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city'super Peach Helles Lager

Let’s refresh and recharge this summer! city'super has launched a new and exciting product. Cheers to City Super Group’s 25th anniversary!

city'super Peach Helles Lager

city'super 25th Anniversary special-edition beer comes in a cute polar bear design, and is crafted with nectar of Yamanashi peaches from Naito Farm. Grown by certified eco farmers, the peaches are characterised by rich sweetness and aroma and make you feel like you’re eating seasonal ripe peaches. With no added sugar, this summer brew is highlighted with refreshing malty flavours, fruity aromas and a soft, dry finish. Perfect for both novice and experienced craft beer drinkers.

25th Anniversary Limited Edition: Handcrafted Gin 100% Made in Hong Kong

For the past 25 years, city'super has been bringing our customers high-quality products from all over the world, with the appreciation for quality and fine craftsmanship at the heart of its core values. This year is City Super Group’s 25th anniversary. With a mutual recognition of the power of craftsmanship, we are partnering with N.I.P Distilling to bring you a limited-edition handcrafted gin that is no doubt a worthy addition to any gin lover’s collection.

About N.I.P Distilling

N.I.P stands for “not important person”. The two founders of the brand don’t have a background in distilling, but they share a passion for gin, and with determination and an unwavering “Hong Kong spirit”, the two took a leap of faith and N.I.P has since become one of Hong Kongers’ most loved gin brands.

N.I.P. Dry Gin Limited Edition city'super peach

The peach used in this gin is meticulously nurtured in Nogawa Farm from Yamagata prefecture using Dokkon Water, a water ranked top 100 in Japan in terms of quality. This prestigious peach is known for its amazing fragrance with soft pulp and a very high sugar level. We hope the maker’s motivational story and this amazing gin can inspire you to craft a better lifestyle.

Salute to Craftsmanship: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Worth Collecting

Is it food, or is it art? This premium bottle of extra virgin olive oil is worth our appreciation – both inside and out. For our 25th anniversary, city'super has invited master ceramicists from Sciacca, an ancient city on the south-western coast of Sicily, Italy, to design and handmake the olive oil bottles, which have hand-painted city'super 25th anniversary logos on them. The origin of ceramics from Sciacca dates back to 8,000 to 6,000 BC, and today the ceramic pieces created still retain the shapes and colours of ancient traditions – truly an authentic art.

Regno Degli Ulivi Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Sycilian Hand Painted Rustica Ceramic Collection

An extra virgin olive oil, which means it is obtained in the first pressing of the olives. The olives underwent no extra treatment other than washing, separation from the leaves, oil extraction and water separation. This ensures a 100% natural pure flavour.

Savour Alan Chan’s Journey of Inspiration

Did you know who designed the city'super logo?

The answer is renowned Hong Kong graphic and interior designer and artist Mr Alan Chan.

An important aspect of the city'super logo is the upside down “i”, which has become an exclamation mark to express the surprise and excitement brought to customers through excellent products and exceptional service. It is modern, stylish, and indicates that customers are not bounded by traditional ways of life. As City Super Group turns 25, Alan Chan has specially selected a bottle that pays homage to his journey across continents during his design career. Cheers!

Chateau L’Hermitage Lescours Alan Chan Edition 2015

With a deep ruby colour, this wine presents a fruity aroma of mature black cherry, black currant and violet, as well as hints of chocolate, coffee and vanilla from the oak barrel. Rich and well-balanced with a long-lasting finish.

Century-old Tea Brand: Ying Kee Anniversary Limited-edition Tea Brewing Set

On our 25th birthday, city'super wishes to honour more brands with a long history, and Ying Kee, which was founded during the Guangxu Reign of Qing Dynasty, is one of them. To celebrate City Super Group’s 25th anniversary, Ying Kee brings you its 135th Anniversary Tea Set at a special price, sharing their love of tea with other tea connoisseurs.

Ying Kee 135th Anniversary Tea Set

All tea equipment has been handcrafted with Linglong porcelain, treasured for its exquisite translucent rice grain-like texture. The design is multi-layer, and each layer serves a different purpose. The top and bottom layer can be combined to form a tea tray with water-gathering function; the second layer is the serving tray, while the third layer can store tea biscuits, and the bottom layer for storing tea cups and other equipment. The red, glossy part has a slight curve, allowing water to naturally drain. The compressed tea is of premium pu’er tea from 2012, and crafted by traditional hand-picking, sun-drying and compressing. The tea has a bright, yellowish-orange hue with a pleasant sweet taste.

25th Anniversary : Japanese Yamagata A5 Wagyu Beef Danish

Little Mermaid has created a series of high-quality baked goods using dough delivered straight from Japan. To celebrate City Super Group’s 25th anniversary, the bakery has created a Japanese-style Danish pastry using Japanese Yamagata A5 wagyu beef. Now there’s a tasty treat fit for a king.

city'super Exclusive: Elegant and Delicate Tea Time Treats

How about treating yourself to a pot of refreshing white tea and dainty sweet treats for a magical afternoon? In celebration of City Super Group’s 25th anniversary, we have selected the below exclusive products and invite you to enjoy them with us.

Florte Pink Rose Buds & White Tea Tin

Inspired by romantic florals and the magnificence of nature, this white tea is prized for its minimal processing. Complemented with subtle and delicate pink rose buds for added elegance and indulgence.

The Cakery Matcha Granola

Gluten free, vegan, crunchy and lightly sweetened matcha granola oats. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Launch date :1 Oct 2021

Paul Lafayet Hojicha Vanilla Cake

Rich Japanese hojicha mousse is paired with vanilla filling and a crunchy chocolate base. Layering smoothness and crunchiness to form this irresistible dessert.

Launch date :8 Oct 2021

25th Anniversary Celebrations: ROYCE’ Chocolate Cake

To celebrate City Super Group’s 25th birthday, beloved Hokkaido chocolate brand ROYCE’ has specially launched two exquisite, rich and flavourful chocolate cakes that are not to be missed by chocolate fanatics.

ROYCE’ Chocolate Pound Cake

This cake has a light texture and is baked with fragrant hazelnuts, walnuts and chocolate. Topped with almonds and a touch of liquor syrup for an elegant flavour.

ROYCE’ Gâteau Cognac Chocolat

This smooth and rich chocolate cake has been added with Rémy Martin VSOP cognac, as well as candied apple and chopped orange peel to elevate the texture and give the cake a fruity aroma. Enjoy a lingering aftertaste of rich cognac and chocolate.

Launch date :1 Oct 2021

Hong Kong First Launch: city'super x Dassai 25th Anniversary Limited-edition Junmai Daiginjo

A limited-edition sake set created in honour of City Super Group’s 25th anniversary themed after “gratitude” and “sharing”. The brand-new special-edition sake gift boxes contain two different sakes that can be enjoyed in different ways, and a set of limited-edition sake glasses that signify strong and stable friendship.

This collaboration features two very special characters: city'super’s Chef Polar and Dassai’s Kawauso Kun. Dassai’s name came from Asahi Brewery’s location “Osogoe”, where many otters frolic in the nearby rivers. The otters would lay out all the fish they caught on the shore as if they are showing them off – like one would during a festival. So Dassai literally translates to “otter festival”. For Chef Polar who came from the North Pole, he travelled around the world looking for food due to a food shortage back home, and met Kawauso Kun when he got to Japan. The two became great friends, as Chef Polar began to learn about slow-living and the importance of sharing from Kawauso Kun.

Apart from enjoying these exceptional sakes, the meaning behind the story is also worth savouring.

city’super x Dassai Junmai Daiginjo (25th Anniversary Edition)

This set comes with one bottle of Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo (300mL), one bottle of Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo Warm Sake (300mL) and a pair of sake glasses. The 300mL edition is specially created for city'super. The warm sake has a city'super special edition sticker. When you warm up the sake, the city'super 25th anniversary logo will appear when it reaches the right temperature.

Launch date:End Nov 2021

Special Promo: city'super Dry-Aged Beef with Special 25th Anniversary Packing Service

Dry-aged beef has really gained popularity in recent years. As we celebrate City Super Group’s 25th anniversary, we are also happy to bring meat lovers a Bespoke Beef Dry-Ageing Service with special packaging, so you can enjoy better, more flavourful beef.

What is Dry-Aged Beef?

The beef loses moisture in the dry-ageing process and reduce in size, yet still retaining the fat, hence the meat will have a higher fat percentage and concentration of flavour with complex earthy aroma and blue cheese notes.

city’super Beef Dry-Ageing Process:

We specialise in importing premium beef from abroad, and after 5 years of research and experiment, have found 60 days of dry-ageing beef produces the best results. As soon as the beef arrives in Hong Kong, we start the dry-ageing process. From selecting and hanging to drying and cutting, each step is strictly monitored by our meat buyers and specialists to ensure a perfectly tender texture and exquisite aroma.

city'super Bespoke Beef Dry-Ageing Service:

30 Days:

  • Standard quality
  • Elementary level of tenderness, flavour and aroma
  • Specially selected by our meat specialists
  • Suitable for those who dislike a certain flavour (e.g. blue cheese)

60 Days (also have pieces ready for purchase):

  • Premium quality
  • Good balance in tenderness, with richer flavour and aroma
  • Specially selected by our meat specialists
  • Suitable for lovers of dry-aged meat

90 Days:

  • Supreme quality
  • Extremely tender with intense flavour and aroma
  • Specially selected by our meat specialists
  • Suitable for those who enjoy extra-dry-aged meat

Launch date :Dec 2021

25th Anniversary Exclusive: Aged Balsamic Vinegar & Honey

Balsamic vinegar and honey are two must-have condiments at home that bring natural tartness and sweetness to the dining table. To celebrate city'super’s 25th anniversary, we would like to recommend two of our high-quality, own-brand products that are perfect as gifts for loved ones or for yourself!

city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

Italian balsamic vinegar is produced in Modena and Reggio Emilia, and the grapes that grow there are of the perfect sweetness and acidity for making balsamic vinegar. This balsamic vinegar is created using century-old methods, aged in a hard oak barrel to give it a rich flavour with lots of depth. Can be enjoyed with any dish, such as salads, desserts and dumplings.

ForME Honey city'super 25th Anniversary Limited Gift Set

ForME HONEY was established in 2014 with the aim to promote health and wellness. They are always innovating, while taking good care of their bees so these precious workers can help collect the best quality natural honey. The city'super 25th Anniversary Limited Edition ForME HONEY Honey Set includes ForME HONEY 25-Year-Old Mandarin Peel Honey Kumquat, ForME HONEY Aged Lime Essence, Honey Rose Peanut Butter, Basil Lemongrass Honey Roasted Cashews and a special wooden spoon.

Brand introduction

city'super 25th Anniversary Exclusive: Summer Afternoon Tea Special

As we battle the summer heat wave, are you craving something sweet and refreshing? city'super is excited to bring you this match made in heaven: white peach cheesecake this is not too sweet, and a smooth and rich Irish cream foam ice drip coffee. What’s more, this combo is super Insta-worthy.

Paul Lafayet White Peach Cheese Cake

Exclusively created for city'super 25th anniversary. Beautiful pink mirror glaze is paired with a crumbly cheesecake base as well as sweet and refreshing white peach filling and creamy cheese mousse for a well-balanced dessert. Full of different textures, the cake is decorated with macaron and chocolate, and is sweet without being overly so. Great for summer.

Available at Paul Lafayet counters at city'super Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores.

18Grams Salty Irish Cream Ice Drip Coffee

Exclusively created for city'super 25th anniversary. 8-hour special ice drip coffee is topped with Irish cream foam for an irresistible taste. This coffee doesn’t contain any alcohol, but exudes a rich and elegant wine flavour and aroma.

Available at 18Grams counters at city'super Times Square and New Town Plaza stores.

Crafting A Better Lifestyle: Delicate Delectable Cuisine

As we celebrate city'super’s 25th anniversary, we invite you to explore the theme of “crafting a better lifestyle” and take the time to appreciate the small pleasures in life. Here are two delicious dishes that are made especially for those who try to maintain a healthy diet despite living a busy life!

From RF1 SOZAI :

Snow Crab Salad

Canadian snow crab is paired with various leafy greens to create this tasty and healthy salad for crab lovers.

From FusionDeli :

Grilled Canadian Black Cod Bento

The creamy Canadian black cod is a nice oily fish that matches well with teriyaki sauce, which brings out the fish’s natural sweetness.


Promotional products are available at selected stores only. Promotional items are for a limited time and quantity only, while stocks last. The above product details are subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for reference only.