boat Festival 2019
23 (Thu) May – 6 (Thu) June 2019

Early Summer ‧ Japanese Flavours
15 (Wed) – 5 (Wed) Jun 2019


La Fête des Vins 2019
1 (Wed) – 15 (Wed) May 2019
The Palette of Asparagus
29 (Mon) Apr – 30 (Sun) Apr 2019
Eat Well.Live Healthy
17 (Wed) – 30 (Tue) Apr 2019


Easter 2019
26 (Tue) Mar – 22 (Mon) Apr 2019
Picnic with Furry Friends
3 (Wed) – 16 (Tue) Apr 2019
Spanish Gourmet Temptations
19 (Tue) Mar – 2 (Tue) Apr 2019


The Sake Connection 2019
4 (Mon) – 18 (Mon) Mar 2019
Chocolate Moment
12 (Tue) Feb – 3 (Sun) Mar 2019
Chocolates by Jean-Paul Hévin
From 22 (Tue) Jan 2019
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ROYCE' ChocoLand – Summer Carnival

ROYCE' ChocoLand – Summer Carnival

5 (Fri) - 15(Mon) Jul, 2019
@Times Square Atrium

This summer, city’super will be bringing its first-ever,  ROYCE’ ChocoLand, to Hong Kong, all the way from Hokkaido for all chocolate aficionados! From July 5-15, the atrium of Times Square in Causeway Bay will be transformed into a Hokkaido chocolate factory with a host of fun-filled activities.

Special Flavor New Arrival

A fine combination of chocolates using fresh cream from Hokkaido, ROYCE' chocolate is known for velvety smoothness and a melt-in-your-mouth texture in every bite. At ROYCE' ChocoLand, the brand will introduce two new flavours which first launch to Hong Kong.

New in Hong Kong
• Nama Chocolate – Hojicha : Japan-made Hojicha (roasted green tea) is mixed with milk chocolate and a hint of whisky for a satisfying roasted flavour and a refreshing aftertaste.

• Chocolate Bar – Cacao Nib : Cocoa beans are crushed into nibs and sprinkled in 70% cocoa chocolate from Venezuelan beans. Enjoy the combination of a unique crispy texture from the cacao nibs with a mild bitter-chocolate taste.
Limited-edition gifts 

As well as new flavours of chocolate, ROYCE' is also bringing a series of limited-edition gifts to the event. Simply buy the specified amount of ROYCE' products and redeem a gift at the Japanese-style vending machines on site. Stocks are limited and only be available while they last.


ROYCE' chocolate is known for velvety smoothness and a melt-in-your-mouth texture in every bite. Lovers of the brand can now also get an attractive ROYCE' pattern drawn on their hand, with five styles of fetching tattoo with graphics from the different flavours. ROYCE' fans can get one onsite.

Be Sweet: Selfie at ChocoLand

A perfect spot to check-in at: one of the highlights of ROYCE' ChocoLand, Selfie at ChocoLand, is an apps that allows visitors to take pictures with props featuring mega-size chocolate to share with their friends through social media. Participants can choose a digital copy with a selection of fun chocolate-themed animated frames, or take a hard copy home by printing their favourite photo on site for free.

Why not take a selfie with fetching tattoo and share a sweet moment with friends?


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Chilli & Seafood Market

Chilli & Seafood Market

20 (Thur) Jun – 2 (Tue) Jul 2019
@ Times Square atrium
27 (Thur) Jun – 17 (Wed) Jul 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Feeling sluggish during the hot and humid summer? Try eating something spicy to stimulate your appetite. Come and enjoy the fun of shopping for fresh chilli, seafood and handpicked spicy foods from all around the world at city'super, as well as local craft beers.

Did Someone Say… Shichimi Chocolate?

Rich taste, intense aroma… there’s so much to love about bean-to-bar chocolates. Now add ingredients used to make shichimi togarashi, a Japanese spice mixture containing 7 components, and get ready for a whole new experience for your taste buds!

Yawataya Isogoro noticed the similarity in production methods between its famous shichimi powder and bean-to-bar chocolates; and Yawataya’s Shichimi Assorted Chocolates were born. Ingredients including red chilli peppers, shiso, ginger, sansho and white sesame seeds are added to chocolate to create unusual and captivating flavours. Don’t take our word for it – try them and see for yourself!
The “Hottest Hot Sauce in the Universe”? 

The founder of Dave’s Gourmet, Dave Hirschkop invented the “hottest hot sauce in the universe” to drive late-night unruly customers from his restaurant. The sauce did quite the opposite – customers loved it! So now Dave’s insanely hot sauce is bottled and available in stores.

On a scale of 1 to 6 (with 1 being the hottest), you can pick your preferred spiciness, such as Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, Total Insanity, Temp Insanity, Crazy Caribbean and Roasted Jalapeno. Enjoy with pizza, burgers, eggs, chips, and more!

From June 21 to 23, 28 to 30, head on over to city’super Times Square atrium for a hot sauce challenge. Participants will receive a small gift. Don’t miss out!

Not for the Faint of Heart: 5 Chillies for the Brave

A self-proclaimed lover of spicy food? Think you can handle some of the world’s hottest chillies? Here are 5 next-level chilli peppers – don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Australia Carolina Reaper Chilli
Named the hottest chilli in the world, the Carolina Reaper Chilli rates at 1,569,383 to 2,200,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). US farmer Ed Currie spent over 10 years perfecting this chilli!

Holland The Reaper Pepper
Crowned in 2007 as the hottest chilli in the world, the Ghost Pepper is relatively small but with a fierce, intense heat. Yet, it is still milder than the world’s hottest Trinidad Scorpion Pepper and Carolina Reaper. 

Japan Okinawa Chilli Pepper
Instead of the usual shichimi powder you see in most Japanese restaurants, island pepper soaked in local awamori is the preferred condiment in Okinawa when eating soba or tempura. Tiny but packs a punch!

Australia Banana Sweet Pepper
With bright yellow skin, this chilli even looks like a banana. It has a mild, tangy taste, and is often used as a raw ingredient. 

Mexican Manzano Chilli
This fruity, medium-hot chilli resembles a golf-sized apple, which is how it got its name (“Manzano” means apple or pear in Spanish). It measures at 12,000 to 30,000 SHU.

**Specific Stocks are available at Times Square atrium and ifc mall store only. While stocks last.

Exotic Flavours in a Can

Live a busy life but still want to eat well? Here are 2 premium canned seafood from Spain and France that will no doubt become your new favourite! 

Established in 1985, the award-winning Conservas de Cambados combines the best seafood from Spain and Galicia with traditional recipes and production methods. From cleaning and seasoning the ingredients to canning and packaging, all these processes are carefully done by hand. Its baby eel in olive oil and sea urchin canned products are perfect with bread, but can also be added to salads, pasta, pizza, or mixed with basil, lemon and sun-dried tomato as an appetiser. 

La Belle-Iloise was founded by Georges Hilliet in 1932 in Quiberon, one of France’s biggest ports for sardines. Using high quality ingredients and traditional production processes done by hand, these canned fish are great as appetisers and side dishes. 
• La Belle-Iloise Sardine with Muscadet & Seasonings
• La Belle-Iloise Sardine In Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Pepper & Lemon
• La Belle-Iloise Mackerel Fillet with Mustard, Chili & Garlic
Summer Umami: Seafood from Okinawa

Okinawa prefecture is the only subtropical zone in Japan, giving it a unique climate and colourful marine life. Of course, this also means tasty seafood is in abundance! You can now enjoy delicious seafood from Okinawa right here in Hong Kong at city’super!

Japan Okinawa Whole Malabar Grouper
This common grouper has a great bite and just the right amount of oiliness. Ideal for steaming and braising.

Japan Okinawa Whole Blacktip Grouper
A premium grouper with white, delicate flesh. Suitable for steaming and grilling.

Japan Okinawa Whole Lavender Jobfish
Its sweet flesh makes it great for curing and stir-frying. The fish head can be used for making soup.

Japan Okinawa Turban Shell Sashim 
Weighing up to 2kg, this Okinawa speciality has sweet flesh with an al dente texture. Enjoy as sashimi or stir-fried. 

Japan Okinawa Whole Ruby Snapper
One of three most famous fish in Okinawa, the meaty ruby snapper is great for sashimi, grilling and steaming.
Ultimate Match in Umami: Californian Sea Urchin with Sake

The wild red sea urchin comes from Santa Barbara, which is located on the Pacific coast and north of Los Angeles. These sea urchins are large and sweet, thanks to the cold current from the north and abundant sea kelp in the area. 

After they are harvested by divers, the sea urchins are then delivered to the Long Beach factory on the same day. After opening, edible parts of the sea urchins are sorted and strictly screened for the right colours and shapes. Only 50% of sea urchin pieces can be used as final products. 

As you savour these creamy morsels, why not pair with a fruity sake full of mineral aroma to bring out the sea urchin’s umami? We recommend the Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo, a sake free of charcoal filtering during brewing.
Boozy Summer: 3 Must-try Craft Beers Made in Hong Kong

Let’s cool down with a beer this summer! Quite a few local craft beer breweries have emerged in the past few years, and we love them for their premium quality, unique flavours and affordable prices. Here are some of the latest brews from our favourite beermakers: 

Yardley Brothers Thai Chilli Getaway Chilli Basil Sour Beer
Hailing from Lamma Island, Yardley Brothers created this spicy, sweet and sour beer using fresh basil and red bird’s eye chilli. 

Heroes AB-48 The Curious Fiery Capsicum - Michelada Gose Beer 
The 3 founders of Heroes Beer are proud to be creating “Made in Hong Kong” craft brews for local beer lovers. The Michelada Gose takes inspiration from 3 continents; blood oranges and Yu Kwen Yick chilli sauce are added to the classic gose to create this Mexican-style beer. 

Young Master Hak Mo Sheung Stout Imperial Con Ancho Y Panca
The international award-winning Young Master Brewery has brewed a new batch of Hak Mo Sheung Imperial Stout, which has been fermented in a bourbon barrel for 6 months before adding chillies from South America. The beer starts off smoky with a chocolate aroma, followed by a piquant kick of chilli.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Tastes of Taiwanese Culture

Tastes of Taiwanese Culture

6 (Thur) – 19 (Wed) Jun 2019
@ Times Square atrium

6 (Thur) – 26 (Wed) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

city'super is featuring an array of popular Taiwanese food souvenirs, while much-loved Taiwanese tea drinks and dessert brands will also be opening pop-up stores and launching limited-time Hong Kong special flavours.

Noodle It Up: Taiwanese Masterspicy Noodles

We all have a soft spot for noodles. These Masterspicy noodles from Taiwan are perfect as gifts or for your own enjoyment. Take them home from city’super today!

There is always a long queue at the Masterspicy Noodle Shop in Taipei, but now you can enjoy its popular noodle dishes in the comfort of your own home. Its chilli oil is made by slow-cooking over 20 natural ingredients. Try the original or the thick Masterspicy Spicy Noodle. 
Awesome Sauce: Premium Taiwanese Condiments

Umami-packed condiments are arguably the heart of Taiwanese cuisine. Want to enjoy the taste of Taiwan at home? You’ll want to stock up on these sauces by Hongjia!

Chef Chen, founder of Hongjia, believes in making food products that he would also personally eat and enjoy; hence all of his products are made using natural and healthy ingredients, and without the use of artificial flavouring and preservatives. 

The ultra-popular Fried Shallot Goose Oil is made from the essence of 7 to 9 geese, and are packed full of unsaturated fats. We love having this with a bowl of hot, fluffy rice! The Dried Scallop XO Sauce comes in Original and Spicy flavours, and is made using quality scallops, Jinhua ham, dried shrimps, garlic, shallot and chilli pepper.

Love the umami flavour? Try Hongjia’s Garlic Shrimp and Sakura Shrimp Sauce, great with eggplant and tofu! Other must-try Hongjia condiments include Fish Larvae Sauce, Ginger Sesame Oil, Wild Caviar, Scallop Shrimp Sweet Sauce, Dried Fish with Black Bean Sauce, Spicy Squid and Garlic Chilli Paste.
Fantastic Fusion: French-style Pineapple Cake

A delicious piece of buttery, sweet and tangy pineapple cake is a dream come true, but how about adding a French touch to this beloved Taiwanese snack?

Hailing from Taiwan, AR’S Patisserie elevates the traditional pineapple cake by combining French artisanal techniques with fresh Taiwanese produce. The brand uses trehalose, a healthy alternative that is not as sweet as other sugars. 

With its pastry made 100% from almond flour and its filling made using local pineapples, this exquisite French-style Pineapple Cake has received an award in the Taipei Pineapple Cake Competition 2013.
  A Hearty Treat from Taiwan: Green Onion Pancake

The thought of sinking our teeth into a piece of hot, fresh green onion pancake is enough to get us salivating! 

Established in 2013, Charming Couple aims to re-define traditional cuisine by producing high-quality food products that are able to maintain the most natural and authentic taste. 

Charming Couple Green Onion Pancake
Made without additives and is vegan-friendly, this Green Onion Pancake has a fluffy, golden pastry with a juicy green onion filling. Other available flavours: Yam, Quinoa, BBQ Sauce and Sweet Chilli**.

Charming Couple Shandong Roast Chicken
Cooked with Chinese herbs and to be enjoyed with a special sauce made using essence extracted by steaming the chicken, the Shandong Roast Chicken is as tender as it is flavourful.  

**Stocks of specific flavours are available at Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores only. While stocks last.
Taiwanese Speciality: Salted Mullet Roe

The karasumi, or salted mullet roe, is a Taiwanese delicacy that can be enjoyed in many ways!

Using only the roe of female mullet fish, it is usually prepared by deep-drying, grilling or cooking with wine. 

The cooked salted mullet roe is then cut into thin slices and eaten along with sliced apple, radish or leek. Its unique taste pairs well with alcohol.
Taiwan’s Favourite Desserts: Meet Fresh @ Harbour City Store

This summer, city’super is bringing you 3 Taiwanese tea and dessert pop-up stores! Don’t miss out!

Established in 2007, Meet Fresh makes chewy, flavourful taro balls using traditional methods and fresh ingredients. The iced taro signature dessert is exclusively available at the city’super pop-up store. 
Taiwan’s Favourite Teas: Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea @ Harbour City Store

Yifang delivers fresh ingredients from Taiwan to ensure the best quality. Its classic, freshly-brewed teas contain no fruit juice concentrate so with each sip you are savouring the fruits in its most natural glory. 
Taiwan’s Favourite Teas: don't yell at me @ Times Square Store

This hipster drinks brand specialises in healthy, hand-shaken beverages. Come and try the limited-edition Winter Melon & Lemon and Yuzu & Lemon drinks to beat the summer heat!


*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Dragon Boat Festival 2019

Dragon Boat Festival 2019

23 (Thu) May – 6 (Thu) June 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

It's impossible to imagine the Dragon Boat Festival without traditional dumplings. This year, watch the races with family and friends while enjoying a range of dumplings prepared for you by city'super.

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Early Summer ‧ Japanese Flavours

Early Summer ‧ Japanese Flavours

15 (Wed) – 29 (Wed) May 2019
@ Times Square atrium

16 (Thur) May – 5 (Wed) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

city'super brings you a tasty early summer with a delectable assortment of Japanese foods, including popular seasonal treats such as Tincarbell egg bread, Nagoya Cochin chicken, Yuukatei amazake and fresh Japanese melon.

Handmade in Japan: Sweet Summer Coolers

Amazake is a traditional sweet, low-alcohol or non-alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice that is nutritious and great for the skin – the perfect summer cooler!

Yuukatei amazakes are handmade using only rice from Japan. Koji is added to cooled cooked rice where carbs convert into sugar. This gives the amazake a smooth and mild flavour. Only local fruits and vegetables – but no sugar – are added to give it extra flavours.

You can drink it directly, freeze and make it into sherbet, or enjoy with yogurt. Check out these 4 flavours:

• Yuukatei Plain Amazake
• Yuukatei Matcha Amazake
• Yuukatei Yuzu Amazake
• Yuukatei Peach Amazake

Fluffy and Fabulous: Hirataya Cheesecake

We are salivating at the thought of cheesecake… even better if it’s rich, fluffy and not overly sweet.

That’s exactly the way how Hirataya's Rich & Fluffy Cheesecake – big enough for 4 servings – is made. Every sweet, cheesy bite is creamy, smooth and melts in your mouth.

Take it home from city’super today and share it with your friends and family!

An Egg-cellent Choice: Premium Japanese Eggs & Egg Products

We consume eggs so often, which is why it’s important to choose the best eggs for eating and for making our favourite dishes! Here are a few premium Japanese eggs and egg snacks we love:

Akikawa Cage Free Eggs
Established in 1927, Akikawa Farm uses non-GMO corn to feed their chickens, which are raised in a cage-free, open environment. No post-harvest treatments are used, so you know you’re getting a great natural product from a sustainable source.

Maruichi Farm Ecocco Cage Free Eggs
Maruichi Farm, established in 1915, cares about its animals, which is why its chickens are given the best feed and ample space to grow so they can lay eggs in a comfortable, stress-free environment. They are mainly fed on corn, soybean meal, fish meal and rice bran, depending on the chickens’ different developmental stages. Once the eggs are collected, they are sent to a factory to be cleaned and packaged to ensure the best quality.

Tincarbell’s egg bread is a popular snack in Japan, once sold over 80,000 pieces in one day! Eggs and other raw ingredients are beaten to create a fluffy texture; its flavour is light and slightly sweet. We love ours heated with a toaster. Here are 3 delectable flavours you should try:

• Egg Bread – Plain
For the eggy, rich, original flavour.

• Egg Bread – Coffee
Coffee is added to the dough to give it extra aroma.

• Egg Bread – Caramel Pudding
Pudding flavour on the outside, caramel on the inside – perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

The Famous Japanese Chicken: Nagoya Cochin

The Nagoya Cochin is one of Japan’s three most famous chicken breeds with over a hundred years of history. It was once endangered due to imported chicken from foreign countries, but fortunately, it was finally preserved under the efforts of local chicken farmers in the 1880s and has since become the town’s signature breed.

The Nagoya Cochin is raised for 130 days to give its meat a firm and chewy texture – a must-try for chicken lovers!

You can now find this premium native breed at city’super. Pair the meat with a noodle sauce made with Nagoya chicken soup, or use it to make the delicious oyako-don!

• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Thigh
• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Breast
• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Tenderloin
• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wing with Tip
• Nagoya Cochin Chicken Noodle Sauce
• Nagoya Cochin Chicken and Egg Rice Sauce

What to Eat: FusionDeli Japanese Fried Chicken

Did someone say… fried chicken? FusionDeli has cooked up a selection of exquisite fried chicken dishes you definitely don’t want to miss. Only available at city’super Times Square atrium.

Rice Bowl (Kara-age Chicken with Hot Spring Egg)
Succulent chicken pieces are fried to golden, crispy perfection. Pair with hot spring egg and fluffy white rice for a hearty meal!

Japanese-style Fried Chicken Kara-age
Made with premium chicken breast, egg and kayanoya dashi.

Nagoya-style Chicken Wing
A local fried chicken wing dish from Nagoya served with spicy sauce and sesame seeds.

Healthy Choice: Fresh Produce Flown Direct from Japan

Can’t resist snacking? Don’t worry, simply pick something healthy to munch on, such as veggies with dips! We love the Kewpie Egg Royal Mayonnaise, and here are some fresh Japanese produce for the best afternoon or midnight snack:

Kewpie Egg Royal Premium Mayonnaise
Made with “Egg Royal” eggs, this mayonnaise has been perfected by many chefs and pastry chefs. This mayonnaise is added with white wine vinegar and canola oil to bring out the richness of the egg yolk.

Japan Green Asparagus
This green and crispy asparagus is in season in May. Simply blanch and enjoy with a mayonnaise dip.

Japan Kyushu Cucumber
Cut this crunchy, juicy cucumber from Kyushu into small batons and dip into mayonnaise for a refreshing snack.

Japan Potato
Mix this smooth, flavourful potato with mayonnaise for a simple, delicious salad.

Summer Seasonal Pick: Japanese Melon

Summer is the best time for sweet, juicy Japanese melons! We can’t get enough of them, and here are 3 of our seasonal recommendations:

Japan Emerald Melon
The premium Emerald Melon comes from the town of Yasu in Japan’s Kochi Prefecture, and Yasu’s warm weather renders it perfect for planting melons. The rare, greenhouse-cultivated Emerald Melon was made available in 1992, and currently there are only 14 farms in Yasu planting this variety.

Japan Meromero Melon
Produced in Kobayashi, Miyazaki Prefecture, the Meromero Melon is available with green- or blush-coloured flesh, and has a sugar level of over 14. Big and round, the Meromero Melon is cultivated in a greenhouse, and only one melon is grown on each vine to concentrate the nutrients and ensure the best and sweetest produce.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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La Fête des Vins 2019

La Fête des Vins 2019

1 (Wed) – 15 (Wed) May 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

One of the oldest wine growing countries in the world, France offers a wide variety of wines; once you step into the world of French wine, there is an endless stream of wine waiting for you to taste. This year, La Fête des Vins at city’super presents a collection of premium French wines, from light, refreshing choices to fuller-bodied options. Meet your new favourite wine here.


Sip on Something Sweet This Spring

This May, city’super is bringing you two beautiful sweet wines in celebration of spring. What’s more, enjoy them with cheese for the ultimate indulgence!

Aegerter Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2013
Founded in 1988, Jean-Luc & Paul Aegerter is one of the up-and-coming wine producers in Burgundy known for combining tradition and innovation in their wine-making techniques. 

This wine has a perfumed nose of ripe fruit and honey, and is rich and creamy on the palate.
Aroma: apple, pineapple, honey
Flavours: citrus, cinnamon, butter

Cave de Ribeauvillé Clos du Zahnacker 2011 / 2012
A famous winery in Alsace, Cave de Ribeauvillé ensures strict control of yields, sustainable growth, organic practices and manual harvest. 

This bottle has a pronounced nose of citrus, apple, banana and hints of mineral – clean and focused on the palate with well-integrated acidity.
Cheers to a Refreshing Taste! 

Love wines that are light and refreshing on the palate? These two bottles from the Loire Valley may be what you’re looking for.  

Domaine Fournier Père & Fils Sancerre Cuvée Silex 2015
The Fournier family has been making wine since the 1800s, and Domaine Fournier is now one of the most important estates in Sancerre. 

This wine is tangy with lemon, white asparagus and mineral notes, followed by a long, salt-tinged and juicy finish. 

Domaine de La Levraudière Muscadet Sèvre et Maine 2017
Founded by Paul Fournier in 1950 by taking over the family’s two hectares of vineyards in Sancerre, this is another property owned by the Fournier family. 

Fresh and dry, this wine, made of 100% Melon de Bourgogne (a French white grape variety), has pronounced aromas of pineapple, melon and a touch of yeast. 
How About Something Nutty and Bubbly?

If you enjoy your bubbly with nutty and toasty flavours, add these two sparkling wines to your must-try list!
Moutard Père & Fils Cuvée des 6 Cépages Brut Nature 2009
Moutard Père & Fils was established in 1642, and is located at Buxeuil, an area known for making Champagne using less-popular grape varieties including Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Pinot Blanc.

This unique cuvée from Moutard has been aged for over nine years in a cellar before its release.
Aromas: lemon, apricot, biscuit
Flavours: green apple, nuts, toast

Jaillance Vouvray Brut NV
Jaillance is France’s top-selling sparkling wine, which was produced by the Die Cooperative of 225 winegrowers. The coop has been moving towards organic cultivation since 1989. 

Vouvray is one of the Loire Valley’s most prestigious appellations where all wines are made with traditional methods. This sparkling wine is clean and refreshing with fresh fruitiness and a hint of almond on the palate, supported by a crisp acidity. 
What to Drink with Foie Gras?

If this question has ever crossed your mind, we’re here to help! city’super is bringing you two premium wines that pair perfectly with foie gras – check them out!

Château Guiraud 1998 
Château Guiraud in Sauternes was classed as premier grand cru. The 1998 Guiraud is medium golden in colour with a nutty nose of praline and croissant notions, and has notes of stone fruit and earthy layers. Pair it with Comtesse du Barry foie gras where the toasty flavour of the wine compliments the smoothness of the foie gras.

Comtesse du Barry was established in 1908 in Gimont with the vision to “make the best foie gras in the world”. Their products come from free-range geese and ducks raised on whole yellow maize grain in the southwestern French countryside. 

Domaine Aegerter Nuits-Saint-Georges 2016 
After being hand-harvested, the grapes are put into stainless steel tanks for pre-fermentation maceration for two to four days, while the ageing takes place in oak barrels for eight to 12 months.

This full-bodied red is balanced, sensual and marked by aromas of black currant and blueberry. We recommend pairing it with the Comtesse du Barry Duck Confit and Mashed Potatoes. 
Wine + Cheese = The Perfect Pair

Happy hour with friends is better with great wines and delicious cheese. Try our recommended pairing below! 

Domaine Fournier Père & Fils Sancerre Les Belles Vignes Blanc 2017
Another great Domaine Fournier creation, this clear golden wine has well-developed aromas of syringa and blackcurrant. It is full and round on the palate, followed by crispness which then lingers with a touch of anise. 

Olivet Au Foiins Cheese
Made only in May and June from the milk of cows grazing on lush spring grasses, this soft-ripened French cheese, which resembles Camembert in flavour, has a white-mould rind and imparts a rich, herbal and floral tang. Goes well with Sauvignon Blanc and wines from the Loire region!  
Matured Wines We Love

Looking for a gift of wine for friends but overwhelmed by all the choices? Here are two great full-bodied Bordeaux vintages that are sure to impress any oenophile.

Château Desmirail 1982
Established in 1661, Château Desmirail is a winery in the Margaux appellation of the Bordeaux region known for its classic wines bursting with floral aroma.

This full-bodied and rounded wine, from the extraordinary year of 1982, has been aged in 40% new French oak for 18 months, revealing fruity flavours and aromas of black fruit, mocha and liquorice. 

Château Clos de Sarpe 1990
The family-owned Château Clos de Sarpe is now in its third generation. Two-thirds of their vineyards are old vines that are 50 to 80 years old, producing wines with highly concentrated fruitiness. All grapes are hand-picked and no chemical additives are used. 

This powerful and complex wine from 1990 has a well-structured palate displaying ripe fruit flavours of black currants and red berries with hints of spice and cedar notes. 


*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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The Palette of Asparagus

The Palette of Asparagus

29 (Mon) Apr – 30 (Sun) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Asparagus is rich in nutrients, and has become one of the most popular vegetables.
In asparagus season, in addition to common green asparagus, city’super brings you a rainbow of fresh asparagus, from white to purple to pink, as well as a collection of asparagus delicacies.

Feast the Rainbow: The Palette of Asparagus

When it comes to healthy home cooking, asparagus is a must-have ingredient. city'super is excited to bring you top-quality asparagus in 4 different colours for extra fun on the dinner table!

White Asparagus
Growing method: grown underground and not exposed to sunlight
Flavour: mild with a hint of bitterness

Pink Asparagus
Growing method: grown underground in a similar way to the white asparagus, but turns pink when exposed to sunlight 
Flavour: nutty and sweet

Purple Asparagus
Growing method: a special asparagus variety grown under sunlight in a similar way to the green asparagus  
Flavour: mildly nutty, sweet and succulent; 20% higher in sugar content

Green Asparagus
Growing method: grown under sunlight
Flavour: refreshing and grassy
New Healthy Selection: All About Asparagus

Dining out can be healthy too! Fusion Deli at city’super is introducing 3 ready-to-eat dishes made with fresh asparagus. Bon appétit!

Asparagus Bacon Roll
Seasonal asparagus wrapped in juicy roasted bacon – crunchy, rich in flavour, and simply irresistible!

White Asparagus with Cheesy Breadcrumbs
An unexpectedly tasty combination of white asparagus, cheese and breadcrumbs.

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Rich and creamy, this hearty yet refreshing soup is made with fresh asparagus.

*Available at Fusion Deli counter at city’super
Spring and Summer Must-have: Green Asparagus & Scallop Salad

Is the ever-changing weather affecting your appetite? How about a refreshing salad as a healthy pick-up-me? RF1 at city’super has exactly what you need!

Green Asparagus & Scallop Salad 
Succulent seared scallops sit atop a bed of fresh mixed greens and drizzled with mustard vinaigrette.

* Available at RF1 counter at city’super
This Breakfast Item is a Breath of Fresh Air 

Start your morning the right way with a delicious, healthy breakfast!

Little Mermaid has just launched this all—new Asparagus & Salami Roll that is sure to put a smile on your face and kick start your day!

Asparagus & Salami Roll
A hearty roll filled with salami slices and fresh green asparagus – tasty but without the greasiness! 

*Available at Little Mermaid counter at city'super
Could This Be the Healthiest Sushi Roll?

Asparagus and quinoa are both superfoods we love, but apart from putting them in a salad, what is an innovative way of combining these two ingredients? 

Introducing the Asparagus Quinoa Maki, made with fresh green asparagus and nutritious quinoa in a healthy Japanese style. Looks like our lunch is sorted!

* Available at the Sushi & Sashimi counter at city'super

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Eat Well.Live Healthy

Eat Well.Live Healthy

17 (Wed) – 30 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

Eat well to live healthy! 
Discover healthy delicacies at city’super, including healthy snacks, organic food, wellness soup & tea, and eco-friendly foodware. Tickle your taste buds and enjoy a healthier, better life! 

Trending Plant-based Meat

Vegetarianism is trending with plant-based diet on the rise. The Veggie Burger by Food Evolution comes from Italy, it offers a selection of flavors like classic lemon, truffle, vegetarian parmesan cheese and porcini mushrooms. Rich and flavorful, tender and succulent, the ‘meat’ is best served as a burger or an open-faced sandwich. Add in the Italian wild rocket with a strong peppery aroma and the plump Sardinia Tomatoes for that extra freshness and nutritional value.

Healthy Snacking

When the clock strikes three-fifteen, the body starts craving for snacks! Try stocking up your snack cabinet with healthy snack options like Savory Seed Parmesan Crisps by Sonoma Creamery, they are gluten-free, made with natural cheese, then baked with organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, into thin, crunchy crisps that are high in protein and have zero sugar.

Another healthy snack choice will be Sea World veggie crisps from Korea. They offer Beet Crisps, Burdock Crisps, Kelp Crisps, and Lotus Root Crisps. All chips are seasoned with deep sea water from 200m below sea level, without preservatives, artificial coloring or MSG. They even added in lactobacillus powder to give that extra probiotic. Snacking can be healthy too!

Eat and Drink Organic

Captain Kombucha from Portugal specializes in naturally fermented drinks, made with tea, sugar and fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. As it is rich in enzymes and probiotics, it is beneficial to the digestive system, can strengthen the immune system, boost your energy and improve skin condition. Captain Kombucha’s products are all natural and 100% organic, without artificial colors and flavors. The bubbly refreshing Ginger Lemon flavor is the best alternative to soda!

Wellness Combo – Chinese Soup and Herbal Tea

Spring is warm and humid but sometimes cold, and the dampness will accumulate in the body causing a heavy feeling. One should nurture the liver and spleen during this time of the year. The recipes of the double-boiled soup by Healthy Green are designed by ‘King Eternal’ Chinese Medicine Doctor. Made with traditional Chinese medicine and herbs, each package contains two bowls of soup. Simply reheat the package and enjoy the soup with the ingredients, which makes for a simple yet healthy meal. 

Eco-Friendly Foodware

Can leaves be made into plates? Yes, it is possible! All you need is a bit of imagination. The plates made from leaves by Leaf Plate are inspired by the Indians who use leaves to hold their street food. With the help of modern technology, Leaf Plates are made by pressing three layers of leaves into the shape of a plate, then coated with natural wax, thus forming sturdy, water-resistant and compostable plates. Every plate is one of a kind!

Takeout can be more environmental-friendly with the new city’super Grab’n’Go reusable food bag. Designed by Roll’eat from Spain, the food bag is leak-proof and suitable for hot food (maximum 120ºC), easy to clean and compact to bring around; it can be used for holding small cakes and even steaming hot rice rolls! The illustration on the food bag is drawn by Natsuka Murata exclusively for city’super, the Red Panda on the illustration is classified as an endangered species. It is hoped that customers can be reminded to conserve the forest resources by using sustainable or reusable products while appreciating the lovely illustration on the food bag.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Easter 2019

Easter 2019

26 (Tue) Mar – 22 (Mon) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

Enjoy a delicious Easter filled with tempting Easter eggs. At city'super, we have hunted down the best Easter treats. Come along for an Easter full of surprises!

The Dazzling Debut of Le chocolat des Français Easter Egg

Who said Easter eggs are for kids only? Le chocolat des Français from France is known for their colourful packaging and unique designs, attracting a passionate following of kids and adults alike. Give the gift of choice this Easter with the playful design of the Easter egg that will stand out from the crowd for sure!

Chocolate masters Paul and Matthieu handpick only the best cacao beans and cocoa butter from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian planters to make their chocolates. The finest quality also means 100% natural without palm oil and preservatives.

Jumbo Chocolate Buddy up with Classic Easter Egg

Bringing back childhood memories, the well-loved classic Cadbury milk chocolate Easter egg returns with its adorable bunny friend, joining the fun in bringing smiles to the faces of children and grown-ups. Cadbury chocolate has always been renowned for its silky smooth texture and rich cocoa flavour, and the gigantic Easter egg launched this year has a crunchy honeycomb filling covered with creamy chocolate – delicious happiness in the mouth!

When talking about giant chocolate eggs, the Maltesers Easter egg is also famous for its jumbo size. Weigh almost 500g, the crunchy chocolate Easter egg is sweet and creamy but without the heaviness. Mini Maltesers milk chocolate eggs are also available for easy sharing!

Easter Goodies Wrapped with Love

The warm spring weather may affect the quality of the chocolate if not stored properly. When gifting chocolate, it is best to pack them into small bags. These four Easter-themed gift bags and boxes printed with colourful Easter bunnies and Easter egg patterns would be perfect for holding the Easter goodies. The pastel colour packaging even has Easter greetings written all over it; the joyous festive feeling makes it ideal for gifting.

*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last


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Picnic with Furry Friends

Picnic with Furry Friends

3 (Wed) – 16 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

A picnic is the perfect way to celebrate the warmer spring weather, and an outing your furry family members are also sure to love. From 3 (Wed) April, city’super will offer a collection of picnic snacks, outdoor goods and pet care items to help you enjoy a picnic with your furry friends.

Picnic Made Easy

Onigiri rice balls are easy to make and a must-have for picnic! No advance preparation needed. Simply bring the Onisi Foods instant alpha rice with you. Made with 100% Japanese rice, the rice has been dried using the rapid-dry method. A pack of succulent rice is ready to be served just by filling in hot or cold water.

Then mix in the Hokkai Yamato Egg & Vegetable or Salmon & Shirasu rice seasoning from Hokkaido and wrap with a crispy Ariake seaweed. The final finishing touch is to put them into a Prime Nakamura colourful Block lunch box, kawaii neh!

Another adorable lunch box set is the exciting collaboration between Korean luncheon meat brand Richam and Oxford Blocks. Each lunch box comes with two cans of original luncheon meat and a fork shaped like a block man. The lunch boxes can also be stacked up like blocks for the extra fun.

Picnic Snacks for You and Your Puppy

Enjoy some quality picnic time with your furry friends! Bring along Bob's Red Mill’s oats bar for yourself; delicious flavours include Banana Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Coconut Peanut Butter. All gluten-free, free of soy, dairy, and eggs, low in sugar, healthy to devour and convenient to carry around.

As for your pet companion, Hugo and Celine Doggie Ice Cream from Sweden is paw-licking good. Signature flavours include ox liver, salmon and moose, made 100% from the best quality natural Swedish ingredients and free of refined sugar. Also available are frozen beef patties, made with organic beef and locally grown vegetables. To ensure that the ice cream flavours are what dogs really want, the recipes are developed together with veterinarian and University Professor Anna Hielm-Björkman.

Let’s Get Smoking

Instead of full-on BBQ when going on camping or picnicking, a handy smoker will also do the trick! Have fun making smoked snacks together with your friends.

Apeluca smoker from Japan features a sleek design and comes with wood smoker chips, smoker wood, and a recipe book. It can be used to smoke food like cheese, nuts, dried fish and onsen eggs. Simply put one teaspoon of wood smoker chips on the steel tray, close the lid and heat on high heat for 1-2 minutes until smoke comes out from the ventilation hole, then place the food on the grill rack and smoke till it gets the colour you desire!

Smoky recommendations:
• Les frères Marchand Camembert Cheese: rich and creamy, smoking can help bring out a more distinct flavour
• Ehime Dried Small Squid: savoury and umami, smoked flavour gives an additional kick
• Kluth Nut-Mix gets crunchier and tastier after being smoked

The Perfect Outdoor Water Bottle

Bring your own water bottle when going on a picnic to be more environmentally friendly! Water bottles come in all shapes, sizes and materials, say the bottles by CamelBak are well-suited for outdoor usage. The magnet top can be placed on the bottle surface securely thus avoid fidgeting or spilling while you drink. The ergonomic high-flow spout is angled and contoured for efficient hydration. The bottles are BPA-free, can hold cold water or hot water under 80 degrees, to suit your different needs.

A handy water bottle is essential when going out with pets, but to find one that is appropriate for outdoor use can be a hassle. Petkit Eversweet Travel Waterer is specially designed for pet owners. The one-hand watering is easy to handle; water will flow into the arc water trough just by pressing the button, for the pet to drink with ease. Made with antibacterial material, it can be kept inside a bag after use, without the worry of bacteria growth. The open drinking trough design is also convenient to clean. The activated coconut shell carbon filter inside the bottle can be used up to 100 times to remove impurities thus keeping the dogs healthy. The product has also been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2017.

Organic Pet Care

Pet care products should preferably be natural to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. Mr Organic has designed a series of organic pet care products that are 100% made in Australia, including organic paw cleanser, paw and nose balm, and 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo.

The products contain 19 different certified organic ingredients, and are allergy tested and free from fragrance, artificial colours, mineral oils, chemical preservatives and alcohol. The products' herbal ingredients include moisturising chamomile, refreshing lavender and sweet orange, which have a calming effect, making bath time more a relaxing experience for both you and your pet.


*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last

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Spanish Gourmet Temptations

Spanish Gourmet Temptations

19 (Tue) Mar – 2 (Tue) Apr 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
When you think about Spain, what do you imagine: Flamenco? Bullfighting? The beautiful buildings of Barcelona? For many foodies, Spain is also a gourmet paradise.
From Mar 19 to Apr 2, city’super brings you an array of Spanish delicacies including jumbo red king prawns, Ibérico pork, paella, red sangria and more, which no fan of Spanish food should miss.

Jumbo size equals jumbo flavour!

Jumbo Spanish Red King Prawns boast a robust, lingering sweetness far more intense than that of regular prawns.
Red King Prawns come from the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea. They are characterised by their enormous size and bright red colour. When cooked, the flesh tastes sweet and the roe rich and creamy – a delicacy that makes you crave more.
They can be prepared and served at home in just a few easy steps: defrost the prawns a day in advance, then pan-sear them with olive oil, salt and black pepper (referred to as a la plancha in Spanish). The head and shell can be made into a flavourful stock for making pasta or soup.
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What wine goes well with red prawns? Our vote goes to Lola Mola Sangria. This red Sangria is created following an original Spanish recipe and using only natural ingredients. It is refreshingly sweet and sour, and tastes like a young wine, with notes of orange peel, raisins, cinnamon and muscat.

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The King and Queen of Meats in Spain

Bellota-grade Ibérico pork is a synonym for high-quality pork in Spain. The Iberian pork has a distinctive, unique aroma as a result of having been fed on acorns. The Bellota grade is only given each April to pigs that reach a weight of 180-200kg. Be it pork chop or pork rack chop, just a hint of seasoning such as sea salt and herbs is required to bring out its irresistible flavour. Pan-fry until medium-well done for maximum tenderness.

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The Iberian Peninsula is also famous for its lamb. Raised in the Pyrenees Mountains, Iberian sheep are first fed with sheep milk, and then with cereal, corn and high-oleic acid sunflower seeds. Thanks to the nutritious feed and stress-free environment, the lamb is delicate and tender. Pan-fry the lamb rack till medium rare. Its succulent texture pairs well with pesto.
When accompanied by Dominio de Atauta Parada de Atauta from Spain, the combination is irresistible. The wine displays an intense aroma of blackberries and chocolate, with a ripe fruit palate and hints of spiciness. It adds depths and flavour to both kinds of meat.

 Voilà! Paella!

A great deal of preparation goes into making a pan of paella, but you no longer need to shop around for all the ingredients; instead, just open a can.
La Familia De Lola Mixed Paella – Seafood and Chicken is developed by Clavo Food Factory, which specialises in frozen and refrigerated food. Under the Spanish Lola family, renowned for their top-quality food products, this authentic dish is based on a traditional paella recipe, but made readily available in a can.
It is easy and convenient to cook: simply boil the soup with all the ingredients for 20 minutes, and voilà! You can even add fresh seafood.
La Familia De Lola also features delicious recipes like Rice with Cuttlefish Ink, and Pork Cheeks in Sauce, perfect for entertaining friends and family at home. 

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A Toast to Ibérico Ham

Bellota-Bellota® is an icon of Spanish Ibérico Ham. In celebration of our Spanish Festival, Bellota-Bellota® has created various luxurious and delicious toast recipes featuring ingredients like Ventresca tuna belly, cheese, chorizo and olive oil. The selection includes:
1) Spanish Ventresca Tuna Belly Toast with Premium Red Pepper Olive Oil
2) Spanish Serrano de Trevelez Ham Toast with Manchego Cheese and Tomato Salsa
3) Spanish Chorizo Toast with Manchego Cheese and Tomato Salsa 


Extra Crunchy Potato Chips

Quillo Potato Chips are famous for their exceptional crunchiness, the result of the low-heat treatment of the potatoes, contributing to a rich flavour and crispy texture.
There are four flavours to choose from: the much-loved Spanish Ham flavour, which best brings out the slightly salty, nutty aroma of this Spanish speciality meat; the Fried Egg flavour, with its flavour of Spanish tortilla; and the White Truffle and Lemon & Pink Pepper flavours, which make the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer or a glass of wine.
The potato chips also come in stylish packaging, which makes them great for gifting.

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*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last
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