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The Brand-New Amazing Food Hall at Times Square store
16 (Fri) Aug 2019
Mid-Autumn Festival 2019
15 (Thur) Aug – 19 (Thur) Sep 2019
Jean-Paul Hévin's second store opens at Harbour City
From 2 (Fri) Aug 2019


Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 Early Bird Offer
18(Thur) Jul - 14 (Wed) Aug 2019
Stay Cool This Summer
18 (Thu) Jul – 14 (Wed) Aug 2019
A Japanese Peach Expedition
1 (Mon) Jul – 31 (Sat) Aug 2019


Get HK$50 E-cash coupon! THE GULU x FusionDeli by city’super
22 (Mon) Jul  – 26 (Fri)  Aug 2019
ROYCE' ChocoLand – Summer Carnival
5 (Fri) - 15(Mon) Jul, 2019
Cilli & Seafood Market
20 (Thur) Jun – 17 (Wed) Jul 2019


Tastes of Taiwanese Culture
6 (Thur) – 26 (Wed) Jun 2019
Dragon Boat Festival 2019
23 (Thu) May – 6 (Thu) June 2019

Early Summer ‧ Japanese Flavours
15 (Wed) – 5 (Wed) Jun 2019


La Fête des Vins 2019
1 (Wed) – 15 (Wed) May 2019
The Palette of Asparagus
29 (Mon) Apr – 30 (Sun) Apr 2019
Eat Well.Live Healthy
17 (Wed) – 30 (Tue) Apr 2019


Easter 2019
26 (Tue) Mar – 22 (Mon) Apr 2019
Picnic with Furry Friends
3 (Wed) – 16 (Tue) Apr 2019
Spanish Gourmet Temptations
19 (Tue) Mar – 2 (Tue) Apr 2019


The Sake Connection 2019
4 (Mon) – 18 (Mon) Mar 2019
Chocolate Moment
12 (Tue) Feb – 3 (Sun) Mar 2019
Chocolates by Jean-Paul Hévin
From 22 (Tue) Jan 2019



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The Brand-New Amazing Food Hall at Times Square store

Home > Happenings > The Brand-New Amazing Food Hall at Times Square store


16 (Fri) Aug 2019
@ Times Square store

The first phase of the revamped city’super Times Square store reopens with a new look and an innovative "Buy & Dine" and "Dine & Buy" one-stop shopping and dining concept. Through incorporating the Foodie Wonderland retail concept, the newly-opened Amazing Food Hall is offering different kinds of appetizing dishes for customers to savour while they can also purchase these premium ingredients at the food market to replicate the gourmet experience at home. The top seven zones include Seafood Kitchen, Sushi & Sashimi, Oyster Bar, Butcher Factory, Noodles & Pasta, Super Green, and Wine Town.

There are over 150 seats inside the Amazing Food Hall, customers can enjoy a relaxing gathering with friends over fine wines and delectable cuisine made with the quality ingredients available at city’super while shopping for the finest lifestyle products at the same location.

Seafood Kitchen

Fresh seafood offered at Seafood Kitchen is flown in daily from around the world. city’super selects only the seafood that was caught from quality waters and would highlight the Catch of the Week, to promote seasonal jet-fresh produce.

Australian Skull Island Wild Caught Tiger Prawn
Reside in the enormous seaweed bed, where the active tidal activities provide sufficient feed and make their flesh firm and meaty. These prawns are perfect for steaming, boiling or deep-frying, baking or even grilling to bring out its natural taste.

Grilled New Zealand Wild Caught Orange Roughy with Saikyo Miso Set Meal
Comes from the deep clear sea of New Zealand. It is also called “long-life fish” as it can live to over 100 years of age. Its taste is mild and delicate, its flesh firm and juicy. The Orange Roughy is prepared with Saikyo Miso to bring out its refreshing scent, when accompanied with the rice cooked with rinse-free grain. Both the flavour profile and the nutrient level have been raised.

Butcher Factory

East・Meets・West Grilled Beef Platter
The platter showcases four kinds of premium beef from around the world, including the city'super 60 days Dry Aged UK Lincoln Red Grass-fed Beef Rib Eye, USA Long Term Grain-fed Angus Beef Striploin, A5 Grade Wagyu Beef Striploin, and Korean Hoengseong Hanwoo Beef Striploin which is exclusively available at city'super.

Roasted French Landes Free-Range Yellow Chicken with Peri Peri Sauce
This traditional breed of chicken is being raised by farmers using a healthy and humane breeding method. These high-quality chickens are reared in a natural environment where they can run around freely for a minimum of 84 days in the Landes Forest. Their diet consists of 80% corn and 20% ruffage from the forest.

Sushi & Sashimi

Sea Urchin Sashimi Rice Bowl
This sashimi rice bowl filled with Hokkaido sea urchin is both Instagrammable and delectable. The fishermen adhere to the principle of “only sell the things that you would buy for yourselves”. Since 1943, they have been catching fish using the traditional method with improvements in order to achieve the mission of sustainable development. They insist on not catching the small-sized sea urchin for sale and would only provide the freshest high-quality sea urchin for customers.

Oyster Bar

Fishermen Seafood & Oyster Platter
Presented in an elegant bird cage,this Platter features a handpicked selection of seasonal oysters like Australia Coffin Bay Oyster, city’super Special selection Oyster and French Gillardeau Oysters; and top-quality seafood like Canadian cooked lobster and cooked whelk, Thai cooked whole Vannamei Prawns, stuffed brown crab shell, and cooked snow crab claws.

Noodles & Pasta

city’super gathers the best of noodles from around the world in one location, like egg noodles, spaghetti, and the various kinds of soup base. Customers can pick and choose whatever they feel like having on the spot, and the chef will prepare for them a-la-minute.

Braised Japanese  Pork Belly Tonkotsu Soup Ramen
Nishiyama Seimen ramen is smooth and springy, which matches well with the specially made soup base. The massive size of the pork slice is also a feast to the eyes and the taste buds.

Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Cream
Sea urchin fans take note: this dish is made with Alaskan sea urchin and a sea urchin soy sauce from aged and fermented sea urchin. When paired with Antica Pasteria pasta made with 100% durum wheat semolina and free-range eggs, it is a match made in heaven!

Onion Soup (Seasonal Special Aug - Oct)
This soup is made with the jumbo onion from Giarratana in Italy. The harvesting period of this onion is between July and September. In addition to its enormous size, its taste is also sweeter and less pungent. Apart from onion soup, it is also suitable for roasting, boiling and made into a salad.

Super Green

city'super has developed a “Super Green Bowl” concept for the Super Green zone, which incorporates nutrition, tastiness and satiety in one healthy dish. Different from the usual cold salad, warm vegetables are included to provide a more balanced and fulfilling meal for the customers. city'super handpicks only the freshest and seasonal vegetables and fruits from around the world for Super Green, including the below farms, from which city'super imports their freshest produce exclusively. Over 60 freshest produce are available for customer mix-and-match their own Super Green Bowl.

Tanaka Farm
From Nagasaki Prefecture uses homemade compost made from enoki mushroom and rice bran to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers. The produce is handpicked and cleaned by hand instead of washing before packaging to minimize damage and nutrition loss and for the produce to stay fresh.

From the UK partners with farmers across Europe for growing seasonal fruits and vegetables under the concept of sustainable farming.

A reputable company from Italy with over hundred years of history. They produce and distribute certified organic vegetables and fruits, highlighting a short supply chain which guarantees the product quality and freshness.

Karen’s pick
Karen is an American expert on organic product, specialises in sourcing from the farms in the US for vegetables and fruits that match the needs of city'super customers throughout the different seasons. Customer can choose seasonal product easily from weekly Karen's pick.

Wine Town

Wine Town features the largest selection of wines and sakes in Hong Kong with over 1,500 choices, including red, white, sake, and sparkling wines. This beautifully-designed venue will be a new Happy Hour hot spot and a go-to place for wine connoisseurs. 

Great Prizes Await at #AmazingFoodHall !

Introducing the innovative Foodie Wonderland retail concept and boasting premium ingredients from city’super, the brand-new Amazing Food Hall at city’super Times Square store is now open! Join us on an amazing food journey with this fun mini game. Simply follow the steps below for a chance to win great prizes!

1. Follow city’super’s Instagram (@citysuperhk) & like the game’s Instagram post
2. Order any dish from the Amazing Food Hall, and take a picture of the food
3. Find a main ingredient of this dish at the city’super store and take a photo
4. Upload these photos onto your personal Instagram account with a brief description
5. Tag @citysuperhk and #FoodieWonderland

Winners will be announced on September 6, 2019. Creators of the 5 best posts will each receive a HK$1,000 city’super shopping voucher; 15 other impressive entries will also receive a HK$200 city’super shopping voucher. The mini game ends on August 31, 2019.

Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to following for details.




Terms and Conditions

1. City Super Limited (‘city’super’) is the organiser of city’super Foodie Wonderland: Share Your Gourmet Experience (‘the Game’).

2. The Game starts on 16 August 2019 and ends on 31 August 2019 23:59 (Hong Kong Time) (‘the Game Period’).

3. Participants must be Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or over and live in Hong Kong. Participants must agree to and comply with the terms and conditions of the Game.

4. Participants must join the Game through their own Instagram accounts and follow the steps below to join the Game within the Game Period in order to be eligible to participate in the Game and to qualify as a potential winner:

     a. Follow city’super’s Instagram Page (@citysuperhk);
     b. Like the Game’s Instagram post; 
     c. Taste any dish at Amazing Food Hall and capture an image of it
     d. Find and capture image of the dish’s main ingredients at city’super store
     e. Post the images with brief introduction on own Instagram account
     f. Tag the post with @citysperhk and hashtag #FoodieWonderland

5. city’super will select the 20 participants with the most attractive or creative posts as winners. Each winner will be entitled to receive one prize:

     a. 1st to 5th place: HK$1,000 Shopping Voucher (Quota: 5)
     b. 6th to 20th place: HK$200 Shopping Voucher (Quota: 15)

6. city’super will announce the winners on its Instagram page on 6 September 2019, and inform winners by Instagram message.

7. In order to be eligible to redeem the prize, each winner must reply to the Instagram message with personal information for registration on or before 12 September 2019, and redeem the prize at city’super Times Square store on or before 30 September 2019. If winners are unable to register or redeem the prize on these dates for any reason, the winner will be disqualified.

8. Submission time is based on the time it is received by the technical support company’s server, which cannot be disputed by participants. Regarding any dispute arising from the Game, the decision of city’super shall be final and binding.

9. To ensure fairness, staff of city’super and its marketing partners who are in charge of the Game cannot participate in the Game.

10. All prizes are subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions, and cannot be exchanged, converted into cash, changed to other gifts/products or transferred to a third party.

11. city’super reserves the right to replace the prize with any alternative reward without prior notice.

12. All personal information provided must be authentic and accurate. city’super reserves the right to disqualify any participant who appears to the organiser to have submitted inauthentic or inaccurate information or behaved in a fraudulent manner. If there is any dispute, city’super reserves the right to make the final decision.

13. city’super shall not be responsible or liable to the participant for any discrepancy, error or inaccuracy in registered information caused by or involving equipment, software or procedure failure due to internet or other technology problems or human errors.

14. Upon any discovery or suspicion of fraud, interference with the Game or operation of the internet, or system security or rules violation, city’super has the right to disqualify any participant/winner without notice. city’super shall have full and final decision over all of these matters.

15. This Game is not organised, sponsored, supported or managed by Instagram. Instagram will not bear any responsibility for any of the participants’s actions. Regarding any dispute arising from the Game, the decision of city’super shall be final and binding.

16. city’super reserves the right to withdraw or terminate the Game at any time and select from the list of eligible participants who have entered the Game before the withdrawal or termination date as winners.

17. city’super reserves the right to modify the rules/ terms and conditions of the Game and/or to modify or terminate the prize offer above without notice. If there is any dispute, city’super reserves the right to make the full and final decision.

18. The Traditional Chinese version shall prevail if there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions.


Personal Data Collection Statement

1. Personal data collected from participants will be used for this Game only, including notification of result, prize arrangement and collection.

2. The supply of data by participants is entirely voluntary. However, failure to provide the data required will result in the participant’s disqualification. Data will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with third parties.

3. Each participant has the right to access his/her personal data and correct any incorrect data that is held by city’super. city’super has the right to collect a reasonable administration fee for handling any request for access to personal data. Any request for access or correction of personal data should be made at least 7 working days in advance to city’super’s Marketing Division.

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

Home Happenings > Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

15 (Thur) Aug – 13 (Fri) Sep 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

2 (Mon) – 19 (Thur) Sep 2019
@ Times Square atrium

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates love and reunion, and the city’super gift selection is a great way to show your appreciation to friends and family. Here are our highlighted items.

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city' super Pastry Mooncake : Trying New Flavour

Try the new Pandan and Peanut Pastry Mooncake; our healthy selection of Walnut, Sesame and Lotus Seed Paste Pastry Mooncake, and Red Date Walnut Pastry Mooncake are also available.

For a Fancy Mid-Autumn: Selected Premium Mooncake Gift Sets

Dashijie’s White Lotus Paste Mooncake with Double Egg Yolks and Olive Seeds  are made using premium ingredients with extreme care and attention. In every 5,000 salted egg yolk, only 1,000 of the creamiest ones are selected. This gift box brings you Chinese tradition at its finest. 

Mid-Autumn Special: Premium Gift Selection

California Mexico Australian Sea Snails
Know any night owls? These plump and briny dried Australian sea snails are perfect for improving liver function and sleep quality. They are also excellent for adding aroma and umami to soups.

Omoriya Premium Mushroom Gift Box
These popular mushrooms from Taiwan are no doubt an excellent addition to the Mid-Autumn gift selection.

Matsutake Noodles Gift Box
Made using matsutake powder and flour, these noodles are a vegetarian favourite. These noodles are also said to be good for the spleen and stomach. Simply place one portion in boiling water for 2 minutes and enjoy!

Ringowork Apple Juice (Mid-Autumn & Moon)
Ringowork apple juice is made with high-quality Aomori apples, and is packed with natural aroma and flavour. No added sugar, water or chemicals. 100% juice and not from concentrate.

Mid-Autumn Festival Cooking Inspirations 

Other umami-filled condiments and products include Wong Chi Kei’s newly launched Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce, Crab Roe Sauce, and Crab Roe YeaYea Noodle Set. The finest hairy crab roe with salted egg yolk and fresh carrot purée are selected to make the Crab Roe Sauce which has a lovely mouthfeel and bursts with umami.

Old But Gold: Gifts for the Elderly

For those with family members who work full time or are pregnant, gift them the Dashijie Supreme Pure Chicken Essence. Made naturally from the essence of Taiwanese free-range chicken, this Chicken Essence can be easily absorbed by the body for a quick recharge. 

Stylish Mid-Autumn Gifts Selection

Gifting is a huge part of the Mid-Autumn Festival tradition. Apart from traditional mooncakes and fruits, city’super has specially selected a few trendy gift sets that are sure to cheer up the whole family!

ROYCE’ Chocoman
Chocolate and white bean paste are covered by an outer layer of chewy dorayaki - a perfect example where traditional Japanese dessert meets chocolate.

Related Product:

 *Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last




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Get HK$50 E-cash coupon! THE GULU x FusionDeli by city’super

Home > Happenings > Get HK$50 E-cash coupon! THE GULU x FusionDeli by city’super

22 (Mon) Jul  – 26 (Fri)  Aug 2019

@ FusionDeli by city’super

Go to FusionDeli by city’super to get a Promo Card during promotion period. Use the promo code on the card and ORDER over HK$30 on THE GULU via WeChat Pay HK, you are rewarded a HK$50 E-cash Coupon. This E-cash coupon can be redeemed on next Order over HK$70.


THE GULU Limited Time Offer Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer is valid from 24 June 2019 (from 12:00:00am) to 31 August 2019 (to 11:59:00 PM), both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  2. THE GULU users can use WeChat Pay HK for payment on THE GULU/WeChat Pay HK F&B within the promotion period. A single transaction of HK$30 or more will be rewarded with a HK$50 THE GULU e-cash coupon. E-cash coupon will be issued automatically to use user’s WeChat Pay HK wallet account. Users can view the information and amount of though entering in the main menu of the WeChat Pay HK, then select Offers, and then select Coupons.
  3. Each user can earn only one e-cash coupon during the promotion period. The amount of redemption is accordance to the system record of WeChat Pay HK.
  4. Promotion offers are subject to a first-come-first served basis while stocks last without prior notice.
  5. E-cash coupon is only applicable to THE GULU or WeChat Pay HK F&B. Users who spend over HK$70 via WeChat HK Pay in a single transaction, system will be automatically redeem HK$50 e-cash coupon. Benefits are not redeemable for cash.
  6. E-cash coupons are valid for 7 days starting from the date of gift.
  7. Users do not need to show the e-coupon to the cashier to enjoy the offer. E-coupons will be automatically deducted by WeChat Pay HK and successful redemption will be displayed on the payment confirmation page once payment is completed.
  8. If a user has more than one e-cash coupon in his/her coupon account, the WeChat Pay HK system will automatically use the e-cash coupon with higher face value. If the coupon contains more than one e-cash coupon of the same face value, the WeChat Pay HK system will automatically use the e-cash coupon that is due earlier. The e-cash coupon will be deducted when the value of transaction is equal or more than the amount specified in the e-cash coupon terms of use. It cannot be used when the value of transaction is less the minimum amount specified in the e-cash coupon terms of use.
  9. If a user uses WeChat Pay HK to pay and there is another promotion with instant discount at the same time, (instant discount means if certain amount of transaction value is reached, there will be a certain amount of discount) and such user is eligible to use the relevant coupon, such user can only enjoy one of the promotion benefits. WeChat Pay HK system will automatically select the e-coupon that provide larger discount. If the e-coupons are of the same value, the WeChat Pay system will automatically use the e-coupon that expires sooner.
  10. In the event that a user obtains and/or users the e-coupons by any illegality, fraudulent or inappropriate means, such user will be disqualified to participate in the promotions and/or use of e-coupons.
  11. By participating in this promotion, users accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this promotion, and agree that WeChat Pay HK may use his/her personal information for promotion purpose.
  12. In case of any dispute in connection with this promotion, THE GULU decision shall be final and conclusive.


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Peach Items


We also offer different kinds products which made by Fresh Peach. MF Bear is now going to recommend you!

Japanese Peach Bun

Made with Peach Jam, Hokkaido Custard Cream and topped with Japanese White Peach for a fresh flavour.

Japanese White Peach Soft Cream Cone


Made with Japanese White Peach Puree & Hokkaido Milk.

Japanese White Peach Soft Cream Cone

Fresh Japanese White Peach with Soft Cream

White Peach Soda

Made with Japanese White Peach, with Peach Juice and Soda.

Japanese White Peach Cream Cake 15cm

Made with Japanese White Peach, Japanese Whipping Cream, Flour & Egg.

Japanese White Peach Cut cake

Using whole white peach for this cake.

Japanese White Peach Dessert Cup

Japanese White Peach pudding with Taka Amaou Strawberry Puree & Fresh Japanese White Peach.

Japanese White Peach Tart

Made with Japanese White Peach, Custard & Almond Tart.

Okunomatsu Momotoro Peach Liqueur

Made by fresh white peaches near Fukushima prefecture. Sweet aroma, rich on palate, which can enjoy the taste of sake and peach at once.

Naitofarm Peach Nectar Juice

Only pick the fully ripe peaches to produce the juice. It is just like eating real peach while drinking.

No added sugar, additives or preservatives.

Yokote Peach Juice 

With luxurious sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

Using Kawanakajima Peach from Nagano Prefecture. It tastes quite sweet and with a hint of sourness.

Chobe Peach Jelly

A limited edition in 3pcs, with a rich sweetness and aroma of Jelly

Kudzu Fruit Jelly - Renkatou Peach

High quality and freshly harvested fruits are selected to make this jelly. Slices of real fruit are included in this semi-sphere shaped jelly. You can enjoy the super rich flavour of fresh fruits and mouthfeel.



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Best Season of Peach has arrived!


Home > Best Season of Peach has arrived!


Summer is the best time for peaches. city’super has sourced a range of seasonal peaches from across Japan direct from the farms, including pink, white and golden varieties. In order to source the best-quality peaches for our customers, our specialists have also travelled to Yamanashi and Okayama Prefectures to learn more about local peach farms, planting methods, culture and eating customs. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy fresh Japanese peaches.

Peach knowledge:

In addition to the usual pink peaches, we also selected seasonal white and golden peaches from Japan. They both come with a high level of sweetness. Pink peaches have no sour taste, while white and golden peaches have minimal sourness. The pink and white peaches have softer, smoother flesh, while golden peaches are firmer.

4 highlighted regions and Direct Farm

July and August are the best months for Japanese peaches. city'super specialises in sourcing various kinds of fresh peach from different regions in Japan, including Yamanashi, Okayama, Niigata (direct from Kasahara Farm), Yamanashi (direct from Naito Farm), Yamanashi (direct from Iwashita Farm) and  Yamagata (direct from Nogawa Farm).

The peach season is different in each region:

  • Yamanashi Prefecture: from early to mid August
  • Okayama: from mid to late July
  • Niigata: from late July to mid August
  • Yamagata Prefecture: from mid to late August.

In order to provide the best Japanese peaches, Manual Factory Bear represented city'super as its Peach Ambassador, visiting and learning about farms in several Japanese prefectures. During the trip, Manual Factory Bear explored and experienced the local peach culture. In addition to understand the local farms, characteristics of the prefectures and eating methods, Manual Factory Bear learned with local farmers who use exemplary planting techniques, picked and tasted fresh peaches at local farm, finding out how farmers can master cultivation to guarantee the best-quality peaches. Let Manual Factory Bear introduces the characteristics of Japan prefectures and recommend highlighted peaches to you.


Phase 1 (Early to Mid of July) Phase (2 Mid to End of July) Phase 3 (End of July to Mid of August) Phase 4 (Mid to End of August )
Yamanashi Prefecture Okayama Prefecture Niigata Prefecture (Kasahara - Direct Farm) & 
Yamanashi Prefecture (Naito–Direct Farm)
Yamagata Prefecture (Nogawa –Direct Farm)

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Characteristics of prefectures : Yamanashi Prefecture


Yamanashi Prefecture is known as the Japanese Peach Kingdom for its fresh air, pure water and fertile soil. Large temperature differences in a natural basin make Yamanashi an ideal environment for cultivating peaches. Yamanashi Peaches are very sweet and juicy, and are available from July to August. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the fresh Japanese peaches!

Best period of seasonEarly to Mid of July

Japan Yamanashi Ohtouryou Peach

Ohtouryou” is one of the grading index of the peach which growth in Misaka. The peach of having OTORYO grade means it’s contain beautiful appearance and sugar content is 12 degrees or more.

Japan Yamanashi Premium Peach

There is a premium peach named very juicy with brix level more than 12      

Japan Yamanashi Ittousyo Peach

There is a premium peach named “ITTOSHO” very juicy with brix level more than 12





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Characteristics of prefectures: Niigata Prefecture (Kasahara - Direct Farm)


Kasahara Farm is a direct farm of citysuper.It is located in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Niigata prefecture is at the northeast of Japan. At May to June, which is the growing period of peach, the sunlight period is long and result in farming high quality peach.

Best period of season: End of July to Mid of August

Japan Niigata Peach (Kasahara–Direct Farm)

Highlight Peach – Golden Peach

Peach grown in the farm is very sweet and juicy with fine texture.


Yamanashi Prefecture (Naito–Direct Farm)

Located in Yamanashi City of Pref.

Through the two generations, they are certified as “Eco Farmer” who practices a sustainable agriculture with less agrochemicals and chemical fertilizer. (Compared to the normal standard, they reduce 30% of chemicals. In addition, they do not use herbicide at all.) They also pour much effort to making fine soil with green manure crop.

Best period of season: End of July to Mid of August

Highlight Peach – Pink Peach

Japan Yamanashi Naito Farm Peach

The Brix of peach reaches 14 degrees on average, and the higher one goes over 16 degrees.



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Characteristics of prefectures: Okayama Prefecture


Okayama faces the Seto Inland Bay and has warm climate and long sunshine hours, making it ideal for growing peaches.

Okayama has a long history of planting peaches, and it can be traced back to the Meiji era. More than half of the around 100 varieties of peaches in Japan are now originated from Okayama.

Best period of seasonMid to End of July

Highlight Peach – White Peach

Japan Okayama White Peach (ROYALロイヤル)

It is round shaped and has creamy-white skin. Soft and delicate flesh is sweet and juicy with a pleasant and elegant peachy aroma.

Japan Okayama Shimizu Hakuto White Peach - Royal   White

It has a creamy white rind with a hint of pink. Sweet and juicy, it is the finest grade! The flesh of "Shimizu white peach" is very soft, with a unique flavor and scent. It can be said to be the queen of peaches.

Japan Okayama Yumehakuto White Peach

High in sugar content and big in size are its features. Skin in light yellow and flesh is very sweet.



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Characteristics of prefectures: Yamagata Prefecture (Nogawa –Direct Farm)


Located in Tendo City of Yamagata, Nogawa farm is a farm who handles agricultural products. They began their business as a dealer of soybean products in 1884. Yamagata peach has the high Brix due to the large temperature difference between nights and days in the harvest season of mid-summer. 

Best period of season: Mid to End of August 

Highlight Peach – Pink Peach


Japan Yamagato Nogawa Farm Peach

Yamagata peach has the high Brix due to the large temperature difference between nights and days in the harvest season of mid-summer.



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Jean-Paul Hévin's second store opens at Harbour City


Home > Happenings > Jean-Paul Hévin's second store opens at Harbour City 



From 2 (Fri) Aug 2019
@ Harbour City store

Great news for chocoholics! Jean-Paul Hévin’s second store will be opening at city'super Harbour City on 2 August!

The world-renowned chocolatier, who opened his first shop in Paris in 1988, is always on a search for premium cocoa beans for his sweet creations, all made using the highest-quality creams, nuts, honeys and other top-notch ingredients.

In celebration of the store opening, sweet offers are ready for you.

First to try latest masterpiece of chocolate!

Want to be the first to try Jean-Paul Hévin’s latest chocolate creations? New items first launch at city'super Harbour City store on official opening day!

The Coffret Degustation Gift Box (48pcs)

(Available at city'super ifc mall store from 19 August)

Tablette – ABDO 100% Chocolate Bar

(Aavailable at city'super ifc mall store from 2 August onwards)

Sweet complimentary

On official opening day and exclusively at city’super Harbour City store, upon purchase of net HK$150 or above in a single transaction at Jean-Paul Hévin, customers will receive a bag of selected flavour Jean-Paul Hévin chocolates (2pc in a bag; while stocks last)!

city'super members double bonus points

What’s more, city’super super e member and super e-gold member can enjoy Double Bonus Points upon purchase of any Jean-Paul Hévin items at city'super Harbour City and ifc mall stores during the promotion period (2 to 5 August, 2019).

 *Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.




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Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 Early Bird Offer


Home > Happenings > Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 Early Bird Offer



18(Thur) Jul - 14 (Wed) Aug, 2019 in online shop.

Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching!Share your blessings with family and friends with city’super’s mooncake gift boxes and hampers. What’s more, here are some sweet early bird offers available from 18 (Thur) Jul - 14 (Wed) Aug, 2019 in online shop.

city’super Hamper Highlight

• Deluxe Western Gourmet Hamper
From red, white and bubbly to caviar, Bellota Iberico ham and king crab tarama, this luxurious hamper will no doubt make a foodie smile.

• Japanese Seasonal Fruit Deluxe Hamper
You can’t go wrong with a fruit hamper, especially when the fruits are all in season and flown in directly from Japan! The yuzu matcha and umeshu are just the cherry on top!

• Organic Lovers’ Picks Hamper
Health-conscious folks will definitely appreciate this hamper filled with organic goodies for them to munch on!

• ROYCE’ Deluxe Hamper

Chocoholic friends will thank you for this cocoa-filled hamper packed with delightful treats from Hokkaido chocolate brand ROYCE’.

city'super Mid-Autumn Festival Hamper privilege :
18 (Thur) - 31 (Wed) Jul, 2019

city’super super e-gold members and super e members enjoy 10% discount, while non-members can enjoy 5% off. Customer can receive a complimentary HK$50 cash shopping voucher upon purchase of any hamper in a single transaction. In a single transaction, an extra HK$100 cash shopping voucher will be awarded for every HK$2,000 net purchase (excludes delivery charge). Receive two HK$100 shopping vouchers for a single net purchase of HK$4,000, and so on.

• Online order only:https://hamper.citysuper.com.hk

city'super Mooncake Gift Box

• Traditional Mooncake Gift Box
Silky, smooth lotus seed paste pairs perfectly with fragrant salted egg yolk – you can’t go wrong with this one!

• Mini Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Box
Contains 6 pieces of hearty mini egg custard mooncakes – perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself!

city'super Mooncake privilege :
18 (Thur) Jul - 14 (Wed) Aug, 2019

- 30% discount for non-member;
- 40% discount for super e member;
- 50% discount for super e-gold member

• Online order:https://online.citysuper.com.hk

DURIAN HILL Mooncake Selection

• [Moonlite] Signature Black Gold Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake
Champion on Musang King in World Durian Championship 2018 and limited edition. Fresh from Malaysia Musang King orchard with 100% AA Grade Musang King ingredient.
Signature design in Black and Gold, 6 pieces in a box which is premium as a gift.

• [Joy] Artisanal Blend MSK Snowy Mooncake
Champion on Musang King in World Durian Championship 2018.
Fresh from Malaysia Musang King orchard with 100% blend Durian ingredient. Contains 4 pieces in a box.

DURIAN HILL Mooncake privilege :
18 (Thur) Jul - 14 (Wed) Aug, 2019

- 5% discount for super e and super e-gold members.

• Online order only:https://online.citysuper.com.hk


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