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Cider VS Beer: What is the Difference?

Cider VS Beer: What is the Difference?

Cider and beer are often placed alongside each other on the drinks menu, but they are actually completely different products! Let us break it down for you:
1. Ingredients
  • Beer = made from water, malted barley, yeast and hops
  • Cider = made from apple juice
  • While beer can contain traces of fruits, a true cider doesn’t contain any malted grains.
2. Production Process
  • Beer = produced by brewing malted barley, and then fermenting with hops and yeast
  • Cider = produced by fermenting apple juice
3. Categories
  • Beer = can be categorised into lagers (brewed at a low temperature with longer fermentation time; generally more crisp and refreshing) and ales (brewed at a higher temperature with shorter fermentation time; flavours are generally richer and more complex)
  • Cider = can be categorised as dry or sweet
4. Appearance
  • Beer = can come in pale, amber/dark and very dark colours
  • Cider = usually light yellow, golden or brown; can be completely clear or cloudy with sediments
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Beer Glasses 101: Choosing the Right Beer Glass

Beer Glasses 101: Choosing the Right Beer Glass

To fully appreciate wine, wine glasses of different shapes and sizes are made to accentuate the unique characteristics of various wines. It’s the same for beer! Here are four common types you should know about:
Pilsner Glass:
  • Ideal for lighter beers with a lot of carbonationExample: pilsners, American lagers, blonde ales and witbiers
Pint Glass:
  • An all-purpose beer glasses great for a wide range of beers and is easy to clean and store
  • Examples: American ales, lagers, IPAs and pilsners
  • Comes in various shapes and sizes and has relatively thick glass; the handle prevents heat transference from your hand to the beer
  • Examples: anything from German beers and American lagers to Scottish ales and Irish dry stouts
Stemmed Glass:
  • Available in different shapes like Tulip and Thistle with a flared lip designed to promote aroma and flavour of stronger, aromatic brews
  • Examples: Belgian ales, fruit lambics, saisons, imperial stouts, barrel-aged beers


Beer Colour and What It Means
Is it true that the darker the beer, the bitterer it is and the more alcohol it contains?* In fact, how does beer get its colour?
The answer is – malt!
The same way that coffee beans are roasted to make coffee, barley and wheat go through a malting process and are then roasted in a kiln to the desired colour for different types of beer: light malts produce beer of a paler hue, while darker malts make darker beer.
Extra ingredients added, such as fresh raspberries, can also change the beer’s colour. Some other factors include whether the beer has been filtered, the type and amount of hops used and oxidation.
*Myth busted:
  • Stouts are typically 7-8% ABV, but a golden-coloured Belgian Tripel can be over 10% ABV!
  • Beer’s bitterness mainly comes from hops. The type and amount of hops used, as well as the length of brewing are also factors that can affect bitterness. The International Bitterness Unit (IBU) is the measuring unit on a beer’s level of bitterness. The higher the value, the bitterer the beer.

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Beer & Food Pairing - What to Eat with Your Beer

Beer & Food Pairing - What to Eat with Your Beer

Next time you host a dinner party, why not give beer and food pairing a go? We’ve got some suggestions for you:

Wheat Beer
  • Style: light wheat aroma and flavour; very easy to drink
  • Best with: seafood, smoked salmon, salad, dim sum
Pale Lager
  • Style: mild, crisp and highly carbonatedBest with: chicken, steamed mussels, spring rolls, lemon shortbread
Blonde Ale
  • Style: mild malt flavour with low to medium levels of hop bitterness
  • Best with: spaghetti, meatballs, Pepper Jack cheese
Pale Ale
  • Style: robust hop aroma with medium bitterness
  • Best with: roasted and grilled meat, fish and chips, cheddar cheese
  • Style: hoppy beer with a pronounced bitter flavour
  • Best with: curry, spicy tuna roll, crème brûlée, carrot cake
  • Style: heavy roasted flavours with hints of coffee and chocolate
  • Best with: Gouda cheese, foie gras, grilled lamb, dark chocolate

    Cool Down with These Cocktails with a Happy Twist


    Summer is coming. To beat the heat, we got three of our favourite craft breweries to each create a beer cocktail that you can easily make at home. Check out the video and the recipe below!


    Tai Wai Beer – Amber Secret

    Ingredients: (Makes 1)
    • 1 bottle of Tai Wai Beer No.2 Earl Grey Amber Ale
    • 15mL vodka
    • 15mL cointreau
    • A dash of grenadine
    • 30mL peach puree
    • 2 lime wedges 

    1. Add vodka, cointreau, grenadine and peach puree into shaker. Shake well.
    2. Pour mixture into martini glass. Rim the glass with lime wedge and squeeze the rest of the juice into glass.
    3. Top with Amber Ale and garnish with orange peel twist. Serve.
    Moonzen Brewery - Pomelo Beer Mojito
    Ingredients: (Makes 2)
    • 1 bottle of Moonzen Dragon King Fujian Radler
    • 1 lime, halved
    • 50mL rum
    • A handful of mint leaves
    1. Divide the lime juice and rum between two highball glasses. Stir to release lime juice into the rum. Add ice.
    2. Sprinkle mint leaves into the glasses. Top with the Dragon King Fujian Radler.
    Edinburgh Beer Factory – Paolozzi Beer Punch

    Ingredients: (Makes 1 large bowl)
    • 6 bottles of Edinburgh Beer Factory Paolozzi Lager
    • 350mL Sprite
    • 500mL pineapple juice
    • Orange, sliced or cut into small pieces
    • Lemon, sliced or cut into small pieces
    • Lime, sliced or cut into small pieces 

    1. In a large pitcher or bowl, add Sprite, pineapple juice and top with the Edinburgh Beer Factory Paolozzi Lager.
    2. Garnish with orange, lemon and lime slices or pieces. Ladle out into individual cups and serve.


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    Beer & Chips Pairing - Something Crunchy to Go with Your Beer

    Beer & Chips Pairing - Something Crunchy to Go with Your Beer

    A good beer snack really completes the experience. Here are six craft beer and chips pairing we can’t get enough of:

    1. Coedo Shiikoku Beer + Hula’s Potato Chips (Smoky Barbecue):
    a dark beer and the smokiness of the barbecue flavour are a match made in heaven.
    2. Kagua Beer Blanc + Terrafoods Calories Worry-free Chips (Yuzu Citrus Pepper):
    the beer’s fresh, yuzu aroma pairs perfectly with the non-fried baked potato chips’ yuzu pepper flavour.
    3. Moonzen Jade Emperor IPA + Terrafoods Calories Worry-free Chips (Kimchi):
    this hoppy delight with splashes of citrus and floral complements the kimchi-flavoured baked chips in unexpected ways.
    4. Sierra Nooner Pilsner + Red Rock Deli Sweet Potato Chips (Sea Salt): 
    you can’t go wrong with having simple sea salt flavoured sweet potato chips with a refreshing German-style pilsner.: you can’t go wrong with having simple sea salt flavoured sweet potato chips with a refreshing German-style pilsner.
    5. Allendale Brewery Pale Ale + SLABS Salt & Vinegar Chunky Crisps: 
    this peachy pale ale is best enjoyed with the tangy salt and vinegar flavoured crisps – cut extra chunky with real bite.
    6. Sierra Pale Ale + Good Health Avocado Oil Chips (Barbecue):
    enjoy the guilt-free, super crispy barbecue flavoured chips cooked in avocado oil alongside this pale ale with unique piney and grapefruit aromas.
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